Madara Uchiha finally lay limp below Naruto's bloody figure, this war, seemed to be going on for months, even if it had only been a few days.

Naruto was so warn out; he couldn't help but stumble to his knees, landing right next to Madara. He studied the body in front of him, the orange mask that lay shattered next to him, and the stagnant limbs that were sprawled out. He still embraced a look of shock on his face from the moment the Futon:Rasengan had hit his chest.

Naruto had to make sure he was completely dead, void. Though he felt his consciousness slowly slip away dispite the ruckus in the background. The blonde boy picked his arm up and felt for a heartbeat, but as far as he could tell, there was no sign of life. A soulless body lay before him.

Naruto toppled over falling completely to the ground, a voice could be heard in the distance, a female voice. Naruto, though too tired to care who it was, shut his eyes peacefully and began to drift away.

Hinata Hyuga stood in the Jyuken stance, looking towards the original Zetsu that stood before her, to her left was Kakashi sensei, and on her right was Rock Lee and Bee. Together, the Four of them had the hardest task, to completely obliterate the monster that was the reason for all of these lifeless zombies. It was inhumane to bring the dead back to life and force them to fight against their old friends, and siblings.

As Hinata looked back at Zetsu, something in the background caught her attention. It was a stumbling of black and orange. She could tell it was Naruto, He was summoning a rasengan to his hand. Her view of the jinchuriken was quickly blocked as the monster stepped to the side.

"So what, three douchebags and a little fucking bitch are going to take care of me?" Shouted one half of the plant-like figure.

"No…" Stated Kakashi Calmly, "Three douchebags and a bitch are going to kill you"

Suddenly the four ninja disappeared, knowing that in half-a-second, the real fight was going to start.

Lee tried for a kick to the jaw, but he wasn't quite sure where that was, Zetsu easily dodged, and continued to do so.

"Four verse one?" yelled the creep, "I think we should even the odds"

With this statement he appeared behind Hinata, kicking her in the back with extreme force and sending her plummeting.

"Hinata!" Yelled Lee in an extremely worried voice, 'Neji is going to kill me'

"Kakashi-sensei, Permission to take Hinata back to the medical tent and get backup?"

Kakashi looked towards the young ninja, before lifting his headband up to show his sharingan eye, he nodded to lee before quickly grabbing a scroll from his vest and doing multiple hand signals.

Lee disappeared in a blur and reappeared behind Hinata, quickly placing her arms around his neck and hoisting her onto his back. Kakashi slammed his scroll into the ground and gave Lee a smile, "Be quick"

"Hey Fucktard with the bad haircut, you and that girl ain't going nowhere" crudely yelled Zetsu before falling into the ground and reappearing behind the boy.

He reached his hand out towards Lee but it was stopped shortly, the lack of movement followed by pain that had been inflicted over his arms, legs and neck.

Dogs appeared clenched onto each of his main limbs, holding him still.

Lee began running in the opposite direction, towards the medic centre. Hinata's eyes opened slightly looking forwards at the bumpy road, she saw a figure in the distance and pain began to swell in her ambdomen, she watched as Naruto fell to the ground next to a fallen Madara.

Something began to build up in her throat, she opened her mouth, but nothing came up, as the impact of Naruto hitting the ground echoed through the field she couldn't help but let out an ear deafening scream.


Lee quickly composed himself and looked towards where the Hyuga girl was pointing. Worry was shown on his face within seconds. He ran towards Naruto and watched as behind him, more of the enemy's began to come into the picture, probably coming to claim their dead leader's body. 'Gai-sensei, I need your help, I can not carry Naruto and Hinata,'

Gai answered Lee's plea and arrived on the scene within seconds to a confused Lee with an even more confused Hinata on his back becoming sick from the pacing.

"Lee-kun" Gai's voice was calm and collect as usual, "Take Madara, I will carry Naruto and Hinata."

This made Lee even more confused, "Why do we need to take him? Gai-Sensei?"

"Well, we don't want them getting their hands on him, they will just bring him back to life."

"Oh yes sensei, Good point" happily claimed Lee as he hoisted the dead body over his shoulder.

Gai bent down and placed Naruto over his shoulder, Naruto's head made contact with his back. He quickly did the same with Hinata.

She looked over to the whisker adorned boy as they trekked back towards the medic centre. His arms lay swaying side to side. She looked down towards his hand, stretching out to reach it.

When they arrived at the tent, the medic in charge had to basically pry their intertwined hands apart.