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The Village and Naruto

The sun seeping in through Naruto's blinds is what woke me up the next morning. Wanting nothing more than to keep holding Naruto as we laid together, I got up and crawled over him, then used my body as a shield for him so he wouldn't be forcibly awakened like I was. With the sun out of my eyes, I yawned and tried falling asleep again… to no avail. Being here with Naruto and having him hugged up against me had me feeling like exploding from the incredible amount of happiness it brought me.

For a second he struggles to wake up as well, making me feel like I failed in keeping him asleep, then I see those blue eyes through heavy eyelids. Naruto lifts his hand and places it on my side, then rubs his thumb along my skin slowly.

"Morning sleepy head."

"G'morning Shikamaru."

I don't say anything after that, because I want to see how Naruto feels about last night. I want to see what his facial expressions and sincerest words are without me guiding him by asking. If he brings it up at all on his own then I'll know it meant something.

When he snuggles closer to me, I grin. If I hadn't taken the chance I did back on our mission together, I never would've known this side of Naruto existed. He comes off as an all powerful prankster to most, and he'd been that way to me for a long time. But now seeing him nearly begging me for closeness and warmth, I can't help but relish in our relationship.



"My ass hurts…"

"I'm sorry."

"No… last night was amazing!" He said, looking up at me with a childish smile, "It's just that I'll have to get used to the feeling of pain after pleasure, which sucks."

"Naruto, it won't be like that forever. After we do it more, your body will just get accustomed to it and it won't hurt afterwards."

"I'm looking forward to that, then."

I lean up and then rest my cheek on my hand and look down at Naruto, "Do you wanna just stay in bed all day, or do you want to go out?"

"Don't be lazy. We can go out. I have something to drop off to Sai, and I'm always up for seeing Sakura-chan."

"Alright. But isn't Sakura working today? Should you disturb her?"

"…Maybe I shouldn't then…"

"C'mon. Let's not waste the morning away talking about doing things when we could actually be doing things."

"I'm showering first."

"No don't."

"Why not?" Naruto asked, confusion apparent on his whiskered face.

"You'll see." I say, and then sit up fully.

Today is surprisingly a very nice day to go out. The sky is a lively shade of blue, and it is decorated by the white clouds and bright sun. Even the people seem pretty happy to be going about their day to day activities. Naruto, however, wears that look where his eyes are closed and his lips poke out a bit as he and I walk down the streets of Konoha. It's a look of slight confusion that I've seen on his face many times before.

Regardless, I lead him to where the first stop on our outing.

The moment we come up to Ichiraku's, his eyes open and he turns to me with a gleam that only ramen could give him.

"Shikamaru, we're-"

"Yeah. I'll pay for anything you want."

After smiling at me eagerly with starry eyes, Naruto hurries over to the shop and brushes into it under the white flaps. "Morning old man!" I hear him say as I enter.

"Good afternoon, Naruto." Teuchi says.

"Naruto, it's strange to see you here without your team. Especially without Sakura." Ayame commented, obviously teasing him. Naruto doesn't catch on to her catching on to what's going on between him and me, but I guess that's for the best. These two don't seem to harbor any resentment about me and Naruto, and they do always treat him like they're extended family of his, so I don't mind them figuring things out.

"I still hang out with my team and that includes Sakura-chan." Naruto says, and then sits at the bar.

I sit down beside him and pick up a menu. Everything here is fairly priced, but since I know Naruto, I know that my wallet is about to suffer a devastating blow. When I turn to look at him, I can see the incurable desire for ramen in his blue eyes. He starts ordering, making sure to order some ramen in advance, and I cringe at just how much he intends to bleed me dry.

"What will you have, sir?" Ayame kindly asks me once she's taken down Naruto's order.

"I'll take a bowl of the miso ramen." I reply, hoping that through my example maybe one day I'll inspire Naruto to take it easy on his servers… and other people's wallets.

"Itadakimasu!" we both say once we've been brought our food.

While I eat calmly and collectedly, Naruto almost attacks his ramen. I suppose he intends to inhale it instead of enjoying it. Even though his appetite can have him doing very cute things from time to time, we're out in public. So under the countertop, I nudge his leg with mine. He looks at me confusedly, then I show him that he should eat more properly. Thankfully, he gets the message and slows down a bit.

"You'll enjoy it longer if you don't just guzzle it down in two seconds." I say quietly.

"I know that… That's what the later bowls are for."


The first part of our day I spent in awe at just how much food Naruto could put away. Anyone who falls for him should be ready to feed him as well.

"So where we headed now?" Naruto asks after we head out from Ichiraku's.

"Well, you almost wiped out all the money I had on me, but I have somewhere else I wanna take you." I reply.

After that, Naruto remains silent as we continue on our way through Konoha. He stops and stares at me like I'm a weirdo when he realizes that I'm taking him to the bathhouse. "This is where you wanted to go?" he asked.

"Yeah. Why? Do you not want to go here?"

"…Why the bathhouse?"


"Not really…"

"We've seen each other naked since we were kids. And even last night." I say with a grin. "Come on, it'll be fun."

We both enter the changing room and get out of our clothes, then we put them into one basket. Naruto heads right towards the open bath, but that's not what I paid for.

"Naruto, not that one. I rented a private room for us."


"Yeah. I've been saving a bit of money lately, and the S-Rank missions I've been going on have been a great help with that."

Naruto smiles, "Lead the way then!"



Looking around the room I rented for a second, Naruto takes a minute before he replies, "It's so small…"

"Do you want a bigger one?"

"Uh, no… I was just expecting the private rooms to be a bit bigger than this is all."

