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Moving Towards The End

And she felt like she belonged here with Harry, in his strong and safe arms, and everything was right in the world as long as he was there with her.

"Every time we do it, it just keeps getting better than the last time." Harry said breathing hard as he pulled back from his one-week old girlfriend.

"You're right." Hermione whispered resting her head on Harry's shoulder.

Harry gathered her in his arms and slowly slid down on the floor, his back leaning against the wall.

"It's very peaceful here, especially with you here with me." Hermione said looking towards the sky where tiny stars had started to appear as the daylight started to fade.

"It's hard to believe that we are together for real." Harry said to Hermione, kissing her lightly on forehead.

Hermione pulled back a little to look into his eyes.

"I feel the same way. It's hard to believe that you want to date somebody like me." She said turning a little red. She was glad that it was getting dark, so that Harry could not see her blushing.

"You know that should be my line." Harry said, kissing softly on Hermione's lips.

"Why?" She asked looking confused, "You're Harry Potter, handsome, popular, and you can have any girl you want." She said.

"Well, I want you." Harry said. Hermione just laughed and gave him a long passionate kiss, leaving him breathless and out of sorts.

"Wow!" Harry said with a lopsided grin. Hermione was finding it difficult to keep the goofy smile off her face as she looked at her boyfriend. She settled herself once again in his arms and looked back towards the sky.

"So did you like Hogwarts?" Harry asked as he pulled her rubber-band from her hair to let her wavy tresses fall down gracefully. He started running his fingers through her hair, revelling in the soft texture of them.

"I have no words to describe. It…It feels like a fairy tale, you know, castle, lake, vast grounds, it's just remarkable. I wish I was a student here." Hermione said. She shivered a little as chilly breeze passed through her body. She snuggled up into Harry, wrapping her arms around his waist as he tightened his arms around her to keep her warm.

"Why don't you study your last year of school here at Hogwarts?" Harry asked unexpectedly, after a silence of few minutes.

Hermione once again pulled back from him to look at his face. He looked back at her with a thoughtful expression.

"Is it possible?" She asked hopefully.

"I think it is. I mean you have to leave your school and take admission here. It should not be that difficult. You should talk to Prof. McGonagall. She's in-charge of admission procedures here." Harry explained.

Hermione nodded. "First I'll have to talk to my parents." She said, "and…Luna as well." She added.

Harry nodded and checked his watch. "We should better get back before your dad starts a rescue mission searching for you." He said in an amused voice. Hermione just laughed.

"Does my dad really scare you that much?" She asked.

"Well it's an unspoken rule that a boy should always be scared of his girlfriend's father." Harry replied laughing.

"Oh honestly!" Hermione just shook her head.

They both got up and fixed their slightly dishevelled appearances, and taking her rubber-band from Harry, Hermione tied her hair back in a ponytail.

When they reached to the Great Hall, Ron and Luna were waiting for them just outside the hall.

"There you are," Ron said as he saw his best friend coming towards him with his girlfriend.

"So how was your walk?" Hermione asked with raised eyebrows as she took in the rumpled appearances of Luna and Ron.

"Oh, it was quite fascinating." Luna replied dreamily, not noticing a blushing Ron, who was looking anywhere but at Harry (who was laughing silently).

"Do you know the things Ron can do…?" Luna would have continued, had Ron not interrupted.

"Umm Luna love, I think they have heard enough for the day. Why don't we talk about something else, like what Harry and Hermione were doing when we were taking our walk beside the lake?" Ron tried to change the direction of the conversation.

"Do you really want to know what we were doing?" Harry asked raising his eyebrows at his best friend.

Before Ron could reply, they heard a girly squeal as Ginny Weasley appeared out of nowhere and flung herself at Harry. Harry caught her just in time, else, both of them would have landed on the hard stone floor.

"Congratulations Harry," Ginny said fervidly, pulling back from her favourite boy.

Harry took back a step from her. "Thanks Ginny," He said taking hold of Hermione's hand hoping that Ginny would get the hint.

Ginny noticed it and glared at Hermione.

"What are you doing here?" She asked heatedly.

"Harry invited me to see the match." Hermione replied calmly, stepping closer to Harry.

