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Remember- This is the FIRST time Shadow tried to get to Naitirb Tearg, that means that he has not gone to Hogwarts yet.

Over- through the delicate fabric of reality- a young half shade struggled, scowling with his serpent friend as they attempted to break through to a place where Shade's resided.

"It's impossible Lutain! I can't do it!"

"Don't give up Master!"

"But I can't do it!"

"Master. This is your fourth try."

Harry scowled at his friend, pulling his hand back once more, about to swipe through the air effortlessly.

"Try it with the claws- or fangs to your limbs."

"Those are claws, Lutain. Fangs on your fingers are claws."

"Oh hush Master."

Harry rolled his eyes, narrowing them in concentration as he glared at his pale slightly nubby nails as black smoke wafted around, seemingly refusing to form around his hands.

"You're bad at this."

"Oh shut up Lutain!" Harry spat, glaring at the smoke, and apparently, with his death glare, the smoke trembled and snapped into the exact shape he desired.

"Should I imagine slicing through reality, do you reckon?"

"Master! You mean you have just been, blindly flailing through air hoping something would happen? You dimwitted excuse of a wood serpent!"

"Oi! Down with the insults you ragged bird fodder! I've been trying!" Harry shot back, causing Lutain to look pleasantly annoyed before scowling, allowing Harry to focus on slicing through realities.

He however, did not think there could be more than one reality.

"Lutain! I did it!"

"Indeed." Lutain stated rather bitterly, still annoyed with the insult.

Harry rolled his eyes at the irritated serpent before plucking him from the ground and depositing him on his shoulders, allowing him to calmly, almost strut, through the swirling black air- vanishing into its capacious depths.


Harry Potter could smell salt and hear rushing waves; a light, chilly breeze ruffled his hair as he looked out at moonlit sea and star-strewn sky. He was standing upon a high outcrop of dark rock, water foaming and churning below him. He glanced over his shoulder.

A towering cliff stood behind them, a sheer drop, black and faceless. A few large chunks of rock, such as the one upon which Harry and Dumbledore were standing, looked as though they had broken away from the cliff face at some point in the past. It was a bleak, harsh view, the sea and the rock unrelieved by any tree or sweep of grass or sand.

"What do you think?" asked Dumbledore. He might have been asking Harry's opinion on whether it was a good site for a picnic.

"They brought the kids from the orphanage here?" asked Harry, who could not imagine a less cozy spot for a day trip.

"Not here, precisely," said Dumbledore. "There is a village of sorts about halfway along the cliffs behind us. I believe the orphans were taken there for a little sea air and a view of the waves. No, I think it was only ever Tom Riddle and his youthful victims who visited this spot. No Muggle could reach this rock unless they were uncommonly good mountaineers, and boats cannot approach the cliffs, the waters around them are too dangerous. I imagine that Riddle climbed down; magic would have served better than ropes. And he brought two small children with him, probably for the pleasure of terrorizing them. I think the journey alone would have done it, don't you?"

Harry looked up at the cliff again and felt goose bumps.

"But his final destination-and ours-lies a little farther on. Come."

The two turned, Harry about to follow the long and surprisingly strong strides of the elder, before he halted, listening intently as he heard a faint whisper of the wind.

"Harry? Come along." Dumbledore said in a tone in which it sounded as if he queried. It had a question left unspoken, which Harry easily noticed. Instead of responding right away, he merely waited, ears perked for the air and the whispers once more.

"St- Tain! Le- ff- me!"

"I…I think I hear something sir." Harry stammered, and Dumbledore's eyebrows lifted to a precarious height as he drew his wand carefully with his good hand, searching their surroundings while Harry listened over the roar of the crashing waves far below.

"Shut it Ma- If you- ood Serpen- me!"

"They're getting clearer sir, can you hear them?" Harry proclaimed with a mixture of interest and fear.

"It seems I cannot." Dumbledore assured, searching once more, spinning. With the statement of Dumbledore's weakness, Harry's stomach churned with the feeling of anxiety. Suddenly in the light previously, a black swirling portal that belonged to a Muggle television show sliced into existence.

"Get behind me, my boy." Dumbledore urged, and Harry drew his wand himself, slipping behind the frail form of the elder wizard, breath hitching as the human feeling of fear spiked his senses

A boy came tumbling out- very small and young by Harry's eyes. His hair was black, almost dark blue in the light, and he seemed to be tangled in a black rope. He thrashed a moment, pulling gently on the black rope, before it untangled itself without help.

"Sir! He has a snake! That was the voice I heard!" Harry exclaimed, allowing the other boy the swift movement to crane his neck upright and observe the two with the widening of emerald eyes.

"Who are you! How did you find us?" Dumbledore demanded, pointing his wand as his voice boomed as if from the top of a high peak.

