Sookie's POV

I was working my usual afternoon shift at Merlotte's, with the usual customers and the usual thoughts. There was quite a variety going on, consisting from 'God, Damn! She is smoking hot' all the way to 'That Bitch is a bloody fangbanger, don't even look her in the eyes. The disgusting creature'. All this from my supposed friends and neighbours. Well, okay, maybe they're not technically 'neighbours' but they are people that live in my little town of Bon Temps. So I guess you could call them neighbours. Anyway, after working from 4:30pm up to about 7:45pm I only had about 15 minutes left of work. Little did I know that my life was about to change in those 15 minutes.

I had just placed Jason's and Hoyt's beer down when the door opens and a handsome man comes in and sits in my area. He has gorgeous blonde hair that was a similar shade to mine; he also has amazing blue eyes that caught mine. We lock gazes and neither one of us broke it as I made my way to his table. I try to read his mind but I just find a blank void there. Vampire. Should have guessed. But, if I was to be honest, I really didn't mind. Bill, my first love, was a vampire and I did love him. But he turned out to just be a lying, cheating bastard that I really wish I had never laid eyes on.

This vampire, however, gives me a different impression. He wasn't exactly smartly dressed, seeing as he was dressed in dark blue jeans, a black wife beater, leather jacket and black boots. He looks good and I really wish I wouldn't keep getting these mental images of him hovering over me, kissing me, as he mad love to me. Mentally, I shake my head as I approach the table of this beautiful man.

"Welcome to Merlotte's. How may I help you?" I ask with a bright smile. It wasn't a strained smile that I use when I'm nervous; it was a genuine smile that he returns. Much to my surprise. It was rare for a vampire to show any interest in a human.

"I would love to have you. But I have a feeling you're not on the menu?" he makes it more a question than a statement. Was he hitting on me? No, he was just eyeing me up as a possibility for one of his feeds. I sigh disappointedly as I answer.

"Sorry, I'm not on the menu. But we do have a selection of True Blood's" I inform him and he looks at me thoughtfully.

"Do you have any O negative?" he asks and I nod my head and walk off to pass the order to Sam. Who, incidentally, was working tonight. He has to fill in for our other bartender who for some reason hasn't turned up for work. Not that I'm too bothered, I never liked him anyway.

"O negative" I tell Sam and he nods as he pulls a bottle out and puts it in the microwave.

"You watch yourself near him, Sook. You know how crafty those vamps can be" Sam warns me. He didn't have to tell me twice. I took the bottle after Sam had shaken it, and I walk back over to the vampire's table. When I place it down he grabs my wrist. Not possessively, not even nastily. He did it gently, almost lovingly.

"What's your name?" he inquires as his thumb rubs soothing circles over the vein on my wrist. Whether he knew he was stroking there or not, I have no clue.

"Sookie" I inform him.

"Eric" he tells me before placing a soft kiss on the back of my hand. I offer him a quick smile before turning on my heels and tending to my other table. By the end of my shift there was only one customer left. And that was Eric. The very sexy, irresistible blonde. Sam scowls at him making me hit his arm. Gran always taught me manners and scowling was never part of those manners. If you don't like someone you should keep it to yourself.

He looks at me apologetically as he leaves to go to his office. Not before telling me goodbye of course. I quickly grab my handbag and make my way out the employee door. Just as I get to my car someone comes up behind me and wraps cool arms around me.

"You're beautiful" he whispers into my ear. I turn around in his arms just to come face to face with the man of my dreams. Yes, it was Eric but he was gorgeous.

"Thanks, you're not so bad yourself" I tell him and suddenly his lips attack mine.

It was so unexpected that I was frozen for a second before relaxing and to my surprise I kiss him back. Since when did I go around kissing people when I don't even know them? But there was something about this man that I just couldn't resist. Especially when his hands were roaming my body.

"I don't think public affection is legal. At least, not the type that you want" I tell him and he grins at me. Obviously not too bothered by it.

"Then let me go back to yours" he whispers. I could feel that he was trying to glamour me and I couldn't help but frown.

"Don't try glamour me. If I want you back at mine then I'll ask you. There is no need to glamour me" I tell him and he looks shocked at first before quickly moving back to his seductive expression.

"What are you?" he asks and I couldn't help but smile.

"I'm a telepath" I inform him; I was quite surprised he didn't already know. Seeing, as Bill practically told every vampire what I was. He again gets a quick expression of shock but it then turns to a devious smile. He had something up his sleeve. That much was obvious.

