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Logan had a dream, a dream in which an eight year old Robert was having trouble with his homework and needed his help. The two were sitting together in the small bedroom shared with James in the flat where the two men lived, and after the child was able to complete the math problems, he gave Logan a kiss on the cheek and to tell Daddy he loved him when he came back from work. Only thing was, it wasn't a dream, it was something that Logan did every day and he could say he wouldn't dream of doing anything else.

Things have changed.

The year was 1963, the scent of incense burning and he could hear the sounds of music from outside his window as his eyes fluttered from the sun shining through the glass to tell him to wake up and enjoy the day. He yawned, stretching his arms and some of the hands brushing across his medical books and pushing various papers off of their perch and hummed. He swung his feet out of his and James' shared bed and shuffled into the kitchen that was over run with finger paint pictures and different scripts scattered all over the table. That was where James was, seeing if he got the part for some role. But Robert was probably going to be over here as soon as he came home from school with Jo.

Ugh, Jo.

Logan tried his best not to frown at the woman, she was Robert's mother, the mother of James' son and that was all that she was to him. He couldn't help but feel the woman had some sort of disdain for him, for him and his relationship with James. Sure, James believed when they all came to California seven years ago, the month now in the coolness of March and Logan vaguely remembered it being either the 21st or the 22nd. But he could see how her eyes would twinkle with slight annoyance at how Robert would rather curl up with him on the sofa instead of with his mother, how Robert would go to Logan to ask for help than her, how Robert would kiss his cheek and whisper a 'Love you' before he went with his mother back to their own residence in the Haight-Ashbury.

He just sighed, falling on the couch to think about the homework and studying that needed to be done and also what him, James and Kendall were going to have for dinner tonight. He smiled when he thought about the blond, Kendall was probably outside now along with the other college students and engaging in the music and psychedelic drugs. Logan heard a door open, though his eyes remained closed and a smile played over his lips as two soft and small hands went over to cover his eyes.

"Hmm, who's this?" he asked in a light voice and heard a soft giggle. ". . .Kendall?"

"No," he heard Robert's voice say and he smiled a bit.



". . .The girl next door?"

"No, Logan! It's me!" Robert shouted loudly with a laugh, removing his hands and gave his usual greeting kiss that Logan smiled at. Robert looked so much like James, Logan believing that was what James looked like when he was a kid. The son was quiet and shy around others, but loud and excitable in the comfort of James and Logan. And he just had that aura of sweetness around him, like anything the boy did could bring a smile to Logan's face and would always bring one to James'. The child walked around the couch, plopping down beside the man with book bag in his arms and Logan glanced around at the apartment.

"Where's your mother?"

"Mr. Scott took me here, Mommy's going to pick me up," Robert explained and Logan gave a small 'ah'. He took the bookbag out of the child's hands and examined the papers inside.

"Got Math?"

"Uh-huh. And English too, but Mr. Scott helped me with my reading assignments," Robert said with an accomplished grin and Logan gave a halfhearted nod. He did kind of like Scott, but he knew James despised the man, particularly because it always seemed Jo's new boyfriend was trying to take Robert away from him and try to be his new father. He knew James was with Logan, and unfortunately, he was just one of those people that he found in California that were the same like in Minnesota. He figured he wouldn't be able to always escape from the disgust of people like him, but he was hoping that he wouldn't be able to feel it every time he had to say goodbye to Robert and saw the looks on Scott or Jo's faces.

The door opened again this time, Logan seeing James trying to be sly and quietly creep up to the two of them but Robert already was turned around to see his father trying to surprise them. James pouted as his son laughed, poking the elder brunette in the stomach and grinning big.

"What'cha doing Daddy?" Robert asked and James shrugged, kissing the top of brown curls before giving a soft kiss to Logan's awaiting lips. Robert watched his father as James pulled away and sighed.

"Just working like always. Guess what? Daddy's going to be in a show."

"You mean you got the part?" Logan asked and James smiled even bigger.

