Greetings all! I'm not new to Fan Fiction (I actually normally write under another pen name, but I'm supposed to be on hiatus so I'm hiding out here), but I am new to RSO (my latest brand of heroin). Hopefully, it's going to be fairly accurate, but with just about any other show where you can get a detailed recap, you can't with RSO. Seriously – what's that about?

Sorry, I have a habit of harping on. Timeline wise, we're looking at this fitting in after episode 3x12: Break Out. (That's the one with the prison bus). Gonna be honest – I'm not going to pretend there won't be spoilers, because there will be. But if I use a specific episode, I will pre-warn you at the top of the chapter.

Language – it's in there, but no more than what you get in the show. Unless you're watching it in England and everything has been blanked out.

Which leaves me to say, if anything RSO related even remotely belonged to me, I would be driving a better car, and I certainly wouldn't be in the UK. The only thing that belongs to me are my OCs. (Oh yeah, it's an OC fic.) Pairing wise – well, let's see how the show goes, shall we

But Who's Going To Save You?

Chapter 1: The Boy in the Well (pt 1)

"You're not going out wearing that, are you?"

Felicity glanced back at her reflection, giving herself the once over. Shiny black shoes with a modest heel, dark jeans, and a cerise vest top. Her thick, black hair, was tied back in a low pony tail. Straightened, it hung just below her waist, thanks to the extensions her fiance, Cole, had paid for. Her makeup was suitable for a first day at work, and the only jewellery she was wearing was her engagement ring. Unsure, Felicity looked back at Cole who was watching her from the bed and cocked her head.

"You look nice," Cole told her. "But it's not like you're going to be sat in an office all day. You're going to be pulling idiots out from car wrecks and climbing mountains. Don't you want to wear something you won't mind getting ruined?"

Felicity gave Cole a small smile. "I don't think I'm going to be climbing mountains," she told him, amused. Most of the time he was telling her she should be safely behind a desk. "But I'm not going to be wearing this if a call comes in. I have a uniformed issued."

Cole emitted a sound much akin to a growl and sat upright, causing Felicity to wince and wish she'd never mentioned it. Cole Turner had moved to the United Kingdom on an eighteen month transfer to play for the Leeds Rhinos from the Roosters. They'd met in a garage, of all places, when both were waiting to get their cars serviced. The next thing Felicity knew, they were dating.

At first, he didn't mind that she was a full time firewoman and part time member of Mountain Rescue. But at some point, he did. It probably didn't help that she was the only female on each team – but despite the fact she kept trying to assure him that nothing had ever happened with any of the guys nor had she ever wished something would, he could get funny with the idea.

Then Cole discovered that his loan contract wasn't going to get renewed and he had to move back to Sydney. That night he proposed. Two months later, she was standing in the middle of her bedroom, trying to work out what to wear for the first day of her job.

Felicity grinned, kicking her shoes off. "So?" she asked, slowly peeling the top off to reveal her lacy bra. "Is it the top that's the problem?" She flung it to one side and inched her way over to the bed.

Cole's mouth twitched. "Not as much as that bra is," he told, lunching forward and flinging her on the bed. "I'm not sure I like the idea of you going to work wearing that."

"Really?" she asked, smirking. "You don't like the idea of knowing what underwear I'm wearing when no one else has a clue?"

Felicity was nervous. She had spent countless hours going into burning buildings, abseiling down cliff faces – she'd even told her dad she was getting married, and yet, standing outside of the Rescue station, her hands were trembling.

She took another look down. Eventually they had decided on a three-quarter length shirt with the jeans, but already Felicity was wishing she had stuck with her original choice. It may have been the winter months there, but at 22 degrees, it was still warmer than most summer days in Leeds.

"You alright?" a voice asked her, startling her from her day dreams. "Sorry," the owner of the voice apologised at her startled expression.

"Oh, I'm fine," Felicity quickly told him, flushing. He was definitely one from the 'pretty' variety - taller than her 5 foot 6 frame, built like cole, but with dark hair and dark eyes. "Just trying to pluck up the courage to go in. and now I've managed to embarrass myself further, at least I can be thankful you're not the person I have to see."

The man gave her an amused grin. "And what makes you think I'm not the one you need to see?"

Felicity pulled a crumpled letter from her back pocket and squinted at the name. "Well unless you're name is Michelle Le…" she trailed off.

"LeTourneau?" the man offered.

"LeTourneau," Felicity nodded. "And you're wearing a really good disguise, then yes, I'm fairly certain you're not the person I need to speak to."

"Mee-shell," the man told her. "It's French for Michael."

"Oh shit," Felicity muttered, the blood draining from her face.

"Jordan!" A female voice yelled behind them. "Seriously, do I have to keep you on a leash?"

Felicity turned to the red headed woman in confusion, before looking back at the man next to her. Unable to keep a straight face, he burst out laughing.

"Am I missing something?" the woman asked, just as confused as Felicity.

Felicity sighed as the penny dropped and she held her hand out. "Hi, I'm Felicity. That's English for gullible."

