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Chapter 20 Drama Queens

Marcus's POV

After the quarrels of the evening were finally concluded, I hastily took my leave from Aro's study and retired to my chambers at a leisurely pace. My mind required time to reflect and regroup before commencing the task of packing my personal effects and incidentals to move into the guard quarters with my Bella. If Aro was under the impression that his prohibiting Bella from residing in the family wing of the castle was going to prove to detour to us then he sorely needs to reevaluate his logic. I shall not be separated from my mate by his, or anyone else's, whim. We would depart Volterra first and leave this lunacy behind us. I must confess that in this moment expatriation does hold a singular appeal. The abundance of drama since our reappearance has been overwhelming and I, for one, shall not tolerate its continuation.

Aro's irrational mistrust of Bella is unfathomable. I cannot help but speculate that the trumped up 'demon' accusation is a ploy on his part to provoke dissention and prejudice everyone against her. He has tried multiple tactics to destroy her, but thank the gods they have all come to naught. I am deeply concerned for her safety. In fact, for as long as we dwell in this vipers nest, I shall have to ensure that either Jasper or Alice accompany her anytime that I cannot. This may be a delicate situation but with Caius's support I can acquire them as my personal guard, thus insuring Bella safety. I shall have to devise a ploy to converse with him outside the castle walls so all are not privy to our discussion. I predict that, with the mindset he seems fixed on maintaining, Aro would surely construe any such conversation as treason and manipulate it into yet another stone to cast at my Isabella. I truly query if the three millennia of viewing others' thoughts has finally fractured his grip on reality. Though my theories surely abound, the only true conclusion offered me in the moment is that he is extremely dangerous and we will have to proceed with caution.

As I approached my quarters my senses were assaulted by a scent that did not belong there. I growled and ripped open my door, storming into my bedchamber. There lying on my bed was a very naked, very aroused succubus. I could not believe my eyes- for there she was poised with her legs apart, knees bent so that all her wares were clearly on display. If a vampire could vomit I would have commenced at the sight. I progressed from disgust to fury in a nanosecond. This harlot had invaded my chambers and defiled my bed, spreading her repulsive scent all over the sheets that my Bella had slumbered on. I silently vowed that this creature was going to receive retribution for that offense.

"What is the meaning of this flagrant breach of my privacy, Irina? Your presence was neither requested nor required, and as such, you are not welcome here. Clothe yourself and remove yourself from my sight immediately lest you shall surely suffer the repercussions of my wrath," I hissed as my ire continued to rise.

"But I came here for you, Marcus," she pouted. "I know if you would spend just one night with me I can rid you of what ails you. I could give you such pleasure you wouldn't have time to think of that vile creature and her spell over you would be broken once and for all. She is the reason that my Laurent is gone. I'm just trying to help distance you from her influence so you will be safe," she cooed as she got off the bed and moved toward me, swinging her hips seductively.

"I warn you, Irina, do not presume to approach me," I threatened, baring my teeth "You have blatantly disregarded and disrespected the clearly expressed wishes of both myself and my mate. If you dare lay a finger on my person I will not be accountable for my actions," I hissed at her as she continued moving forward.

"Oh pooh, she isn't really your mate anyway," she stated, rolling her eyes. "Bella bewitched Edward into believing she was his mate, too, until Grace came along and destroyed that enchantment. I'm just going to do the same for you," she purred and then reached out to touch my chest.

In an instant my beast was released and I reacted, pinning her to the wall by her throat, careful not to touch any more of her than was necessary, as my primal side growled in her face. She was shivering in fear while I was quaking in fury.

"Felix, attend me now!" I roared, enraged as I stared her down. She had wits enough to look down and assume as much of a submissive posture as possible in the position in which I had immobilized her.

The door burst open and Felix bolted into the room, eyes darting around evaluating the situation as he moved but prepared for anything. He smirked at my predicament and then leered at Irina's nude form dangling against the wall before schooling his features in a more appropriate expression.

"How can I be of assistance, Master Marcus?" he inquired with the proper tone but his eyes betrayed his amusement at my discomforting situation.