"Looking at 'Martin Senescu' himself," James replied and then grinned, leaning forward and wiggling his fingers in front of Robert's face. "Imagine it, me up on stage and wooing the crowds for four nights straight," James said with a smile and then glanced over at his son, "Robbie, why don't you get a snack first before you start your homework?"

"Okay, Daddy," Robert replied, hopping off the couch and running into the kitchen to begin rummaging for ingredients to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. James leaned forward a bit and looked at Logan with a serious expression, "A casting director was there too, he offered me a role on a new show."

Logan's eyes widened, "That's amazing."

"But it requires that we move to Hollywood."

"So?" Logan asked and then James' eyes flickered over to Robert and back, Logan starting to place the pieces together. Then that means that it will be just the two of them, with Jo deciding whether or not to let Robert tag along. He figured it would come down to this, knowing that they would eventually break away from the group to go on with their lives. They were all living off of each other, James and Kendall brought the money with James loaning some to Jo to afford her small apartment. Logan was almost done with college and then he'll transfer to medical school and for sure he'll be helping out with bringing in the income. But now. . .now they were spreading apart. And now, Jo wouldn't have to be forced to choose between coming with James and still seeing Robert or James taking Robert. Hmph, the only reason Logan would say for the blond woman to come would only be for the boy in the kitchen. He sighed, resting a chin on his hand.

"So, what are you going to do?"

"Don't really know yet, but maybe I can talk her into him staying with us every summer and winter break. . .I know she's not going to leave this place."

Of course she wouldn't. She had Scott here. Plus, Kendall wasn't the only one that was soaking up the counterculture.

"Ta-dah!" Robert shouted, walking back in with three PB&J sandwiches and James smiled. He took one, had a large bite and grinned.

"Yum!" James exclaimed more than necessary and Robert beamed. Logan took a sandwich too, nibbling on it and giving Robert a weak smile. He wasn't a big fan of the sandwich, but he'd shoot his own foot than to hurt the boy's feelings.

"Really good," Logan said and the boy grinned even harder. He set the plate down on the cluttered coffee table and grabbed his pencil. He began to write on the worksheet, little tongue poked out and staring hard at the problems with deep concentration as Logan continued to nibble on the sandwich and James already finished his. He left to take a shower and change, Logan beginning to sift through Robert's other things until pulling out a paper that caught his interest.

It was a family tree worksheet, little squares where you were to put the names of uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters. Only Robert's family tree looked different from the normal one. Instead of James' brother's names where it would say 'Uncles', it was Kendall's name and surprisingly Carlos'. Carlos never met Robert, he wasn't even sure how the boy knew about the Latino they left behind back home. Probably heard it from Kendall whenever the blond watched Robert while Logan and James needed to do something. And squeezed right in between James and Jo's names was Logan's own name, aptly labeled 'Daddy's Wife' and Logan blushed. Of course, Robert was taught about a household consisting of husband and wife. There was no such thing as husband and husband. He saw how the teacher wrote his name down as a brother, maybe believing (or better yet hoping) that was what Robert meant, but there was no way mistaking it.

Then he looked at the grandparents, James' parents in one of the boxes and Logan's parents in the other box instead of Jo's. And that was when his heart fell. He hadn't talked to his parents in years since he ran away. He tried to send a letter out to them when they entered the new decade, to wish them a Happy New Year and to try and explain his reasons for leaving them. For deserting them and beg that they love him because he still loved them. Instead, he just got the letter mailed back to him, a stamp saying that there's no such person. His parents been living in that house for 26 years, they wouldn't just leave. Logan spent a good deal staring at that stamp, before ripping the letter up and James holding him tight as he screamed into his chest in pain and frustration. They didn't want him, the damage was too severe and there wasn't anything he could do.

James only told him that he'll love Logan when they won't. He'll always love him.