"Are you both still together?" Ginny asked looking towards Harry.

"Yes, we are, Ginny" Harry replied firmly, "And I think you should leave now."

"You are asking me to leave for her?" Ginny asked, flabbergasted.

Hermione was surprised at how spoiled Ginny Weasley was. Fine, being the only girl in the family she was used to get her every wish fulfilled and expected her family and friends to put up with her. However, why did she expect others (other than her family and friends) to put up with her? From what Harry had told her, Mrs Weasley, Ginny's mother, had spoilt her daughter to the extent that nobody in their family would dare to say no to her else they would get an earful from Mrs Weasley.

"All this is happening because of you. Why don't you leave Harry alone?" Ginny said glowering at Hermione, "It's because of you that Harry don't like me anymore."

Hermione was shocked for a moment at being targeted by the Weasley girl.

"Ginny!" Ron exclaimed loudly grabbing his sister's hand and pulling her away from Harry and Hermione.

"Let me go Ron." Ginny said trying to free her arm from her brother's strong grip.

"No I won't." Ron said in a firm voice.

"Ron, let me go or I'll tell mum..." However, before Ginny could complete her sentence, Ron immediately let go of her hand looking anxious.

"Ginny, can I ask you something?" Hermione asked out of the blue, surprising herself as well as the others.

Ginny was caught off guard by this sudden call.

"What?" She asked looking uncertain. She didn't know what else to say. Having no idea what to expect from the brunette standing in front of her, Ginny remained silent and waited for the other girl to speak.

Hermione hesitated asking about what was on her mind. She hadn't meant to ask anything. She was just so lost in her thoughts that she didn't even realize when she had spoken her thoughts aloud.

She decided to go for it.

"Do you always expect everyone to put up with whatever you do or say?" Hermione asked with a curious look in her eyes. She was really interested in knowing about what Ginny thought about it.

"Umm…yeah," Ginny replied trying to remember the last time when somebody had said no to her for something, but could not recall. As far as she could remember all her friends and family had always agreed with whatever she wanted to do.

"Why?" Hermione asked again. She could feel others' eyes on her, but maintained her gaze on the redhead girl standing in front of her.

Ginny simply shrugged. "Because they are my friends and family and they know what I like and don't like." She replied nonchalantly.

Hermione was once more surprised by her offhand attitude towards others feelings.

"Do you expect me to put up with your tantrums as well?" Hermione asked slightly losing her cool.

'Who the hell this girl is? Treating everyone like she's the queen of England. I just cannot imagine what her mum would be like.' Hermione pulled herself out of her thoughts, as Ginny opened her mouth to reply.

"Yes," Ginny replied haughtily flipping her hair over her shoulder.

"Why? I am neither your friend nor your family, then why do you expect me to put up with your attitude. Hell! I don't even know anything about you, except your name and that you are Ron's sister." Hermione asked looking at Ginny with interest, thinking about her reply.

Ginny was stumped, at least look on her face said so. She was gobsmacked for a moment or two. Never before, anyone had ever questioned her about her behaviour and attitude. At home, her wishes had always been considered before anyone else's because she was the youngest and the only girl in the family. Her friends always agreed with whatever she said because….because….well she had no idea why, but they never really objected her behaviour, maybe, because they were just like her. But then what was she like?

"I...I don't know." Ginny stuttered, looking confused.

Hermione opened her mouth to speak but Ginny cut her off.

"I will not answer any more questions of yours. I don't know why I am even talking to you. Get out of my way." She said glaring at Hermione.

However, before anyone could react, Neville joined them.

"Hey guys," He said with a friendly smile.

"Hi Neville," Ginny greeted (with a warm smile) before anyone else could say anything.

For a moment, everyone was quiet and Neville could feel the thick tension in the air. Finally breaking the silence, Neville addressed to Ginny.

"Ginny…um, can I talk to you alone for a minute?" He asked trying to keep his eyes on Ginny and diligently avoiding Ron's eyes.

"Yeah, sure," Ginny replied without any hesitation. Taking hand of a befuddled Neville, she led him away from others.