"Get this doxy properly attired and remove her from my presence," I hissed as I dropped her to the ground. "Escort her to the dungeon and confine her to a cell for the remainder of the evening. Her offense shall be dealt with in the morning," I ordered, staring daggers at the disgusting creature in front of me.

"What have I done wrong that I should be treated this way? I was just trying to help you," she spat at me as Felix threw her clothes at her.

"You entered a Master's private chambers without permission or invitation," I hissed indignantly. "That is a punishable offense, is it not, Felix?" I growled, clearly hoping she would finally understand the severity of her actions.

"Yes, Master. It is one of the first rules we are taught here," he responded, leering at Irina as she got dressed, carnal desire apparent on his face.

"Well how was I supposed to know that? I don't live here after all," she whined, throwing her hair over her now clad shoulder.

"It would require nothing more than courtesy and common sense to ascertain, Irina, both attributes which you are obviously lacking. Remove her, Felix, and ensure that she stays away from me," I commanded, dismissing them before refocusing my attentions towards gathering my belongings to pack.

When I heard the sound of the door closing, I released a sigh of relief. I am unsure how much more I could handle today. All I desired in the world right now was my peace, my solace, my Bella.

Packing at vampire speed, I was through in an instant and out the door running toward my angel before my thoughts could catch up to my actions. She had almost met her demise today at Aro's hand. My beast had been provoked and I was in dire need to feel, hold, kiss, and claim my mate. My need for her saturated every fiber of my being. I was utterly lost in the compulsion to reinforce our bond in the most primal of ways.

As I rounded the corner, I heard a door open and saw Bella peaking out. I entered, closed the door behind me, and pulled my precious angel into my arms before she could even react. I growled deep in my throat, crashing my lips down on hers in passionate desperation as my hands wandered every inch of her form to reassure myself that she had suffered no harm. I could still detect Aro's scent on her person and this enraged my beast further. My brother had tried to kill my mate. He could have taken what was mine away from me forever.

Vibrating with both barely contained fury and desire, I broke the kiss. I was desperate to feel her so I pulled her closer to my body burying my nose in her hair. I inhaled deeply, savoring her sweet scent, but instead of the calm I expected her aroma inflamed me.

"I almost lost you; you could have vanished from my life today," I whimpered into her tresses. "I need you, angel. More than anything, more than the blood that sustains me, I need to feel you around me, to reconnect with you, to claim you, immediately," I begged, pulling back to gaze into her face.

The blackness of her eyes and the scent of her arousal as it wafted around me was all the response that I required. I picked her up in my arms, ran to the bedchamber, and deposited her on the bed before she even had time to finish her breath. The only sound in the room was the tearing of fabric as we frantically shredded each other's clothing, driven by the craving to feel flesh against flesh in our frenzied state. It was obvious that she desired me just as fervently as I did her in this instant and I would not disappoint.

Covering her body with my own, I thrust into her with all my pent up passion and fear. I ceased all movement then released a sigh of contentment. Inside her everything was right with the world. Inside her I was where I belonged. It was confirmed, my beast could rest assured now that our bond was sound and our love was unharmed.

"Mine," I growled in her ear as I ran my nose down her jaw line to her throat.

"Yours," she purred back, trying to capture my face to kiss me but I pulled back.

Aro's scent was strongest on her throat and that alone was intolerable. While immobilizing her head with my hands, I proceeded to attack her neck with my tongue cleansing away the stench his evil hands left behind. She quivered and shook, wrapping her legs around my waist and pressing her breasts to my chest, thrusting upward and pulling me deeper into her warm moist core. I growled as the heavenly sensation overwhelmed my senses. The pleasure I felt was beyond belief but I had not yet completed my cleansing of her neck so I forced myself not to move.

"Angel, please be still. I almost lost you today… he touched what is mine without my permission so it is imperative that I remove his scent and replace it with my own before we enter into our blessed communion. It utterly crucial that I do this. Please, darling, allow me to fulfill this ablution and then I shall give you all that you desire." I moaned resisting the need to move in her so I could finish.

Bella quieted and exposed more of her delicious neck to me. I was nearly overcome by the sight of my mark calling to me to claim her again. Recommencing my labors, I licked and kissed every inch of that delectable column until the only scent detectable was my own as it blanketed hers.

