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Before Kurt knew what was happening it was time to go back to school, and he was pulling up in the Dalton Parking lot, his heart thumping with the anticipation of seeing Blaine. It didn't help that he had found the most perfect gift ever for the other boy whilst trawling charity shops for vintage pieces with Mercedes the other week. It had been half-hidden behind a hideous brown dress, but he had caught a flash of blue in the corner of his eye and been drawn to it. He had pulled it out and found the most gorgeous, beat-up navy blue leather jacket. The back had been a bit scratched up, but an idea had instantly popped into Kurt's head as to what to do about that. Now the jacket was folded and wrapped at the top of his suitcase, and his pulse quickened at the simple thought of it. He just knew Blaine was going to love it.

He grinned, climbing out of his car. He could see Nick getting out of his car on the other side of the lot, and Jeff standing by the door to the dorms. Wes and David stood, locked in what looked like serious conversation by Wes's red convertible. Kurt couldn't see Blaine's black convertible anywhere. He frowned slightly, before going to grab his bags and walking briskly toward the dorms. He would ask Nick and Jeff if they had seen Blaine, then he would check the shorter boy's room. When he reached the blonde boy, he was sharing a heated kiss with his boyfriend. Kurt cleared his throat loudly, rolling his eyes.

The boys broke apart slowly, grinning stupidly at him.

"Hey, Kurt! Good Christmas?" Jeff asked, flicking his fringe out of his eyes.

"Hey, Jeff, Nick. Yeah, great, you? Have you guys seen Blaine?" Kurt said quickly. The two boys shared a look. Kurt tried to ignore the growing sense of unease in the pit of his stomach.

"Uh, Kurt, I think you need to talk to Wes and David. They.. They'll, uh, tell you about, um, Blaine." Jeff said haltingly. With that, he grabbed his boyfriend's hand and raced away. Kurt gulped. He resolved that he would take his bag up to his room, and then seek out Blaine's two friends. He made his way up the stairs to the Junior floor, passing several couples reuniting after the break. He fervently wished that that would be him and Blaine soon. He reached his room, smiling slightly to himself as he looked around the familiar room, with its neatly made bed, picture-dotted corkboard and the door to the half-bath ajar. He dumped his suitcase on the bed and hurried back down the stairs to the parking lot. When he emerged through the double doors once more, he saw Wes and David in exactly the same position they had been in ten or so minutes ago. They still looked deep in conversation. He frowned, and made his way over.

"Hey, Wes, David. You guys seen Blaine?" He called as he approached. The heads of both boys snapped around and their gazes locked on them. They both took on identical rabbit-in-headlights looks. Kurt would have laughed in any other situation. But in this one, the sense of foreboding in his gut just swelled. "What? Where is he, guys? Has something happened to him?"

"Er… In a word, yes." David said slowly.

"Wh-what do you mean?" Kurt asked, his pulse racing, gulping down air as fast as he could.

"Blaine… Blaine's in hospital, Kurt. He was transferred to Westerville Hospital just last night." David said, his face looking more serious than Kurt had ever seen it. Kurt's mouth fell open and his lips worked silently.

"I guess you're wondering what happened to him, huh?" Wes said quietly. Kurt nodded, still mute.

"He, uh… He, encountered a little... homophobia." David started haltingly. Wes snorted.

"A little?" He muttered. David elbowed him, and he shut up.

"Yeah. He... He got a little... Roughed up."

"Oh god. Poor Blaine. When can I see him? When will he be back in school?" Kurt whispered, a tear sliding down his cheek.

"They're thinking he'll be ready to be released tomorrow afternoon. But, um, we saw him right before we came here, and he asked us to send you to him when we saw him. Don't worry, you're on the list of people allowed to see him. Significant other, and all." Kurt couldn't help the little flush that coloured his cheeks. David smiled faintly.

"So are you going to go or what?" Wes said.

"Oh! Right! Yes. I just.. I need to get something first." Kurt said quickly, and with that, he turned on heel, running up the stairs for the third time in the span of twenty minutes.

