This is a Bird & Ryan Fan Fiction, thinking of writing a lot of chapters, with heaps of different stuff happening I normally only write 2-3 chapters with not much happening so here goes. I wish that they got together in Sea Patrol and am very sad about how it's now ended I miss it soooooo much already! (I don't have a beta reader so if someone would like to beta read it or if someone knows someone who is)

I would like to thank my beta reader Sergeant Rachel, for getting this chapter better ! She's awesome! And would recommend to everyone

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"Late night Bird?" Kate asked as she saw Bird walking through the ships corridor.

"Yeah, the boys are still there, wasn't really enjoying myself I don't feel too well." Bird told Kate as she rubbed her head.

"You should get checked out by Swain in the morning." Kate said her voice gentle as she spoke to the young seaman. She placed the back of her hand against the young sailor's forehead, the abnormal heat radiatingfrom her head made Kate worried.

"Yeah, I will if I feel the same." Bird lied. I'm not going to.

"Alright, get some rest." Kate said, casting a quick glance at her watch.

"Night X" Bird said before continuing on her route to her cabin. She walked in and got changed into her PJ's, turned off her light and went and lay down in her rack. She rolled over and pulled her phone out from under the pillow, she pressed the on button on her iPhone and saw her front screen picture, her whole face lit up with happiness and she saw her current boyfriend Ryan on the screen with her, her whole body felt tingly and she felt butterflies flying around her stomach. She entered her 4 digit password and went to her messages. She clicked on the Ryan3 conversation and started to type: Love you babe, stay safe. Miss you xxxxxx. She turned her phone off and closed her eyes.


Ryan woke up in his shared cabin where he saw 2DADS lying on the floor, he made his way out of the cabin and softly walked down the corridor into Bird's cabin, idly musing about how glad he was that she didn't share. He quietly opened the door and headed over to her rack, he lifted up the doona and hopped into Bird's rack, she was lying peacefully on her side facing the wall, and he slid in and snuggled up beside her, brushing her hair of his face with his hand. Bird stirred and rolled over to face Ryan.

"Morning beautiful." Ryan said with a lazy smile on his face. He moved closer and gently kissed her on the lips, leant to her face and kissed her on the lips. As he lay there kissing his beautiful girlfriend, he could not stop thinking about how lucky he truly was, but that one thought kept appearing in the back of his head. What if we get caught?

"Morning." Bird said pulling away from his kiss smoothly.

"How'd you sleep?" Ryan asked running his fingers through her dark brown hair gently.

"Good, I was really tired," Bird said snuggling into Ryan's chest just before her alarm went off. "I really don't want to get up." She murmured unhappily, seconds after her alarm made it impossible to ignore the fact that she was at work and really should get up. It wasn't that she didn't like working in the galley, but waking up earlier then every other sailor did have an adverse effect on her.

"I'll help you." Ryan smiled fondly at her.

"Okay, I have to get dressed first, and so do you. I'll meet you in the galley in ten." Bird hugged her boyfriend tightly; his warm arms around her cold body gave a sense of protection and safety for that short time. He left her cabin to go and get dressed.

Bird was getting changed in her cabin, her thoughts being on Ryan and how lucky she felt to have him in her life, she'd never felt the same about another guy in her life before. Previous boyfriends hadn't really treated Bird that well, Darryl was the one who had broken Bird's trust in guys. The only guys she trusted after that incident were the Hammersely boys.

Ryan had gotten changed and was walking through the corridors, when he saw Kate walking in the same direction. She stopped him midway and began to speak softly to the young sailor. "Morning Ryan, bit early for you to be up isn't it?" Kate looked at her watch.

"Oh uh…I'm helping Bird in the galley Ma'am." Ryan replied, trying to not make it obvious what was going on.

"That's nice of you Ryan." Kate said before continuing on her path as Ryan went on his to the galley

"Hey Babe." Ryan said placing his hands around her waist

"Hey." Bird said smiling continuing to cut up the fruit

"What would you like me to do?" Ryan asked.

