'You Roxas are the man. Why do you break hearts on special holidays may I ask? You have a Christmas girl, thanksgiving girl, Halloween girl, hell even a Hanukah girl! Tell us why!'

Roxas chuckles "Well you see, when you don't want a girl no more you gotta break it to her. You know she is going to be a bitch to you after you did what you did, right fellas?" a room whoop agreeing. "So break up with her on a holiday. The day of happiness but she will always remember that special holiday is where she broke up with Roxas Hikari. She can't do absolutely anything about it!"

'Whoo! I feel you're spirit Roxas you player! Which holiday you don't have? It's senior year!'

The blonde smirks "Valentine's day girl. The special lovely holiday! I just need the right girl to crack to make her fall head over heels then smash it" he flips his hair to the perfect angle "So who will be my contestant now?"


I felt a bunch of butterflies in my stomach as I stared at the new uniform in front of me. Blue and white striped skirt, a sky blue jacket with the schools name on the breast pocket, a white collared shirt, a blue with one white strip silk ribbon, white knee up socks with black shoes. The normal school uniform in other words

My name is Xion Simons. I came to Twilight Town in hope to forget everything that was back in my other world. I was beginning a new school in my senior year. Usually, no one would move in senior year because you want to graduate with your friends!

I didn't have any back at my other world. We were all enemies in high school. Survival to the fittest and I guess I lost. Enough of that I thought to myself. I look to my long oval mirror to see me in my school uniform.

I sighed because as I stared at the clock, I had to go to school. I didn't even want to go anywhere but my bed and stay. I don't want to see anyone or be near anyone.

I want to be alone.

I shook my head as I tied my hair in a small ponytail walked out the apartments. I should've quit school and find a quick easy job but I wont get anywhere without a education. One I'm about to finish very soon. My last year, I hope I make friends

I want to be alone

I shook my head again as I walked down the block seeing kids blowing bubbles, riding on shiny new bikes, and everyone so happy.

I smiled knowing I was once like them. Carefree with no bad thing to hurt me or so I thought. I feel my skirt being tugged and I see a small girl. She had short red hair and big blue eyes like mine.

"Where you going?" she asked

"To school. Don't you go to school?" I cooed a bit. I had a soft spot for cute kids.

She frowned "No. My mama says I can't 'cuz education is for smart people. She said I'm no smart. I'm no allowed outside either but she don't know that"

I had a questionable face "your mom? But-oh my god! I'm going to be late! Um-uh what's your name by the way?"

"Kairi Lakers! What yours miss?"

"Xion Simons! I'll be back at 2:30 pm okay? We can talk more! It's 'What IS your name' not 'What yours' okay?" I waved as I ran off. I eyed a skateboard remembering an old friend. I smiled tapping the kid holding the grey beat up skateboard "Mind if I borrow this? Thanks!"

I take the skateboard waving as I rode down the block in the speed of light. Or that's what I felt like. The school was 2 blocks down the way and I had 10 minutes. I think I could make it; I always did have a problem with being late.

As I skated through I saw a blonde boy staring at me in a surprised way stunned. I just smirked used to people staring at me that way. I wave as I raced on through. He was cute I thought.

I got to the front of the school, huge as I thought it would be. Cream colored with red roofs and big red doors. Twilight G. Gerald High School. It seemed so clean.

I hold the skateboard on my side as I enter the office. Wasn't too hard to find when it said in a big sign 'Office'. I searched at the office, a washed down green with mold growing in the corner which I don't think they knew and a big brown desk with a busted lady in blue hair typing on the computer. They allow secretaries to have blue hair? I didn't question it as I coughed to confirm my presence.

"Excuse me?" I said as she turned around. She wore a beige suit and I'm guessing heels considering her total height over me. I looked up staring up at her. "I'm new here so I thought I could get my schedule and go"

She smiled "of course! Kids these days want to stay out of the office. You should! Haha! My name is Aqua but in school address me as Dr. Marine alrighty? We have a student code of conduct—oh and-!" she ended up giving me a billion brochures and books then my schedule. Once I was out I put the unnecessary stuff in the trash. I'm pretty sure everyone does eventually.

"Waste of paper is what I say," a male voice said

I turned to see the blonde boy I encountered earlier. He was a head taller than me, clearly I can see a body under that rumpled uniform, set of blue eyes, and a wide smile.

He reminded me of…

Don't say it! Leave me alone

I shake my thoughts and looked away from him then back "Excuse me?" I question

He shrugged "I don't repeat myself"

"You don't what?"

"I said I don't repeat myse-very funny" he remarked with a serious face now.

I shrug "I do try. Is there a purpose of you talking to me?" I knew that playing innocent because I was new was bullshit. I had to learn the hard way and I wasn't about to be someone's play toy.

He whistled, "New girl is feisty. They just keep on coming" he winked at me. I drew back in disgust for this guy. I knew his type, handsome popular troublemaker and just uses girl. Yup. Been there done that.

