Title: Behind Closed Doors
Chapter 12
Word Count: 580

Rating: M!

Pairings: Eventual James/Carlos, and I decided to have undertones of Kendall/Logan somehow, otherwise general.
Disclaimer: Yeah, I still don't own BTR.
Warnings:Abuse, implied rape, self-harm
Summary: AU His friends only saw the happy, peppy, playfully crazy him. They never saw the broken, pained, dying him. He wouldn't, couldn't let them. They couldn't know what happened behind closed doors.
Author's Note: Uh, hi. Next chapter is now. That is all.



It was all over the news.

"…the body of sixteen year-old Carlos Garcia

has been found in an alley way off Main Street..."

The words kept repeating as James sped down the highway to the hospital.

"…his body was badly beaten, with several broken bones…

his father was relieved to see he had been found

after he had went missing the day before…"

James nearly laughed when he had first heard that. Like that bastard would care; like that bastard didn't know what had happened, where Carlos had gone.

"…police are searching for the man

who did this, as we speak…"

Little did they know the culprit was right under their noses, that the culprit was one of their own. What James would do when he got his hands on Roberto Garcia was something no wanted to see.

"…doctors have yet to say whether the teenager will live…

currently in the operating room…"

Carlos had just left James' house two days before, how could he already be almost dead. That was logical. It didn't make sense, it couldn't have happened.

"…we'll back with more news on this random attack

on the Police Chief's son in one hour. Back to you, Michael…"

"It wasn't random, my dear news anchor, "James whispered to himself as he pulled into the hospital parking lot. James hopped out of his car, running to the entrance of the hospital.

It seemed like timed slowed when he skidded into waiting room. The first thing he saw was Mateo. He was standing silently next to his father, in front of a reporter's camera. Roberto was standing there, talking to the reporter, his fist clenched in faux anger and face showing his fake sadness. But James, as he sunk into a shadowed corner, he knew. He could see it in Roberto's eyes, how that sick man really felt. His eyes gleamed in joy at his twisted sense of victory. It made James sick to his stomach.

James hid in the dark corner, watching while they finished up the interview and the reporter left the hospital with a silent apology for what had happened. James stood for a few moments, looking at the father and son. Mr. Garcia sat down and glared at the young boy as he went to sit. Mateo nodded and remained standing, looking at the ground in front of his father.

James pushed himself off the wall and walked to stand behind Mateo, silently. He could feel the poor boy jump when he spoke. "Your one sick bastard, Chief Garcia."

The chief lifted his gaze a few inches and frowned, standing and motioning for Mateo to take a step to the side. "James, my son's boyfriend," he growled out the word like it was a curse. "I have no idea what you're talking about, sonny."

James chuckled darkly and closed his eyes, shaking his head. "Of course you do. You're the reason Carlos is in the operating room." He shook his head again when he heard Roberto try to squeeze in a word. "Don't even try to lie to me about this, Chief. I know everything. Carlos couldn't keep it a secret forever, you know. He burst." James heard a low growl from the older man's throat. He laughed again. "And, in most respectful way I can put this, if he doesn't come out alive, I will kill you." He smiled and walked away from the male, Mateo watching in shock and Roberto watching in anger.

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