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A/N: So, I've been listening to "Snape's Demise" on YouTube, and this bunny struck me as a result. I've used lines from DH, namely from "Elder Wand." Enjoy.

I Promise

I feel anxious, more so when Lucius informed me that the Dark Lord has wished to speak with me. I know what is coming. I'm not an idiot. My death has been planned for years. It is inevitable. The one thing that has given me hope and makes it less horrific for me is to know that I'll be with my lovely Lily soon forever. I cannot wait for that moment, not a moment longer. I have waited so long as it is.

Drawing in a breath, I stand before the Dark Lord, waiting for my death. I am well aware that I need to pass on the necessary information to Potter so he succeeds, ensuring that Lily's sacrifice is not in vain. However, Potter is predictable. Even the Dark Lord knows he'll come on his own to meet his fate so to speak.

"The Elder Wand cannot serve me properly, Severus, because I am not its true master," drawls the Dark Lord as he stares at me. "The Elder Wand belongs to the wizard who killed its last owner."

That's one interpretation, I muse, feeling my heart beat wildly in anticipation. I cannot look gleeful about this. Or else he'll wonder if it is what I have always wished and take it from me.

"You killed Albus Dumbledore. While you live, Severus, the Elder Wand cannot be truly mine."

"My Lord," I argue, raising my wand if only to make it believable.

"It cannot be any other way. I must master the wand, Severus. Master the wand, and I master Potter at last."

The snake cage then envelopes me, Nagini piercing my neck. I scream from the pain, embracing my death if only slightly. I idly hear the Dark Lord say that he regrets my death, but I don't. It is how it is supposed to be. I sealed my fate long ago the day I muttered that wretched name to Lily, oh, my lovely Lily.

I hold my hand to my neck, feeling the warm liquid bathe my hands. I can feel the venom spreading throughout my body. I make no motion to grab the bezoar in my left pocket. This is how it must be. There is a noise near me followed by green eyes.

I reach toward the person, barely hiding my disappointment when I feel robes instead of a dress. Harry, I groan in my fuzzy head, I should have known. My memories then leak from me. He needs to know the truth. He needs to know what sort of bastard Albus Dumbledore really was. The stupid boy, however, stares at me.

"Take . . . it . . . take . . . it," I rasp, feeling my strength leaving as soft singing surrounds me. Take it, you stupid boy, I growl in my head, nearly sighing in relief when he finally understands. My hands are by my sides, my breathing shallow and my heart slow. "Look . . . at . . . me." I add please in my head. The green eyes stare at me, those lovely beautiful green eyes. Oh, how I've missed them. I feel a calm pass over me, and I let go.

Light bathes me as more lovely voices serenade me. I open my eyes to my afterlife, my home, and smile genuinely at the sight before me. Lily, my love. I stare at her, wanting to wrap my arms around her and never release her again. She wears a perfect white dress that hugs her perfectly.

"Hello, Sev," she whispers, smiling at me.

"Lily," I cry, tears streaming down my cheeks. So many emotions swirl around me. She's here. She's with me. "Always, Lily," I say, taking a step toward my green-eyed red-haired angel.

"I know, Sev," she says, her green eyes sparkling in the bright white light around us.

"There was no other, only you." I know not why I am attempting to make this clear to her. She knows. She has said so herself. I watch her smile falter slightly, but she inclines her head.

"Your loyalty to me is so heartening to see. As was your actions to keep Harry safe these past few years. I know it was not easy for you."

"I did it all for you, Lily," I say.

"I know you did." She inhales slowly. "You've made me so proud, Sev, showing me how mistaken I was in thinking that you were lost to the darkness within. I should have forgiven you that day when you apologized profusely. I am sorry that I did not."

"It doesn't matter, Lily," I say, my voice cracking slightly.

"But it does matter, Sev. You gave me your heart, and I returned it with guilt, shame, and pain."

"No, no—" I shake my head fiercely. "You need not apologize for anything, Lily."

"You truly see no wrong in me, do you?" she responds, frowning. "I'm sorry, Severus."

"No, Lily, there is no need to be sorry. We're together now."

"But we can't be, Severus."

My black eyes narrow on her. What does she mean we can't? This is my afterlife, my paradise. This is supposed to make up for every single thing that has occurred in my wretched life.

"Lily," I say, feeling something akin to horror in me. "What do you mean? Why can't we?"

"We were children, Severus." She sighs. "I showed you kindness, the first person to do so in your life. I was the one who sat beside you, holding you after you nearly lost your father. I was the one who stood with you, defending you against James and the others when they harassed you. I shared your interest and love in Potions. But none of that was love, Severus, friendship likely, but not the love you're seeking."

"No, Lily, please," I plead, trembling.

"You were a brother to me, Severus. That's how I looked at you until I foolishly tossed away our friendship. It hurt me terribly to hear those words come from your mouth. I could not get past that, wrongly assuming that you were already lost to me." She places a hand on my chest, staring at me sadly. "I gave up on you, Sev, but you never once gave up on me. And that . . . makes me sad. You could have a happy, fulfilling life, Severus."

"Not without you, Lily," I argue, staring at her. "You are the woman I want. No one else."

"I know, Sev." She inhales, closing her eyes as tears slide down her cheeks. "I'm sorry, Sev."

"We're together now. You wish to be friends, fine, I'll do that." I do not like the look I see on her face. I hate her tears, how they muddle her perfect green eyes. "Please, Lily," I plead.

"I love you like a little sister loves her brother, Severus, which is why this must happen."

"What? No, nothing must happen, Lily. Please, don't."

"You need not feel guilty any longer, Severus. You did not cause my death," she says through the tears. "He would have come after me even if you had not relayed the prophecy to him." She gently grabs my chin to force me to stare at her. "If you wish for forgiveness, then I absolve you of your mistaken guilt. You did not know when you relayed it that it would mean me. I knew in my heart that you would never harm me in that way, Severus. I knew that to my dying day." She presses a kiss against my cheek. "It's time, Severus."

"Time? Time for what?"

"It's time for you to return."

"No. I refuse," I yell, staring at her in horror. "I won't go back."

"You have to. It's not your time yet."

"Lily, this is where I am supposed to be. I have no life there."

"You will," she replies, smiling softly. "I know you're scared, Sev. But don't be. Embrace life instead of death. Be the man I know you to be."

"You . . . I love you, Lily," I cry, staring at her. Why is she doing this?

"I know you do, Sev. That's why I'm doing this. You deserve happiness, love, but not from me."

"Lily, I . . ." My words die on my lips when she presses a finger to it.

"Shh, Sev, it'll be all right. Trust me."

"I can't," I admit quietly, staring at her lovely green eyes.

"You've known pain all your life. So, you've found death to be your means to achieve happiness. But you won't find happiness here, not now, Sev, not yet."

"Please, Lily, don't do this. Don't leave me."

"Silly Sev, I've never left you or Harry. I've always watched you both." She inhales slowly. "I've watched you slowly, painfully come to the realization that Harry is not James. You've grown to care for him. Even if you won't admit it, I know it's true. Your words in Albus's study that day spoke to it, even though you believe it was because of me." She shakes her head slowly. "My sacrifice was made possible by you, though, Sev. You helped me get that choice that saved my beautiful baby boy. And for that, I give you this gift. Enjoy life, Severus."

"No, Lily," I yell, shaking my head. I don't want to enjoy life. I want her.

"I shall always be with you, Sev, watching." She kisses my lips before a roaring sound takes over. "I promise."