Talk to me.

What happened?

I heard that Vanitas got punched after work.


I ignored Namine's attempt to talk to me during class. It was true. I did punch Vanitas right after that lie came out from his stupid pie hole of his. Me? I'm the Valentine's girl? Did I look stupid to him? Roxas wouldn't do that. I felt kind of insecure already and that didn't help me too much with what Vanitas so gratefully added.

So my fist may had a mind of its own...that landed to Vanitas cheek and Axel happened to look right at that time pulling me from him. This was not going to look good if I did get fired for assault. Is it even considered Assault? It was more of justice to me.

Roxas hasn't talked to me that much since that lunch with his weird friends. What if Vanitas was right? The thought scared me but just sitting here thinking about it isn't going to change anything! I needed to talk to Roxas, thought I have been noticing that whenever I needed to talk to him then something bad always happens or something interrupts us.

Trouble just has a thing for me, doesn't it? It was frustrating.

Almost as frustrating as Namine now throwing paper balls at me and missing. I am right next to you woman, how could you miss me? I finally turned my head to her about to say something but the teacher gave me a glare daring me to stop her lesson. Namine slides the notebook towards me and I take it reading over what she wrote. I write back:

Yes. I punched him.

Why did you do that for? Axel seemed pretty pissed.

Vanitas told me something and I got angry


Well what?

What was it?

...he said that I am the Val

The paper got taken up by the teacher and therefore we didn't pick up on the subject again. It would make sense if that were to true since it was January and all. The next month was February, which meant Roxas birthday and then Valentine's Day. I shook my head trying to see if the thoughts would thwart somewhere else other than my head.

I needed to get my mind off of this.

I needed to talk to Olette.


Olette hasn't shown her face in over...a week? Roxas and Olette were still pretty tense between each other and most of time Roxas was around me so that didn't go very well. Maybe Hayner would knowo where to find her but I doubt he will even speak a word to me. Prick. I just really wish that our group was back together so we can have a fun filled times like in the beginning of the school year.

Maybe I could do that.

Get everyone in the same place. Same time and try to convince them that we should all just put our differences away to have some good old fun. Plus, it would get my mind off the whole Vanitas/Roxas thing going on.

First, I needed the neutral people which included Namine and Pence. They would help me because I bet they miss the old times just as much as I do.




"yeah, sure we can help."

"what's the plan?"

Easy. I knew Namine and Pence would totally go for this. I explained the plan which would involve, ropes, blankets, and a hell of a lot pies. It was going to be completely flawless. We will just kidnap them into the bags and tie them up throw them outside and have a blow out of a pie party to relieve everyone's stress.

Pence nodded, "seems good...but why can't we just tell them to meet here since they don't talk to each other?"


That would make it no one can sue us for kidnapping.

"Fine. Now let's get to work here people!"



Look away Xion. You don't hear a thing.


Don't answer it.

"Xion. You're up to something."

Flinching is a no-no Xion. Act nonchalant.

"That face doesn't work for you. Tell me."

This is becoming harder than I thought.

"Xion, if you don't answer me in the next few moments then I will personally send pictures to everyone in the school dressed up as a dude."

Damn him. If those got out then no one will ever let me live it down.

I took a breath turning towards Roxas, "yes honey covered sweet cupcake?" Roxas cringed at the name and I felt a small victory in my head putting it away for another opportunity if there was one.

"Please...never again call me that. Anyways, I barely seen you all day. You left with Nams and Pence at lunch. What are you guys planning?" Roxas crossed his arms looking at me suspiciously. I couldn't blow this up despite is my boyfriend or not. If I told him the idea then he would flat out refuse to talk to Hayner or Olette.

"It's nothing...we just had to do some homework and share answers. Is that so wrong?"

Roxas blinked then smirked, "funny. Pence and Namine told me a different answer." shit. He continued, "they said you all had to do a lab project but that doesn't make any sense either because I am in Pence's Physics class and Namine has Astronomy with you."

I mentally slapped myself. We should've came up with the same excuse with some common sense in it.

"so tell me...what are you guys up to?"

I sighed, "its just..." I smiled thinking of a brilliant idea, I could just tell him now and I don't have to wait till later, "we are making a small pie throwing fest and it was going to be a surprise-for you until you pestered me about it. You coming?"

Roxas raised a eyebrow, "pie throwing...why was it for me?"

"because...Roxas..." I hold his face in my hands, "you've gone through so much and we admire you strength, trust, and we just wanted to show you how we all love you so much as a friend."

I should seriously applaud myself on the back for that one. I just pulled that out of my butt. Anyone want to me a gold reward anyone? Roxas face changed from worried to guilty then smiles. Why would even Roxas show a guilty face for? I didn't dwell on it when he planted a kiss on me.

"I am in very deep like with you."

I laughed rolling my eyes, "you're crazy."

"Am I allowed to put a cheesy line through that?"


"too bad. I'm crazy fo-ow! Hey!" Roxas yelped again when I smacked him lightly on the shoulder. I felt a bit bad that I was lying to him but it was for the good of our team. Roxas said he was in deep like with me so obviously Vanitas didn't know what he was talking about. There are so many lows Roxas can go and I had a little more faith in him that he wouldn't stoop that low to me.


