Chapter 71: The End

"Matthew…" She mumbled. She was even more surprised when he smiled kindly at her and patted her head.

"It's good to see we restrained the curse once again." Her eyes widened and that's when she took the time to look around her. She was definitely in a room, actually, her own room at Adrian's house. She was bandaged and her head and back hurt. She touched her head and felt the patches. Her green orbs also trailed around the room. On the couch which was situated in front of the bed was a sleeping Eric, who also had his head, leg and arm patched up. From him, her eyes went to the sleeping Alex, who had a sash tied around his chest; he was lying on the floor, his back leaning on the wall. In the end, her eyes stopped on her hands.

"I'm…sorry." She whispered loud enough for Matt to hear. He chuckled silently and pulled her into a small one sided hug.

"You've been a very strong vampire." She looked up to him and quirked up an eyebrow, confused. "I injected melted amethyst and lapis lazuli into your body combined with blood from a werewolf. That's a very deadly mix. If it would've been any normal vampire, he would've died instantly. However, you held it in and bled a lot. That blood you eliminated saved your life. You purified your own body. Congratulations." He smiled kindly at the end. He was definitely proud of his niece. She didn't know what to do but smile back.

"Thank…you, I guess." The uncle chuckled and his eyes trailed to the two younger vampires.

"These two stayed by your side the whole time. You hurt them quite badly but they still stood here the entire time." She furrowed her eyebrows.

"'The entire time'? How long have I been knocked out?" Matt moved his mouth to the side and thought.

"About two days. Your heart stopped a few minutes before you regained consciousness." She was shocked. "But you are alright now. Of course you did some nasty things, like killing your supposed-to-be friends but it's alright. You still have Dana and Austin and you can always rely on Alex and Eric."

"Where is Nate?" Matt's smile faded instantly at his nephew's name. Her eyes widened, thinking about the worst scenario.

"He's not dead, stay calm. He just needs more time to recover." She did relax and sighed. "It's been a long time since you could sleep. Just relax. Everything's over."

"How can you be so sure?" Matt raised an eyebrow, playfully.

"I know everything, in case you forgot." She scoffed and laid down on the bed. The last thing she saw before she closed her eyes and went to sleep was her uncle's relived face.

The next morning, Stella woke up in an empty room. Since her body still hurt, getting up from the bed was quite a difficult task, but she managed it. Slowly, and groggily, she started walking towards the hall. She glanced at the stairs before her head went to the door from her brother's room. With a hand still around her torso, which stung incredibly bad, she made her way to the room. She turned the doorknob slowly and opened the door, trying to make as less noise as she could. Her eyes trailed Nate's body from afar and when she got next to his bed, she sighed and closed her eyes. Her brother was a mess. He had bruises all over his body, scratches on his face, his head was entirely bandaged like her own; he looked bad overall and powerless.

"I'm sorry I got you like this…" She whispered and with the available hand, stroked him on the head. It seemed as Nathan felt her presence and opened his eyes. The pain in his body was obvious even in his green eyes. Stella felt even worse.

"It's not your fault." The words came out a little bit harder than Nate wanted, and in a much softer voice than he meant. He wanted to comfort her but his situation wasn't exactly helping.

"I promise I will never get you into this again. Now that I know who I am and I know what I can become, I won't lose control again. You can trust me." He smiled, even though even that hurt.

"I've always did." She smiled warmly to her brother. Also, very slowly, she bent and kissed his forehead.

After Stella left her brother, with a small broken heart as she'd seen his wounds, she walked towards the stairs and eventually, descended them. When she put her foot on the last step, there was no noise and just stares.

"Stella…" The one who mumbled her name was none other than Alex. He smiled brightly and hugged her. She didn't flinch, though it hurt a little bit. In his arms, she relaxed and remembered how he actually saved her life with his admiration and supposed love. She closed her eyes and let herself be comforted. Eric's eyes were covered by his black bangs but just seeing Stella so happy in Alex's arms, he couldn't stop the guilt. Stella sensed that immediately and her eyes opened abruptly and stared at him. Her green orbs were still entrancing and he found himself trapped into them, again. She got out of Alex's embrace and went to the noble. She chuckled, making the young Arche looked up to her.

"You're such a baby. No one's dead, we're just hurt. I know you wanted to kill me at one point but who wouldn't? I was a danger for anyone and I understand that. Maybe I will act differently now, since I did wake up entirely, but that doesn't mean we can't start from zero. I want to continue from the day I remembered which equals zero." She smiled and walked a little bit closer to him. "Do you accept my offer, Arche?" She asked in a smug voice, though it was playful. He stared into her eyes for a few more moments until his lips curved into a smile and nodded. He also hugged her, taking her by surprise, but she didn't get out of his hold. She sighed happily and put her only available hand around his torso.

"It's nice to see everyone so happy and bubbly and whatever but just because little missy vampire is now normal doesn't mean werewolves don't want to come and make a battlefield from Firehole." James darkened the mood with his line. Adrian, who was downstairs too, rolled his eyes.

"Shouldn't everything be alright now that the Devil itself is on our side?" He meant it as a joke but everyone knew that was true. Stella chuckled and sat on the couch. She was already exhausted and just walked a few steps here and there.

"Where's Uncle Matt?" Alex was the one to respond.

"Back on his plane to England. He came here exclusively for you. Tobias left with him too. It's just us now." While saying that his eyes were mischievously looking at her. Eric growled seeing his adversary's eyes.

"Back off Smith…" He hissed but Alex just glanced at him over his shoulder, a smirk on his pretty sexy lips.

"Make me, Arche." The two were bickering again and that meant just one thing.

Everything was over and life was moving on. No matter what was going to come, they were ready because there was no more Stella Blanche or the human Stella Monroe. There was just the daughter of Aaron and the niece of Matt Gregory: Stella.

From the darkness of the forest, two red eyes were glaring at the joyful house. Also the sound of someone chuckling was echoing throughout the trees and bushes.

"Regain your strength, Stella. You will definitely need it in the future." Also the evil voice started laughing like a maniac until it stopped abruptly and the tree the creature has been hiding behind shifted, indicating his leave.

When the anonymous man left, Stella's eyes widened and her head turned fast to the window. Her posture tensed and her orbs started to change slowly to red. Something was going to happen and she was sure it wasn't about werewolves anymore.

The End