"Wanna cook the bacon and eggs?" Bird asked cheekily getting the bacon and eggs out of the fridge.

"Sure." Ryan said taking the food out of her hand.


"Morning." Each of the crew said as they passed their plate to Bird, telling her what they wanted for breakfast.

"Where'd you get to last night?" Dutchy asked, waiting for Charge and Swain

"Oh. I…ah….left early, wasn't really feeling up to partying." Bird replied miserably, placing the food onto Charge's plate. Kate walked down the corridor, seeing Swain waiting to be served by the galley corridor.

"Swain. Can I speak to you alone please?" Kate asked.

"Sure ma'am" Swain said, placing his plate down and walking towards the X. She led him down the corridor, just out of earshot, so the crew didn't hear their conversation.

"Swain, I need to ask you if you can keep an eye on Bird." Kate's voice was concerned as she spoke of the youngest member of the crew.

"Yeah of course, is something wrong?" Swain asked the tone in his voice giving away the concern he felt.

"I'm not too sure, she came back early last night, said she didn't feel well. She didn't look too good, she felt a little warm." Kate told Swain.

"Oh okay. I'll keep an eye out for her." Swain said to Kate before returning back to the galley to get his food. Carrying his food, he started to make his way to the senior sailors mess, but Bird caught his attention sitting alone in the junior sailors mess.

He watched Bird pick at her food from the doorway before asking her "Not hungry Bird?"

Bird jumped in fright, she hadn't seen that Swain was standing there. "Uh. Not really" she said picking at her food.

"You sick?" Swain asked concerned.

"No. I'm fine" Bird said brushing it off.

Swain didn't believe Bird one bit, he continued on his route to the senior sailor's mess, whilst worried thoughts went through his head.


Two hours after her conversation with Swain, Bird was walking down the corridor to go to the galley when she felt as if she was going to pass out. She leant against the wall and closed her eyes, slowly taking deep breaths. She re-opened her eyes a few seconds later to see Swain walking down the corridor towards her.

"Bird?" Swain asked concerned seeing her leaning against the wall for support.

"Yeah?" Bird asked seeing the blurry outline of Swain; she kept blinking in the hope that her vision would return.

"What's wrong? You look really pale." Swain asked, looking concerned at the junior sailor.

"I'm fine." Bird said, starting to walk away, only managing to take a few steps before it was too much again.

"Come on let's get you to lie down." Swain said, helping her walk the short distance to the wardroom. He helped her sit on the bed and made her lie down.

"I'm fine Swain." Her tone was annoyed.

"You're not, you nearly passed out." Swain said picking up the blood pressure reader.

"It's just because I haven't eaten much today." Bird argued stubbornly.

"Just relax for the moment." Swain said, testing her BP. Swain sighed a few minutes later "Your BP is a bit low that would explain the dizziness."

"Can I go now?" Bird asked impatiently as Swain put down the blood pressure monitor

"No. I want you to go sleep for a few hours; I'll tell the X and the Bossthat someone will have to cover you for lunch." Swain said kindly.

"Swain, I don't need to lie down, I'm fine." Bird said, struggling into a sitting position.

"Go to your rack, I'll tell the X and the CO." Swain said before leading her out the door. He walked her to her room and made her go to bed. Once he had ensured that she was lying down he continued on his journey to the bridgewalking up to the bridge where he saw the X and the CO discussing something.

"Uh, X, Sir. Can I see you for a moment?" Swain asked.

"What is it Swain?" Mike asked, concerned.

"X, Boss." He acknowledged the two senior officers. "I've told Bird to go and lie down in her rack for a while; she looked a little pale earlier so I checked her blood pressure, its a little low."

"Is she okay?" Kate asked, her tone showing the concern she felt for the young seaman.

"Uh yeah, she will be. She just needs to rest till her BP elevates a bit." Swain replied.

"Alright Swain thanks for letting me know, I'll organise someone to take care of lunch." Mike said glancing at Kate. She nodded in acknowledgment, realizing that he wanted her to find someone to sort lunch out.

