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The Grass is always Greener:

Chapter One

Two´s Company… Three´s So Much Better…

Summary: 33 yr old billionaire tycoon, Edward Cullen has a secret, engaged to his childhood sweetheart and Chicago´s cutthroat DA, Isabella Swan; it would appear they were the perfect power couple, but everyone has secrets, especially the elite. Enter Jasper Whitlock, the recently orphaned and emotionally troubled 17yr old cousin of Rosalie and Emmett McCarty, as a favor to his friends; Edward hires Jasper to be his yard boy, for the summer. What happens when just after two weeks, Edward has a desire to trim a few hedges of his own? And how does Bella fit into all of this?


Standing in the window of my bedroom, I nursed the tumbler of scotch in my hand, while openly ogling the newest object of my desire. The way the sinewy muscles of his back contorted as he neatly trimmed my hedges had my slacks getting uncomfortably tighter by the minute.

Looking to find some relief, I released the silver hook on the waistband of my black Armani slacks, breathing a sigh of relief when the zipper let down and the cool air hit my boxer clad cock.

Moving slowly and erotically my hand glided down my chest, pausing to tweak and pull my budding peaks that are taunt beneath the silk of my opened dress shirt. I hissed at the sweet torture I inflicted on my sensitive nipples.

Down… down my hand traveled. Over the planes of my smooth stomach and through the bronze dusting of hair that lead me to my destination. The pads of my fingers tingled as the hairs tickled my heated skin.

With him everything was better.



Lower, my hand moved inch by painful inch, until I reached the silk covered heat bulging out of the opening in my pants and stroked slowly. Now I´ve got his attention. He´s watching! He´s always watching! It´s a little game we liked to play.

Dangerous yes, but a game nonetheless and he seemed to enjoy playing it just as much as I did. Gripping my throbbing erection over the silk of my black boxers, I groaned loudly as I thought about my hot new lawn boy´s thick lips wrapped around my hard shaft.

As if he could read my mind, his little pink tongue snuck out of his mouth to run across his luscious lips. I watched his mouth with rapt attention, moaning at the sight of the glistening saliva that was left behind.

What I wouldn´t give to taste him, to feel the plumpness of his lips against mine.

Throwing back the remaining amber liquid and ridding myself of the glass, I allowed the burn to wash away any and all traces of stray nerves that may have lingered.

It´s time!

Unconsciously, I lowered my boxers, just a fraction, only enough to release the beast that was contained within. My cock was already weeping for my little one, so the never-ending supply of pre-cum served as a handy lubricant for me to use.

Up... down... around... squeeze...


Up... down... around... squeeze...

I repeated the circuit a few more times before looking up. When I did, I wasn´t disappointed. He never disappoints. Slowly, as if a magnet was pulling me towards him - he drew me in.

His eyes… Those beautiful ocean blue eyes that constantly haunted my dreams piercing me to my very soul were the only things I saw. Full of secrets I longed to unravel. They pulled me in, locking me in place, preventing me from looking away.

He´s facing away from me, but at the same time he´s not, I´m graced with a side view of his profile. Coyly, he watches me over his shoulder. Jaw tensed, chiseled to porn perfection, my mouth salivated at the prospect of running my tongue along the rough exterior of his five o´clock shadow.

Unmoving, it´s almost as if he´s not breathing, watching me expectantly as if he´s waiting for something to happen, I´m almost giddy inside knowing that I´m the one he wants this from.

Me too little one… me too! I thought all the while flashing him my cocky signature grin, knowing that I´m about to give him exactly what it is that his hungry eyes longed to see. That thought alone caused the fire in my loins to blaze exponentially hotter.

I´m a very private person and my home is a reflection of such, so I have no worries about getting caught jacking off in front of my floor to ceiling bedroom windows.

Well, only by the one I wanted to catch me.

Though we´ve never said a single word to each other, save the day I interviewed him in my office, we´ve teetered on this dangerously sexual precipice for the last two weeks and gradually the lust was threatening to consume us both.

It started out as me, the voyeur, secretly watching him as he worked in the yard. I found myself jacking off morning, night and even in my office bathroom sometimes. And all that self-gratification was fueled by images of one thing... me and Jasper Whitlock, touching… kissing... sucking... fucking.

God was there a lot of fucking!

I would watch him laughing and talking with Bella and would burn green with envy. Why couldn´t I do that? Why couldn´t I be the one to make him laugh. I dreamed of what that would sound like and came up with sounds that I imagined he would make, but they always left me unfulfilled and longing for the real thing.

Really, it was no one´s fault but my own. I could have just walked downstairs and out the backdoor anytime I wanted to. But the truth was I was terrified. Terrified of being rejected! Of being labeled a fucking pervert, or worse, getting arrested. The boy was only 17 for goodness sakes. But I couldn´t fight the growing attraction I was feeling for him. Age be damned, I was determine to make Jasper mine!

