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General Sephiroth. The hottest man in ShinRa. All black leather, ivory skin, and moonspun hair, with the most unique Mako eyes he'd ever seen; everyone else's were shades of blue. His were green. A gorgeous, brilliant jade, framed by lush lashes and -

"You have it bad, yo." Reno smirked, seeing the young Third Class nearly topple from his seat in shock.

"Reno! What'd I tell you about sneaking up on me?" Zack hissed, running a hand over his spikes to calm himself.

"Psh, whatever. Not my fault your head's all up in lovey-dovey land." He smirked at his friend's blush. Oh yeah, he had it baaaaaad. "Why don't you go do somethin' about it?"


"Yeah, man. Seriously." The Turk was warming to his topic now. "Go on over and kiss him. You know that I know you wanna."

"But-but… he'd kill me." Fair whimpered. "I don't wanna die."

"Aww, Zacky Fair scared of the big bad General?" Reno cooed, draping himself over the other teen. "Come on. I dare ya."

One day, far, far into the future, Zack would learn not to take every dare that came his way. But… this was not that day. Blue eyes narrowed and shoulders squared as he scanned the area. Yes, Sephiroth was still sitting on the edge of the fountain. Waiting for someone no doubt. Hngh…

Before he could talk himself out of it, Zack began walking that way. He had no idea the picture he made, blue eyes shining with intense determination, a slight blush on his cheeks as he came forward stopping only a few steps from the General. Saluting crisply, he looked into the eyes he'd been so amazed by and said in a bit of a rush, "Apologies in advance, sir!"


Zack gave one of his widest, wildest grins and leaned in, capturing the soft lips of his superior in a short, sudden kiss. And, while he hadn't kissed a lot of people in his life, he had a feeling he must have done something right, because Sephiroth didn't skewer him into a Zack-kabob. Nonetheless, when he was done, he took a couple steps back, licked his lips, thanked him – mostly for not killing him, though he didn't specify – and then, he bolted.

Leaving the bemused General sitting alone on the fountain, one gloved hand lightly touching tingling lips, thoughtful green eyes staring off in the direction of the bold Third Class' retreat. At least until his lovers arrived. Smirking lovers. Oh dear.

"Something you want to tell us, Sephiroth?" Angeal chuckled, coming to a stop in front of the Silver General.

"Oh my Goddess, yes, details!" Genesis demanded impatiently. "Who was that handsome young thing? What did he say? Did he kiss well? Is he coming back? You didn't scare him off with your frowny-face, did you?"

"Genesis, please." Sephiroth frowned sternly, and was poked in the chest.

"There, see? See? You'll scare the poor thing right away looking like that!"

"Genesis." Angeal laughed, capturing his elder lover's hand and moving it out of prodding distance of their younger lover's chest. "Maybe we should have a night in and discuss this. We certainly can't in public."

"What is there to discuss?" The General wondered, raising a fine silver brow. "I did not ask him to kiss me. He simply… did."

"We'll discuss this at home." Angeal insisted, giving Genesis' hand a tug and trusting Sephiroth to follow. "Come on. I'll make that Kalm agnolotti you liked so much."

Angeal was possibly the best cook that either Genesis or Sephiroth knew. And they'd both tasted a great deal of gourmet cooking. Sitting down to feast on one of his meals was easily preferable to going out, and they only ordered out to give him a break. Luckily, the burly SOLDIER was particularly fond of his craft and would indulge them with a happy smile. Like now, as he stuffed little pastries with thinly sliced roast beef, silvered vegetables and fresh herbs while garlic bread baked in the oven. Genesis poured a complimentary wine while Sephiroth set the table, and they settled in to eat and discuss the incident.

"So, do tell. How was it?" Genesis wanted to know.

"It was strange." Silver brows furrowed, and he took a bite to buy himself some time, knowing that Genesis knew better than to expect him to talk with his mouth full.

Still, he had to finish some time, and once he did, the Crimson Commander pounced. "Do tell. You didn't seem to dislike it."

"No, no I didn't mean it like that." He argued. "It was just… there was such earnestness, and sweetness to him. He wasn't polished, by any means, but he kissed with passion that couldn't be feigned. Like… like he really wanted to."

"Lots of people really want to kiss you, Seph."

"No, lots of people want to see what it's like to kiss me. Or want to get in my pants. He just… wanted a kiss. And then he was happy." The silver haired legend smiled softly at the memory. "He had a beautiful smile."

"He did, didn't he." Angeal murmured thoughtfully. "Cute blush, too."

"Very cute." Genesis agreed. "And so brave! Coming on to the big scary general like that!"

"Well, he was sitting down and not visibly armed." Angeal put in, chuckling at Sephiroth's nonplussed expression.

After a moment, though, it faded and he smiled slightly, earning a little nudge from Genesis' boot under the table. "Hm?"

"What are you thinking?" The theatrics prone officer wondered.

"He looked me in the eye, and never looked away." Sephiroth was aware that many were intimidated by his unusual eyes, but as there was nothing he could do, he'd learned to simply live with it. However, to have someone look at him unflinchingly, even smile at him… that touched a special part of him.

There was a pause before Genesis chuckled. "I think he liiiiiiiiikes you."

A brow arched. "Lots of people like me, Genesis."

"No, no. He like-likes you." The auburn haired man insisted.

"You sound like a teenage girl." Angeal snorted.

"Well, maybe they're on to something." He sniffed haughtily, tossing his hair.

"Or maybe you're just on something."

"I did not realize drugs came in 'apple' flavor." Sephiroth deadpanned.

And that was the end of that. Conversation devolved from there into playful arguing, and each of them assumed the others forgot the rash young third.

But, Genesis couldn't forget that smile. Angeal couldn't forget that blush. And Sephiroth certainly couldn't forget that kiss.