The days were passing and it seemed that Pence and Namine had successfully got the others to come to the pie fest. They would be meeting in a place that Xion had rented out for a couple of hours off by the woods. Pence and Namine were busy making pies or rather buying them.

Who makes them these days?

The last I had to do...was convince Vanitas to come. Namine didn't want to after what had happened and Pence didn't know him too well to tell him to come so it resorted to me. I had been putting it off until the day of the party so I was hoping Vanitas wouldn't say anything else to me.

It ended up that Vanitas was looking for me...but it was strange. All these girls were following Vanitas like some sort of chicks to a mother. I found it slightly funny but decided not to voice it seeing the serious look on Vanitas face. His face was a bit bruised on his left eye after I did a number on it. I should pat myself on the back for even gaining that energy.

"what do you want?" I bit out bitterly

Vanitas scowled, "is this how its going to be? I am here to show you of exactly Roxas has done to these girls and the things he has said. You are not going anywhere." He sat me down, "I can tell Axel to fire you after you brutally attacked me." I scowled knowing that I didn't really have a choice in the beginning.

I felt my throat close up seeing all the girls who were lined up. That was way more than I had really imagined that Roxas had in his life time in high school. I listened to all their stories of false lies, broken promises, and how he finally got them in the end of a holiday. The girls talked on how they thought they were the one to change him to felt special if Roxas did something that was un-Roxas like for the sake of them. I was tired of hearing this. Why was Vanitas doing this?

The girls left giving me sympathetic looks and wished me the best but I knew what they were all thinking, just another butterfly in Roxas collection. Today was suppose to be the day that I got my friends together but now I didn't feel in a all too good mood.

"Now do you see what your future will be like?" Vanitas growled turning towards me and I glared up at him in a challenging gaze.

"It won't happen like that, " is what I manage to whisper back weakly.

Vanitas groaned, "I give you the truth and evidence but it seems you are too stupid to even listen!"

I stood up in front of his face, "because I'm still trying to figure out where you thought it was okay to butt into my relationship life and tell me what to do. You didn't even like me from the start so I'm trying to-know why you are really doing this? Is this really to protect me from Roxas? Who his family opened a home to you and here you are spouting like about him!" My blood was boiling and my fists were clenched ready to hit him again. I couldn't care less what would happen to me if I did.

Vanitas eyes were glowing with rage, "he planned everything from the beginning and told me about it. How did you think I knew about you when you confessed to me that night? That Roxas silly nilly talks about you? No. He told me his plan and wanted me to help him..." His voice grew softer and his rage was getting lower, "I appreciate what Roxas's family has done but I don't want to be a part of Roxas stupid lies...I...I might have grown on to you. More than a friend..." Where was he getting at? "Roxas doesn't deserve you and-and I think you should dump his sorry ass. I really like you, Xion."

Oh shit.


Did Vanitas just confess to me? When-what-why would be have feelings for me?

"I can't have you and watching your relationship with Roxas is like a time bomb. The things you do drive me against acting rash and I wish I could hate you..." Vanitas then closed in on me pushing me back against a wall to kiss me fully on my mouth. What do I do? What am I suppose to do? Push him off. Push him off. Push him off. Before I could do anything, Vanitas released me and backed off leaving me to my thoughts. I was in shock touching my lips wondering if that did just really happen just now.

My eyes were wide sinking in that what had just happened...did just happen. How will I tell Roxas? I didn't really want to end up like Olette and Hayner but Roxas was different. I just needed a right time to tell him. I really needed some pie action right about now.


I arrived late and that was a bad move on my part. Roxas, Olette, and Hayner were all arguing with each other while the two others were hiding behind a table. This wasn't going great at all. It was suppose to be different.

Hell, a lot of things were suppose to be different.

"hey. HEY. HEY! EVERYONE! SHUT THE HELL UP" I shouted when I came in. That was also a bad move when the three came to glare at me.

Roxas started, "just what the hell were you thinking? Was this what you were really planning after all?"

Olette gave a hurt expression, "I don't even know why I didn't think you would be up for this. What did you want to accomplish?"

Hayner glared, "pathetic attempt to get us to be friends again. Well I say fu-!" He got caught off when Pence grabbed a pie to throw in Hayner's face. It hit him straight on and I had to remember to congrat Pence for that later. Hayner glared growling as he took a pie to throw back at Pence but missed instead of hitting Olette.

It just started from there.

Pies were being thrown, pieces of it, and we were making a huge mess. Though it was the laughter that came along with it that made me happy. They were all laughing, eating pieces off their faces, and joking around. This what I missed about them. Eventually everyone stopped getting tired, we all started to count all the times someone did this or someone did that.

Roxas, Olette, and Hayner looked at each other, "Truce?" They agreed. I was happy to see Hayner and Roxas talking again casually but what surprised me more was that I could see Olette's and Hayner's pinkies intertwined. Maybe they will be okay after all.

I hoped things will be okay. Roxas came over and licked my cheek as I reacted by pushing him away, "that's gross Roxas!" I whined frowning but he just laughed smiling.

"Thank you. You meant well." Roxas hugged me sideways and I smiled but I still felt worry wash over me remembering Vanitas. What was I going to do about him? I never expected Vanitas of all people to have feelings for me since he was mister I-hate-girls-especially-Xion type. At least I knew his main reason why he was pestering me about Roxas.

How was I going to break it up to him and tell Roxas?


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