Half an hour later, Kurt was walking into the Westerville St. William Memorial Hospital, his messenger bag banging against his hip. He strode straight towards the front desk, where a pretty blonde nurse sat, filing her nails.

"Excuse me, I'm here to see Blaine Anderson?" He said loudly. The nurse fixed him with a forced smile and said in a sickly sweet tone:

"Of course, my dear. Name please?"

"Kurt Hummel." He responded instantly.

"And is this the Blaine Anderson who was transferred last night?" She inquired.

"Yes, I think so." Kurt frowned slightly, thinking back to his conversation with Wes and David.

"Alright. You can go see him. He's in room 130A." She rattled off a long list of directions that Kurt half-absorbed, and then went back to her nails, not giving him a second glance. He gave an exasperated sigh, but none the less, set off in search of Blaine's room.

It was not until a good fifteen minutes later that he finally skidded to a halt in front of room 130A. He stopped for a moment, taking a few seconds to catch his breath and smooth his perfectly coiffed hair, then he opened the door quietly, poking his head in, wondering if Blaine would be asleep. But no, when his gaze found that of the curly haired boy, he was fully aware, staring at the OSU football game on the television. His gaze flickered to Kurt as he entered, and then he did a slight double take, and grabbed the remote, turning off the TV.

"Kurt!" He called softly.

"Blaine…" Kurt murmured, his eyes brimming with tears as he took in the other boy's form. His eye was blackened and swollen half-shut, his jaw was dotted with yellowing bruises, his arm was strapped to his chest and his head was heavily bandaged. Kurt could see that underneath the bandage, the other boy's beloved locks had been cropped short. He choked back a sob. "Oh, Blaine…" He repeated, walking slowly to the bed and sinking into the chair. "Oh, god, Blaine…" A tear trailed down his cheek, and Blaine reached out, thumbing it away gently.

"Don't cry, babe…" He said softly, his voice so gentle it broke Kurt's heart even further. A sob wracked his chest, and this time he couldn't force it down, it ripped through his lips, shaking his whole form as the dam broke and the full force of the sobs tore through him. Wordlessly, Blaine slid his arms around the slighter boy, tugging him gently onto the bed next to him. He sat up fully, leaning against the headboard, and pulled Kurt into a tight embrace. The other boy buried his head in Blaine's good shoulder, sobbing uncontrollably for a good ten minutes. The whole while, Blaine just sat there, stroking the other boy's back, or threading his fingers through Kurt's chestnut hair, or rubbing gentle circles on his shoulders. Eventually, Kurt composed himself enough to pull away a little, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand and sniffing delicately.

Blaine took the opportunity to lean in and capture Kurt's lips in a soft, chaste kiss. Kurt's eyes fluttered shut, and he leaned into the kiss, sighing gently. Eventually, Blaine pulled away slightly, resting his bandaged forehead against Kurt's.

"I missed you…" He murmured. He could feel the tickle of Kurt's breath against his skin as the other boy exhaled heavily.

"I missed you too, baby… So, so much…" He whispered back, leaning in and kissing Blaine gently. When he pulled away, tears were shining in his eyes again. "H…How bad is it, Blaine? I want you to tell me. How badly are you hurt?"

"I… Are you sure you want to know, babe?" Blaine asked, concern shining in his hazel eyes. Kurt almost wanted to laugh. The boy who was lying bandaged in a hospital bed was concerned about him. He almost felt like telling Blaine to get his priorities right. But, he didn't. Instead, he just gave Blaine a watery smile and nodded.

"I'm sure, Blaine." He said in a soft voice.

"Um, well… I uh, I have heavily bruised jaw and a black eye.. But I guess you know about that… I um, I also took a hit to the back of my head, and it caused a three inch long gash.. That had stitches. And then uh, my stomach is really badly bruised and I have three cracked ribs. Uh, and my legs had a few minor bruises, cuts and scrapes. Umm.. Yeah. That's about it, I think…" He trailed off lamely. Kurt just stared at the boy in the hospital bed before him, the tears in his eyes threatening to drip down his cheeks at any moment.

"Wh…Who…?" Kurt's voice trails off into a question, and Blaine fights the urge to grimace. He should have known this question was coming.