As for the Diamond family, they were heading the same route, though they never returned James' letters nor replied back. It was only until a younger Robert, aged six, sent a letter crudely written in crayon with a photo of him and a homemade drawing of his grandparents in a giant heart that a reply was sent back. Along with a big package that contained sports gear and knitted sweaters for the boy when it was still as hot as can be in San Francisco. They never came out to visit them, though always exchanging letters with Robert at Christmas time and sending the boy his presents through the mail when his birthday came. James just believed that they were being deluded, that they were hoping Robert had a mother that James loved and was with instead of Logan, and they weren't going to fly out all the way to just see their illusion smashed. Let them live in a fantasy world, as long as they weren't trying to ignore or influence Robert, he was fine with how everything was.

"Did I get it right?" Robert asked, snapping Logan out of his thoughts and the man glanced over at the boy who was holding out his worksheet to him. Logan took the piece of paper, eyes scanning through the answers while the problems were being worked out in his head. He looked over at Robert, smile coming to his lips.

"All of them are right," Logan replied and Robert grinned, "You're getting better at this."

"Cause you helped me last time," the boy explained and Logan nodded, flipping over the sheet to the new material and pointed at the number. And as he explained how to round and add the two numbers to get the final number, he could hear James reciting lines in the bedroom and he smiled a bit. Robert wrote down a number and showed it, "Like that?"

"Yep, you got this down."

"Uh-huh!. . .Thank you, Logan," the boy said, arms wrapping around Logan's neck and hugging him tight. Logan let out a soft sigh, arms wrapping around and snuggling a bit into the soft brown curls as he hugged the boy tight. He heard a soft 'I love you' from Robert and Logan smiled, whispering back 'I love you more'.

"Aw, a family hug and I wasn't invited?" Logan heard James' voice exclaim and Robert let go of him to run over to his father.

"I'm sorry, Daddy!" the boy said, hugging James' waist and James smiled. He glanced at Logan and tilted his head, "Well come over here, you're part of this family too."

Logan grinned, getting up and walking over to the two and letting himself be pulled into James' strong arms and feel Robert wrapping arms around him as well. Logan felt James kiss him on the cheek, hearing a whispered 'I love you' in his ear and Logan sighed. Yep, all the love he'll ever need was right here.

"Excuse me, do you know where Haight-Ashbury is?"

"Nah, sorry dude. You should go ask 'Eyebrows', think he knows someone that lives there."

". . .'Eyebrows'?"

"Yeah, he's over there in the coffee shop," the guitarist pointed off and the young man just gave a slow nod of slight understanding before heading away from the large crowd of hippies singing and chanting and the cannabis smoke surrounding them all. He strained his eyes, not really sure who he was looking for that was down the street. It was empty, people were lined against the wall just calmly hanging out and talking like there wasn't a care in the world, but he didn't know who he was looking for. All he knew was that he had to get to Haight-Ashbury soon, otherwise he might miss him.

And he already missed the man too many times to do it again.

He scanned the people on the sidewalk and against the colorful walls that had murals of women and colors so vibrant that it looked like they came from a child's imagination, hand gripping tightly on his suitcase bag as he carried it. All he brought with him to California, not really expecting he needed much. He saw how a man exited a shop, waving goodbye to whoever was inside before turning and beginning to walk down the street facing his direction. And that was when the two stopped simultaneously, both of their eyes widening when they saw each other.

". . .Kendall?" the voice came out frailer than he was expecting and he saw how the blond shook slightly when he heard his name.

"Carlos," Kendall choked out and that was when Carlos felt tears slipping from his eyes with a smile on his face. He dropped his suitcase, the bag snapping open and some clothes falling out, and began to run straight at Kendall, the blond's arms held out wide for Carlos to jump into his grasp. His legs swung and hooked around Kendall's body, his arms around his shoulders and clinging to the blond like a baby koala clung to its mother and felt Kendall kissing his hair and holding him tight.

"I missed you, I missed you so much," Carlos breathed out, nose on Kendall's skin and smelling that familiar scent of the blond that he missed for seven years. He wanted to come to California so bad, he wanted to be able to see Kendall again. But his parents just couldn't afford tickets to and from the golden state, Carlos was only lucky some students from his college were traveling here in a caravan and he was able to tag along. He eased up a bit, sliding down until both of his feet were back on the cement. And once he was on the ground, Kendall began to kiss him.

