Author's Note : This will be the last chapter…I may do a separate Fanfic with Legolas and Rose. But as far as this story is concerned…its over. For a short synopsis of who Gail is. She took care of Frodo a lot during his childhood and adult years. She is connected to the ring of power through the Valar.

Frodo's POV
CHAPTER 34 : Together Ever After

I wondered for a brief moment if I had been dreaming. The past couple of weeks had been so filled with turmoil and pain that I couldn't really recall. I was fairly sure that I had seen her face…that we had made it to Rivendell. I felt strange as I was waking up…a soft bed…feathers and pillows. There was a scent of lavender and lilacs in the room as I breathed it all in. I was no longer outside…no longer riding in a carriage. I felt rested…and clean…and relaxed. This was the first time I had felt this way in…since…since the last time I was in Rivendell. I was here…I opened my eyes gradually. The room was familiar…sunlight was streaming in from the open windows and the fresh morning air filled the room. Was I alone? I opened my eyes further and looked from one side to the other…in a rocking chair near the bed she sat curled up. Someone had wrapped a blanket around her and she was resting, for her eyes were closed. I had never felt such relief. I closed my eyes and opened them again just to be sure…it wasn't a dream. I -was- here. I felt my chest, and glanced down…I was wearing a soft silvery-gray nightshirt. A thousand emotions ran through me at once. I wanted to leap out of bed and wake her up…and curl up with her…but something stopped me.

I glanced down at my hand…then remembered how much had happened to me. How…different I was. I was maimed…and scarred…emotionally and physically. Nightmares plagued me…and half the time I felt like a helpless child. What did I have to offer her? She was so indomitable…constant…like a star. She had always been there for me. She'd always taken care of me when I needed her the most. But did that mean she loved me? I could never really tell. She was an elf…I was a hobbit…I would grow old and die someday…she would not…I could not really expect her to stand by me. I had to be practical. I was glad she was there….I really was….even if all she was there to do was to take care of me.

I smiled…gazing at her as I lay in the pillows. ..knowing that she would waken soon. I wanted to watch her wake up for a change. I was safe. I sighed…memories were swimming in my mind and I strove to keep them at bay. I lay there…my throat was sore still…but I swallowed…looking around. There was a tray with fresh juice and water by my bed. I struggled into a sitting position and took the juice first, letting the cool liquid trickle into my throat and felt relief.

The movement caught her attention, and she uncurled… I watched her, putting the juice down. She lifted her chin and stretched, her mouth opening in a slight yawn. Her eyes…as clear and blue as a bright summer sky fluttered open and she saw me watching her. I felt a blush creep up my neck as she held my gaze and smiled. I smiled back…feeling like a tweenager…my stomach was in knots. I cleared my throat and tried to speak…but fell into a fit of coughing instead.

She rose and was instantly at my side, rubbing my back gently. She had me drink some more of the juice and steadied me carefully, neither of us had spoken yet…the moment was one to be treasured. I finally felt my breathing ease and I looked at her. She looked back at me and wrapped my hands within hers. I couldn't think of anything to say…my mind was swimming. I wanted to tell her I loved her. "I have it here." I finally managed a sentence. "I brought it back."

"Frodo." she smiled at me. "Frodo, I know." What did she know? Did she know my heart? I searched her eyes. I couldn't tell. Elven emotion was hard to fathom...and often kept deep inside. I could I explain? "You don't need to return it to me....I gave it to you." What did she mean? I stared at her, my eyes widening. I didn't mind went over a thousand things that she might mean...finding a reason that it couldn't be any of them.

"But…" I began breathlessly. She put a finger to my lips hushing me. She knew my throat still hurt…and It was difficult to talk. She brushed my unruly curls back out of my eyes and leaned over and kissed my forehead.

"You're safe. That's all that matters." she explained. I supposed she was right…but I didn't feel satisfied. There were things I needed to know. Things I needed to understand. Had she seen what had been done to me? Did she know about…everything I went through. Did she still think I was strong and whole…even if I really wasn't anymore. Did she…still want me? Did anything matter except that she was now holding me in her arms? Tears sprang to my eyes and though I fought to control them…they spilled over and continued to flow. I did not care what she felt…I realized. I knew that I was finally exactly where I wanted to be…that everything was over…that even if there was more still to take care of in the Shire…I had made it. And no matter what happened…whether she only wished to care for me and not to love me…at least I had made it back. I could go home to the Shire…write my book…and then decide whether or not I wanted to accept Arwen's proposal and journey to the Gray Havens.

Then she pulled me back and looked at me seriously. "Frodo." she smiled and touched my cheek. "I gave you that to keep because there is only one person in this world who holds my heart and that is you. I have spoken…with Elrond and Arwen…and where you go I may follow. Now that you have freed me. Do you want that Frodo?"

"What will happen in Valinor?" I asked…my eyes were still clouded with tears as I gazed at her. I did not know exactly what she was telling me…I was hoping…but I did not want to jump to conclusions.

"You will have a choice to make in Valinor, Frodo. A choice of life. And I will be with you…to help you make it…"

"Life with you?" I was beginning to understand.

"Yes Frodo…life with me." Gailethil smiled softly and gazed at me. I did not know what I was going to do yet…I knew I was not ready to make the decision…so many things had to be done first. I nodded.

My lips turned into a smile and the tears blinked away, "I'd like that."

She held a similar smile…and responded with the same. "Me too."

And then I knew…that whereas I had yet much to deal with…and much to mend…I would have someone with me who would help me deal with the memories and the pain. Finally…finally I would not be alone. Never alone again.

I rested my head against her shoulder and everything felt right again. I thanked the Valar who brought me the people who helped me through this. I prayed that Merilas would also find happiness…and for those who lost their lives…and for those who followed me through thick and thin. The shadow and threat was gone.

It was a new age.