I wanted to do this after I'm done with Chasing Red, but I just got done with the first chapter and all so I don't want to waste time. This is really an fic that one of my char. has a story to tell. It's Rated M for a reason. I won't change it down to T because after you read this, you might not wanna cry.

I do own the story, the idea, my char. but I do not own Super Mario. It belongs to Nintendo. So PLEASE REVIEW! Thank you!

No Son of Mine

By: VivianShadowGirl

Rated M for Boo Abuse, Swearing, and Violence

LBxBoolet and BBxBoolossus (Girl Version)

Plot: This is the true past of BB, LB, Boolet and Boolossus. All in BB's P.O.V. I star in it too but in later chapters!

I only own the story, BB, LB, Boolet, Female Boolosus and myself (fiction me). I do not own Super Mario Bros., they are owned by Nintendo.

Chapter 1

It all started with a scream. Well, my scream. The reason? I am getting beaten up by my dad for something that I didn't do. Again.

My name is BB, and I'm a Boo. Yes the ghost who lives in haunted houses and such, but we don't live in such places like that. No, we live just like humans. Nice houses, nice lawns, jobs. You name it.

At first life here was great, but until both Mom and Dad lost their jobs 'cause of their drinking.

It wasn't my fault that they started drinking, it wasn't my fault that they lost their jobs, and it wasn't my fault that they started to hit me whenever they get a chance.

So, here I am. Beaten up, nearly crying, and lying on the hard, cold floor, "Daddy… Why?" The biggest Boo, which was my Dad, was looking down with blood shot eyes and evil frown playing on his face.

"Why… You want to know WHY? I'll tell you, your nothing to me and my wife, you're useless, you don't obey, and you disgust me!"

That last thing he said was still inside my brain, I'm not useless, I was strong and I can work hard than any other Boo! But obeying…? I course I obey!

It's just hard to say why.

Like I said before this happened, before this started crashing down. I used to go to Boo School, I wasn't popular, I get A's, and I play sports despite my size.

Well, that was a long time ago. Now I'm homeschooled, thanks to the drinking. Well, not totally homeschooled. They won't teach me anything; they always drink, go out, and beat me.

End of story right? Wrong, it's only the beginning people.

I was five in Boo years when Mom went in labor. I was excited that I'm having a sister or brother to play with and protect. But what I was worried was about Mom and Dad.

They wouldn't have anything to do with me, so why would they take care of a baby?

My answer was very clear, and this totally shocked the shit out of me. As the baby Boo was born, they named it LB because he was so tiny.

I think he was just the cutest thing ever!

My parents, however, have other ideas for him, however. They take him like I wasn't there and raised him well. There was no drinking, only rehab. And if they go out they call a babysitter, not me.

Then one day I was feeding LB some baby food when Dad stormed in the kitchen. This was bad; I wasn't supposed to leave my room.

"What the FUCK are you doing here?" It wasn't loud enough to scare LB but it was loud enough for me. I stopped feeding LB and turned around.

"What? Can't I just feed my little brother?"

Dad grabbed me by the arm, HARD. "Why are you out of your room?" He demanded, I then realized as I smelled his breath: he was drinking once again.

"Where's mum," I asked, trying to break free from my dad's grip. "Isn't she with you?"

"Out with rehab friends."

Mom stopped drinking since LB was born; she changed her attitude and image. She then started making friends at the Boo Rehab; I've seen a few of the friends but never spoke to them.

"Why are YOU out of your ROOM? YOU'RE not SUPPOSE to be SEEN!" he yelled again, unaware that LB was watching this. Both in shock and in confusement.

"Because…" I started to say but he threw me hard against the wall. I didn't scream though I knew that was coming. I managed to move before he punched me on the face.

This was it. I was going to die in front of LB… Until Mom opened the front door; she saw what was going on. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO BB!"

Dad stopped, and slowly turned around. "Um… honey. You're home already?" Mom floated towards me with worry eyes, I couldn't see that Dad was still glaring at me.

"Are you ok BB?" she asked, she was trying to pick me up, but I was gasping for air.

"I'm… Ok Mom… I am… I think."

Then she turned back towards Dad, "How could you?" Dad raised his arms as if he didn't know what was going on. Mom can see this, "Don't you lie! I asked BB to watch LB for a while!"

I nodded, "I… been trying to tell you that…" But Dad didn't care. "In. Your. Room. NOW!"

I struggled towards to my room trying very hard not to cry.

Like I said please do not try to cry.