"Master! They are wizards! You messed it up again!" The black snake scolded, causing the boy to glare at it, as if understanding its words.

"Answer me!" Dumbledore boomed once again, causing the boy to wince.

"Master! He is going to harm us! Do something! Bite the hatchling behind the adder! I'm too rare to die!"

The boy gave a swift swipe at the shrieking serpent before rising to his feet- showing his entirely black wardrobe, which set Harry on edge- his hackles rising as he stared at the eerily green eyes so similar to his own. His lips curved into a frown as he observed the two, ignoring the strange location entirely in preference of the two men in front of him.

"My name is Shadow, and this is Lutain- mind telling us where we are? I think I sent us to the wrong place." The boy gave a weak grin that reminded Harry of Neville in that moment.

"Again! You sent us to the wrong place again!"

The boy's hand twitched, resisting the urge to swat at the serpent.

"Shadow? Not many wizards go by names such as that." Dumbledore warned, and the boy shifted back ever so slightly- as if realizing his position.

"It was given to me by my father- I have no control over his actions."

"Please Master, he listens to you and takes your every word to heart. You could change him the most if possible."

"Shut up Lutain! Not now!"

Harry gasped loudly, causing three sets of eyes to look at him. The boy frowned, and Harry stared in fear back- he did not even move his lips to speak back!

"Sir! He's a Parslemouth!"

"What? He has heard us! He's a speaker to! Back you hatchling! Back or I shall strike!" The snake spat, rising and hissing threateningly, allowing him to confirm Harry's previous words.

Dumbledore snapped his wand around, pressing it firmly into the boy's neck, causing him to crane it back, eyeing warily while the snake seemed to anger even more- realizing how precarious the position was, not even thinking about the cliff face feet away.

"Who are you! What is your name!"

"Tell me yours first and we'll be happy to tell you the information, old man and speaker." Shadow responded coolly and coldly, although fear flickered through his eyes, as he shifted them away, not able to completely stare back. The tone of voice and attitude was so unlike the previous nervous mask, it startled Harry. Was it all a mask? An act?

"I am Albus Dumbledore- headmaster of Hogwarts." More fear flickered though Shadow's eyes, and he swallowed thickly, allowing his throat to show the muscles working, before the snake Lutain, glared at Harry.

"And you, speaker? Or will you hide behind the old loon as well?"

"It's Harry." Harry hissed back, allowing Dumbledore to watch as well as Shadow recoiled, almost losing his balance in surprise to the words, the snake also recoiled, tail thrashing in a way that only expressed surprise.

"Harry? You are the son of-….never mind, it was a foolish question." Shadow started, turning and about to leave before a red spell shot over his head.

"I believe you have forgotten information on your part, perhaps your name, and who you work for?"

"I-" Shadow let his eyes flicker to Dumbledore before looking back at Harry.

"My name is-" But he flinched as the wand was raised again.

"In English!" Dumbledore hollered, letting Lutain flinch back with a hiss.

"Settle old crazed poodle of a human!"

"Please! You can speak Parsletongue too! Let me cut out your tongue and simply try to shout- instant snake language!" Shadow spat and Dumbledore's eyes narrowed, causing him to clench his jaw shut and growl out what was needed.

"Just say it, Master! Stall any longer and he will cut your tail off!"

"How many times must I say it Lutain, I don't have a tail!"

Harry could not help but chuckle ever so slightly at the friendly exchange- causing the boy to snap his eyes to Harry's with an icy look in them, as if angry for him understanding the language.

"Now, speak child." Dumbledore stated firmly, still light and carefree but with the undertone of a rolling storm, angry at a second glance.

"My name is Shadow! I am eight years old and adopted! This is my familiar Lutain! Nothing more nothing less! I do not work for anyone! I'm a free creature!"

Dumbledore did not lower his wand yet. A sharper breeze swept over the cliff face, chilling Harry and causing his hair to fly upwards, the cloak to whip around his ankles in a frenzied way.

"Then why are you here- this is a selective location."

"I just misaimed! I honestly was not intending to meet you- but back off! I'm a deleterious child! One move and I'll throw your head over the cliff- you're bodies can stay where they are."

Harry shivered slightly at the threat, he was unable to decide if the boy was bluffing, but this only seemed to infuriate Dumbledore once more, and he pressed the wand deeper into his neck, scowling.

"Do not threaten us, Shadow. Tell us, how are you a Parseltongue, when the only known ones are Harry Potter, and Lord Voldemort?" He thundered, and Lutain spat, rising up in fury.

"Unhand my Master- you loon! We landed in a different dimension! It is not our fault for being here- not is it his fault for two of my Master's! Let us g-"

"Don't attack him!" Harry cried out, causing the snake to look at him, as if judging him before slowly obeying, lowering itself back down.

