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Rose's POV

We were off. All of time and space before us, I couldn't help but imagine where this new Doctor was going to take me. There was something wrong, though… He wasn't MY Doctor… I didn't know this man…

"So, where are we going?" I asked, hesitantly.

"A little planet called New Earth… You know, they had to build a new one after the last one was destroyed."

"Ah, our first date..." I immediately regretted this after I said it.

The Doctor laughed, and I realized just how different this Doctor was…

"We had chips!"

The TARDIS landed with a thud. I looked at the Doctor, grinning, asking permission with my eyes. He motioned for me to go ahead while he grabbed his overcoat. I ran out the door and was amazed by everything… I've seen so much, but this was different… This was modern and new and undeniably Earth.

"Welcome, Rose Tyler, to New New York. Well, it's actually the 15th New York since the original, so its New New New…"

"What's that smell? It's kinda fruity, like apples…" I cut him off, who knew how long he could talk. He reached down and pulled up some grass.

"Applegrass," He said, grinning. I was starting to like this Doctor, he was funnier, happier, and SO GORGEOUS. Besides, he still had all the same memories and we'd traveled together, it was hard not to be close.

I removed my shoes and socks and walked around on the soft, springy applegrass. It was very fine, sort of tickled my feet. The Doctor did the same. It was fun, running through the field with him, eventually we tired and walked closer to the TARDIS.

He took off his coat and we lay on it laughing, talking about New Earth. He had just made a joke about being a 'New New Doctor' and I laughed. He rolled onto his side, propped up on his elbow. He looked down on me and just grinned, perfectly happy.

"What?" I asked, still laughing. He moved a strand of hair out of my face. His hand lingered on my cheek. He leaned down and kissed me, ever so softly. Before I knew what I was thinking, I pulled him into a more passionate kiss. What was I doing? I hardly knew him, but this, kissing him, felt so right.

We were like that for several minutes. Next thing I know, I was taking off his jacket and removing his tie… and he was letting me! I thought that nothing could go wrong. I knew I loved him, we belonged together. Right as I was thinking this, he broke away.

"Rose, what are we doing? You're human, and I'm a Time Lord. There isn't a happy ending to this. We really-" I captured his mouth with my own.

"You talk too much," I said, my lips never leaving his. At that, he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer.

While, I started fumbling with his shirt buttons and he was working on mine, his slender fingers easily undoing each button in turn.

When we were both sufficiently shirtless, with his jacket covering us, I heard someone clear their throat. We froze, mid-kiss. Our eyes met and we couldn't help but laugh. He rolled off me, making sure I wasn't exposed, and got to his feet.

"Hello, officer. How can we help you?" The Doctor said, with a certain confidence in his voice. I noticed how toned his torso was.

"Are you aware you are in public view?" The officer said

"I guess we are, didn't notice we were being watched".

"Yes, and are you aware there are laws about being intimate on city property?"

"Well, you see I just recently bought this particular patch of land from the city, so it's now private property belonging to me, Dr. John Smith. I can show you the deed if you'd like." He turned to me and mouthed PSYCHIC PAPER! I hastily fished it out of his pocket and tossed it to him. He handed it to the officer. He looked over his shoulder at me and winked, I grinned. The officer returned the paper.

"Well, everything seems to be in order, umm, I just have to ask you to be a bit more careful and uh… please move this somewhere more, um, private. Put up some walls or something, please"

"Oh, yes, officer. We will, don't you worry!" The Doctor called after the police officer. He strode over to me and flopped back down on his coat. We laid there for a second, laughing to ourselves. He leaned over and kissed me once more on the lips, and whispered "We'd better get dressed. We have somewhere to be."

As we put on our clothes, I asked where we had to go.

"I got a message on the psychic paper. Ward 26. Have I ever told you that hospitals creep me out?"

I laughed. He grabbed my hand and we ran off toward the hospital. Inside, I was thinking about what this meant… Were we a couple? How was this all going to work? How was I going to tell Mum? Oh God, I didn't even want to think about Mickey. Then I realized, we had all of time and space to figure this out. And it would be fantastic.