"So, what do you say then?" he asks as he kisses me tenderly on my neck.

I guess after everything I really could do with a bit of fun. But I can only imagine how my gran would react to this if she were still alive. But, then again, maybe she would be fine with it. Especially after what Bill put me through.

"Okay then. You're on" I challenge him as I climb into my car. He smiles as he walks over to a red corvette that was sat happily under the moons gaze. It was a beautiful car; it made mine look like trash in comparison. I took off and he follows me all the way back home. He was really up for this. But then again he is vampire, they happen to be very sexual creatures. Especially when they mix dinner in with it.

The minute I got out of my car, he was in front of me kissing me for dear life. He lifts me up so my legs wrap around his muscly body. I run my hand up his shirt and over his abs before moving my touch to his back. He groans as I move my hips against his, making his bulge increase. He walks me over to the door, never letting me out of his arms and my legs never unwrapping from their position. After an awkward fumble with the door key, I finally manage to open it, and in seconds, quite literally, we were in my bedroom, after I had invited him inside obviously.

He lays me down on the bed as he kisses off my lips and down my jaw and neck. He pulls my shirt off along with my shorts and pants. All I had left was my bra which he manages to get off with a quick flick of his wrist. I look at my naked form then at his fully clothed one. With a quick raise of my eyebrow he undresses himself so he was completely nude in front of me. And WOW, he was definitely a sight to behold. My eyes scrape across every inch of exposed skin all the way to his manhood. Which was larger than I expected. I hope he fits okay; Bill was nowhere near as big as him. So it might hurt a little bit when he enters me.

I shove that thought aside when I decide that it will probably be worth it, just as he kisses down my body, taking each nipple in his mouth so that by the time he leaves them they are erect. His mouth continues its journey until he comes to my dripping centre.

"Perfect" he mumbles as his hot mouth attaches to my clit as he sucks. I moan and I hear him chuckle, the vibrations going straight through me. Creating a new wave of moisture. His skilled tongue works my hot centre as my hands not in his hair.

"You've done this before" I note. Well, obviously he's done this before. Especially seeing as he is probably a good few hundred years old.

"Yes, I have had much experience in my 1000 years. I only hope that you enjoy every second of it" he tells me before attacking my wet folds again. Oh, my. I could feel that I was close to my release and it was obvious that he could tell too, seeing as he plunges his fingers into me making me scream out his name.

"Look at me, lover" he demands and I snap my gaze to him. Once again our eyes lock and our stares never break as I watch him lick at me, as well as watching his fingers as they thrust in and out of me. He is going to be the death of me. Suddenly, out of nowhere, my orgasm strikes and takes me for everything I have. As I scream out in pleasure. I didn't get much time to come down from my high before his fingers was replaced with his exceptionally large penis. He grins down at me before kissing me. I could taste myself on him, but it only turned me on more. God, this vampire has the worst effects on me. But, for some reason, I love it.

He plunges into me, pounding into me at inhuman speed. I made sure to meet him thrust for thrust as he went deeper and deeper into me. I could feel the beads of sweat that was forming on my forehead, but I just ignore it as I concentrated on his moans and groans. As well as my own, as he carries on making love to me. But could you call it making love? We weren't in love, but it felt wrong calling something like this, sex. So I guess making love fits the bill more. I shake such useless thoughts out of my head as I feel him swell inside me.

He was only a few thrusts away from exploding in me, but it was obvious that he wants me to finish first. So he slides his hands down my body so he can rub my clit. Making my moans enhance seconds before yet another orgasm hits me. He, too, gets his orgasm and together we shout out as the pleasure fills us. After we have both come down from our highs he gives me another kiss before lying down next to me. Drawing gentle patterns along my stomach.

"That was…" I was struggling to find words as my head tries to re-organise itself into a more orderly manner.

"Amazing, fantastic, best experience of your life?" he inquires and I nod with a little giggle. I look him in his gorgeous blue eyes and I see that he looks a little thirsty. I didn't even have to think about it when I ask him to bite me. He looks startled at the request but wastes no time in kissing me on my jugular before biting down. He takes a few greedy pulls before pulling back and re-kissing the spot. He licks up the last few drops of my blood before pricking his finger on his fangs and rubbing it on the wounds. I could feel as my skin knitted itself back together again.

"You are divine, my lover. I am glad I met you" he whispers to me as I fall asleep in his arms.

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