"Wow! That was really awesome, Hermione." Ron said excitedly, "You left her speechless for a moment. I wish I had a camera with me right now."

Hermione smiled sheepishly. "It wasn't intentional. I didn't want to make her feel bad."

"Don't worry, she'll overcome it." Harry said amusedly.

Luna who had been quiet so far spoke all of a sudden, "I think Neville will help Ginny in getting rid of the Wrackspurts."

Rest of them had nothing to say.

"Why don't we go and talk to your parents and then Prof. McGonagall? Harry said.

"Prof. McGonagall?" Luna said looking curious.

"Yeah," Hermione said excitedly. As four of them made their way back into the Great hall, Hermione told Luna about her conversation with Harry about changing school. Luna was also excited about the prospect of studying at Hogwarts and told Hermione about talking with her parents as well.

When they reached inside the hall Harry and Hermione's parents were talking with a woman, Hermione recognized (looking at the Hogwarts crest on her jacket) as one of the faculties at Hogwarts.

"There they are," Lily said as she saw Harry and others coming towards them.

Hermione was surprised when James introduced her and Luna to Prof. McGonagall (one person she was looking forward to meet). She seemed to be in her mid-fifties. She was a tall and severe looking woman, her hair were tied back in a tight chignon and she was wearing square spectacles. At first look, she looked very stern, but her smile emanated benevolence. Hermione could not help but respect her despite knowing her just for a few moments.

"Hermione, would you like to undertake your final year here at Hogwarts?" Jane asked after introductions were made.

Hermione was stunned by her mother's query. She looked at both her parents who were looking back at her expectantly. She felt as if she was about to faint. Was it possible for everything to be so easy?

Hermione gathered her faculties and looked towards Harry who was grinning at her, his eyes dancing with laughter and joy. For a moment, she was completely entranced by his smile, so genuine, so warm, so…Harry. Unknowingly she smiled back at him.

Hermione looked back at her parents. "Well, mum, the thing is that…"

Wow! Another life-altering day, Hermione was having a quite few of them in last few months, to be more exact since Harry Potter had entered in her life.

She couldn't believe how much she'd changed. Before she didn't even want to be in company of others except her family (excluding Romilda) and Luna, and now she had friends, some real good friends and it felt very good to have them. It was nice to know that they cared, that too without any kind of malicious intent. She felt as though if last few months had filled a hole in her life that she didn't know existed.

One year later

Hermione froze for a moment when Prof. McGonagall called her name to receive the award for the Best academic performer in last 50 years. It was like world had stopped moving for her or perhaps her legs had stopped moving while rest of the world was waiting for her to move. Never before, she had been called on a stage to receive an award or to give a speech. Suddenly she started shaking, she wanted nothing more than to run out of the hall and never come back where everyone was staring at her expectantly.

She felt somebody squeezing her hand. She knew that touch and relaxed instantly.

"Don't worry Hermione." Harry whispered in her ear. Hermione looked into his comforting green eyes and nodded. She took a deep breath and walked towards the stage. She could hear others applauding as she climbed on the platform. She felt as though if she was going through a phase. She could hardly focus her mind on what was happening around her. She was just going with the flow. She didn't even realize when she received the award from Headmaster Dumbledore and shook his hand.

She regained her awareness when she found herself standing in front of the dais. For a moment, she just stood there, staring at the crowd in front of her. She could see her parents sitting with parents of other students. They were looking at her with pride-filled eyes.

Hermione looked at her friends and classmates who were cheering for her. She smiled widely as tears filled her eyes.

"I just don't believe it!" She exclaimed all of a sudden and everybody went quiet and stared at her looking puzzled.

Hermione panicked for a moment. She covered her face feeling embarrassed.

"Well, that was definitely not a proper way to start a speech. I'll have to start all over again, I guess." She said, earning her a few snickers from her listeners, "Not that I have started yet." She added as an afterthought that got her a chuckle from the headmaster.

Hermione blushed and started speaking,

"Dear friends,

Before starting my speech, I would like to thank Prof. Dumbledore for giving me this opportunity to speak here in front of everyone despite the fact that I joined this school just last year.

