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The Grass is Always Greener:

Chapter 7

The Fijimoon is Far From over...


"Hey Ms. Angela," I greeted Bella´s personal assistant as I strode into the outer office. "Is it okay if I wait for Bella inside?" I asked, pointing towards her closed office door.

Bella was due back from court any minute now, and I wanted to surprise her with a visit. My classes were done for the day, and I was hoping she had time to grab a quick bite to eat before I headed upstairs to Cullen for work. Edward was out of the office having lunch with Carlisle, so I was pretty much left to my own devices until later in the afternoon.

"Jazzy," Angela exclaimed, stepping out from behind her desk to wrap me in a warm, friendly hug. I chuckled, and the tips of my ears turned pink at the juvenile nickname she insisted on calling me.

In her defense, she was not the originator of the embarrassing nickname, no; her children were to blame for that one. B.J. or Ben Jr. and Chelsea were my little swim students. And after several failed attempts at trying to say my name, Chelsea christened me her Jazzy.

Hey, when she looked up at me with those big baby blue eyes, I was a goner!

I swear that little girl could charm the skin off of a rattlesnake!

Angela Weber-Cheney was more than just Bella´s personal assistant; she was one of her closest friends. Apart from my cousin, Rose, and Angela, Bella chose to keep most people at arm´s length, if not farther. Edward and Bella didn´t trust easily and rarely let anyone into their personal and very private lives.

Emmett and Rosalie, practically family, weren´t even granted full-access, so one could only imagine how an outsider was treated. I thanked the powers-that-be on a daily basis for bringing them into my life, along with a few other positive influences such as Angela and her husband, Ben.

Angela was an old-soul just like Bella, and had welcomed me with open arms from the very beginning. Her husband, Ben, who just so happened to work upstairs in security at Cullen, was a great guy as well; I enjoyed talking computers and the latest software technology with him when his busy schedule permitted.

Only this sweet and matronly woman could get away with calling me Jazzy!

Kissing me lightly on the cheek, Angela held me at arm´s length. "Look at you, all handsome and tan, I guess Fiji agreed with you, too," she grinned, eyeing me with a raised brow. "Bella has been on cloud nine since she´s been back. Of course, who can blame her, four days on a private beach with two of the most handsome men in Chicago would have a permanent grin plastered to my face as well." Angela looked around as if to check for prying ears, and with a mischievous glint in her eyes said, "But don´t tell Ben!"

Ducking my head, I tried the hide the blush that was now tinting my cheeks. "Aw, c´mon Ms. Angela," I stated, mumbling a shy 'thanks' under my breath. I knew she was just teasin´ but that didn´t stop me from gettin´ all embarrassed.

"Well, it´s true, and if you ever tell Ben what I said," winking playfully, "I´ll just deny it!" I knew she was teasing; Angela was madly in love and only had eyes for her husband. But, hearing her mention our recent trip didn't stop the monster from stirring in my pants.

Fiji was nothing short of amazing!

Making love to the two people who mean most to me in this world; sliding into Bella's tight heat, while Edward took me slowly from behind was life changing! We connected on a level much deeper than sex.

After spending four glorious days wrapped in the arms of my lovers, I now knew that I could never live without them. Leaving our little bubble and returning to the hustle and bustle of life back in Chicago wasn´t easy. Separating on Tuesday morning to go about our daily lives, turned out to be quite emotional, several times, I caught Bells dabbing at her watery eyes.

Let´s just say, by the time we made it home that night, we spent a lot of time reconnecting!

Shoving my hands in my pockets in an attempt to hide the obvious hard-on that I was now sporting, I mumbled, "You´re going to make my head swell, if you keep complimentin´ me like that Ms. Angela."

"I´m not going to tell you again to stop calling me Ms.," Angela scolded playfully, returning to her desk chair and taking a seat. "Now, Bella didn´t say anything about you stopping by, so go on in and we´ll let her be pleasantly surprised when she opens the door and finds you waiting on the other side."

With one last crooked grin that earned me an eye-roll and a mumbled, 'damn charmer', I stepped into Bella´s office closing the door behind me.


Thinking back to our trip, and the angry throbbing in my pants, a plan began to formulate. Not wanting to give myself time to chicken out, I began to map out my surprise for Bella.

And what a fucking surprise it was!

