Yohohoho I've decided to try something new. This my first chaptered one piece fic and it genderbending which is surprisingly addictive. Not really romance ( unless you guys want it) more on the side of comedy exploring Luffy being Luffy but as a girl with two very over protective brother and men being men.

This fic is dedicated to my friend whofell in love with Luffyko after seeing the luffyko Namizo picture on deviant art the one where 'she's asking him to join her crew. It's an awesome piece.

Also dedicated to Makin-a-Storm whose amazing story Himtsu got me hooked on genderbent Luffy.

Also Alive!Sabo because I'm sick of Oda playing with my emotions. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who knew Sabo would die the moment he was introduce ,but still that just wasn't cool!-sniffs-

Please forgive the grammer and will be fixed when the next chapter is put up.

Prologue The bond of siblings: Chronicles of life growing up on Dawn Island

-The Bond-

Sabo and Luffy watch curiously as Ace laid out three dishes and placed a sake bottle beside them.

"What's that for Ace?" Luffy asked as she tilted her head in confusion. Sabo too looked cuirous.

Ace glanced at his two best friend a grin lighting up his boyish features.

"I heard if we share a drink we'll become brothers!"

"Just brothers?"

Ace laughed and threw his arm around a now pouting Luffy.

"And sisters Luf!"

"Shishishishi okay that's better!"

Sabo smiled as Ace poured sake into the three dishes "We may not be on the same ship when we become pirates, " he said as passing the cups to his soon to be siblings "but this will bind us together as siblings!"

"Cool!" Luffy hollered practically bouncing with excitement.

"No matter where we are or what we do, nothing can break this bond!"

The three friends exchanged warm smiles as each lifted their dishes into the air.


And just like that the three pirate's in-training became siblings. Across thousand of miles of oceans and many years this bond was always hold strong.

-Luffy Age:11-

Two week's after Luffy's eleven birthday saw Ace and Sabo huddled together in a tree , sweating , panting and utterly terrified.

A furious scream followed by the distinct sound of a tree falling echoed in the distant.

The two boys winced.

"How much longer!"Ace whined pitifully.

Another scream, this time followed by the painful howl of an animal in its death throes.

Sabo shuddered.

"Three days." he moaned miserably.

Yet another scream, accompanied by what sounded like a fist cracking a large rock. Or a mountain.

The two boys shared a glance before letting their heads fall in despair.

In the years that followed the two bothers would witness many horrific and terrifying things, but nothing would ever hold a candle to a PMSing Luffy

-Luffy Age 13-

" Luffy please."




"Just for one day."


"An hour."


"Come on Luffy you have to wear it!'


Sabo sighed After a certain incident involving slippery rocks , a white t-shirt and a very wet Luffy, both Ace and Sabo decided that for the sake of their sanity their sister could not continue to run around without a bra. And so after a rather embarrassing talk with Makino the two had managed to acquire a few of the frilly things. Now all they needed to do was get Luffy to wear it. Currently Ace was trying, to absolutely no avail.

"I'll give you the biggest of meat for a month." Ace begged, clearly at the need of his rope.

*beat* "No."


Sabo , the ever patient one, decide that it was time for him to step in. Stepping forward he placed a calming hand on Ace shoulder with a look that said 'let me handle this'. Ace let out a relived sigh and graciously stepped down. If anyone could convince Luffy to do anything it was Sabo.

"Luffy." Said girl turned sparkling eyes on the blond haired boy.

"Saboooooooo." she whined in the cute voice she used whenever she wanted something. Or wanted to get out of something.

Sabo felt his eye twitch. He would not succumb.

"Luffy you need to wear the bra."

Luffy frowned

"But I hate them! They're uncomfortable, and restraining and itchy. And they get in the way of my stretching!" she pouted crossing her arms with a huff. Sabo resisted the urge to huge her. She was just so cute! No. No! He had to be strong.

"Luffy , it's not proper for girls to go around without wearing bras".

"Yeah Luffy all girls wear bras." Ace piped in. Luffy was not swayed.

"Dadan doesn't."

Both Sabo and Ace turned green.

"Too much information Luf. " Ace groaned clasping a hand to his mouth at the mere mental image.

"Frankly I wouldn't classify Dadan as a human let alone a girl." said Sabo sickly his own stomach turning at the thought.

"Besides it's not like I need it or anything." she said dismissively giving a little bounce to farther emphasize her point. "I'm a rubber girl remember."

Sabo and Ace both now very red shared a disgruntled glance. How could they forget?

With a sigh the two boys hung their head in defeat , utterly messing the surprising smug smile on Luffy's face.

And so it came to pas that Luffy was not required to wear bras. Such a rash decision would result in many a awkward situations in the future.