This past year has passed by much too quickly and it's very hard to describe in words what I am feeling right now. It's almost impossible to believe that next time we will step into a classroom it would be in a college or a university…."

Hermione soon recovered from her momentary loss of speech at the beginning and once she started, there was no stopping. The funniest thing was that after Prof. McGonagall had told her that she had been chosen for the farewell speech, Hermione had prepared a very through speech. She had learned it by heart and rehearsed it many times. However, at the time of actual speech she almost forgot the speech she had prepared. Instead, she spoke everything from her heart. She felt as though if she was in some other world, as words poured out of her mouth.

It was a very big day for Hermione Granger. A year back, she (along with her best friend, Luna Lovegood) had left her old school, Beauxbatons, and had joined Hogwarts, the most prestigious school in the country. Admission procedure of Hogwarts was very challenging, but in the end, Hermione and Luna had managed to get in. It helped that they had received the top marks in their final examination at Beauxbatons. All their study sessions with Harry, Ron and Neville had finally paid off as Harry, Ron and Neville passed with very good marks, particularly Neville. They were very enthusiastic about their results especially Ron and Neville.

At Hogwarts, Hermione didn't feel out of place. Luna had been her constant companion (even if she would disappear with Ron between classes). Harry and Ron helped them in getting settle down amid the new people. Since Hermione and Luna knew most of Harry and Ron's friends, other students accepted them easily. Also because of their status as girlfriends of the two most popular guys at Hogwarts, people hardly bothered them.

Hermione experienced some of the most memorable days of her life at Hogwarts. She got the recognition for her talent and skills. Teachers appreciated her hard work and were always happy to satisfy her curiosities about different things. Hermione liked all her teachers (okay maybe she liked her chemistry teacher, Prof. Snape, a little less), but it was Headmaster Dumbledore and Prof. McGonagall that she respected the most. While Hermione was awestruck by Dumbledore's extensive knowledge and his attitude towards his students, it was Prof. McGonagall, who became her personal mentor. Hermione felt a personal connection (almost familial) with McGonagall.

While her academic performance and understanding level was reaching to a new height (thanks to all-encompassing Hogwarts library, Hermione's favourite place at school), her relationship with Harry was also moving uphill. Hermione felt happy. Being with Harry was one of the best things that had happened to her, one of the pleasantest surprises life had presented her with.

Their relationship was fun and energetic. However, some part of her had started to wish that whatever she had with Harry, it would grow into something more, something that would last forever between them, that would never fade away, but cherish with time. Finally she had admitted it to herself that she had fallen in love with her first ever boyfriend, Harry Potter. She knew she was very young to fall in love and some people may consider her feelings as her first ever crush, but she knew better.

Even though she had no prior experiences about being in a non-platonic relationship with a boy, Hermione knew what she felt for Harry was a lot more than just a mere crush or fascination. She did love him as her boyfriend, but she also loved him as her one of her best friends. Their relationship wasn't some sort of fragile affiliation, based only on physical desirability. Of course, she felt attracted to Harry the first time she saw him. However, when she came to know Harry as a person, as a friend, that was what truly brought the sense of a real relationship to their connexion.

"I'd like to thank everyone here for putting up with my everlasting speech tonight and listening attentively." Hermione said moving towards the end of the speech. A few snickers could be heard from the students and Hermione continued.

"Without the care and support of our parents, guardians, and all the professors, none of us would have made it this far. On the behalf of all my friends, I would like to thank them all for what they have done for us.I wish all my friends good luck and a successful future ahead. Thank you."

Everyone applauded for Hermione. Afterwards it was all hugs, kisses, wishes, and praises as graduation ceremony ended. Hermione made her way through the crowd, moving towards the two most important people of her life.

"Hermione, we're so proud of you dear." Jane said pulling Hermione in her arms. She hugged her daughter tightly before letting go.

"Oh mum, I'd have never made it this far without you and dad." Hermione said, her eyes shining with happiness. She moved towards her dad, who opened his arms to embrace his daughter and kissed her on the forehead.

Pulling back from her father, Hermione asked, "Where's Romilda?"

"She was not feeling well so she decided to stay at home." Robert replied. Hermione rolled her eyes looking towards her mum who just shook her head.