Thankfully, Bella´s desk was large enough to fit me and her desk chair comfortably, and as I burrowed down in my hiding spot, I tried to remember what it was that she wore to work this morning. When my mind conjured up a perfect recollection of the plum-colored, form-fitting dress that cinched at Bella´s waist, but flowed loosely down to her knees, the situation in my already uncomfortable pants worsened. I couldn´t stop the 100-watt smile that adorned my face when I heard Bella´s voice coming from right outside the door.

Bella´s soft footfalls could be heard approaching her desk, and my mouth watered in anticipation. My heart thumped loudly in my ears and my breath came in quick pants, as the black leather chair began to slowly move from behind her desk. "Look, Bernard," Bella said, sounding a bit exasperated. "My offer is only good until six! If your guy doesn´t give me what I want, the offer´s off the table, and we go to trial." Sitting down with a huff, I presumed that she was talking on her cell, so I thought I´d get started on helping my girl relax a bit.

The bottom of her dress had risen slightly when she sat down, so I gladly accepted the invitation her succulent pussy was offering me. Taking the tip of my tongue, I ran it lightly from her ankle to the bend of her knee.

Damn, her skin tasted good!

Two things happened at once, Bella gasped, jerking her leg back, and a deep baritone voice, sounding much to close for comfort asked, "Isabella, what is it? Is everything okay?"


She wasn't on the fucking phone!

Someone was standing in her office!

Right on the other side of her goddamn desk!

Well, Romeo, what the fuck do we do now? My conscience chided.

This will not end fucking well!

Bella´s going to kill me!

Oh my God, I suddenly was paralyzed with nerves. What if I overstepped some unspoken boundary? So far, any sexual contact had always been initiated by one of them! What if I´d gone too far this time, and Bella and Edward became angry with me?

Oh shit...what if they asked me to leave?

What hell was I going to do?

Where the hell would I go?

In a matter of seconds, I was on the verge of a full-scale panic attack. Soft fingers reached down, stroking my cheek, Bella answered the person standing in front of her. "I´m fine Bernard, just startled," looking down, locking eyes with me, "someone just left me a little surprise under my desk that´s all," Bella answered, fixing me with a raised brow and a smirk.

"Oh, well," the Bernard person muttered, getting back to the matter at hand. "A deadline of six o´clock is unreasonable...I need at least twenty-four hours to consult with my client and get him on board with this."

Sliding her chair closer, Bella gently guided my head between her legs as she continued her conversation.

This Bernard character was none the wiser!

"Six o´clock and not a minute later," Bella deadpanned, squirming minutely in her seat when I flicked her swollen bud. "I´m tired of going back and forth with this guy. He´s guilty! I know it, and more importantly, Bernard, you know it too. So save us all a lot of time, and the taxpayer´s money, and get this guy to take the damn deal! If not, I´ll see you in court!" The hand that was still running through my hair, tugged the strands forcefully as I began slowly lapping at her labia and slit. "And we both know how that´s going to end," Bella spoke slowly through gritted teeth.

"But Isabella..." Bernard tried again, just to be cut off.

"Bernard," Bella gasped, but tried to cover it up by clearing her throat. That little slip-up might have had something to do with me flicking my tongue against her swollen little pleasure nub in rapid succession, but I´ll never tell. I heard her shuffle a few papers around, before her dainty little foot began applying pressure on my straining cock.


When the fuck had she taken off her high-heel?

My fingers dug into the fleshy part of her thigh to keep myself from crying out. "Bernard, as much as I would love to keep going rounds with you," Bella said in a strained voice. "I´ve got phone calls to make, and you my friend, have a deadline to meet." Leaving no room for discussion Bella added, "Oh, and could you please twist the lock on your way out, I don´t want to be disturbed."

The next thing I knew, Bella was gripping my hair with both hands and riding my face like a fucking jockey. Her heavy breaths and mumbled curses were the only sounds coming from the room. Gripping her hip with one hand, I plunged two fingers of the other deep inside her pussy while biting down gently on her clit, and was rewarded with a flood of her sweet nectar. "Jasper...Jasper…I´m gonna...ah…" Bella panted breathlessly, all the while squeezing the life out of me. "Fuckkkkk…" she let out on a long hiss as her body spasms and convulses with pleasure.

