The rushed beat of your heart drummed itself against your rib cage, creating an eerie melody and a cold sweat began sliding against your temple. You gulped in air slowly- less the evil that plagued your everlasting nightmare know your fear.

With the darkness of the night as your cover you began lighting candles that were purposely set in the divine god's number[1] across all wooden or stoned surfaces with a match and flipped four bibles to Matthew and Psalms before seating yourself at the end of your bed. Down on your knees and hunched over the bed you clasped your hands together and shut your eyes tightly.

The once heated atmosphere dropped an alarming amount to the most frigged temperature, and you shivered from the cold. In a short time you felt fingers ghosting themselves along your spine and arms. You clenched your eyes tightly shut, desperate to pay no mind to them and rid yourself of the fear as you began reciting your prayer.

"With God as my witness I shall fear no evil."

You started with, hoping with all your might that the demons that haunted you would take a hint, and know that they had no chance. But when the everlasting feeling of being watched did not recede you began to chant your prayer in hopes of convincing yourself rather that your company.

The hand on your back stopped its slow trail to the small of your back and merely hovered there, before backing away- but you were none to be fooled. That foreboding presence still lingered. More sweat trickled down your heated but somehow still frosty skin and you drew in a shaky breath.

"Even though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death."

You continued on through the length of every prayer you knew, the words slurred and spit out in a frenzy. They became mixed- repeated, anything to quell your fear. But you felt the evil presence growing rather than dissipating and you felt hot tears pooling in your shut lids and spilling over.

You felt an invisible and unknown substance constricting your air way, making it harder to breathe. Then as you came into the finishing stages of your prayer you began to believe that you were going to be left alone, but all to surprised to find that the flickering of light behind your eyelids vanish in that very instance. In an instant you knew what had happed.

Though no AC was running and no drafts could be felt, the candles had all gone out. What's more, you felt an arm snaking itself around your waist and a toned body pressing against your back while another hand began gently prying at your clasped fingers.

You opened your eyes, desperation shining in them, before you locked eyes with the only source of light in the room: A glowing red eye with the devils number printed on it[2], dancing with amusement from your full body mirror. You could feel the taunting smirk against your neck.

"And deliver me from evil, amen."

[1] Seven is thought to be God's favorite number, or a number that represent him and brings good luck.

[2] Just as seven is thought to be God's number, six is thought to be the devils. So there was a six, or in this case, kanji for six, in his eye.

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