Hello all,

This is not a chapter publication sadly, mostly considering the fact this story has been completed for a number of years.

It has come to my attention that although quite a few people have enjoyed this story, I find that I personally cannot be satisfied with it.

I read it and constantly see numerous mistakes due to my childish comprehension of plot holes or psychological warfare. Not to mention the painful spelling and grammatical errors.

I first started this story in a legitimate canvas coated journal (I know, the irony of it.).

That was the start of my schooling in a Middle School (Grade 6).

I have recently graduated from High School (Grade 12) and am moving on to University to study my respected field.

I think, that six years is a long enough wait to tackle the mountain that is my younger years attempts at fanfiction.

I do hope that you all will be interested and desire to join me on my attempts to convert this into something more complete and cohesive.

The new story is being written under the name Antithesis,you can find it both on this website and Ao3.

Yes multiple things will change.

First and foremost, Harry Shadis is honestly ridiculous as a name as well as the name 'Shadow'

(Yes I know countless people have grown attached to it, but bluntly, it's horrid.)

Lutain will still be here, don't worry about the precious little baby.

I hope that I will see your reviews- Yes I personally check my email multiple times daily to see any reviews or messages you all have sent me. After six years I still haven't broken the habit.

As for you, long time readers who I have heard from many times before and missed a great deal, this story is for you.

I hope to see you on the other side.



I have received many questions regarding the fate of this story.

I would like to address these and clarify the confusion.

1. This story will not be deleted. It is a reminder of how far I have come as an author, not to mention it holds too many memories for me to remove at this point.

2. Yes, I still read every review that is written for this story.

3. No, I will not be changing this story for grammar and spelling errors. That is the purpose of the new story.