"Sir- Lutain says that they're from a different dimension- is it possible?" Harry quizzed, and Shadow swallowed against the wand, looking at the crafted elder berries made within the length.

"A different dimension, you say?" Dumbledore pondered, before pulled back and allowing Shadow some breathing room in which he took with obvious relish.

"Yes, that is highly plausible- as I find it unlikely that Tom has a child." Dumbledore's previous anger had vanished, and now he gave his normal appearance, looking like a normal kind grandfather, like the worst thing that he could do to you would give you a lemon drop. Shadow scowled, tracing a thin finger along the slightly reddened mark where Dumbledore's wand previously had pressed in.

"What?" Harry gasped; face paling with the horror of such a thing.

"How do you know my father? What are your relations to him?" Shadow growled, looking at Harry who swallowed before responding with a croaking voice.

"He murdered my parents." Harry croaked, and the boy's eyes widen, allowing him to take a step back with trembling legs.

"Master! He may be this realm's boy! He- oh Merlin!"

"You- You're Harry Potter? You're the Boy who lived?" The child asked, as if fearing the answer. Harry nodded, causing Shadow to stiffen, eyes glazing as he seemed to go into shock. Harry was now confused- first he was small if not a little shy, before turning and becoming a lethal combination then something as weak as what he presently looked like?

"Master! Y- you-"

"Don't say anything Lutain! Just do not! I'm obliviating us after this!"

"Why? Why would you obliviate yourselves?" Harry quizzed, and Shadow swallowed, raising one hand and forming what seemed to be smoke- like a crude way of apperation or dark magic.

"Obliviate us-s? An' miss th- this?"

"This is a nightmare!" Shadow moaned, and Harry glanced at Dumbledore, who held the greatest look of thinking he had seen in a long time.

"Master-" before the snake could say anything else, it succumbed to the oddest hisses Harry had ever heard.

"He's….laughing." Harry informed Dumbledore, the oddest look upon his face as he recognized this.

"Oh Master! You little Lap-dog!"

"Shut up Lutain! I am not!'

"Look at him! He wears clears upon his scales!"

"They're called glasses Lutain!"

"His scales are so untidy! Like a flying bird's nest!"

Thus began the oddest one-sided conversation Dumbledore had ever heard. A brief glance to Harry's face confirmed that the full conversation also seemed rather odd.

"You look so different Master! So…small and…light!"

"That's what a blood adoption if for!"

Harry turned his bewildered eyes to Dumbledore for help, who merely offered a slightly light chuckle; this seemed to horrify Lutain beyond words. Dumbledore gave a rather small smile to the serpent, who recoiled, gasping for air as if he succumbed to drowning temporarily.

"Oh Salazar! He understands us too! What is this realm like! Salazar bless us all for safety!"

"Lutain stop it! He doesn't!"

"Oh how I pray for safety oh great Salazar! Let us survive!"

"Stop it Lutain! Stop being such a drama queen! He doesn't speak!"

"Get us out of here! Let us go anywhere! Anywhere but here! Get us back h-"

Lutain flopped over, lying stiff on Shadow's shoulder as if he had fainted. Thinking back on it, Harry concluded that he probably had fainted.

Shadow swallowed looking at Harry and Dumbledore, slowly reaching for something with his left hand inside his sleeve- before stopping and letting his hand drop slowly.

'Probably a wand' thought Harry, 'he knows Dumbledore would beat him too it.'

"What are you doing out here?" Shadow asked warily, as if what the two of them had been doing might be something vital to the reason they were here.

"Horcrux hunting, my boy." Dumbledore chuckled lowly, and Shadow recoiled, skin turning as ashen as his father.

"You're….hunting Lord Voldemort's horcrux's?" He choked out, voice a keening wail almost, and Harry winced, a grimace on his face as Shadow seemed completely horrified at the prospect of him hunting for them.

"Lutain was right- what kind of world is this where Harry Potter is trying to kill Lord Voldemort! I- Merlin- you are all insane! Merlin help you all! Next thing you are you…you're going to kill Nagini And…and be foes with Malfoy and Nott- and a Gryffindor! And- and- an-fall in love! You're insane!" Shadow gasped in horror, slashing through the air with the now formed claws on his right hand, splitting the air with a sharp keening whistling noise, before lunging through, as if it was a lifeline.

Harry Potter watched as the black gate swirled, leaving the two on the cliff face with the crashing waves and whistling waves.

"Sir?" Harry asked, dazed, as the world seemed to swirl temporarily.

"Yes, my boy?"

"Can this be between the two of us? Please sir."

"Of course, my boy, of course…"

And thus ends the story of Shadowed Malice!

