"Is the memory loss permanent?" Shizuo had asked his child hood friend, he looked down at Izaya's bandaged up head.

"I don't think so, he'll have a pretty bad headache for a while but I don't know when his memory will come back it; could take a couple days or a couple weeks."

"I'll take him back to his apartment, maybe he'll remember it."

"That's a good idea but try not to force his memory back, you should probably show him a few family photos and do some things you two were doing before he lost his memory."

"Alright, come on Izaya lets go home." Shizuo said to the brunet; Izaya didn't move an inch.

"Izaya get up, we're going home now." Shizuo said again, Izaya looked at the blonde with a confused expression on his face.

"Oh is that me?" Izaya asked standing up from the couch.

"Yea." Shizuo grabbed the brunet wrist and started leading him out of the apartment.

"Thanks weird scientist guy." Izaya said over his shoulder, waving goodbye to Shinra.

(Izaya's house)

"What's your name again?" Izaya asked as he was sat down on his couch; Shizuo sat down next to him and turned on the TV.

"My name is Shizuo Heiwajima but you always called me Shizu-chan. Your name is Izaya Orihara but I always call you flea."

"And whose apartment is this?" Izaya asked looking around the large apartment.

"This is your apartment, that desk over by that large window is your desk where you work. You're an information broker and you have a secretary named Namie….do you remember any of that?"

"Nope….Shizu-chan right?"

"Uh...Yea you also have two younger twin sisters name Mairu and Kururi do you remember them?"

"No." Shizuo pulled a picture frame form the coffee table and showed Izaya the two girls. Izaya just starred at them with a blank expression.

"Are you my brother?" Izaya asked looking at the blonde with a sweet smile on his face; that convinced Shizuo that Izaya was not himself.

"Uh no I'm your boyfriend." Shizuo said shyly.

"Good I was hoping for that." The blonde straitened when he felt Izaya wrap his arms tightly around his waist and kissed him sweetly on the cheek.

"Loom flea I'm going to put on the movie that we watched on our first date maybe that will give you your memory back."

"Whatever you say baby."

5 minutes later…..

"Ahhhhhhhhh! Shizu-chan this movie is scaring me." Izaya almost chocked Shizuo to death with his arms constricted around the blonde's neck and his face shoved deep into Shizuo's chest. Shizuo quickly turned off the movie and hugged the informant that was curled up and shaking in his lap.

"Sorry flea, I thought it might help." Shizuo was shocked to see tears start trailing down Izaya's face; he bent down and kissed the brunet sweetly on the cheek.

"Shizu-chan is so kind." Izaya said smiling up at the blonde; he moved up and nudged his lips against the ones in front of him.

"We used to do that to right?" Izaya asked curiously between kisses.

"Yea." Shizuo said against Izaya's lips; he gasped when Izaya pulled away and stood up from the couch. The informant grabbed Shizuo's hand and pulled him towards the bedroom.

"Can we Shizu-chan?" Izaya asked as he sat down on the edge of the bed, smiling the sweet smile again.

Shizuo slowly opened his eyes to a bright light shinning threw Izaya's curtains and the feeling on someone's lips on his forehead. He looked up to see Izaya hovering over him with that evil smile; seeing that smile made Shizuo realize Izaya had gotten his memory back.

"Good morning baby." Izaya said rubbing their noses together.

"You got your memory back?" Shizuo asked just to make sure he really did.

"Yep, I guess last night when my head was being pounded against the headboard it all came back to me…well that wasn't the only thing getting pounded last night." Izaya said kissing Shizuo on the forehead again; Shizuo moved up on his elbows, pushed the brunet back down and laid his head on Izaya's chest. Izaya's body was cold as always, which was good because the summer air was heating up the room to an unbearable temperature. Something in the blonde's body made him think that the summer air wasn't the only reason why the room was so hot.

"Hn…I guess we can sleep for a little bit longer." Izaya sunk down into the bed with Shizuo curled up in his side.

Finally Shizuo understood what the feeling in his body was every time he was with Izaya …it was love. Shizuo had never felt this kind of love for someone, I mean he did love his brother and his friends but this kind of love was different. It was a mixture a pure love for a person, a person you could go a day without and a mixture of annoyance and hate for that same person. Shizuo did love Izaya but he also found some kind of annoyance which was almost funny. He really like this new feeling of love…it felt good making it a feeling Shizuo wanted to feel every day. It would be nice to wake up in someone's arms like this every day, to have someone wake you up in strange ways and be able to cook you delicious meals...and eventually start a family together. It was a good feeling that Shizuo wanted to hold onto for eternity, with the informant he loved and hated so much.

Author's Note: I wanted to make this a really sweet ending so I hoped you liked this! I think if people don't think it's to OOC I might make an Epilogue of the two having a family together, or being married. Something like that I mean and I really hope this last chapter wasn't to OOC. But well this website is called "Fan fiction" so it's not a crime to write your fantasy's about how the characters be together! Anyway I really hoped you liked this and get ready for my next fanfic which will be as adorable as this one! Reviews are always loved :)