Sucking and stroking soft and slow, I gently brought her down from her climax. Looking up at my love, all flushed and glowing bright pink, I mentally patted myself on the back.

I did that shit!

I made Isabella Marie Swan cum buckets while eating out her gourmet pussy.

I was riding on fucking cloud nine!

When Bella finally was able to catch her breath, she plucked the intercom button on the massive black desk phone. "Hey Ang," she called over the speaker.

"Yes, Bella," Angela responded cheerfully.

"Thanks for, uh, my little surprise," Bella said, cocking an eyebrow at me. I just shrugged my shoulders innocently in response. "It was very much unexpected. Why don´t you go up and grab that husband of yours and take a long lunch."

"Are you sure, B," Angela, ever the worry-wart asked. "I could run down and pick you guys something up from that deli you like around the corner."

"I´m positive," Bella replied. "Besides, I´ve got plans for young Mr. Whitlock since my fiancé is out of the office and I get him all to myself for a couple of hours." The sugary sweet sound of her voice gave nothing away to Angela, but the look of pure hunger and desire told me all that I needed to know; Bella was planning to make me pay for my sins, by having her wicked, wicked way with me.

And I couldn´t have been happier!

As soon as we heard the muffled sound of the outer-office door closing, Bella turned to me. Dark chocolate eyes, thick with desire and lust, stared down at the straining bulge in my pants. I felt like a lamb being led to slaughter. "Strip," Bella growled in a raspy tone.

Shaky fingers, filled with nervous excitement, worked to get the buttons on my shirt open. My pants proved to be less of a challenge, and, in a matter of seconds, I was standing before my brown-eyed goddess in nothing but my birthday suit. The hungriness and desire with which she regarded me was such a fucking turn-on.

Instead of feeling vulnerable and exposed, I felt loved, even. Running on auto-pilot, my hand gravitated to my straining cock, and slowly, I began to pump. Using the pre-cum that was oozing from the head for lubrication, I stroked and stroked giving, Bella her own private little show.

"Fuck, Sweet Boy," Bella´s husky voice said. "Your cock is so fucking big! I bet it would feel so good pounding in and out of my tight pussy." It was then I noticed that Bella´s delicate little digits were buried deep in her pussy, stroking in time with my movements. My eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets, taking in her naked form.

When the fuck had she taken her clothes off?

Never removing her fingers, Bella bent at the waist. Placing the top half of her body on her desk, she arched her back, and wiggled her ass in invitation. "Well," she mused, watching me with innocent eyes over her shoulder. "Are you just going to stand there, or are you going to come over her and fuck me?" She didn't have to tell me twice.

With a confidence, I didn't know I possessed, I grabbed a hold of Bella's hip with one hand, all the while pumping my cock with the other. "Which do you prefer, Ms. Swan," I purred in a deep baritone, "hard and fast, or sweet and slow?"

"Hard and fast," Bella panted.

"Your wish is my command!" Stroking my cock between her slick lips a few times, I lined myself up and plunged into her tight heat. "Holy motherfucking shit," I gritted out, taken aback by the sensation. My body felt like it was about to explode! I would never tire of being inside this beautiful woman.

Gaining my bearings, I pulled all the way out, living just the tip of my cock inside her, and slammed back in. My toes dug into the plush carpet for leverage, as I started to gain momentum. Thighs slamming against thighs, hips flush with hips, my balls slapping against her clit each time I pushed in.

Too much...

It was all too much...

I was a beast!

Filled with carnal lust, my desire to mark my territory was clouding my judgment.

I no longer recognized this sex-crazed young man clawing, fighting, needing to climb deeper inside this woman.

"Yes, Jazz..." Bella screamed; pushing back to meet me thrust for thrust. She was fucking giving just as good as she was getting. "So close, Baby Boy," she panted, bringing her back flush with mine. "Mommy´s so, so close! Make me cum sweet boy! Fill mommy with your cum!"

"Fuck..." I growled in response.

Cupping her luscious tits, I rocked my hips slamming my aching cock in and out of her sweet heat. Hearing Bella say those words to me, referring to herself as my mommy, it just...did something to me.

Some people might get freaked out by this, but not me. For the first time in my life, I felt like I could let go, because there was somebody there to take care of me. My mommy would make sure that all my needs were met.