Satisfied, I lavished kisses down her throat to her collarbone, growling softly as I started to move within her. She moaned in response, pulling my head up and kissing me with a passion that could have set the palace ablaze. I did not 'see stars' as the poets have described but rather entire constellations from the intensity and love she put behind the kiss. I could not hold back any longer. I had to please my mate.

At a speed only vampires can attain, I plowed into her, thrusting at just the right angle to cause unparalleled friction to her pleasure center which elicited a scream of pleasure from her.

"Oh, yes! Marcus, right there… please!" my angel cried, bringing me close to the edge of my own release with her vocalizations as I continued move within her.

"I am so close, Bella! Let go my love and join me in our bliss," I begged, moving harder and faster than I thought possible.

"Marcus, I'm going to…" she screamed, pushing up hard against me.

"Now, angel," I commanded as I slammed into her core again and again. We peaked and fell over the edge together, basking in the waves of pure bliss that consumed us. I sank my teeth into my mark as she did the same to me. Panting and growling, I shook with the force of my release.

"Mine," she growled as she sealed her mark gently with her tongue.

"Yours," I purred, mirroring her actions and then sighed.

In this moment, with my beast sated and content, life was perfect and everything was right in the universe. I cannot help but wonder how long this calm before the storm shall last.

Alice's POV

As soon as we were dismissed from the throne room we followed Demetri to the other side of the castle to the wing reserved for the guard. Demetri stopped at a door at the end of the hallway and opened it, motioning Jasper and I inside. I notice Felix doing the same with Bella at the door across from ours.

"These are your quarters for the duration of your stay with us. They are to be kept neat and tidy at all times. Any personal items that you require can either be sent to you from home or can be purchased online. We do not furnish anything but what is necessary. You will find your cloaks hanging in the closet and they are to be worn anytime you are outside these rooms. I will notify you of the time we are to convene in the throne room in the morning as soon as the Masters give the order. Jasper, you are to keep an ear open for any difficulties that the newborn might encounter. This is a full time job until her fate has been determined. Is this understood?" Demetri conveyed in a monotone voice, looking to us both for a response.

"Yes, sir," Jasper replied in military fashion as I nodded my agreement.

"Do you have any questions?" he asked, studying our faces.

"Is it okay for us to call our family now? I'd like to see how they're adjusting to the change in their circumstances," I questioned, figuring with all the restrictions placed on us that I should ask permission first.

"You will be allowed to use the phone in the guards' recreation room once a week. Your cell phones have been confiscated, so, no; there will be no calls out for the next six days. Is there any other questions you need to ask?" he inquired, beginning to look impatient.

"No, that's all for now," I said, looking to Jazz who shook his head.

"Good. Then I'll leave you to your unpacking," Demetri stated, walking out the door and closing it behind him.

So, it appears we have found ourselves in vampire boot camp if Demetri's attitude is any indication. I'm sure Master Aro has something to do with this treatment, considering our close connection with Bella. I looked at Jasper to see how he was handling this situation but he seemed unperturbed so I decided to check out the rooms we had been given.

The accommodations were adequate, if a little tight. We had a living area furnished with a couch and a couple of chairs, a large study that would be big enough for Jasper's needs, a bathroom, and a fair sized bedroom. At least it had a large and sturdily made bed so we wouldn't be breaking it easily in our enthusiasm. The closet was only half the size of mine at home and we were expected to share it. Oh well, since we had to wear those god awful grey cloaks almost all the time, I guess it doesn't really matter. Anything stylish I would wear would be ruined by the Dracula effect of that antiquated piece of cloth. Maybe I should offer to redesign it. I'm sure I could bring it into the twenty-first century at least.

We put away our belongings while both Jasper and I listened to Bella unpack across the hall. We were waiting for Master Marcus to finally make his appearance so we could relax. We figured it wouldn't take him long to get to her. I really don't know what Aro was thinking, forcing Bella to live away from Master Marcus's quarters. All that was going to accomplish was the probable relocation of where he's going to live. You can't separate mates like that. Aro is mated himself, so you would think he would know that firsthand. It makes me question the validity and depth of that bond if he can be so clueless.

