I don't own A Witch's Tale, I hopefully did a nice job on this considering the massive writers block I hit halfway through the year.
Anyways I'm back and writing like crazy to catch up on missing work.
Alright summary: What if Liddell forgot about the runes and everything but started to remember bit by bit? One-shot.

They came to me as little bits of a day dream, the day dream soon became my dream and suddenly it was a nightmare.
My Dreams and Nightmares of this place was so real, as if it was part of my past. I ignored these dreams at first, but then when it kept coming back I started noticing.
I started noticing that each dream was different each time. Then he came...
He came into my dreams and told me things I cannot remember.
At first I didn't understand why I had these dreams but then I remembered.
These weren't dreams... no in fact these dreams... my dreams... are memories...
My Memories.
After that I started recording every dream down in detail so that I wouldn't forget...
I would never forget.

I'm done with the one shot. Sorry if it's short but, I had no other ideas... Now to start writing the others... Screw it I'm going and taking a nap.