Poison Ivy

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Cassandra Clare.

Summary: Jace can't escape Valentine's past.

Time: City of Ashes

Genre: Angst and Drama

Date Finished: May 20, 2011

Some flowers are beautiful. Their radiant colours allow the looked to be sucked into the fantastic world of even more beautiful things. It's so wonderful that the looker no longer wants to look away or leave that melodious world.

The world of happiness causes no harm to the looker. The looker is welcome here. In this world, nothing but happiness can touch the looker.

No sadness can enter.

The flower's petals open up even further, allowing the looker a more generous view. Now, it's even better than the looker ever thought it could be. The lights are brighter, everything is lighter. It's heaven, a little bit of heaven inside the flower.

The looker dives in deeper.

With a gentle nudge from behind, the looker is shoved into the flower.

The flower closes leaving the looker trapped inside forever.

From inside the flower, the looker watches in utter amazement as the flower changes. Light becomes darkness and beauty becomes ugly. It was a masquerade, a disguise.

The looker now realizes that he was in a trap. The flower wasn't a flower, it was poison ivy.

First looks trustworthy and wonderful, then turns deadly. The vines seek up on you before you realize what has happened. You can escape it's deadly curse, but you must live with its scars.

Just as the innocent looker must now live in the shadows of poison ivy.