To make up for my lack of hospitality and aloofness, I would pay him way beyond what we agreed upon. Even going as far as giving him gift cards to buy video games, CDs, books, coffee, you name it. Anything a teenager desired he could buy it; it was the least I could do for my less than receptive behavior.

Actually, the gifts and extra money were Isabella´s idea. After I confided in her my wants and fears, she suggested I try that to test the waters.

If he returned the money and gifts or talked to Em and Rose about it, then maybe it was best that I didn`t approach him. But if he didn´t, then just maybe he was interested in the same thing I was.

Thankfully, he never said a word. I even caught him smiling at me a few times when I chanced being seen in my window. His smile was a gift I would always treasure. It gave me hope. Confidence! The balls necessary to take this one step farther.

So, after watching him for two weeks, learning the ropes with Javier, my usual gardener, before he left and then during his first week solo, I´d reached my breaking point.

It´d been years since I´d been with a man, after Cauis´ betrayal, I gave up all hope of ever finding the right person to satisfy that part of me. Bastard nearly ruined Isabella´s and my life, I would never risk her being hurt like that ever again; even though she didn´t blame me, I still couldn´t take that chance. Thankfully, Jasper seemed different; at least I was hoping he was.

One evening, after a particularly rough day at work, I decided to throw caution to the wind and make a move. "Fuck it," I said, after my third glass of scotch. I was far from being inebriated, but I was also numb enough to take matters into my own hands.

No pun intended!

Standing in full view of my window rubbing one out, while Jasper stood glued to the ground below watching was exhilarating. Not once during the entire time I had my dick in my hand, did he take his eyes off of me.

I came with a roar mouthing his name, as I shoot a fuck load of cum into me outstretched hand. As my chest heaved up and down with my heavy panting, I could visibly see Jasper´s Adam´s apple bobbing up and down as he swallowed thickly.

With a blush and a crooked grin, he turned away and went back to work. From that day on, every time he was there, so was I. Sometimes he was there before I was, and others, I simply waited, nursing a drink, until he made it around to my side of the house.

It was always the same. He watched. I performed. He and Isabella had grown exponentially closer, but I never asked what they talked about. Isabella and I had quite a few secrets of our own and I knew what it was like to have to hide your true self from the world. So, I would never ask her to break his confidence, trusting that she would tell me if there was something I needed to know.

Jumping back to the present, my eyes took in the very large tent that was currently being pitched in his very low hanging basketball shorts. Although it wasn´t a full frontal, the sight of his arousal told me everything I needed to know. My little yard boy was just as turned on as I was.

"Ungh," I grunted, bracing my hand against the window. My breathing was raged and my strokes were moving faster and faster now. I was definitely yanking with purpose, cumming being my ultimate goal. "Fuckkkk," I moaned, squeezing the head of my engorged cock. I reached down cupping my swollen balls as I thrust my hips in time with my strokes.

As if he could hear how close I was, he cocked an eyebrow at me – challenging - almost daring me to cum for him. And as we had done every other day, for the past two weeks; we shared in my release. "Ahhh..." I hissed as wave after wave of my hot seed oozed between my fingers. My hand slammed back against the glass to prevent my body from falling as my knees buckled under the sheer force of my orgasm.

Unable to move, I leaned my head against the cool glass, staring down at him, fighting to catch my breath. With his bottom lip tucked securely between his teeth, Jasper held my gaze.

Today was a turning point for us, I could feel it. He didn´t run away like he usually did. Slowly my eyes traced the contours of his strong youthful body. And imagine my surprise when I zeroed in on his hand absentmindedly stroking his very prominent erection.

Instantly, I began to harden again, envisioning what it would be like to have his silky hardness rubbing up against my body, to feel the tautness of his muscles as I moved in and out of him. Gripping, milking me of my release.

Not able to help myself, I began spreading my stickiness along my hardening cock, keeping in time with his slow languid strokes. I was reeling at the sight of him. Never had he participated before, surely this must be a good sign.

We continued to stroke out a harmonious rhythm. Now facing me fully, I locked my eyes on his very thick, very long, very hard erection. He looked like a young Greek God standing openly for all eyes to see. His sun-kissed sweat covered skin glistened with a golden bronze hue in the early evening sun.

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen," I tensed at the sound of my name coming from my open bedroom door, but didn´t break stride. "What on earth are you doing, naughty boy?" she questioned in a stern voice. I could feel her body moving towards me. Yes, I could feel it. It was the same feeling I got anytime we were anywhere in close proximity of each other, the unmistakable surge of electricity and the crackle of anticipation that could only be possessed by hermy love… my life…

My Isabella!

