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Boolossus watched as Liz drove off to get the two other Boos that were in the hospital. She sighed, she couldn't sleep after knowing that these two… BB and LB? Having a parent problem that was more than she had gone through.

She turned towards a bed to where her cousin Boolet was sleeping peacefully. God how can she sleep throughout this whole deal?

Boolossus shook her head (or body?) as she tries not to think about it. Those six days ago was still burning in her head…

(Flashback: The first three days ago)

Boolossus was staring out the window of her father's limo as she sighed. Why does she look so upset? Well for two reasons: one, her father was going on a trip after winning a lottery. Two, because of the trip his daughter has to stay with her older brother.

King Boo knew that his daughter was worried about this; his son just got a baby girl. And not only that, was now a father.

"Boolossus… This will have to do. I know you and Bootone don't see eye to eye but you are going to see your new cousin."

King Boo can tell his daughter wasn't pleased with this. He knew that she wasn't much of a fan of children but this might be a new start for her.

Soon the limo slowed to a driveway where a rather large house stood, "This is it. Your brother's house." Boolossus heard her father say as the limo came to a stop.

Bootone and his wife of two years stood outside the front door, both smiling at the arrival of the two guests who stood before them.

"Right on time!" Bootone said in a cheerful voice. "How are you doing father and sister?" King Boo smiled as he hugged his son. "I'm doing really well; I was just dropping off your sister."

Bootone nodded as if he understood. "I see. So when will you be back?" King Boo shook his head (body?), "Not sure, this meeting's getting really intense lately; something about putting up some new stuff around the mansion."

As the two talked Boolossus was talking to Susan, who was holding a child. "So, how are you doing?" Susan smiled, "It's been… Nice lately. Have you heard the news? They say that some family were abusing their children for something."

Boolossus grimed, her father too heard about this. In fact, he says if this keeps up he'll have to do an check on it soon.

Boolossus then turn her attention to the child in Susan's arms; it was a tiny Boo no bigger than a tennis ball.

To her surprise the color of the skin, while her big brother was more of a pale baby blue and Susan's color was a pale sunshine yellow, the baby's skin was a very pale red.

"Wow, it's a nice color."

Susan smiled, "Yes it is. Even the doctors have no idea why the color was red." Boolossus nodded, and then her father spoke from behind her.

"It's time for me to go." King Boo too, was looking at his new granddaughter with happiness in his eyes, "Bootone and Susan, please take good care of your child. And Boolossus, I expect you babysit the child if ever the two go off somewhere."

"Yes Daddy." Boolossus knew never to let her father down. Maybe being around a child may change her views.

Bootone gave King Boo a quick hug while Susan gave him a quick kiss on the cheek (Aww.). As soon as the limo disappeared, Bootone smiled at his sister. "Well, I expect you need a tour of the place." Boolossus nodded.

(Back to the Present)

Boolossus shivered as the cold air in the room was starting to breeze though the old cracked window of the Boo House. How long was Liz been gone? Hopefully not that long.

And then she realized: her father, King Boo, doesn't know. He had no idea what had happened because he was still on that trip.

She made sure to tell him on the phone, "H-hello?"

A voice was on the other line, "Hello, is this Boolossus?"

"Y-yes. Can I s-speck to my f-father please?"

"One moment."

It was quiet on the other line for only a few seconds, then King Boo's voice was on the line. "Hello?"

"Daddy! You have to come home now!"

"Boolossus? What's wrong, and why do you sound so scared?"

"It's Bootone and Susan… They… are dead."