The red head took her hand, shaking it slowly, still looking puzzled. "Heidi. That's English for Hei…" she trailed off. "I don't get it."

Felicity gave her an embarrassed grin and pointed at the still laughing Jordan. "Oh, just being introduced to Michelle here."

"Michelle?" Heidi repeated slowly before suddenly understanding what had happened. She turned and smacked Jordan upside the head. "Real mature!" she exclaimed, ignoring his protests. "C'mon," she said, linking her arm though Felicity's. "Let me introduce you to the real Michelle."

Heidi let her inside and upstairs into an open plan office space where an older man was waiting for them, his arms folded and a frown on his face. "Heidi-ho, you'd better have that payment for me?"

"It pains me to part with this," Heidi informed him, pulling something out of her pocket and handing it over.

"We had a deal, Heidi," the man responded, his attention on the PSP disc in his hands. "You and Jordan both have a Saturday night off together, and you get me Lego Harry Potter." He looked up. "Didn't it come with a case?"

"Didn't last night come with a lie-in?" she retorted, earning a grin off him as he slipped the disc in his pocket. "Vince, this is Felicity."

Vince looked her up and down. "The fiery ex-pat. We've been expecting you."

"I wouldn't exactly call myself fiery," Felicity mumbled awkwardly.

Vince beamed, rubbing his hands together in glee. "Oh we are going to have some fun with you." He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and dragged her into the middle of the room. "Lara, Dean, Chase!" he called, three heads looking over at him. "Fresh meat!"

"Really, Vince? At least let me get her contract signed so she can't escape before you start teasing. I'm Michelle," a blonde woman in a suit announced as Vince released his hold.

Most of the morning had gone by before Felicity was released from Michelle's grasp – all paperwork signed, locker assigned, and uniform issued. She had been given the grand tour of the station before being left in the changing room to put her new uniform on. Felicity stared at her reflection, admiring the new clothes.

"Looking good," said Chase, watching her from the doorway.

Felicity gave him a smile. "I'm not completely vain," she told him. "It's just it's new. It'll probably stay like this for an hour and I wanted to take a moment to enjoy that."

"Were you really a fiery?" Chase asked, curiously.

Felicity sighed, turning. "I don't know where you guys got your information from, but I can assure you, I don't have a temper."

"Fiery... fireman... woman," Chase shrugged, leaning against the door frame.

"That depends," Felicity responded.

"On what?"

"On if they're the enemy or not?" she asked, warily.

"Are the fierys the enemy?" Vince asked, appearing behind Chase. "Later, I will fill you in on the footy match of '86. Now it can wait. We've got a kid in the well. Make tracks, Flickety-split."

Felicity smacked her locker shut and dashed after Chase. "You wanna ride with us?" Heidi asked her as they got to the trucks.

"Nah, we're with Dean," Chase answered for her, grabbing Felicity's elbow and leading her to the opposite vehicle. "Trust me," Chase muttered as they climbed in the back.

"Trust you?" Dean questioned from the driver's seat. He glanced back at Felicity. "Do so at your own risk."

Chase shot him a glare. "Trust me that she doesn't want to be in a car with Heidi and Jordan."

"Actually, he has a point, Dean," Lara agreed, turning in her seat. "They're at it like rabbits."

"You're not supposed to side with Chase," Dean informed her.

Felicity sat back, amused. "Are they not at it like rabbits, then?"

Dean looked at Lara. "Oh, they are," Dean told her, glancing at her in the rear view mirror. "In fact, as a free piece of advice, I would knock on every door before you enter. I walked in on them in the shower – now I have Jordan's arse engrained in my head." He shuddered. "The point is, Lara should be agreeing with me."

"Because older brother always has to be right," Chase muttered beside her.

Felicity's mouth fell open. "You're brothers?"

Lara snorted with laughter. "You really can't sense the brotherly love?"

"You got any brothers or sisters?" Dean asked Felicity, swiping at Lara.

"Older sister," Felicity replied. "She works in sales. Bane of my life growing up. She kept stealing my clothes," she explained. "And like all younger siblings, I had the better sense of style."

"Better style?" Dean cried. "I don't think so."

Chase turned to Felicity, beaming. "I like you already. And she has a point Dean. You still have your Metallica t-shirts."

"Collector's items, Chasey," Dean called back at him. "Which you would know if you hadn't just left nursery."

"Sorry, we can't all be as close to retirement age as you," Chase shot back.

Felicity's eyes met Lara's, certain they were wearing matching grins. "Only child," Lara mouthed at her.

For the first time all day, Felicity felt the nerves disappear and a sense of calm set in. She was going to like it here. "And who gets to play parent the most?"

Lara shrugged. "Most of the time, you just sit back and let them kill each other. They grow tired of it eventually."

"We are in the car, you know?" Chase pointed out.

"Not for much longer," Dean corrected him, as he pulled up behind Heidi and Jordan.