"Hermione Jane!" Jane said in an admonishing tone, she was smiling nevertheless.

"What happened?" Robert asked feeling confused as he looked between his wife and daughter. They just laughed.

Romilda had stopped acting like a caring cousin towards Hermione. A couple of days before joining Hogwarts, Hermione had found Cho and Romilda at Madam Rosmerta's shop talking with each other.

Hermione had joined back her part-time job at the bookshop after her final exams were over. She was going back home after finishing her shift. As she passed by Madam Rosmerta's flower shop, she saw Romilda and Cho standing outside the shop, talking. Hermione was standing on the other side of the road and it was getting slightly dark so Cho and Romilda didn't notice her straightaway.

Hermione just stood there for some time and continued looking at them. She couldn't believe it, they were perhaps still scheming against her. Laughing to herself, Hermione crossed the road and walked towards where Cho and Romilda were standing. Their backs were turned towards Hermione so they couldn't see her coming.

Hermione tapped on Romilda's shoulder.

"Hey Romilda," Hermione said cheerfully. Romilda was shocked. Even Cho was speechless for a moment.

"Her…Hermione," She stuttered.

"Hi Cho, how are you?" Hermione said looking at Cho. It didn't look like she'd answer.

Hermione chuckled looking at their dumbfounded expression.

"Why are you looking so surprised?" She asked feigning ignorance.

"Hermione, what are you doing here?" Romilda managed to say.

"I thought you'd be happy to see me here." Hermione replied in a fake sad voice, "But it looks like you and Cho have finally decided to drop the act." She finished.

"What do you mean?" Romilda asked nervously.

"Don't you know?" Hermione asked with a mirthless smile.

Cho narrowed her eyes. "So you knew about our plan beforehand?" She asked.

Hermione shrugged in response. "Subtlety is not something that I would associate with my dear cousin. Either she was too confident about her acting skills or she was too stupid to believe that I would trust her when she asked for my forgiveness." She replied without any emotion.

Romilda glared at her cousin. "You mean to say that all those times when I thought you have forgiven me, you were," She trailed off as Hermione nodded.

"Yes, I knew you were spying on me and Harry, and I knew you couldn't be trusted at all. 16 years of animosity doesn't go away in one day Romilda." Hermione replied with a touch of sadness in her voice that went unnoticed by Cho and Romilda.

"You and your loony friend must have enjoyed making a fool out of me." Romilda spat with a disgusted look on her face.

Hermione stared at her impassively and then she chuckled lightly.

"I am not like you Romilda and seriously, you are not worth it." Hermione replied calmly. "Well, I hope things would be back to normal by tomorrow." She said. With that, Hermione turned around and left, leaving behind an angry Romilda and a bowled over Cho.

As Hermione had expected, things were back to normal. Romilda was back to being a scowling cousin. She had again started hanging out with Cho and her minion and she had once again started being insolent towards Hermione.

Hermione was glad that things were normal now and she will not have to bear false smiles and fake concerns of her cousin. Jane was upset, but she didn't ask anything about the change of attitude on Romilda's part. Hermione comprehended that perhaps her mother had always suspected Romilda's motive behind her sudden change in behaviour.

Hermione was lost in her thoughts and didn't see Harry's parents coming towards where she was standing with her parents. She was jolted out of her thoughts when Lily called her name to congratulate her. Instead of shaking her hand, she pulled Hermione in a hug. After James congratulated her, Hermione turned to her parents.

"I am going to find others." She said.

"Harry and Ron were over there." James pointed out towards the opposite side of the hall.

"Thank you," Hermione said with a smile and started walking towards other side of the hall.

On the way, she met Fred and George who for once decided to act normal (as normal as they could) and greeted her.

As she left their company, she felt somebody tapping on her shoulder. She turned around to see a blur of red and then she was enveloped in a tight embrace of her other best girl friend. Hermione hugged her back.

"Congratulations Hermione," Ginny said excitedly.

Well that was another surprise, life had bestowed upon her. The redhead girl, who used to despise her immensely, was now one of her best friends.

"Thanks Ginny," Hermione replied with a wide smile.

"Hey Neville," Hermione said looking at the boy standing behind Ginny.