I sighed leaving but he followed. I turn around so quickly that I bet he could feel the sting of wind I flew at him. I jab his chest as he had his hands up in defense "Can you just leave? I know your type so I suggest you stay the hell away from me. You don't know me and I'm no pushover to anyone" I turn away aggravated now.

"My type? You think you know me?" he laughed as it bounced off the walls echoing everywhere I went. I was away from him but it echoed in my mind taunting me.

The sunshine lit in the window to my face as I covered my face in protest. Ugh. I hate the sun.

Eventually I found my class. Astrology? I walk in my class to see a good-looking teacher indeed. A bit in the short side of men but his looks made up for it. His slated hair down on one side of his face and deep colored eyes as he monotone the lesson, deep bedroom voice. Nice. I can't admire a good-looking teacher when I see one?

"Nice of you to be joining us Miss Simons. I am your Astrology teacher Dr. Millar. Let me see your schedule for confirmation but I'm pretty sure" the class watched my every move as I came up to the teacher giving my schedule. "Just as I thought, take a seat Miss Simons. Now-!"

Interruption was set when a tall woman (taller than Dr. Millar) ran in the classroom holding chemical bottles. Her hair was long wavy black hair with hunny eyes "Zexion! What do I do when I spill a chemical! I can't report to a teacher when I'm the teacher!" she cried her white lab coat soaked with green chemical. The white lab coat hid her good curves in a purple turtleneck and darker purple skirt.

Dr. Millar sighed rubbing his temples "Rin. What are you doing with chemicals anyhow? Clean up the mess and…I'll just do it. Do not run wild class" he left as Rin left trailing after him.

I loved her shoes I thought. I sat down an empty seat until a blonde headed girl sat down by me "Hey! I'm Naminé. It must suck being new in senior year. You are a senior right?" I nod in response. She had a quiet voice. "This always happens so pretty much get used to it. Dr. Millar has a soft spot for Miss Clause. Hopeless is what I say"

I didn't have any particular interest in learning the love life of the teachers. As Naminé stopped talking and starting drawing piece of paper while I was half looking when I saw Dr. Millar come back in looking exhausted.

The class went on after that. I went to my next class and was met by the smirk-faced jerk before. My face dropped in a scowl "Can you move?"

He smirked "Not without a name then I will move". I tried to get around him but no avail and I tried to push him but he was stronger than he looks. I sighed aggravated and annoyed.

"Xion. Now move," I hissed at him.

The guy smirked "Xion. Cute name. My name is Roxas"

"Did I ask you?"

"Nope. Just throwing a fact out there"

"Oh really? Here is my fact. Stay away from Xion because she will bite your head off" with that I head to my seat near the back so I wouldn't cause attention.

Too bad it caused Roxas to let his little blonde head to sit here after I told him my little fact. He is playing with fire and will only get burned.

He smiled "You are different from most girls"

I rolled my eyes "I bet you used that line on many girls. Get a new line" I outlash

His blue eyes held amusement "No really. I do use that line but this time I'm sincere. Usually girls would warm up to me after we have a little fight. You seem to keep that steel barrier between our undying love with each other"

I really wanted him to go away. I didn't need this crap. I went and believed so many players that I lost count and lost hope for guys to change a new leaf.

I groaned, "Will you just leave me alone?" I turn my attention to the teacher Mr. Strife who was beyond gorgeous, blonde hair that seemed soft, killer blue eyes, sharp features, and that serious face and body. Was it just me ogling him? English would be interesting.

Roxas had many attempts to try and talk to me. He nudged me, passed notes, whispered, and even pulled on my hair. I ignored him but it can only go so far and my patience was wearing thin.

The bell rang and I hope Roxas was thankful that I didn't murder him.


I was sitting in the lunchroom with Naminé as we realized we had a lot of things in common. We liked simple, hate loud arrogant people, and try to focus on work before goofing around, and enjoyed peace once in awhile.

Then someone came by to ruin my lunch also…

"Roxas. Give back my soda or you will get hurt" my eyes narrowed at the blonde who held my soda high above my reach. I growled, "You asked for it!"

He smirked his blue eyes shining in amusement "Try me." he taunted

My eyes then softened as I approach him nicely "Fine. You saw right through me. I won't hurt you when I can barely kill a fly. I was trying to hide my feelings for you" I blushed to put it more convincing. My fingers trace the line pattern on his collar as I stared at him. He was falling for it! Though I had to admit, being this up close to him, he was handsome with that blonde cowlick blonde hair and blue orbs with that cocky smile.

"I'm glad you finally admit it" he lowered his arms

I smiled "And I'm glad I finally did THIS!" I raise my knee and hit to groin. He doubles over and I snatch my soda back. I snort, "Did you really think I'm harmless? Tch. Typical" I sat back down on my seat

Naminé smiled at me "You are certainly not falling for Roxas's charm. I wish I had your strength back then…" she whispers to herself

My brow furrows as I whisper, "Don't tell me you actually went out with this douche" I saw that Roxas was long gone.

The blonde bits her lip "I was once new here too. I didn't know who Roxas was or what was his reputation. I tried to act tough but I soon fell head over heels for him…" she looked down at the table.

