A.N Incase you don't know this is from the Half-Blood Prince right after Lavender kissed Ron. (I'm in for the Harmony ship)

She had just witnessed it. The boy she was in love with had been kissed by another, she had just sent a flock of birds to flying to him. It hurt to see him with another. Her other best friend had his arm around her and she laid her head on his shoulder. He probably knew how she felt, but he managed to keep it all in. How did he do it? Everyday she would see him look at the girl he loves with another and he would hide away his pain. Why can boys hide away their pain more easily than girls?

She suddenly felt that something had possessed her. She turned her head till she was facing his. She leaned closer so that her forehead was touching his. What was she doing? She closed her eyes and the next thing she knew was that she was kissing him. Oh how could you she thought. If the one she loved knew, he might not forgive her, but yet he had hurt her. Instead of pushing that Lavender Brown away he just let her.

The kiss felt warm and happy, but it had a little bit of sadness in it. Two people who had no feelings of love for each other were kissing as if they were. She didn't know how long it went for, but once they drew back all of her sorrows had returned. He was holding her shoulders and he looked at her, she was still crying.

"Hermione, what are you doing?" asked Harry.

She struggled to find the words. She didn't know why she had kissed him or what she was even doing at all. Her feelings were confused and that was all the little she knew.

"I don't know. Everything seems to be tumbling down for me right now." she replied.

He held her close again and said to her "Hermione I know you and if you have any common sense you wouldn't let this hurt you. If Ron is the one you love than you will wait for him. Only time will tell if you were meant to be.

Hermione looked at him still in tears.

"You're right. I'm sorry. I know you love Ginny and it hurts you every time you see her with Dean, but I never knew how much it hurt until it really happened to me."

"You're a strong girl. It will take a few people before you finally find the you are meant one to be with." he said.

This made her feel a bit better. If Ron wasn't meant to be with Lavender then it wasn't to be and if she wasn't meant to be with him then they weren't. Things happen for a reason.

"Maybe it's best if we forget this ever happened." suggested Harry.

"Yes. We obviously don't have any feelings for each other." she answered.

Harry got up and took his wand out.

"Harry don't. I said I wanted to forget it, but I didn't mean literally, I meant that we pretend it never happened. You made me feel better when I was upset. I think you were the smarter one and I was the one who needed questions answered. Please do not do it." she protested.

Harry got back down and sat beside her again.

"Fine. So we may never speak of this."

She shook her head.

"Like you said it takes time for people to find the one you were meant to be with and tonight we just found out that we weren't meant to be." she smiled.

He smiled back and they started laughing. It was moments like these that meant the most to them. Two best friends laughing and realising that that's all they ever will be. Best Friends.