Neville didn't attend Hogwarts with Hermione and Luna. He finished his last year at Beauxbatons and to everyone's surprise, (except Luna) he scored second rank. His graduation ceremony was conducted last week where all his friends were present surprising all his classmates (most of them always considered him as a clumsy fool who never had any friends).

Moreover, (to Ron's relief) Neville and Ginny had started dating a year back. The day when match between Hogwarts and Durmstrang had taken place, Neville had asked Ginny out, and to everyone's amazement (especially her mother) she had accepted. They had been inseparable since then, and furthermore, it brought a substantial change in Ginny and Hermione's relationship.

Ginny's behaviour towards Hermione had improved considerably. While they didn't hit off straight away, they had started talking without Ginny lashing out at Hermione unnecessarily. Slowly they started growing closer. Sometimes they would spend their free time together as they were in the same school. Gradually Ginny, Hermione, and Luna became very good friends.

Ginny had once confessed to her that the reason she said yes to Neville was that she couldn't say no to him. According to her, he looked so cute and nervous when he asked her out that she immediately said yes, without even realizing what she had done. At first, she had thought that she would regret her decision, but now she really liked Neville and couldn't think of a reason why they shouldn't be together.

Ginny had realized that what she felt for Harry was just an infatuation. Her craziness or more like obsession with Harry went away with time, as her feelings for Neville started to grow into something profounder and significant. And one who was the happiest person with the dramatic turn of events, was none other than Harry Potter. He was pleased that Ginny had gotten over her obsessiveness and later on, they became very good friends or more like siblings.

"Hey Hermione, congratulations, your speech was brilliant." Neville said shaking Hermione's hand.

"Thank you Neville, I am glad you came today." Hermione replied with a sincere smile. Neville simply blushed as Ginny took his hand in hers.

"Let's go and find others." Hermione said looking at her two friends. They both nodded in response.

Harry was finding it difficult to concentrate on what Seamus was saying. After the speech was over, everyone had stood up and started to congratulate each other. Harry wanted to talk with Hermione as she came down from stage. However, seeing that she was moving towards her parents he decided to give her some private time with her parents before speaking to her. This past year had been the best year of his school life. Never before, had he really looked forward to go to school every morning, as he did this past year.

His reason for the aforementioned was his girlfriend of one year, Hermione Granger- the girl he had fallen in love with.

She wasn't a perfect girl like those female protagonists of chick-flick movies. She wasn't like some of those sweet, innocent-looking, and kind nice girls who knew how to sweet talk with others, how to always be prim and proper, how to be (act like) a very attentive listener without showing your lack of interest, how to do and speak right thing, at the right time, and at the right place. No.…she was bossy, know-it-all, scary and mental (according to Ron), always nagging to do homework, always lecturing and worrying about some or the other thing.

She didn't know how to cook (not because of lack of trying, but just because she didn't want to reduce her home to ashes), or how to please everyone with her immaculate manners and discussions. She didn't know how to handle the compliments (yeah, like people would never notice her talents and brilliance of her mind). However, most importantly, she had no idea how incredible she was.

She had this perception about herself that people didn't like her because of her looks and because she was a bookworm. She was very intelligent, but perhaps this was the height of her stupidity.

She was beautiful, not like those beauty pageant candidates, but in a natural way. In a way, she looked very innocent, yet there was seductiveness in the manner she sometimes looked at him, making him feel warm all over. She was a passionate girl, especially about her books. She loved books and she would always take extra care in arranging her books as compared to while arranging her clothes in her wardrobe. Harry loved watching her read. He loved the way she would lose herself in a book, forgetting everything else around her. In those unguarded moments, he would just sit and watch her.

He loved spending time with Hermione, as much as he enjoyed playing football, perhaps more than that. She was different, just one of her own kind, completely unpretentious. She was a stubborn and a resolute girl. Still she had a vulnerable side that he was sure she wasn't aware of. Behind her strong exterior, there was a girl, slightly uncertain, and insecure, who sometimes needed assurance. She wasn't completely unpredictable, but sometimes she was surprised by her own reactions. She would go on and on about not breaking rules, and when it was necessary, she would be the first one to break them. She was a fiercely loyal, unwavering girl, who would stand up for the things she believed in, but she wasn't ruthless.

