(AUTHORS NOTE: I've read a lot of stories out there where Kurt is hurt or bullied and Blaine is left to sort of pick up the pieces and help him out, and I wanted to reverse the situation and show a more vulnerable side of Blaine, hope you enjoy, reviews are always appreciated )

Blaine walked across the parking lot of the CVS at 11:00 pm. He and Mercedes had taken a late night shopping trip, preparing for Kurt's birthday party the next day, Blaine had bought him a generous amount of skin care products he planned to put in a gift basket along with some new sweaters Mercedes was positive he'd love. As he neared his car, some guys stepped out of the truck that was parked two spaces over.

"Hey fairy boy!" one of them yelled, Blaine froze. There were four of them all together, and they were closing in on him.

"Remember us?" another one said, and Blaine did. Those were the exact guys who had beat him up in his freshman year of high school. They had to be halfway through college now, if the meatheads even went for a higher education. Why would they possibly want to bother him now?

"What do you want?" Blaine snapped, trying desperately to keep his voice even and strong

"Revenge. You got us suspended, remember?" Blaine almost laughed

"Are you serious? You got yourselves suspended, that was four years ago and I'm the one who was worse off in that situation."

"We're good at holding grudges" the biggest one growled and promptly punched him in the gut, making Blaine drop his bags. He coughed, but managed to straighten up just in time for another to hit him in the jaw. Blaine refused to go down just as easily as before, he struck back connecting his fist with the others nose. But, unfortunately, four to one wasn't much of a fight, as the guys closed in a circle around him and continued on with their merciless beating, spewing a continuous stream of insults as they went. Blaine refused to make a sound, refused to give them the satisfaction of making him weak. He ended up quietly praying that Mercedes would come out soon. And she did, as soon as the doors opened, the guys were off, their damage was done. Blaine could faintly hear Mercedes running towards him, he knew she dropped her bags and knelt by him, cradling his head in her hands.

"Fuck! Blaine, baby, open your eyes." She said softly patting his cheek, he tried with all his might, and gazed at her through bleary, half lidded eyes. "There we go," she crooned "Blaine, can you get up, can you stand up?" He didn't even have to try to know that the answer would be no. He tried to open his mouth to tell her that, but the only thing that came out was blood that dribbled down his chin. Mercedes instantly pulled out her phone and dialed 911, and fished in Blaine's pockets for his phone- and his car keys- to call his parents.

"Blaine, honey?" his mom answered cheery voiced, which only made Mercedes throat tighten up more.

"Uhm, Mrs. Anderson, it's Mercedes"

"Oh, hello, dear" she said surprised evident in her voice

"Mrs. Anderson, Blaine is…really hurt." She said, her voice faltering

"What? What happened, where is he?" she asked frantically, surely able to hear the approaching sirens as the ambulance arrived.

"He was beat up, he's unconscious, and they're taking him to St. Rita's, please hurry" she said quickly and Blaine's mom hung up.

A crowd of EMT's rushed up to the two of them with a stretcher, and carefully lifted Blaine up onto it, it sickened Mercedes to see how limp his body was…how his arms just hung there as they lifted him, if she didn't know better, she'd think he was dead. She quickly shook the thought from her mind and busied herself picking up the spilled things and shoving them back into their bags. She got them all packed up and into the trunk of Blaine's car. An EMT walked up to her and put a hand on her shoulder

"Would you like to ride in the ambulance with him?" he asked in a slow, steady voice, like that was the only way she could understand him.

"No, I'll drive his car over, I called his parents…I'll just drive myself." The man nodded and jogged back over to the vehicle which instantly started, he climbed in, shut the door and they were off.

Mercedes followed them all the way over to the hospital, keeping her eyes on the road and trying to forget about the blood on her hands. She was always the one who kept her cool…but something about this had seriously shaken her up…why him? Why now? Who were those guys? She pulled into the hospital parking lot behind the ambulance and followed them into the E.R., they made her wait in the waiting room until they had inspected Blaine. As she waited something dawned on her…she hadn't called Kurt, this would kill him. Should she even call him? As she was pondering that thought, a seriously pissed off-looking man and a puffy eyed sniffling woman burst through the doors. They went right up to the desk

"Where's Blaine?" the man asked, the woman at the desk shook her head

"You can't see him yet, you've got to wait until he's stable. The doctor will be out to see you." She motioned to where Mercedes was sitting "have a seat." The woman and man took their seats next to Mercedes and the woman squeezed her hand.

"What happened, Mercedes?" she asked

"We went to CVS to get some stuff for Kurt's birthday party tomorrow, Blaine went out first while I paid for the rest of the stuff…when I came out he was on the ground with four guys around him, they ran when they saw me coming." She shook her head "I don't get it" Mercedes bit her lip.

"Did you call Kurt?" Mrs. Anderson asked

"No…he'll flip." She admitted "plus, it's his birthday tomorrow and…"

"He'd want to know." Mrs. Anderson said simply. Mercedes nodded and took her phone out of her pocket and flipped it open, she pressed one (Kurt was on speed dial) and listened to it ring.

"Hey Mercedes!" he answered, sounding especially chipper, Kurt always loved his birthday.

"Kurt, Blaine's in the hospital." She said, bracing herself