"I can get a bigger one."

"No." Naruto says, then closes the door and takes me by the hand. I'm surprised when he pulls me close and kisses me. "It's perfect." He speaks against my lips.

I'm thoroughly surprised when he pulls my towel off and then starts parading around the tub with it. "Naruto…" I mumble.

"Come get it!" he exclaims from the other end of the tub.

"Don't be childish…"

"Come on!"

Another thing about Naruto is that he is very impulsive, childish, and overly competitive. That last trait is especially apparent when Sasuke is involved. I suppose I have no choice but to accept that since I did fall for him.

The moment I get close, he takes off in the opposite direction. I've grown a bit tired of his game already, so I bring my hands together and send my shadow out after him.

"Uh! No fair!" he shouts, frozen and unable to get away from me any longer.

I make him walk over and hold out his hand to me. "Thanks." I say, taking my towel from him.

The look on his face is one someone might see on a child who was just beaten at their own game. I don't really know why he's taking it so seriously. But when I offer my hand to him, he grins and takes it into his.

Almost too quickly for me to react, he pulls me into the tub with him. The water is hot, too hot to just go jumping into, and it makes me scream under the water. I feel his hands grab me under my arms and he helps me to the surface.

"You're so childish…" I say, wiping any traces of the water from my eyes.

"Haha, sorry! But you deserved it!"

"For not playing your game?"

Naruto blushed. "I was just trying to get you to have fun with me…"

"…" Since his innocence is obvious, and that look he's giving me conveys his apology, I can't be irritated for long. I look around and see the seam starting to fill the rest of the room. Even though we're alone in here, I feel more confident now that we're blanketed by it. I walk through the water and pull Naruto, who is still very flustered, close to me, "It's okay." I say, then lead him over to the edge of the tub and sit down. He takes a seat between my legs with his back to me and rests his blonde head on my right shoulder.



"Do you think we should tell the others about us?"

"Do you want to? I mean, Choji and Sakura know. I guess we should tell Ino and Sai as well… But it's up to you. The others can find out when the time is right." I reply. I understand him wanting to tell everyone, which reminds me… I still need to let my mother know at some point, which will be a drag.

I'm kind of thankful Naruto is an orphan, because I don't have to worry about his parents or what they would say. Though, I do wonder what Lord Fourth and his wife would think of Naruto's and my relationship. There're others that he considers family, like Iruka and Lady Fifth, so I guess I won't get off as easy as I originally thought…

"I wish I could stay here like this forever.. It feels so nice." Naruto says softly.

"I agree." I smile, then press my nose and lips to the wet, blonde locks in front of me. I see his ears slowly turn red when I slowly run my hands down his abdomen and rest them in between his legs.


"I'm not going to do anything. I just wanna relax with you. This is part of relaxing."

"If you consider this relaxing, then just how lazy are you?" he asks, making me blush when I realize what he means.

I pull my hands back and rest them on his thighs instead, "There."

"Hee hee."

Naruto sure knows how to get to me. I guess for as long as we've been friends, I should expect no less from him.

Our bath lasted a lot longer than I expected it to. We honestly ended up just sitting there with each other for about forty five minutes before we started actually bathing. When we finished, I told Naruto there was one more place I wanted to take him.

This time, I put a blindfold over his eyes.

"Shikamaru, why is there so much wind…?" he asked as I guided him up the stairs.

"I'm surprised you haven't figured it out yet." I say with a smile.

"…Just tell me where we're going. Or let me take this blindfold off."

Once we reach our destination, I turn Naruto and tell him to take off the blindfold. When he does, his eyes widen and he turns to me, "On top of the Hokage monument?"


"Why here?"

"Because… I believe in you and your dream, Naruto. I wanted to sit up here with you and look out at the village for a while. I know you spent a lot of time up here as a kid when you were being troublesome, but I wanna give you a second look at what it's become… to give you this view from a different perspective. The villagers respect you, you have great comrades, and your dream is not out of reach."

Naruto smiles and looks back out to the village. "Yeah… a lot has changed. There's even two different levels to it now because of Nagato."

"The village grew because of that, but we could only grow because you saved us. I remember that time, and I wish I could've helped…"

"No, if you or Sakura-chan had interfered and fallen like Hinata did… I… I don't know what would've happened… There might not have been anything left of this place to save…" he spoke with a solemn look on his face.

"I didn't bring you up here for that. Sorry I brought it up…"

"It's fine. I grew a lot because of it, and so did the village."

I take a seat and pat the spot beside me. Naruto sits down as well, then leans on my shoulder. "I really love you, Naruto."

"I know, Shikamaru. And I love you, too." He says, beaming up at me with that smile of his.

For a while, we just sit in peace. The day is warm and the breezes make it all the better. The village itself seems to be glowing in the sun's light, and I can't help but feel like I can do anything with Naruto here at my side. I don't think anything could ruin this moment.

"Oi, is that…"

"What?" I ask.

"I think that's Sai!" Naruto says, and then sits up straight. He's looking towards the sun with his hand up to shield his eyes.

It is Sai, riding on one of his Super Beast birds. He's coming this way.

"Sai! S-Sakura-chan!" Naruto calls, then stands and waves to them as they get close.

The bird disappears and they both land in front of us.

"What are you two doing here?" I say.

"We've been looking for Naruto." Sai replies.

"Me? Why me? We don't have a mission or anything." Naruto comments.

"Naruto… Sasuke has been spotted again. The ninja who saw him said he had a message for you."

Naruto looks angry, confused, and surprise all at the same time, "What's that?" he asked.

"He wants to fight you… And he said no one else should interfere." Sakura answers.