She would help others if they were sincere. She was very protective of her friends and wouldn't hesitate to take the violent route if needed. She had once punched Cormac McLaggen (their classmate who hated Harry because he was football captain and a better player) in the face, who had tried to push Harry down the stairs, trying to make it look like an accident. Though later she regretted it when her hand started to ache and she was not able to take the notes during Chemistry class.

Harry couldn't help but love her. He loved the way she felt in his arms, the way she kissed him, the way she cared about him, the way (hopefully) she loved him.

"I have to go. I'll see you later." Seamus said, bringing Harry out of his daydreaming.

"Um, yeah," Harry replied feeling guilty for his inattentiveness. He was relieved that Seamus didn't notice anything. Seamus left leaving Harry alone with his thoughts.

Harry was feeling a little odd standing there all alone. Ron had left with Luna to meet her parents. Just then, his eyes fell on his favourite brunette coming towards him along with Neville and Ginny, and suddenly his mood brightened.

"Hermione," Harry said elatedly, pulling her in his embrace. Hermione hugged him back, her heart swelling with love and pleasure.

Pulling back, Hermione looked at Harry with pure adoration. "We did it Harry!" She said enthusiastically.

Harry grinned at her in return. "You didn't speak a single word from the speech you had prepared." He said teasingly. Harry knew it, after all, he was the one who had to endure her vigorous practices as she prepared for the farewell speech, making him listen each and every word, every time she rehearsed her speech.

Hermione blushed profusely. "Well, I just…" She trailed off as Harry started laughing. He wrapped an arm around Hermione's waist and pulling her closer he kissed her forehead.

"You were amazing up there. Even Ron was captivated with your speech. He didn't even complain once throughout the speech." He said in a soft voice, making Hermione laugh. He loved to hear her laugh.

"Hey Neville, Ginny," Harry said noticing his two friends.

Four friends chatted for some time, discussing their plans for future. Ginny was a little sad, since she'd be left behind. She still had one year to go before she finished her school. A few minutes later Ron and Luna joined them. They talked some more reminiscing about their school days, some memorable incidents, fights, make-ups, old friends, and teachers.

Hermione could feel her bravery slipping away the more she thought about talking to Harry.

'What if she scared him away? Would he break up with her? What if he wasn't hoping for a long-term relationship? Jeez Hermione! You both have already been dating for a year now.' A voice reminded her.

However, her doubts wouldn't leave her alone. 'What if he doesn't want to continue their relationship after school?' Questions kept whirling in her mind, weakening her resolve, creating doubts in her mind regarding her decision.

She knew there was a possibility that she and Harry would have to go to different places for educational purpose and that may lead to a long distance relationship between them. She wasn't sure what would come out of it, but she was hoping that their relationship would overcome the obstacles and survive during difficult times.

'Come what may, I'll tell him about my feelings today.' Hermione decided putting all her doubts to rest.

"Um, Harry, can we talk somewhere in private?" Hermione whispered in Harry's ear. Harry looked at his girlfriend and nodded. Excusing themselves, they both walked out of the hall and towards the grounds where they could have some privacy.

Hermione took a deep breath and looked at Harry who was looking back at her with a curious and amused expression on his face, and a thought crossed her mind.

'Just do it Hermione.'

Four years later

"Ugh…" Hermione groaned, as early morning light coming from the gaps between the drapes hit her face. She opened her eyes and looked at the clock on bedside table to check the time. It was still very early in the morning. She knew there was no point going back to sleep, so she decided to get up.

She turned to look at the man sleeping beside her with his one arm wrapped around her waist, her husband of one week. He was sleeping on his stomach and he was naked except the quilt covering the lower part of his body. Hermione blushed remembering the last night. It was the first time for both of them and that made the night a lot more special for both of them. She leaned down and kissed him on the cheek. He didn't stir but a smile appeared on his lips.

Slowly she got out of the bed and covered her nude body with her husband's shirt, which was lying on the floor.

