"Shinra I'm going to kill you for this!" Shizuo screamed into the cell phone.

"Well I figured you would so that's why I called you instead of telling you in person, come on I was just doing it as your friend." Shinra said nervously.

"Look I appreciate it that you got me a date but I'm really don't go on blind dates, what's this person's name anyways?"

"…Izaya Orihara."

"A guy? I would have thought you would have at least set me up with a girl."

"Well I've known him from when we were in high school and he was also looking for a date so I told him about you and I showed him a picture of you. He said he would date you so I set up the date with him for you. Tomorrow you're meeting him at Russian Sushi, eight o'clock sharp. "

"….I don't know about this, I'm not really as smooth on dates as I used to be."

"I know you're still angry at yourself about what you did to that woman last year, but it really wasn't your fault. Anyway she's already healed and walking around just fine."

"Shinra I shattered every bone in her left leg."

"I know…it made it even worse when she dumped you after she came out of her shock coma."

"Don't remind me…anyway what is this guy like?"

"Well he's an information broker, makes a lot of money so his apartment is really nice, black hair, skinny, short."

"That's great but what about his personality?"


"Just nice?"

"Uh…he's funny to."

"That it?"

"Pretty much….so do you think you could go on a date with him?"

"…I guess it won't hurt to at least meet him, if things go well I'll think about going on another date with him."

"Great! Remember you have a date with him at eight o'clock at Russian Sushi. You don't have to wear or bring anything special just be casual about it."

"Alright, thanks Shinra."

"Anytime, I hope it goes well!"

Shizuo looked at his watch that now read eight thirty; Izaya was already a half hour late to their date. The blonde flinched at the thought of his date standing him up; when he was younger he had seen this girl in his class that he really liked. So he got her a really cute plastic ring but when he gave it to her she just threw it at him and laughed at him.

"You're such a freak Shizuo, why on earth would I go out with you?" The girl had laughed in his face and told everyone in the whole school. He felt so bad about himself so that's when he bleached his hair blonde. He really didn't want to go through that kind of hurt again, he thought his heart had literally broke in half. Even when Shinra and his younger brother Kasuka had helped him ignore the bullies they still came and laughed at him, so for all of middle school he pretty much staid as far away from his brother and best friend so they wouldn't be bullied for hanging out with him.

After the time on his watch had changed to eight forty-five he decided to go into Russian Sushi and grab something to eat. He expected his date to just be a little late but even after he was finished eating his date was still a no show.

"Fuck this, I'm never dating again. I'd rather die alone then be stood up." Shizuo shoved his hands in his pockets and started to walk home. Apparently he wasn't looking where he was going because he soon collided with a smaller figure, sending the figure to fall on the ground, hard.

"Oh, I'm sorry are you ok?" Shizuo asked as he helped the smaller man to his feet; the man had raven hair, red eyes, a fur trimmed waist jacket, and he was shorter than the blonde.

"it's alright, it's kind of my fault too. I was held up with one of my clients at work and now I'm like an hour late for my blind date." The raven haired man sighed.

"…wait….blind date?" Shizuo thought.

"Um…would your name happen to be Izaya Orihara?"

"The one and only, you must be Shizu-chan right?"

"Uh…yea..nice to meet you…" Shizuo was soon interrupted by the smaller mans velvet lips smashed against his own.

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