It wasn´t that I saw her in a maternal role, per se; it was more like an act of submission for me. Bella was the nurturer in our relationship. She nurtured the love that Edward and I had for her. And under her watchful eye, this, this thing that we shared continued to grow.

Pinching her nipples, I bit down on the juncture of her neck sending her exploding over the edge. Bella´s breast jutted out, and her back arched pushing her ass flush with my pelvis. "Ja-Ja-Jasperrrrr..." Bella screamed just as her walls clamped down on me.

A last minute change of plans had me pushing Bella´s torso back down on her desk. I pumped into her tightness two more times, pulled out and sprayed my seed all over her porcelain back. I swear that I came until my eyes crossed. Spurt after hot spurt of my white cream adorned her pale skin.

"Ungh…ungh…ungh…" I grunted as my cock slid between Bella´s ass cheeks depositing the last of my load. "Fuck, Mommy," my winded voice sounded. Plopping down in one of the leather chairs in front of her desk, I took a moment to bask in my handy work.

Bella´s legs were trembling, and I´m willing to bet that had her desk not been there, she wouldn´t still be standing.

Blindly, I reached out, grabbed a few Kleenex from the designer box on her desk, and gently wiped her back. After which, I discarded the evidence of our little office tryst, and pulled her into my lap.

Bella snuggled into me comfortably.

Burying her face in the crook of my neck, she sighed in contentment.

"God, Baby," Bella purred in contentment. "How did you know exactly what I needed? That asshole, Bernard, has been pushing my fucking buttons all day," giving me a lingering kiss just bellow my ear, "you were just what the fucking doctor ordered, Jazz."

"Well," I said, eyeballing her lush tits that were grazing my chest. "I aim to please." Unable to stop myself, I sucked her tight puckered peak into my mouth and moaned.

I was rewarded with a deep guttural moan from Bella. Seeing how I was an equal opportunity kind of guy, I lavished her other nipple with the same amount of attention. "Ungh…J-Jasper," Bella moaned, sending electric shockwaves straight to my dick.

Luckily for me, I had youth and stamina on my side, and as Bella sank down on my rock-hard erection for a second time today, I thanked the powers-that-be for both!


As the weeks passed, Bella, Edward, and I fell into a nice little routine. After my little office tryst with Bella, it was decided that I´d split my time between Cullen Inc. and Bella´s office. Trust me, I was not complaining! I just thanked my lucky stars that they were in the same building.

Last week when I showed up to work for Edward after school, the outer office was a ghost town. Confused, I headed for Edward´s private office to see if he was around, or if maybe I´d somehow forgotten about a meeting.

Turning the knob on the thick, intimidating mahogany door, I was shocked at what I found. Tea candles floating in crystal bowls of water littered every available flat surface, soft music was coming from the Bose sound system, but none of it compared to the beautiful man lying naked on a plush white rug; he was the only thing I could see.

Licking my lips, I swallowed thickly. My mouth felt like the Sahara desert at high noon. Shamelessly, my eyes drank him in. Starting with his silky fuck me locks, I worked my way slowly down his body, only to nearly swallow my tongue when I zeroed in on his perfect cock that he was stroking lazily.

Somebody fucking pinch me, cause surely I´ve died and gone to heaven!

It wasn´t until Edward´s velvety smooth voice broke through the fog that I realized I was just standing there. "Well, this wasn´t the reaction I was hoping for," he chuckled darkly. "If not for the circus-sized tent in your pants, I´d think that you weren´t happy to see me." Cocking a brow, he regarded me with a cocky smirk.

Of its own accord, my hand migrated to the aforementioned bulge that was really quite painful, and squeezed.

"You know," Edward regarded my predicament with a grin, "if you come a little closer, I could you with that."

He didn´t have to tell me fucking twice!

As if fire had been set to my ass, I started fumbling with buttons. Shoes, shirts, pants, and boxers, all went flying in different directions. If we both wouldn´t have been so horny, it probably would have been comical!

"Hey," Edward said, reaching out to pull me down next to him. "Where´s the fire?" Stroking my cheek gently, "I assure you, we´ve got plenty of time to get this right." At his words, my anxiousness finally began to recede.

Tenderly, Edward moved along my body, nipping, licking, and sucking everyone of my erogenous zones. I was so worked up, that by the time he stroked into me, my cock was ready to explode.

