To those of you who are following my Kurushi-hen story, do not be confused. These two stories are not related in any way. Also, this will likely not be the first time I write something else.


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The worst sorrows in life are not in its losses and misfortunes, but its fears. - Arthur Christopher Benson

"See you tomorrow, Mii-chan!"

"Yeah, see you!"

I parted with my two best friends as they continued walking home together. The happy smile that had just curved my lips turned into a flat line on my face. Rather than walk the path that took me home, I stood still, watching them. I couldn't hear what they talked about, but their laughter told me that they were having fun.

A deep sigh escaped me; they were my best friends. I couldn't do anything if their friendship turned into something deeper.. I would only be able to cheer for them, encourage them, and silently stab my own egoism and jealousy. I want them to be happy. I definitely want them to be happy.. I must never upset them by showing my need for symphathy.

I swallow a clump in my throat and turn around once my friends are out of sight. I don't want to go home. Not right now. My family shouldn't see me like this; tears were pressing.

As I walk, toward the forest, across the grass, I gradually increase my pace until I realize I'm running. Tears are racing down my cheeks as I flee, trying to get away. Some small hope pops into my mind, hoping I'll be able to run into a portal to another world.

I stagger as I reach the forest, halting to support myself against a tree. I cry heavily as I try to hide my face against the dirty bark, wanting to escape, wanting to be somewhere else.. somewhere I belong.

Trying to catch my breath, between my crying, I tell myself to be strong, to pull myself together. Yet, my own words are meaningless, without effect. I glide down the tree into a sitting pose, not able to stand on my otherwise healthy legs.

I'm not sure I even want to live anymore.. my life is nothing more than pretention and placébo. Tomorrow, I'll again ''have fun'' with everyone, the club, but I know I'm lying to myself, everyone. I'm not having fun. I'm not happy. I'll pretend I'm perfectly delighted, but once I'm alone after school, I'll be crying inside myself. Then I'll scold myself for crying. Then everything starts over.

It's not fun anymore. I don't want to be part of it. Of life, that is. I just know everyone will be happier without me. Nobody will have to take me into consideration..



...did they ever? Oh, fuck it all. I don't care.

I glance behind me; a slight hope that he would be there to cheer me up lightened my heart - then left it in the darkness. He wasn't here, nor would he ever be.

He had already gone home.

..and I should go home, too... so I can start this pretention over again tomorrow.

..should go home..


..I don't want to...

..at all...



So.. this was just a little something I wrote last night in hand. What if Mion doesn't really go straight home, but often ends up crying..? I believe this side of her exists… I indeed believe this side of her is there.