Hello dears,

Here's a quick note with some new and old information (some of you haven't been reading the author notes, tsk, tsk). Wee Doctor is the first in a series which will start up again in August. The next story in the series will be called Small Families. I'm going through and doing an update of the story, a lot of the beginning chapters will have words added (about 300-800 depending on the chapter) and spelling and grammar issues will be fixed. I don't have a beta for Wee Doctor, I've advertised several times and even asked around my friends but I've either received no response, or a negative one. Thank you for your patience with my errors, I have language issues that make it difficult for my writing to be textbook perfect, but I hope I make up for it in plot and character.

The response to this has been very lovely, especially sense traditionally I am the fanwriter few people read, thankfully I also get some superb readers and commenters who I want to hold forever to my marshmallow heart. If I haven't replied to your comment it's not because I don't love you, it's just a matter of time, volume and the weird way fanfiction does replies sometimes. If you've commented and I haven't answered your deep and insightful question or analysis, or you want me to answer some hitherto unposted insightful question or analysis, (even just question or analysis if it comes to that) feel free to comment to this chapter and I'll reply! (Some questions I may not be able to answer for plotty reasons, just as fair warning.)

I hope you enjoy the new chapters, they should be all up by the 26th of July.

Lots of Love,