Tsunade, by now, had gotten rid of her confusion over the situation of Sakura. There is only one thing she would openly up and leave for... that being Sasuke. How her favourite apprentice could do this, she didn't know, but it was not good. What if Sasuke just killed her on the spot? What if he didn't need a burden.

"Hokage-sama... What are we going to do?" The Hokage looked towards the voice of her old friend Shizune.

"Ay, Shizune..." Tsunade looked out across the village she had come to love, which then brought her back to the daughter figure she had lost, "We send someone to track her down"

"I will organise the best ANBU ninjas and have them sent on their way-" Shizune was stopped mid sentence.

"No. No, we need people that she knows... A tracker, Some strength and a leader."

"We could send team 7? Sai and Kakashi are already in the building, we can send someone out for Naruto?" Shizune was wondering exactly what was wrong with Tsunade... she saw the Hokage's eyes glistening as she stared out the window of her office, "Hokage-sama, is something wrong?"

Tsunade snapped out of her daze and turned to Shizune, "Send Naruto, Kakashi and someone from team 8"

"Hai" Shizune scurried off to find the chosen Ninjas.

"Hinata-san... I never got to thankyou for helping me in the fight against pein, I wouldn't of been able to beat him if it wasn't for you breaking the sticks." Naruto looked over to the girl who had her chopsticks half way between the bowl of ramen and her mouth. The chopsticks loosened as the girl lost all concentration on eating and gawked slightly at the blonde ninja in front of her.

A blush rushed over Hinata's face, "Ah... it was nothing Naruto-kun"

Naruto's gaze went from Hinata and to the table, "And what you said..." he trailed off.

Her face got brighter, "Y-Yes?"

Smoke filled the room before Naruto could answer, "Wha?"

"OINK" Shizune's pig was heard and both of the ninja turned to the noise.

"Ah Shizune-chan! What brings you here?"

Shizune, shocked at the two being in the one place, decided to take advantage of the moment 'I just found my member from team 8'

"Lucky you are both here, you have been summoned to the Hokage's tower, You are to go there immediately to be de-briefed on the mission you have been assigned. "

Shizune looked at the shade of red on hinata's face and then looked to Naruto's face but gathered nothing from his docile look, "Are you okay Hinata-san?"

Hinata immediately snapped out of her daze and turned her head towards her, "Ah yeah i am fine, i will see you at the Hokage's tower immediately.

The third wheel looked at them both and quickly dispersed with her pig.

The Hyuga turned her head towards Naruto and bowed to him as a thanks for inviting him in, "We should go"

Naruto looked into her vibrant purple eyes and slightly lost himself, "ah yeah we should..."

They both gathered themselves from their seats and made their way to the door. Naruto –attempting to be a gentlemen - went to open the door for Hinata, unfortunately Hinata had reached it just before him. His hand rested on hers slightly and the blush form earlier quickly crept back up onto her face.

Naruto looked at her, "Ah Gomen, Hinata-san" He went to move his hand away but managed to graze the side of her ribs and this act sent shivers down Hinata's body and cause her to feel slightly dizzy. Naruto on the other hand didn't realise how much she had grown, from the small girl that couldn't get out a sentence, to a very mature and had managed to make minor small talk with the boy. What he noticed the most was how much her body had matured, when he touched her ribs the top of his hand managed to slide on the bottom of her breast which was more then enough for him to imagine what was under the slim tank top. Which brought him to another thought, she changed her clothes?

He looked her up and down and realised that something from earlier (when he opened the door to her bending over) had come back.

He waited for the pain to hit him, but she didn't hit him... didn't even complain to him. She just gave him a look that said "Its okay" and started to walk down the hallway.

"Naruto-kun... Your still wearing your pyjamas?"

Naruto suddenly got embarrassed, which surprised Hinata, he looked down to his pants and back up to Hinata's face. "Ah yeah, i will meet you at the Tower, I'm just going to change, haha"

Sakura was barely an hour and a half from her home village but she had already began to feel some regret, she knew that she couldn't go back (not now anyway) she had already pushed her foot out of the door, the door that locked itself and threw out the key.

She had an idea of where Sasuke would be, that's all she had to worry about. Last time her and Naruto had talked about information on the Uchiha, they had decided he was hiding somewhere outside the village of the mist, but Sakura had a feeling that after the war and the loss of Madara and Kabuto, that Sasuke would go some place more... familiar.

She was going to find him, and then they would rebuild the Uchiha Clan together.

"Okay, its good to see you all here on time... Kakashi... This evening we received a letter from Sakura, she has left the village. Before we put her in the bingo book we must make sure this is by choice, that she didn't get kidnapped." Tsunade looked out at their faces and the shock appeared mainly on Naruto's face, "Any questions?"

"Hokage-sama... why did you choose us instead of some more suited ninja?" asked the shy Hyuga.

"If this is her choice... i need you to try and convince her to come back. Meet at Gate 2 Tomorrow morning, as it is getting late there is no point you trying to look for her in the dark, im sure she will settle down for the night also. You are Dismissed"

"Hai" repeated two of the ninjas, while Naruto just walked out of the room without saying a word. Hinata looked at the door wondering what was wrong.

He is probably upset about Sakura leaving. Hinata left the Hokage's tower and began to walk home. While she was walking, she grabbed the note from Sakura out of her pocket and read over it.

'Ah, she is right..'

Hinata got home, ate dinner and showered. After jumping in her bed she decided to read a book. As she opened the page she couldn't help but continue listening to Sakura's voice in her mind...

He's yours now. Not that it matters.. You won't approach him and he isn't going to even look at you that way unless you say something to him. Do something brave... Tell Him.

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