B and I had no secrets, but I wasn`t sure how Jasper would react to seeing her. Here, with us, for our special time. I flinched when I felt her hands on me.

Never had I denied her anything, but I was torn between the man I desired and the woman I loved. Knowing me better than anyone, Isabella sensed my dilemma. And as she´d done for most of my life she soothed me.

Rubbing lazy circles on my back, her warm sweet breath fanned across my face. "It´s okay, Cariño." she whispered huskily, using one of her favorite Spanish terms of endearment. "Look," she gently nudged my chin, coaxing me to return my gaze to Jasper´s. "He´s so beautiful, stroking his pretty cock for you. Edward, you have nothing to worry about, he´s good for you… for us!" She continued kneading and massaging my flesh, lowering my shirt until it hung loose in the crook of my elbows, I felt her heated flesh come flush with mine. And fuck me, she wasn´t wearing a shirt! My body ignited in an all consuming flame that was quickly threatening to devour me.

The sight of Jasper´s skin shimmering with a light sheen of sweat and tinged with a pink hue and the feel of B´s rock hard nubs digging in to my back as she pinched and tweaked my tender buds, was driving me closer to the edge. The knot in my stomach was so tight it was almost painful.

Unbelievable! This had to be some type of sick and twisted dream. Surely my eyes were playing tricks on me. Was he was enjoying this?

Was he enjoying us?

It was hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that he wasn´t running away. Especially, now since Bella was visibly feasting on the skin of my shoulders and neck.

Sucking, nipping and licking my overtly-sensitive flesh leaving a burning trail of desire in her wake, Bella was not making it easy to not blow my load like a horny teenage boy.

"B…" I whined, sounding needy and full of lust. "I… I… I can´t hold it, too much… I need to cum."

"Not yet, naughty boy," she warned, tangling her fingers in the damp hairs at the nape of my neck and tugging slightly. "Not until I say!"

My chest rose and fell with the exertion of every one of my stunted breaths. "Mommy, please…" I begged in a voice that sounded like that of a scared little boy. "It hurts, Mommy, I need to cum, please…" My cries fell on deaf ears. I knew that she would deny me until she was ready for me to have my release.

Bella twisted my nipple and a sharp breath ripped through my chest that was so intensely painful that it could only be described as pure unadulterated pleasure. I hissed in response. "Mmm… I let my naughty boy off of his leash to have a little fun and now he´s having trouble listening," she whispered menacingly as she bit down on my earlobe. "You know the rules don´t you, boy?"

"Yes, Ma´am," I whimpered.

"Do I need to take your new toy away, until you learn to behave?" she threatened, knowing full well that that would get my attention.

"No Mommy," I cried. "Please, I´ll be a good boy, I promise. Don´t make Jasper go away." The very thought of not seeing him again had my eyes stinging with unshed tears.

"That´s my good boy," she cooed smoothing out my hair. "You know how much Mommy loves to make her little boy happy."

Mentally, this was becoming too much. Being chastised by Bella only served to heighten my arousal, couple that with the way Jasper watched the entire display with rapt attention had my entire system on overload.

Did I really have a chance to make this work? Would he understand Isabella´s place in my life? That was the main reason that I was reluctant to get involved with anyone, but Jasper seemed different. Isabella seemed to trust him and if Isabella trusted him, which I could tell that she did, then so would I.

Jasper´s muscles started to contract, signaling he was close. Bella noticed it as well. "Tell him, Edward," she ordered, biting down on my earlobe and causing me to moan in satisfaction. "Tell him, Cariño, tell him to cum. Watch how beautiful he is when he let´s go. And it´s all for us… because of us." Her left hand was now splayed across my chest, keeping me flush with her body. I could feel her right hand moving behind me, stroking, pumping in and out of her pussy as she raced to find her own release. "Tell him!" she urged in a breathy moan. Now…"

Instinct took over and I too started racing toward the finish line. So in tuned with one another, Jasper and I both picked up our pace. My head nodded minutely in his direction, the only signal needed to cause the eruption.

With an animalistic cry falling from my lips and a high-pitched keen coming from Bella behind me, I shot my load in time with his. If I thought watching him, watching me was a sight; the vision of Jasper shooting his spunk all over my lawn was glorious. I had to fight to keep my eyes from closing, wanting to commit what I was seeing to memory.

My muscles clenched tightly, no longer able to fight off the bright lights that were eager to pull me under and I let go. Gave up my will to fight and let the blissful feeling of ecstasy take me under.

My legs buckled under the weight of my release and flashes of white light played behind my heavy lids. I continued to stroke my cock and ride out one of the sweetest most intense releases that I´d ever experienced. Never in my life had I cum this long and hard before.

"Fuckkkkk…" I hissed as my knees gave out and I fell to the floor.

Jasper Whitlock was going to fucking kill me!

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