Swain walked back down the corridor after leaving the bridge. He headed towards Bird's cabin, wanting to check on the young sailor himself. When he reached her cabin, he knocked softly; when he didn't get a response he opened the door. He glanced inside, seeing that Bird was fast asleep on the top rack. He smiled slightly at her sleeping figure, relief flooding through his body. She would be better after some rest. He didn't want to disturb her so he quietly backed out of the cabin, quietly clicking the door closed behind him. He glanced up the corridor as he heard the sound of someone running, ready to reprimand whoever was running around below decks. It wasn't exactly the safest activity. Ryan came into view a few seconds later, slowing down immediately as he saw Swain giving him a stern look.

"Is she okay?" Ryan asked, his voice panicked and concerned, stopping next to Swain.

"Yeah mate she's fine, she needs to rest though, give it an hour or so before you go in there." Swain nodded in reply, ushering the midshipman away from her cabin. He guessed instantly something was going on between the two crewmates, it didn't take a genius to figure that out.

"Okay." Ryan replied, his voice stillsounding panicked.

"It's alright mate, she'll be fine." Swain said patting his shoulder reassuringly.


Just after lunch time Bird woke up, still feeling quite sick, she didn't want to get out of bed, she felt as if she was going to be sick. Swain walked in with Ryan about ten minutes later.

"Bird, are you okay? Why didn't you tell anyone you were sick?" Ryan asked worriedly.

"I'm just going to check your blood pressure." Swain picked up the Blood Pressure monitor and began to wrap it around Bird's arm.

"I'm fine, just didn't eat enough. Don't worry." Bird told Ryan, as Swain checked her blood pressure to see whether it had improved.

"At least your BP's improved." Swain said peeling off the equipment "I think you'll be fine to return to work." he added.

"Okay." Bird nodded, she slowly got out of her rack and headed for the door, stepping through it and into the corridor, Swain and Ryan behind her. The two men headed towards the bridge whilst she headed in the opposite direction. She had nearly reached it when brash voice of the XO blared over the speaker systems "HANDS TO BOARDING STATIONS HANDS TO BOARDING STATIONS HANDS TO BOARDING STATIONS." She sighed and turned on her heel sharply, heading towards the cupboards that contained their boarding gear.

"Bird, I thought you were resting." Kate walked towards Bird as she saw the young seaman standing there.

"Ah, sorry ma'am. I cleared her for duty. I was just coming to tell you." Swain said, coming up behind them both. He stepped past them and went to pick up his Kevlar vest, strapping it on.

Kate nodded. "Are you ok to do this? You were quite sick before." she asked, looking at Bird, concern in her brown eyes.

"Yes ma'am. I feel much better than I did before; I feel I'm fine for this." Bird took the Kevlar vest that Dutchy was holding out to her. She strapped it on, avoiding looking at the XO.

"Alright." Kate accepted that. She turned away, picking up her helmet and strapping it on. "Let's go!" she called, making her way out to the boat deck, the rest of the boarding party following her.

"Are you sure you're okay Bird?" Dutchy whispered to Bird

Bird looked up at him with a stern look "I'm fine." she continued on following the rest of the boarding party.

"2DADS, Bird and Swain you take the tear gas, will clear the way for you. Port side." Kate looked at the members of the team pointing them towards the RHIB "Dutchy, Ryan and RO, you're with me. Let's go" Kate ordered giving them the usual boarding meeting. As Kate clambered down the ladder and jumped into the port side RHIB the crew knew they were ready to set off

"Launch port RHIB. Launch starboard RHIB." Charge ordered his team, as Kate gave the signal that they were ready to set off to the unknown. The waves were rough and pounding the RHIBS as it was going well over 50km, the crew having to grip on tightly, but that didn't stop Dutchy from standing in his usual position, the edge of the RHIB.