"Uh.. I'll tell you. But, um, you have to promise not to freak out, or cry or anything like that. I said no more tears and I meant it, baby." He said carefully, wiping at the moisture around Kurt's eyes with his fingertips.

"O-Okay." Kurt said, mentally preparing himself for the worst.

"Um, well.. Uh… All right. I'll just tell you the whole story, OK? I'll tell you everything that happened that night." Blaine said, heaving a sigh. "Ok. Where to start…

"Well, basically, on Christmas Eve, my father was throwing an extravagant Christmas party so he could show off to all his friends and boast about what a lovely house he has and how expensive all his cars are.. Anyway, normally I'm packed off to a friend's house, or told to stay in my room and not leave all night. But this year, dad wanted me to be there for some reason. I didn't know why.

"I spent the first half hour standing about awkwardly and texting you, then my mom found me with my phone out and forced me to talk to some old bat. That was when things kicked off. It turned out my father had told all his friends that not only was I straight, but also that Dalton was a private school. I soon set that straight. And then I kinda.. Stormed out." Blaine heaved another great sigh.

"A…and then what happened?" Kurt asked, his eyes wide, his gaze locked with Blaine's.

"Uh, my dad followed me out. I yelled at him. He yelled back. The rest, as they say, is history." Blaine shrugged. Kurt's eyes were wide, and his mouth had dropped open.

He had braced himself for the worst, but his vision of the worst had been nothing as bad as the reality.

"Blaine… Are you saying your dad did this to you?" He whispered brokenly.

"Uh… Yeah.." Blaine gulped. Suddenly Kurt's eyes flashed with rage.

"He isn't going to get away with this." He said, his mouth set into a hard line.

"No…" Blaine almost whimpered. "No.."

"We're going to go to the police, Blaine. We are going to tell them exactly what he did to you, and then he is going to go to prison for child abuse." Kurt announced firmly.

"No, no, no…" Blaine continued to whimper softly.

"What do you mean, 'no' Blaine?" Kurt asked, his tone infinitely gentler.

"No. We… We can't tell the police. I hate my dad, but I don't want him in prison. Can you imagine what it would to my mom?" Blaine said, sounding incredibly tired. He muttered something that Kurt didn't quite catch. It sounded suspiciously like "Besides, its not as if it's the first time this has happened…" Kurt was sure his heart stopped beating for a second. He reached out and grabbed Blaine's arm.

"Blaine, please don't tell me your dad has done something like this before…" He murmured. Blaine refused to meet his eyes, and Kurt felt his heart tear into pieces.

"I.. I can't. But, I swear.. Its never been this bad before…" With a jolt, Kurt realized Blaine was crying. Wordlessly, he pulled the shorter boy into a close embrace. This time it was Blaine's turn to cry on his shoulder. After a while, Kurt realized that Blaine was asleep in his arms. He gave a little sigh of contentment, and laid Blaine down gently down on the bed. The other boy gave a sleepy murmur and then:

"Kurt…" Blaine whispered without opening his eyes.

"Blaine? I'm here." Kurt replied, taking Blaine's hand in his own and interlacing their fingers. He squeezed ever so slightly.

"Kurt… I.. I'm sorry I won't be able t'take you out.. F.. Fer that date…" He mumbled blearily.

"Oh, Blaine, baby…" Kurt cried softly, almost in tears. "Its fine, really it is… When you're better, we'll go out, I swear.."


"I promise. Swear on my life.."

"I… Lo…Like you a whole lot, Kurt…" Blaine announced. He gave a sleepy sigh, and presently turned over and began to snore softly.

"I like you a whole lot, too, Blaine…" Kurt smiled. Just before he left, he remembered the gift he had for Blaine. He pulled it from his bag and laid it, back side up, on the chair next to Blaine's bed. His amendment was is in plain view. Across the back of the blue leather was now stitched:


With a grin, Kurt turned and tiptoed out, shutting the door quietly. He would visit tomorrow when Blaine was getting ready to leave. But for now, the beautiful boy needed his rest.

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