We had finished up and were just cuddling on the couch when we heard Master Marcus bellowing for Felix's immediate presence. I was on my feet and heading toward the door when Jasper grabbed my arm pulling me to a stop.

"Where do you think you're going, darlin'?" Jasper asked, raising an eyebrow at me.

"To see if I can help Master Marcus, of course. He could be in trouble, Jazz. We have to see what's wrong. Bella would never forgive us if we let something happen to him," I replied, trying to pull out of his grasp.

"We weren't the ones that were summoned, Alice. If he needed us he would have called for us. Let Felix do his job and stay out of it. We can't go gallivanting through the castle running to his rescue like a couple of crusaders. We already have our orders… to listen out for Bella. As Demetri explained that is our full time job, so keep your nose out of others' affairs. Besides, you were about to leave without your cloak. I don't really think you would be pleased with the consequences of that action. You don't want to be disciplined on your first day on the job, do you, darlin'?" he questioned, concern evident in his voice.

"Of course not, Jazz. I'm just not use to all these restrictions yet. Thanks for stopping me. As for that cloak, I don't think I'll ever get use to it. That thing is disgusting. It is just so last century," I stated plainly, wrinkling my nose and making a face.

Jasper chuckled, pulling me back to the couch to sit down when we heard Bella's door open accompanied by Master Marcus's scent. Bella was in safe hands now so we could relax a little bit.

"Jasper, how can you handle all of these regulations so easily? I haven't been here but a few hours and I feel like I'm suffocating already, if that was even possible. You just seem to be taking this all in stride," I asked, snuggling into him.

"I'm used to a military structure, darlin'. It's no big deal to me. Between the Confederate Army and Maria's rigid discipline with her newborns, I've spent most of my existence dancing to someone else's tune. The only freedom I've ever had came from living with our family and that was all because of you," he explained, sending me a wave of gratitude then kissing me sweetly.

I'm the luckiest woman in the world to have such a wonderful and patient mate. I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him back with all the passion that he deserved. All of a sudden I stiffened; everything around me was going black, as a powerful vision overtakes me. I find myself standing beside one of the hot springs close to our home in Alaska. The steam is rising off the water and colliding with the freezing temperature of the wind as it whips across its surface. Edward is sitting alone, looking desolate as he stares into the inconsistent vapor. He draws his knees up to his chin, and lays his head on them, closing his eyes. He sighs heavily like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

In a flash he was no longer alone. Rose appeared, growling and hissing. Suddenly she broadsided him, taking him down. Her features were the most feral I had ever seen as her black eyes flashed and her teeth bared, ready for her attack. She moved at lightning speed, detaching both his arms before he had recognized he even needed to protect himself. With a twist of her hands she had him beheaded and moved on to tear him limb from limb. Then she stopped to survey her handiwork and smiled with an evil, self-satisfied grin.

"I warned you not to hurt my sister but a usual you didn't listen to me. You're the reason she's gone and who knows if she's ever coming back. It's time to put an end to your self-centered and controlling ways once and for all. I'd suggest that you make peace with your maker, brother, because you'll be meeting Him real soon. I hope you burn in the pits of hell for the rest of eternity for the pain and suffering that you've caused the ones that have had the misfortune to love you. Goodbye, Edward," she spat in righteous indignation.

I watched in abject horror as she proceeded to pull out a lighter, flick it, and toss it onto his mangled remains. As the venom ignited, my favorite brother was consumed by the flames becoming no more than ash and a cloud of purple smoke rising up, swirling in the currents, then being carried away by the wind. As Rosalie's monster receded, the realization of what she had done set in and she collapsed in the snow sobbing uncontrollably. With that final image I was back in the room wrapped in Jasper's supportive arms as he held and rocked me.

"What did you see, darlin' that has you so distraught? Your pain and fear are off the charts," he demanded, cringing a little as he sent as much soothing calm my way as he could through his own discomfort.

