Hey everyone! Gemralts here with what's this? A multi-chapter Spice and Wolf story! It will be in first person, present tense. The death of all writers!

I would like to thank PaintPaws for letting me use his/her idea. Although, most of it will not be like the original story.

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Ch. 1: Primrose

I look around, not a living thing in sight near me except for Lawrence. To my left, I see the dry stalks of different crops. It is winter, and everything was harvested in the fall; leaving the unwanted part of the plants behind. To my right is the forest, full of fallen leaves and bare trees. The animals, save a brave few, are hibernating. Behind me, I can barely see the town we left a few hours ago. The church steeple is all I can see now. In front of me, I see Lawrence, also lost in thought. I decide to strike up a conversation.

I start, "It is getting colder; we are nearing Yoitsu." The town we are going to is called Yoitsu, named after my home, which should be near it. I am apathetic about it, maybe even sad. I am not entirely sure why, I should be elated.

"We are also nearing the end of our journey," Lawrence points out, trying not to sound sad. I ask myself if this is the reason I feel sad. The answer turns out to be an affirmative "Yes!" I create a list of reasons why it is a yes. Lawrence is an excellent partner, and good company.

"And a good friend," I point out to myself. I think about what I will do after we find Yoitsu. I think back to my original goal of leaving my home. At first, my goal was to travel the world, seeing new sites and meeting new people. Then, I met a dying town and decided to help them. "That made me feel good," I think. After a while, they stopped thanking me and started blaming me for trying to keep the balance of the nutrients in the soil. It continued on for another few decades, until I met Lawrence. We went on a journey to get back to Yoitsu, my home. A lot of obstacles went into our way, but we always overcame them.

Now, we are almost at Yoitsu. Every step, every second brings us closer to the end of our adventure. This is the last road we will trek, the last of our expedition together. Even if we don't find anyone I know, Lawrence and I will part. Lawrence will go back to being a peddler, trying to get enough money to start a shop. I will go back to my boring life of living in the woods.

Remembering Lawrence's earlier remark, I start, "We will be splitting up when we get to Yoitsu, leaving to our own different paths. You will go, and I will stay. Maybe we will never see each other again."

"I will never have to see you destroy my wallet or continually put me into trouble!" he jokes.

Even though I know he does not mean it, I still feel hurt by his comment. Disguising my negativity, I retort, "Well, who is the one who saves you every time? Me."

"Well, I wouldn't need you to save me in the first place if you weren't such a troublemaker."

"You would still miss my beauty, though," I say while waving my hair.

He laughs at my statement before getting serious. "I will miss you, Holo."

"I will miss you, too, Lawrence," I respond.

"You don't have to miss him," my mind says.

"How so?" I ask, "I have many great memories from the times I spent with Lawrence. Do you expect me to forget these memories along with Lawrence?" I have traveled with Lawrence for three years, now. I will not forget him anytime soon, if ever in my lifetime, and I will live indefinitely."

"No! That's not what I meant!" my mind says to defend itself, "I mean, you won't have to say good-bye." I swear my brain talks in riddles.

"That doesn't even make any sense! Who are you anyway!" I scream in my mind. Is that even possible?

"I am you, but to help you understand better, just call me Primrose or Prim."

I reply, "Okay, 'Prim', please, explain what you are trying to say in a way that I can understand." I decide to forget trying to figure out how my mind got a mind of its own and focus on the resolution it is trying to tell me. If there was a way of me not missing Lawrence then I will try to understand it.

Prim starts, "Did you ever think about choosing to stay with Lawrence?" I slap myself in the forehead for not figuring that one out. I see that the answer is very simple. I can not find one fault in Primrose's answer. It isn't like I will have to do anything in Yoitsu. I can just catch up and then leave a week later. I will get the satisfaction of seeing my loved ones again while also staying with Lawrence. I am sure he is okay with staying for a week. After I am done with my business in Yoitsu, I can hit the road with Lawrence again. We can have many more adventures after this.

"So, aren't I a genius?" Prim asks, practically gloating about her helpful idea.

"Yes, you do have much wisdom," I say to satisfy her.

"I am so smarter than you!" she exclaims. I am confused by that, she is me after all. Therefore, we should have the same amount of knowledge.

"I am you, am I not?" I point out.

"Not exactly," she explains, "You see, in a way I am a part of you, but in another way, I am not. I am not the conscious part of you, the part that you control. Your sub-conscious is what I am. I know much more than you. I can figure out some things that you can't. Usually I'm a gut feeling, but in this case, I am telling you directly. Now that I'm out, I can't talk to you indirectly anymore." I am dumbfounded. "Look, just remember I'm telling you to stay with Lawrence, and I will give you more advice in the future that you should follow."

"Okay, then," I think to myself. I then proceed to snuggle up to Lawrence's shoulder.


The sun is starting to set. I can see the orange already mixing with the blues in the sky. I see a large building up ahead. Although, large doesn't even begin to describe this piece of construction. I see a courtyard built up ahead. Walls surround it on all sides and has two gates with a guard on either side. To the right of the courtyard is what seems to be rooms for accommodating travelers

. To the left of the courtyard, I see another building. It is the tallest building I have ever seen. Lining the walls are various gems, glinting in the fading sunlight. The walls themselves are made of precious stones and exotic woods. It seems to have been built for the sole reason of showing the power of this group. Topping it of, made of gold with diamonds lining it, is a cross. It is a church. To either side of the buildings are walls as far as the eye can see.

"What is this place?" Lawrence asks one of the guards.

"This is an outpost and wall made by the church," he responds, "You must be a traveller. We must give you a warning, this is the farthest reach of the Vatican. Beyond here, the people worship their false pagan gods. They are violent since they are controlled by demons. Be very careful."

"Thank you," Lawrence replies.

Once we are out of their range of hearing, I say, "We won't have to hide from them anymore."



When we get to our room, I decide to tell Lawrence my, or Prim's, idea. I am about to tell him when I get nervous. "Maybe, he says 'no'," I think, "I just assumed he would like to have me with him. I don't want to face rejection."

"Pull yourself together woman!" Primrose shouts, "You are Holo the Wise Wolf of Yoitsu. You have defeated the church, you have destroyed famine! Are you going to let some what if scenarios stop you!"


"Are you going to chicken out of this!"


"Are you going to sleep in a bed separate from Lawrence!"

"No! Wait... I mean yes."

"Too late you said it," she teases, "Nah, just kidding. Just go tell Lawrence my idea."

"Hey Lawrence," I say, "We have been travelling together for a long time, and I don't really have to stay at Yoitsu."

"What are you saying?" he questions.

"I had this idea of how we don't have to say good-bye to each other. Is it okay that... I uh... come with you after I am done in Yoitsu?"

"Sure!" he enthusiastically answers.

Getting my wit back I tease, "You sure are happy about that."

"Well maybe I am." he retorts.

Never one to lose, I say, "I am one to please." We have a laugh and go to sleep, in separate beds, much to Prim's protest.


The next day, we arrive into Yoitsu. There is a large crowd around a speaker. We move through to see someone who had the most peculiar of conditions. She has ears on the top of her head and sports a tail!

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