She walked towards the window and opened the curtains a bit. Last night it had rained and dark clouds were still soaring in the sky. It looked like soon it would rain again.

Hermione opened the window and cool air hit her face. It smelled of rain. She always enjoyed rainy days, especially the cool morning after a long rainy night. Everything felt fresh and unruffled. She closed her eyes, basking in the magnificence of peaceful atmosphere of the dawn. She was lost in her thoughts and didn't notice her husband standing behind her looking outside window.

"It's a beautiful morning. Isn't it?" He asked wrapping his hands around Hermione's waist from behind and resting his chin on her shoulder.

Hermione opened her eyes and smiled. "Yes it is." She whispered. She turned her head kissed her husband on his lips. They both stood there for some time. They were in Santorini, an island, about 120 miles from Greece's mainland. It was an unusual occurrence to rain in Santorini at this time of year and Hermione was enjoying every moment of it.

"What are you thinking?" Her husband asked.

Hermione just shrugged. "About my past, my first ever boyfriend," She replied unexpectedly and looked at her husband, gauging his reaction.

Her hubby frowned. He dropped his hands from around her waist and stood in front of her. "Why are you thinking about your ex-boyfriend, that too on our honeymoon?"

"I was just thinking about how he changed my life." Hermione replied with a wistful smile.

"Are you still in love with him?" He asked with a mirthful smile.

Hermione chuckled. "Don't worry my dear husband, I love you." She replied wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Well that's such a big relief for your poor husband." He said looking amused. He pulled his wife flush against him and snogged her thoroughly.

"So what happened between you two? Why did you end your relationship?" He asked his eyes filled with amusement.

Hermione looked thoughtful for a moment. "It was his fault. He proposed me and then he got promoted." She replied nonchalantly.

"Promoted?" Her husband asked looking confused.

"Yeah," Hermione replied with a serious look on her face, "From being my boyfriend, he was promoted to being my husband." She finished her eyes dancing with laughter.

"Oh," Her husband said, "But hey, I am your husband and that means I am also your ex-boyfriend." He said thoughtfully.

Hermione hit him playfully on the shoulder. "You are such a goof, Harry James Potter." She said laughing.

Harry laughed heartily. "That I am and you love me for it." He said good-humouredly, tickling his wife mercilessly. Hermione laughed as she tried to get out of his arms.

He loved those kinds of moments with his wife. He loved her immensely and felt very fortunate to have her in his life.

They met five years ago. After they had finished the school, Hermione had decided to pursue her career in Astrophysics and Harry had decided to follow his dream of becoming a professional football player along with studying for becoming a business graduate. Hermione decided to go to Oxford and Harry stayed in London. He was selected as a reserve player for his favourite and one of the most popular football clubs in Europe, Puddlemere United.

They supported each other and stood by each other having trust in each other's ability. They learned the true meaning of a relationship. It felt very good to have someone in your life to share all your fears, secrets, ambitions and joys of life. They challenged and helped each other to do better in life and become a better individual.

When they first met, who would have thought one day they would promising each other a lifetime together and now here they were laughing and teasing with each other, and loving each other more.

"Let me go Harry." She said trying to control her laugh.

"Nope," Harry said, his voice laced with desire. Hermione shivered with pleasure as his fingers brushed against her exposed thigh.

"Harry," She whispered throatily and soon her words were lost in his warm touches and passionate kisses turning them into moans and whimpers filled with yearning and pleasure.

They may not always have a smooth sailing, but they had each other and that was all they needed to get through a storm.

Author's Note: - Well this is the end. What do you think about it and what do you think of the whole story? I know it was perhaps a clichéd typical teenage story, but still I'd like to know. So please REVIEW.

I am looking for this fic.

I read it long back.
In this fic
1. Hermione is dead.
2. Harry is lost and perhaps lives at St. Mungo.
3. Ginny takes care of him, she's probably a healer at St. Mungo. She's in love with Harry.
4. Harry draws pictures of Hermione on the wall of their times together.
5. Harry dies (I think he commits suicide) in the end and Ginny dies as well.
Please let me know if you now about it.

And also if anyone has read this fic and doesn't remember the name, still let me know. At least I will be assured that I am not imaging about this fic.

Thank you