-Luffy Age:14-

Ace sighed as he packed the last of his belongings.

One more day.

He was excited to be leaving but at the same time sad .This Island held so many memories.

Him , Luffy and Sabo camping out under the stars, ducking the guards, eating and running, him and Sabo saving Luffy from falling through a bridge, him and Sabo saving Luffy from being eaten by snakes, him and Sabo Saving Luffy from being eaten by crocodiles, him and Sabo nearly killing a guy who hit Luffy in the face.

Good times.

With a coarse laugh he drained the last of his sake , and plopped back against his makeshift bed. Dadan had held a huge party in their honor and his two younger siblings had gotten utterly smashed. As expected Luffy had been a happy drunk, while Sabo was , unsurprisingly, a huge lightweight.

Ace held back a amused chuckle as he throw and amused glance at his plastered siblings-

Only to jerk his head back a nanosecond later, his face now a very festive shade of red.

Hastily he grabbed a blanket and draped it over Luffy's lax form.

With a deliberate calmness he reached for the list that he and Sabo had made for such an occasion and jotted down-

Rule 152: "Luffy is not to drink. Ever."

Luffy yawned and Ace tensed as she rolled over in her sleep causing the blanket to slid off her shoulders.

Ace buried his face in his hands with a frustrated whine.

Even though he loved Luffy like the sister he'd never had, he was glad to be leaving. The things that were going on with her chest were really starting to mess with his head.

-The departure-


Ace adjusted his cowboy with an angry sigh, as he glared at his siblings currently kneeling on the floor their arms warped around each other as they cried.

They just had to make this difficult!

"Come guys we knew this day was coming."

He feels his heart lurch as the two turned teary eyes on him.

"Err it's not like we'll never see each other again" he said with gentle smile.

They were still staring at him. He began to blink furiously as his eye started to burn.

"I-I-In three years Luf will be setting out.W-w-who knows , we could very well run into each other on the open seas."

Luffy let out a pitiful whine.

Ace couldn't take it anymore.

"Oh who am I kidding!" and with a sob he threw himself at his kneeling siblings and the three proceeded to bawl their eyes out for a good half-hour.


The waterworks continued as the two departing boys said farewell to Dadan ,who in a rare show of maternal love, hugged the two boys tightly before shoving them roughly away and proceeding to burst into tears.

Makino had gathered some of the villagers to see them off and they along with Luffy followed them to the docks were their two boats rested.

Sabo gave Luffy a warm hug."By Luf. " He whispered before pulling away and giving her hair a found ruffle.

"Bye Sabo."

"Try not to fall in any water k." Ace teased playfully as he lifted her of the ground in a bear-hug.

"Only if you try not to fall asleep during a fight." she replied with a cheeky grin.


Sabo could only laugh. He would miss this.

And then they were off. Both waving at those who came to see them off. Sabo smiled as the villager began to leave until only Luffy was left.

She would stay there until she couldn't see them anymore, he was sure.

With as small sigh he leaned against his mast and let his thoughts drift to when Luffy would set out on her own.

She was only 14 but when she finally set out she would be 17 and on the midst of womanhood. She would be quite the girl, strong, powerful, not too smart but hey that was part of her charm. No doubt she would be quite the looker. She would grow just a bit taller and despite the unholy amount of food she consumed her body would remain slender. Even though she trained just as harsh as them her skin had remained soft and supple and would probably stay that way. Her chest already big for one her age would grow and, her hips would widen .She was already a cute girl but in three years time she would grow into a pretty young lady. Sabo felt his eye twitch. .If he, her loving older brother had noticed, than surely men with less pure intentions would notice as well and then...

Sabo would have continued thinking these disturbing thoughts if not for the loud shout of-


Apparently his brother had been thinking along the same lines as him.

"Ace calm down!"

Back on Dawn Island Luffy tilted her head in confusion, her eyes barely making out the sight of Sabo restraining a wildly failing Ace.

Huh wonder what that's about. She thought as Sabo tried valiantly to keep his own boat steady as Ace made wild grabs for the sail. Oh well.

She sent her struggling brothers a cheery wave before venturing back to the forest for some midday training. Her brothers had set off to prove themselves and in three years time it would be her turn.

There was no time to waste.

She had to be strong if she was ever gonna be king of the pirates!


So how was it? I thought I give a new spin to the Luffyko story. I won't be writing any fight scene cause that would just be a rewrite. Instead I'm focusing on all the crazy things that would happen with Luffy as a make no mistake I love Luffy as a guy, but writing this is to much fun!And what the point of writing if you're not having fun? I hope I didn't make Ace to spazzy trust me he's only that with Luffy. And did you like my Sabo? Next chap introduces Cody and Zoro!

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