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A nice person in a PM sent be a group of challenges, i thought you should see them and try a few, if you'd like.-Idea 1: Secret Member-

What if Harry was made into a "secret member" of the Order of the Phoenix?

During the meeting at the end of the 2nd Year Harry re-asks the same question he made to Dumbledore about why Voldemort was after him. What spurred this on was his second time with Voldemort (young Tom Riddle), and the realization that he needed to be ready for the next encounter. He makes his case to Dumbledore, who relents in the end and decides to give Harry the full story. Afterwards he tells Harry about the Horocruxes and how many he suspects Voldemort may have made. In hearing this Harry tells Dumbledore the importance of finding them. Seeing this, Dumbledore smiles with happiness at Harry's need to do the right thing and pitches to Harry about joining his Order but as a secret member who answers only to him. Harry agrees but tells Dumbledore to not keep him in the dark any more, and asks for full disclosure on anything and everything of importance. After shaking hands to seal the deal, Dumbledore sets Harry with a main constant mission, to find the Horocruxes. He wants Harry to keep his ears to the ground on anything that may lead to their whereabouts and then bring them to him, contained and sealed so that no dark magic can harm anyone, and so that they can figure out how to destroy them.


1. Harry's personality would be drastically different. Being that he has learned very early what is at stake he would have an attitude that is far maturer and focused. This would show in his schoolwork and social skills.
2. Harry' magical skills would be far better. He would take things seriously but at the same time only learn what he needs to face of the dark. For instance, he would only learn spells that would benefit his mission and protect him. Typical skills would range from mind arts to simple spells that could be manipulated to create enhanced results. As the saying goes, there is no good magic or bad magic, only intent. So any spells Harry learns which follow into dark or light arts can be used for good or evil.
3. Harry relationship with the cast is up to you but no homosexual. Romances are up to you, but I would like to pitch to you the possibility of having Harry and Tonks get together. The way it could have started is that Dumbledore sent her on a mission with Harry as backup, and at first she underestimated Harry but later grew to like him after something like Harry rescuing her from a bad situation.
4. You can start this in any year but the year in which Harry first joined the Order has to be at the end of 2nd Year.

If you have any questions please ask and please consider this because he genuinely is being helpful or a good friend.

-Idea 2: Street Magician-

What if Harry had skills in illusions which turned into a hobby where he became a street magician?

From a young age Harry showed that he was an extremely intelligent person who could wrap his mind around problems, solve them and break them down to the main components. As a result he found an ideal hobby in creating illusions which he uses to impress others on the streets. Little did his audience know that his illusions were a blend of muggle tricks and real magic.


1. The story must follow the same general canon timeline and outline but with your changes inserted. This being said, you can enhance key moments or characters as long as it fits with the Harry/Magician character.
2. Harry personality can be whatever you like but since he is a magician character he must have great people skills like the great magicians of old and the new.
3. Harry relationship with the cast is up to you, but romantic wise he cannot be a homosexual. The reason for this is because his personality and character traits would attract a lot of the opposite sex who cannot get their head around how Harry pulls of his tricks. To any girl he would be a challenge and a mystery. And since Harry's personality will be linked to his hobby, a lot of his character would demonstrate someone who has a quick witted mind and a lot of humor in them. In retrospect he would come off as a clown to some, but a well liked clown, and at the same time someone who knows enough about everything to get him through the world. Basically street smarts.
4. Harry Potter must demonstrate a skill in magic that blends muggle illusion with real magic, and of course the opposites. This being said, he could do one or the other, or a mix of the two or not. With his skill in illusions also comes a high understanding of mechanics since a lot of illusions rely on sophisticated inner workings like a clock or car. Apart from this he can do other things that relate to his Hogwart classes.

acepro Evolution is the owner of these- please give credit to him/her.

Now- here is MY challenge.

-Idea 1- Connatural Wizards

Harry Potter and Tom Riddle were very similar- more so than he had realized. Both Orphans from different reasons, both somewhat abusive foster homes, and both having a thirst for avenging one, or both dead parents. The only difference, is that Tom Riddle has so far succeeded. With an unveiled past and uncanny resemblance, their is only so much Harry Potter can take. A Horcrux whispering thoughts and ideas is the last straw...


Basically, Harry must do things that are extremely similar to a certain boy we know, enough to concern Teachers and students with the Horcrux influence.

be a darkHarry, or an GreyHarry, no lightHarry

2. No Slash pairings, and no insane parings, like HermioneXHarry, Only HarryXGinny if wanted

3. You don't have to have Harry join Voldemort, doesn't matter

4. Can't have him being a lightside golden boy

5. Follow cannon plot line, can choose the year, although i suggest during 6th

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