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It's set before Mortal Folly/Mortal Recoil. I like the idea about incorporating songs in stories, so I used Crushcrushcrush by Paramore. Hope you guys like it!

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This is a story of how one never got over the other, and the other was too afraid of getting hurt again.

From the center of the Candy Kingdom, music blared and lights seemed to explode from Princess Bubblegum's Castle. Inside this great castle, a huge party was taking place in the Grand Hall. Without a doubt, there was Finn and Jake partying inside with all the candy people and many other guests.

"Hey, Finn! This party is awesome, man!" Jake yelled over the music to his best pal.

Finn, with a smile, laughed and nodded his head in agreement. "Thanks, bro! Actually, thanks to PB for letting throw this kick butt party!"

Right at that moment, Princess Bubblegum appeared in her usual pink gown and gold tiara, and stood next to Finn. "Finn, you definitely deserved a party for saving the Candy Kingdom countless times! Give me a hug, hero!"

Princess Bubblegum wrapped her pink-skinned arms around Finn, causing the young boy to blush a light pink color that was a lot lighter than the pink of Princess Bubblegum's skin. Upon letting go, another dance song filled the room and Lumpy Space Princess could be heard yelling at people to dance with her. The party was going great, everyone was having fun, and Princess Bubblegum was just happy to be with Finn and friends.

So many of Finn's friends filled the Candy Castle. Lady Rainicorn had stolen Jake and they were momentarily making out in the corner of the party. Cinnamon Bun, Mr. Creampuff, and Chocoberry were dancing, doing crazy dance moves and what not. Hell, even Billy was there and sitting a table, talking with some of the guests. From the ceiling hung Manfried, who was moving his stubby legs in an attempt at dancing like the rest of the many guests and then there was Princess Bubblegum who had drifted off to the wall and had started a long, boring conversation with someone about science and what-not.

At that moment, a blue-gray skinned figure floated into the Grand Hall through the window. In her signature red boots and gray wife beater, she carried with her a red axe-bass, and a band of 3 followed closely behind her. Finn yelled in excitement from seeing his friend on the stage and waved his arms around like noodles in the hope to catch her attention. His little plan worked and the Vampire Queen smiled, pointed her finger to the human then grabbed hold of the microphone. Eyeing the crowd, she could see the Jake the dog who seemed to slightly cower behind Lady Rainicorn. Her black eyes continued to look through the party and saw other familiar faces, but she couldn't remember any of their names. That is until, she noticed a pink figure in the crowd that made Marceline just a little excited. Biting her lip for a moment, she looked back to the dancing crowd before her.

"Who's ready to party?" She shouted into the mic, and the party roared back a "Yes!"

With a nod of her head and a light strum of her guitar, she began to sing out a song that she had made just for the party. Once again, she looked around the crowd and she finally caught the eyes of that certain pink Princess Bubblegum.

"I've got a lot to say to you – Yea, I got a lot to say.

I notice your eyes are always glued to me.

You're keeping them here and it makes no sense at all."

Singing into the microphone, she spun her axe bass to her back and motioned to her body playfully. From where she stood, no one could really see where her eyes were looking…except, the Princess herself.

Princess Bubblegum had excused herself from her conversation with one of the guests and looked to the stage at Marceline. She felt her heart quicken at the sight of the vampire, and she did nothing to avoid eye contact with her. The lyrics from the song made the gears in PB's head turn and think, snapping her back into reality, and making her realize that Marceline was staring straight at her, and PB had stared right back into those black, hypnotizing eyes.

The crowd's yells pumped up the guitarist even more as she sang her song Walking up and down the stage, jumping with the mic, spinning her bass around like crazy, it made her performance even more impressive.

"Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone

Just the one, two - I was just counting on

That never happens

I guess I'm dreaming again.

Let's be more than this!"

Unlike the crowd, Princess Bubblegum rolled her eyes and scoffed at the surprise guest, who others would call her opposite and rival. "Ugh, Marceline. Who invited her?" She muttered to herself, unaware that Finn was able to hear her.

Finn tore his eyes away from the stage and looked to the Princess. "Well, I did…She's pretty radical!" He replied in a happy voice. Looking back to the stage, he cheered on for Marceline the Vampire Queen who had won the favor of almost the entire party.

"Yeah. Sure." PB sighed, adding, "I'm gonna get a drink." She made her way through the people and to the front of the room where she could reach the refreshments. The song continued its roar for Marceline, but PB wanted no part in it.

"If you want to play it like a game.

Well, come on, come on, let's play.

'Cause I'd rather waste my life pretending

Than have to forget you for one whole minute."

With her head held high, Princess Bubblegum made her way towards the front of the room and away from the stage. Still, there was no escape from the song that Marceline sang. Echoing through the entire hall, PB swallowed and finally reached the table.

"Rock and roll, baby.

Don't you know that we're all alone now?
I need something to sing about.

Rock and roll, Hey!

Don't you know that were all alone now?

Give me something to sing about."