"You don't have to tell me" I could clearly see she was fighting with herself to answer me.

She smiled "I do want to tell you. So I can warn you. I wish someone warned me but no one did. He breaks hearts. Roxas picks a target and goes out with you until a certain day comes"

I raise an eyebrow "A certain day?"

Naminé nods "Yes. He picks holidays. Apparently someone special to him dumped him on a holiday and I guess he wants revenge"

It was quiet

I asked, "What holiday were you?"

A bitter smile places on her face "I'm the Christmas girl"

Ouch. This guy was definitely a douche bag. I narrowed my eyes as I saw tears forming in her eyes.

"Naminé! I know we only knew each other for one day but I have a plan! We will turn the tables on Roxas or I will. I'm the target right? Well then I'll go out with him but I'll dump him. Do you know what day he was dumped?" I asked her

Her blue eyes were shocked "Wha-what? You can't do that Xion! If he finds out then he will embarrass us or do something drastic to you!"

I scoff "I can take care of myself. You might not know me well but I can. So what was her name?"

Naminé took a breath "Fine…her name is Olette Williams. She is the brown head with green eyes behind a couple tables" she points behind me

I turn to see Olette. She was easy on the eyes, pretty face, smile, green intelligent eyes, brown curls, and she was laying her head next to some cute guy. The cute guy had chocolate eyes, blonde hair strayed back, army pants (what happen to his uniform?), and a boyish charm to him.

I stood up brushing my dark bangs "I'll be back" I march to Olette's table and tap her on the shoulder.

Olette turned around "Yes?" she looked at me suspiciously

I smile brightly "I wish to talk to you alone"

Olette and her boyfriend I assumed exchanged a glance. Olette got up and followed me as we went outside. Once we were outside I turned around toward her.

She crossed her arms "Is this about Roxas?"

I chuckle darkly "Perhaps. You see, I was recently informed that you broke his heart on a holiday and he gets revenge on other girls, one of them being my friend. I wish is for revenge is all. He needs a taste of his own medicine so me being the next target. I will go out with Roxas and date him with pretend feelings" I smile at her. I could see she was thinking about it. "Now Olette. You broke his heart. Might I ask when was the date?"

Olette sighed, "It's not something I'm proud of. I didn't mean to do it on the date. I forgot. It was his birthday. February 13"

My eyes shot wide-open "Wow. Talk about a serious gift. Might I ask why?"

Olette shuffled her feet looking down "I was with Roxas. I never regret my feelings we felt during our time together. Then I started to get close to Hayner. I couldn't help myself. We grew closer and Roxas was far from my mind. I knew I couldn't cheat on Roxas by stopping Hayner's attempts to kiss me multiple times. So I ended it with Roxas because I didn't feel the same towards him" she whispered softly. "He doesn't know why. Hayner is his best friend and I can't tell him that. For all he knows is that I didn't feel the same way and now I have a boyfriend Hayner. He doesn't seem to mind but the look in his eyes is that he does mind"

I hug her patting her back "It's all right. Roxas and you need to talk heart to heart about this. If he acts like a jerk about it then don't give him the time of day! Thanks Olette" I smile at her

Olette nods "Your welcome…don't hurt Roxas too much. Despite the reputation he has now…he was a good sweet guy. He just needs to be brought down back to that level. I think you can do it" she smiled

I wanted to laugh but I just nodded "Right. Back down here. Got it. See ya!" I leave off before she says anymore-ridiculous stuff. Me? Ha! I just want revenge on the freak then I'm done with him.


Despite his douche bag attitude and heartbreaks, Roxas has a lot of fangirls. Since they know I'm the target next I guess they give me the evil eye. Whatever! Evil eye back to you! You freaks!

I head to the nurses office and no nurse. I see that Roxas is sleeping perfectly fine and normal. I stare at his sleeping form, long eyelashes creating a shadow, his perfect lips, blonde hair that I was tempted to touch. Everything was perfect.

"You like what you see?" a smirk places on Roxas's mouth

And now it was ruined.

I roll my eyes "Anyways, I'm sorry for what I did. It was…rude" I smile at him

Roxas sits up rubbing his eyes smiling "Oh really? Well I'll forgive you if you give me a kiss" he teased smiling widely

Resist the urge to punch him. Resist the urge to punch him. RESIST

I just sigh loudly "You are really pushing my buttons" my blue eyes narrow

Roxas smirked as he raised his blonde eyebrows "WELL?"

I just inhale and I kiss his cheek "There. You will get nothing else" I stand up stretching as I toss my head back "So are you really ok? I was just joking. I have my different ways of joking. Sometimes too far" of course I didn't really care. I needed to act like it so he knows I'm actually sorry for what happened.

Okay maybe I was a little concerned. He should never took my soda in the first place!

Roxas eyes flashed an emotion but I couldn't catch it "I'm fine. I'm Roxas Hikari! Don't underestimate me" he winked at me

I smile back then the bell rings "That is my time. I'll see you" I waved then left out.

Boy was this going to a long school year.


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