Felicity slid out of the car and glanced around, taking in her surroundings. Sure, she hadn't seen much of Sydney yet, much less the surrounding countryside, but as far as she was concerned, she was in the middle of nowhere. They had come to the stop at the base of a rather large cliff and there was no well in sight. "Um, I'm either going to ask an obvious question or a stupid one, but where the hell is the well?"

Dean handed her a bag and some rope and pointed up to the top of the cliff. "Quickest route is up there. It's a three hour drive to access that by car."

"I thought you Rescue had a helicopter at its disposal?" Felicity asked with a frown. "Not that I'm complaining about climbing," she added, hurrying after Dean and Lara. "But surely that's the quickest option?"

"Don't get me started on that policy," Heidi grunted, dropping some equipment off before marching back to the trucks.

Felicity let her backpack slide off her shoulders. "Did I say the wrong thing?"

"To cut a very long story short, a chopper crashed thanks to a bunch of idiots not doing the checks. All Rescue helicopters have been grounded until an investigation has been completed," Chase quickly explained.

Felicity nodded. "I saw that on the news the other week. I thought that was a Life Blood aircraft though?"

"It was," Chase muttered. "But it's a bit of a sore topic around here. I'll fill you in later. What's the plan, Dean?" he asked, changing the subject as Heidi and Jordan joined them with the last of the equipment.

"Lara and I will…" he trailed off, frowning. It was faint, but even Felicity could hear the cries for help. He took a deep breath. "Heidi, Jordan, Chase – go see what that is." As the three disappeared he turned to Felicity. "What are your rock climbing skills like?"

Felicity shrugged, already getting her harness on. "Good enough to get into Rescue. Confident enough to get myself to the top."

Dean considered her for a moment. "When we get back, I'll have you on the wall. Lara and I will go up first, secure an anchor and you can follow with the gear."

Felicity nodded. She was actually really good at climbing and mountaineering, preferring the Mountain Rescue volunteering to her paid job, but having been a team leader back home, she would have done exactly the same thing. It turned out that Dean and Lara were easily at the same level as her, and had nearly reached the top when their radio's burst into action.

"Rescue 3 to Rescue Team Leader"

"Go ahead," Dean responded.

"Yeah, Dean, we have a bit of a problem," Jordan told them. "We've got a teenager hanging off the cliff face about a click west of where you are. It's the kid's older brother."

"Jordan, can you handle it?" Dean asked.

"That's a negative," Jordan replied. "The cliff is very unstable here. We're going to have to back track to a safer area to climb up."

Still hanging off the side of the cliff, Dean sighed. "Rescue Team Leader to Rescue Base, Vince are you getting this?"

"Every word," Vince confirmed.

"I'll go," Lara told Dean as she pulled herself over the top. "It'll half the time. You and Flick can handle get started on the kid in the well and I'll send one of the others back to take my place."

While Lara was busy anchoring a rope, sending the end down to Felicity, Dean looked down at Felicity. "You think you can handle it?"

Felicity nodded, already swinging the backpack and extra rope onto her back.

"Rescue Team Leader to Rescue 3: I'm going to send Lara from the top. Send Chase back to us."

Felicity turned her attention to attaching herself to the rope and made her way to the top. The well was only a hundred yards from the cliff and Dean was already there, assessing the situation. "What are you thinking?" she asked, approaching him cautiously. It looked like the well had been covered by a wooden lid which had most likely rotted away and broken through when the child had run across it.

Dean shook his head. "Matty, I want you to keep holding onto that wood. We'll get you out soon, I promise," he called down the hole. He looked up at Felicity. "The sides are too unstable. We're going to have to go in without touching the sides or it's just going to come crumbling down on him. Water broke his fall, and he's clinging onto some wood – I assume from the covering, but he's cold, tired and scared." He reached for his radio. "Rescue Team Leader to Rescue 4: where are you?"

"Just getting back to the trucks," Chase replied.

"Hold up. We're going to need the rig sending up," Dean told him. "Flick, go give him a hand."

Flick? Felicity frowned, hurrying back to the cliff face, vaguely aware of Vince requesting a sit-rep. In twenty-seven years of life, she had never been called Flick. That wasn't to say she didn't have a nickname. Back in England, she had been 'Pops' – because all she drank on a night out were the girly alchopops. It wasn't a name she planned to share here, and she wasn't entirely sure how she felt about being called Flick.

"You ready to send that up," she yelled down to Chase, who was busy attaching the rig to the rope.

"Flick, you're going down. You alright with that?" Dean asked her, as the finished hooking the rope up.

Felicity nodded. "Makes more sense than trying to haul you and a wet kid out with skinny over here," she agreed, turning the torch on her helmet on.

"The sides are really unstable," Dean told her, rolling his eyes. "We'll lift you up, over and then lower you down. You get in any trouble, you let me know."

Felicity nodded again as the two guys took her weight. Slowly, she found herself over the hole and pointed the torch down, keeping her beam of light on the top of a kid's head as she was lowered into the narrow hole. "You alright there, Matty?" she called down to the kid. "Matty?" The kid suddenly disappeared under the water. "Guys, hurry it up!" she yelled back up.

So there we go: the first chapter. Let me know what you think?