"Rose is going to destroy him, Jasper. She is going to tear Edward apart and burn the pieces. I saw it and it was horrible. We have to do something, now, before it's too late! We need to call Emmett but how are we going to accomplish that with no phone access? By the time we ask permission and go through the proper channels it will be done," I whimpered, never having felt so helpless in my life.

"Come with me, darlin'," he ordered, pulling me towards the door. "Master Marcus is across the hall and he should have his cell phone with him. We'll explain the situation to him and I'm sure he'll allow us to use it," he explained, opening it quickly.

We were in front of Bella's door and knocking in a flash. A rather disheveled looking Bella answered with a look of displeasure on her face. It appeared we had interrupted something by the scent in the air, and she was less than thrilled about it.

"Bella, I'm so sorry to bother you but I need to talk to Master Marcus immediately. It's a matter of life or death!" I exclaimed rapidly, praying that he could help.

"Alright, Alice come on in," Bella said and then moved aside as Master Marcus rushed out of the bedroom tucking his shirt in his pants.

"What is the matter, Alice?" Master Marcus inquired, concern etched on his face.

"Master Marcus, Rosalie is going to destroy Edward, and in the process our entire family, if I don't warn them. We have no phones, so could we use yours, please?" I begged vibrating with urgency.

"Of course you may, Alice," he replied, fishing it out of his pocket and handing it to me in a flash. He and Bella went to sit on the couch to wait.

As I dialed Emmett's number I prayed that he would answer quickly because I didn't have time to hunt someone else down.

"Hello?" Emmett answered, sounding confused.

"Emmett, thank God I got you! You have to find Rose before she kills him," I blurted out in a panic.

"Alice, slow down. Who is Rose going to kill?" he questioned giving me his full attention.

"Edward! I had a vision of her tearing him apart and torching him down by the smallest of the hot springs. You have to hurry and stop her," I pleaded fearfully.

"Oh, shit! Can I reach you at this number?" he asked urgently over the sound of rushing wind. He must be already running. I looked to Master Marcus and he nodded his consent.

"Yes. Please call me and let me know if everything is okay. Call Carlisle on your way because you're going to need him there to deal with Edward's injuries. One more thing, Emmett… Rose was out of control, so be careful. I don't want to see her turn on you and hurt you, too," I explained adamantly, trying to let him know how serious this was.

"Gotcha. I'll call as soon as I can," he promised and then hung up.

Breathing a sigh of relief for the first time since having the vision, I moved into Jasper's outstretched arms and breathed in his calming scent. I started to sob into his chest as the seriousness of the situation came home to roost. Jasper kissed my hair and gentle rubbed circles on my back to help soothe my tension.

"Jasper, please bring Alice over here and have a seat. It may take a little time to get a response, so make yourselves comfortable while you wait," Bella offered as she moved into Master Marcus's lap to make room for us on the couch.

Jasper guided me to them, sat down, and pulled me into his lap. I could feel the worry and fear he was trying to hide from me so he could be supportive. I looked up into his face and touched it, trying to soothe him, too. There was nothing we could do now but wait. I had to trust Emmett to handle the crisis and get to them in time.

"Alice, tell us what happened. I gather you saw Rosalie destroying the boy, but what was the cause?" Master Marcus inquired as Bella looked on with concern.

"I don't know all the details, but it appears that Grace has left Edward. By what Rose said to him he must have hurt her again. I don't understand how that could happen without me seeing it though. Maybe I didn't see it because she acted purely on instinct instead of making a decision. I just don't know. What I do know is I've never felt so scared or helpless since I opened my eyes to this world," I stated forcefully as Jasper hugged me to him a little tighter.

"Have you tried looking for Grace, Alice? If you find her future, shouldn't you be able to figure out what happened or at least what conclusion this is going to have?" Bella questioned, making perfect sense.

"I've been too freaked out to think it through, Bella, but that's a great suggestion. Give me a minute to check," I said, shifting my attention to search my visions before I even finished the sentence.

The Denalis' living room materialized around me and I saw Grace sitting on the couch across from Kate and Garrett.

"I just don't understand what is wrong with him. He hasn't been the same since we went to Italy. I just couldn't take it anymore," she complained, looking at them is despair.