The lips were eager, soft and loving, Kendall's tongue prodding into Carlos' mouth to twirl around the Latino's tongue and savor in the taste of his mouth. Carlos was blushing, not expecting a welcome like this and he gently pulled away to look at the blond with a confused expression.

"I'm so sorry I couldn't come to see you graduate, none of us had enough money to drive back out there or fly. But now, I have enough money for us to fly out to New York at the end of the year to see the ball drop. That sounds like fun, right? And I already have enough money for my own place and you're more than welcome to stay with me," Kendall breathed and Carlos blinked.

". . .You kissed me in public," Carlos whispered and Kendall began to look around too, now noticing that the crowd of people that were lined along the walls were looking at them and Kendall scoffed.

"Fuck the public," Kendall whispered, pulling the younger man and dipping him low for another kiss. Carlos found his fingers beginning to go up into the dirty blond strands and grip tightly, gasping and moaning into the kiss that was driving his senses wild and making his heart go wild. He felt Kendall mumble an 'I love you' against his lips before kissing him once more and Carlos just hummed in response. Didn't matter if they were in the cold of their hometown or the warmth in San Francisco, Carlos' heart always fluttered when he heard Kendall say those three little words.

And he couldn't wait to kiss the blond amongst the crowd of celebrating and shouting people when the ball drops in New York.

The End

Well, that's the end of the story, a story that actually I was surprised at writing. I'm going to group "The Nicest Guy You Know" and "The Nicest Kids in Town" as my first ever attempt at a pairing other than Kames and Cargan, and I was surprised at the response for both of the stories for something that was my first try at Jagan and Kenlos. I don't know what my future is with these two pairings, it actually is very hard to think of a good plot with pairings that I have never written about but there might be another story from me with Jagan. I just don't know, would be very hard to top this.

I know some of you have been wondering about the fate of Andrew and here's the thing: I know what happened to him, it's up to you to decide what happened to him for yourself. Maybe Andrew really did move away and just wasn't able to stay in contact, maybe he ran away, maybe he was sent to a mental institution, maybe he was beaten to death, whatever. I didn't expect so many people to actually like him, so I do feel kind of bad for doing whatever you believe I did to him. But hey, as a writer, you got to do what you got to do to keep the plot moving along. . .even though to me this story didn't really have much of a plot. Or at least, an elaborate one like my usual stories :P

The ending was different as well, originally I was going to be the cruel writer and make James die as a result from the knife wound and once Logan found out about it, hang himself in distraught and be discovered like John the Savage in Brave New World. But my confidant told me that I didn't have the gall to do it and he was right :P So you guys get the happy ending and frankly, I love this ending. Wish I could have moved it to 1967 when the Summer of Love was happening in Haight-Ashbury but then Logan, Kendall and James would have been in their thirties and here they're like 24, 25. So no.

All in all, this has been a great story (and a very unexpected story seeing as though all I was doing was just testing to see if I could write a Jagan) and I have seen that this story inspired some other stories in FF, so yeah, feeling pretty good. What's next for me now. . .probably to see if I could another Jagan again, though it would be very, very, very, difficult to come up with a good plot line. Kenlos is currently being written as a one-shot, though I'm refining it. Plus, with the success of a pairing that I wrote other than Kames and Cargan, I'm also going to branch into the final two main slash pairings: Jarlos and Kogan. And I already have a first chapter typed up of a story which will replace 'Nicest Kids' in the updating line up soon. Possibly tomorrow. If I decide I don't want to put up one-shots just to test the audience of those pairings. Well, I'll try to see if I can make another Jagan, because Jagan fans are a refreshing audience (not hating the Kames/Cargan lovers) to talk to :) Thank you all for reading both the prequel and this story, until next time!

P.S. If you really want to read a good Jagan story that's just starting, Bowman0306's Just My Imagination is quite brilliant. When one door closes, another one opens ;)