With my back to his front, Edward went deeper with each stroke. Slowly at first, his thrust built in intensity as our respective releases loomed just over the horizon. Everything about was beautiful! Not even our sounds of pleasure cheapened our experience. Soft moans, grunts and groans blended in with the sounds of his flesh slowly meeting mine.

"Ahh..." I panted heavily when I felt Edwards long digits wrap around my aching cock. "Yes...yes...yes Baby! So fucking good! So...ugh…good…" My entire body was alight the need to cum; it literally felt like I was burning. Needing more to help tip the scale, I began rambling. "Ahh…almost there...ungh…need…fuck…I need more Edward, please!" I cried out in desperation.

"Fuck, Baby," Edward growled through gritted teeth. Moving both his hands, he hooked his arms under mine, and gripping my shoulders, he began to fuck me in earnest. "Goddamn, Jasper," Edward panted heavily in my ear. "Touch yourself Baby; pump that pretty cock of yours!"

Reaching between my legs and running my hands over Edward´s balls, gathering some of the slickness that the lube provide, and began to pump my cock like my life depended on it. "Motherfucker," Edward hissed when I grazed his heavy balls.

Between the pounding Edward was giving my ass, and the jerking of my cock, I couldn´t hold back my release any longer. My entire body tensed, locking every muscle on preparation for the big finish. When I finally exploded time stopped, leaving me dangling somewhere in the realm between pleasure and pain. "Holy fucking Shitttttttt!" I swear I blacked the fuck out as ribbons of cum left my body; it was an endless stream.

Feeling my body clamp down on his, Edward was not far behind me. "Son of a bitch!" he barked, just before his teeth sunk into the flesh of my shoulder.

"Goddamn it," I roared, feeling Edward´s cock fill the condom with his hot seed.

Panting and spent, Edward´s cock stayed deep inside of me as it slowly softened. Wrapped in the arms of the man I love, I slowly started to drift off to sleep. "Baby," Edward cooed softly in my ear, placing feather-light kisses on my neck and shoulders. "Let´s get you cleaned up, I´d hate for Victoria to come back from lunch and find us like this." He hissed as he pulled out of me, "she´d probably have a fucking heart attack!"

No argument there, the old girl probably would end up in the hospital on life support if she walked in on this. Hoisting me up on my feet, Edward kissed me soundly on the lips before taking my hand and leading me into his private bathroom to shower. Watching his tight ass walk in front of me, had me ready for round two by the time he closed the door.

That was a good fucking day!

Stumbling my way into the kitchen in search of breakfast, I nearly pissed my pants when I was met by a shock of inky black hair buzzing around me. "About time," the little elfkin huffed, placing her hands on her imagination and patting her tiny feet.

If I didn´t believe in leprechauns before, I sure as shit did now; all the little sprite needed was a pot of fucking gold. "Do I know you, Little Lady?" I asked, cocking an amused brow.

It was Friday, which meant Edward and Bella were at the office, Ms. Cope had the day off, and I was out of school. Last time I checked, I was supposed to be home alone. "Well duh, Jazz," Tinkerbell snapped. "I´m Mary Alice Brandon-Cullen, Edward and Bella´s little sister, pleased to meet your acquaintance." Sticking her tiny little hand out in greeting, I couldn´t help but give it a shake.

Bella and Edward had successfully managed to avoid the entire Cullen clan since we got back from Fiji, and I guess this little whippersnapper wasn't taking that shit lying down. Word around town was that Alice Cullen was quite the handful.

"Well excuse my manners Pretty Girl," I apologized, laying the southern accent on very thick. "Jasper Whitlock, pleased to meet your acquaintance." Moving over to the fridge, I pulled out the O.J. and poured us both a glass.

Now I´d had many shocking moments in my lifetime, but none of them compared to what happened next. Picking up her glass, and daintily taking a sip, Alice regarded me with speculation. Her stare was so intense that I felt naked under its scrutiny.

Taking a long pull from my own glass, I waited patiently for the other shoe to drop.

Too bad it was a fucking boulder instead!

As if inquiring about something as simple as the weather, Alice Cullen stood flat-footed in our kitchen and asked, "So, Mr. Whitlock, let´s cut the bullshit, how long have you been fucking my brother and sister?"

What the fuck?

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