Then things morphed and I was in Edward and Grace's bedroom. Edward was on the bed looking weak as Grace fed him blood from a thermos. She had a hard expression on her face but Edward was alive and she was there with him.

"Emmett must have gotten to him in time because I saw him recovering with Grace at his side. She went to Denali when she left so it shouldn't take her long to get home," I revealed with relief, giving Jasper a hug and sending him my gratitude.

As we were all enjoying the good news, the ringing of Master Marcus's phone interrupted. He looked at the number and handed it to me with a smile.

"Hello, Emmett. Is Edward okay?" I asked in a rush.

"It's Esme, Alice, and he's going to be fine. Emmett got to Rose before she could burn him. Thanks for warning us, sweetheart. I don't think I could have handled losing another of my children on top of everything else," Esme said passionately.

"How did it come to this in the first place, Esme? What did he do to set Rose off?" I questioned, wanting more information.

"Edward's not been himself since we arrived in Italy. He's reverted back to how he was in Forks with Bella and he's been treating Grace with the same type of compulsiveness. He's been trying to control her every move, thought, and action… down to picking out what she was to wear for the day. Grace finally had enough of it and blew up at him. She told him she was neither his doll nor his puppet- that she was a woman, his mate, and as such he should show her some respect. My idiot son told her that her outburst was unbecoming behavior for a lady but that he would forgive it this time since our exile had obviously unsettled her more than he realized. She had her bag packed in the blink of an eye and was out the door without another word to him," Esme explained sounding worried.

"Yep, that would set Rose off, alright. Is Emmett okay?" I asked with concern coloring my tone.

"He's fine, Alice, but he will be sporting a scar where she bit him when he grabbed her," Esme stated with a giggle.

"I've never seen Rose that out of control before, I was so worried about him. So everything is okay now?" I questioned to see if there was anything else I needed to know.

"As fine as it's going to be for a while, I'm afraid, but don't worry about us," she explained, then sighed.

"Then I better go now, Esme. We have no phones, so I'm using Master Marcus's. We're not even supposed to calling home yet but I had to do something. I couldn't lose my brother, even if he is being an ass right now. Give our love to everyone and we'll call as soon as we can," I said, aching from the separation.

"I will. We all miss and love you, too. You both take care of yourselves and thank Marcus for us," She said sounding close to tears.

"We will on both fronts, you can be sure. Bye, Esme," I said as I closed the phone and handed it back to Master Marcus.

"Thank you so much, Master, for allowing us to call home early even though it was against the rules. I just couldn't let my brother die," I explained, feeling a little calmer.

"It was my pleasure, Alice, but could you explain what you mean by 'against the rules'?" Master Marcus inquired in confusion.

"I assume that Alice and Jasper got the same indoctrination speech I got from Felix, my love. We aren't allowed to make any calls out for the next six days. It has no effect on me because I have no one to call but it could have been tragic for the Cullens if you hadn't been here," Bella expounded as Jasper and I nodded in agreement.

"That was not a stipulation of your sentence. I wonder if Caius is aware of this addendum," Master Marcus pondered aloud with a frown.

"Well, if my sense of smell is any indication, you will be finding out any second. It appears we are about to be receiving visitors," Bella stated, her observation promptly followed by a knock on the door.

Bella opened it to reveal the smiling face of Caius and a beautiful but timid dark haired woman who I would guess to be his wife. Bella stepped aside, allowing them to enter.

"Master Marcus, Jasper and I will be going now but thank you again for your help. Master Caius, we will see you in the morning," I said, grabbing Jasper's hand and heading for the door.

"You are most welcome, Alice. We shall see you in the throne room at 10:00 am. Have a pleasant evening," Master Marcus said before turning his attention to Caius.

"Bye, guys. See you in the morning," Bella stated, then closed the door behind her.

This had been one hell of a day and even though vampires don't get tired per se, we do get overwhelmed. I opened the door and pulled Jasper inside, planting the most passionate kiss on his lips I could muster. I broke the kiss, stared deep into his eyes, and nodded towards the bedroom with a questioning look. His eyes turned black and he swept me up bridal style in an instant, running for the door. Yep, that's just what the doctor ordered for what ails me… some physical therapy with my mate.

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