She shook her head, trying her best to carefully pour herself a cup of punch. Her mind was racing with thoughts of confusion and anger. Why did Finn have to invite Marceline to the party? Everything could have been great without the likes of that vampire. Any vampire would have been fine. Any vampire, except Marceline, was perfectly fine.

"I guess I'm dreaming again.

Let's be more than – More than this!"

The song ended shortly with Marceline stating she would be taking a short break. Floating off the stage, she laughed seeing how excited Finn.

"Hey, kiddo. What'd you think?" She questioned the boy in the blue shirt.

Finn's jaw dropped and he yelled back to her, "What? You gotta be flipping kidding me right now! You're frickin' awesome! You were like dun dun pew pew pew da da bump!" It was obvious how much Finn liked the performance. After only a few seconds, he was on his knees, strumming an air guitar and trying to show Marceline just how great she was. Marceline responded with more laughs and thanked him for the invitation. Suddenly, a green elephant, Tree Trunks, snatched Finn away and forced him to dance with her. Finn looked helplessly to Marceline, but otherwise, didn't protest to the green elephant. The Vampire Queen shook her head and floated through the crowd. At that moment, a headful of bright pink at the refreshments table caught her eye.

There was Princess Bubblegum in all her candy glory, pouring herself a cup of fruit punch. Right behind her stood – or rather – floated Marceline the Vampire Queen.

Anyone could see the differences between the two. It actually wasn't too hard. Princess Bubblegum was polite, gentle, and maintained her composure for the most part. The Princess was kind, showing her love for all of her kingdom and was extremely grateful that Finn was her hero. Unlike the Princess, Marceline was a whole other story. She was a mischievous and played pranks on many, including Finn and Jake. Her cool and careless personality, along with the fact she was a vampire, intimidated many. They were just so different; it was clear to everyone why they just didn't get along too well.

Their personalities greatly matched their appearance and choice of outfits. Princess Bubblegum lived up to her bubblegum namesake. Her skin, her hair, and her outfit only showed varying shades of bright pink. Dressed in a modest fashion, she was just what everyone expected a princess to look like.

Then there was Marceline, the laid-back, cool, and "sexy vampire lady" who dressed according to her reputation. With her blue gray skin and her chic rocker outfits, she looked the complete opposite of the Princess.

Marceline watched PB for a moment, before silently sneaking up behind her. Her ability to float was a key factor in this, and she was able to get so close to the Princess's ear, that she just couldn't help but smile.

"Boo." Marceline whispered into the Princess's ear. Her voice was light as a feather, but unlike anybody else's voice. The thought of someone getting so close without knowing could make anyone flinch, and Princess Bubblegum was not excluded from this.

PB gasped in fear, turning around so quickly that she almost tripped. Fear was written all over her face, but it quickly disappeared at the sight of Marceline. It was clear that she was pissed, and thought the whole joke was stupid.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Princess Bubblegum glared at the vampire, her eyes like daggers. A frown was on her face, as she looked the blue-gray girl up and down.

Marceline smirked at the sight of a fearful Princess, then floated towards the refreshments table. Filling up her cup, she glanced at the Princess. "Calm down, Bonnibel." She chuckled at the quick anger that PB had given off.

In all honesty, Marceline could never understand why the two had completely turned on each other. They had been such good friends before, but now it was like nothing mattered. Running her hand through her long, black hair, she raised an eyebrow at the pretty pink Princess in front of her.

Irritated and wanting to get away from the situation, Princess Bubblegum took her paper cup of punch and started to walk away from Marceline and the party. Marceline rolled her eyes, put her drink down, and then quickly grabbed the Princess's wrist before she got too far.

"What the fuck is wrong with you? I just wanted to talk." Marceline held onto PB's wrist angrily, squeezing it to the point where it could have actually hurt. A frown was plastered onto Marceline's face, and yet she was entirely unaware how loud her voice was.

Princess Bubblegum tried to get away, with no avail. Turning around, she stared down the vampire. The two locked eyes, until Marceline noticed a few party guests turned their heads, including that of Jake the Dog, to see the situation. Marceline waved them off, and even went so far to scare Jake by showing her fangs and hissing in his direction. Looking back to Princess Bubblegum, she continued holding onto the frown that was on her face.

"Let go. You're hurting me." Princess Bubblegum demanded, placing her free hand on Marceline's wrist. She glared straight back at the vampire, and showed no hint of wanting to listen to the vampire queen.

Frustrated, Marceline broke eye contact first, only to look down at the wrist she was holding onto. Releasing her grip, she noticed the mark she had left on the Princess. Muttering a small "sorry," Marceline looked back up to the girl before her. "I just wanna know what's up with you."

Princess Bubblegum examined her wrist for a moment, and then eyed the vampire. Her glare faltered as she heard the words that escaped from Marceline's lips. At that, PB turned her back to her and the party and headed straight for the door that led into the hallway into the rest of the castle. Without a glance to anyone, she continued out of the grand hall and quietly left the party to retreat into her room.