The RHIB'S sped over to the vessel, X leading the crew; each member had guns at the ready just in case things turned hairy. Becoming closer to the vessel, the crews were getting hit by porcupines, that were being thrown at them to stop the boarding. X ordered Dutchy to throw tear gas onboard so that they could achieve their boarding. With the order from the X, Dutchy threw will all his strength and precision and aimed for the boat, hitting the target he aimed for. He nodded in satisfaction as the teargas exploded making the vessel's crew cough and splutter all over the place, and with that the RHIB drivers took them right beside the boat. Dutchy was the first to jump aboard, pointing his gun at the fisherman. The XO soon followed, followed by the rest of the crew

"Move to the back of the boat!" Dutchy's roaring voice bellowed across the small FFV, that was unfit for boating. It creaked as the waves smashed against its small structure, making the crew uneasy on their feet.

"Are you the master of the vessel?" Kate asked one of the fishermen.

"Yes I am." The thick Indonesian accent spoke.Bird was standing beside Dutchy when she felt nauseous again. She tried to hide it from him but Dutchy could sense that something was wrong.

"2DADS secure the wheel house. Swain look after the fishermen, see if any are injured. Dutchy, take Bird and Ryan down with you and secure the lower decks." Kate ordered pointing in different directions as she explained what she wanted them to do.

"Yes Ma'am." They said in sync, before turning and heading in their destinations that were set out for them

"Ma'am, these fishermen seem to be in a healthy condition, no malnutrition. Everything seems fine." Swain continued checking the fishermen.

"Alright, Bird, Ryan follows me." Dutchy ordered. Bird and Ryan nodded and followed Dutchy downstairs. With their guns at the ready and pointed forward, Dutchy slowly walked down the stairs closely followed by Ryan and then Bird.

"Clear" Dutchy said aloud for Bird and Ryan to hear. He began looking around stealthily, as Bird remained behind him followed by Ryan. He gave hand gesture for Bird to come beside him and knock open the door; it took a few times for Bird to notice he was talking to her "Bird." Dutchy's tone was annoyed. "On my count 1..2..3." Dutchy said quietly as Bird kicked open the door. The big hype from them, led to an empty room, no one was down there. They continued on moving around the bottom of the boat prepared for anything to lunge at them, as the time passed and they continued looking in every room, no-one else was spotted.

"Anything Dutchy?" Kate asked into her transmitter, worried as Swain held the owner down against his will.

"Nothing Ma'am" Dutchy replied into the transmitter looking back behind to check on Bird who wasn't herself, he tilted his head towards the stairs leading to the deck, wanting them to move. Bird and Ryan nodded in acknowledgement before walking up the stairs

"2DADS, do you have those charts?" Kate asked, glancing all over the boat

"Yes Ma'am. Here they are" 2DADS said walking across the deck and handing her the sheets of paper

"Dutchy take 2Dads and check the vessel is sea worthy" Kate instructed as the buffer approached her. She scanned over the sheets of paper, but was startled as Dutchy re-appeared sooner than she'd anticipated.

"Ma'am. There's no sign of fishing and this boat is definitely not sea worthy." Dutchy grunted.

"Alright, thanks Dutchy." Kate pressed her radio button. "Captain, X…"

"Go ahead, X." Mike's voice spoke in her ear.

"We've found nothing here, there's no sign of fishing." Kate sighed into her transmitter which led to Hammersely and the other crew.

"Is the boat seaworthy?" Mike asked.

"No sir." She replied instantly

"Alright X, bring the men back. We'll tow her back to the nearest port." Mike watched the FFV through his binoculars, as Kate took the directions and followed them.

"Swain, Dutchy. Take them back to Hammersely. We'll tow the boat." Kate said as they led the men, back to the RHIBS, with the rest of the crew.


Bird had made dinner and had it all set out in the trays, Ryan walked in on Bird setting up the trays, she had her back to him, he snuck up behind her placing his arms around her waist and leaning in close

"How are you feeling beautiful?" Ryan asked whispering into her ear.

"I'm fine." She whispered back. The galley door slammed open, both Ryan and Bird springing apart at the thought of being caught

"What's going on in here?" Dutchy said picking up the coffee plunger and pouring himself a cup of well-deserved caffeine.

"Nothing" Ryan said abruptly, giving Bird a bit of a push out of the way. She looked at Dutchy and nodded in reply. With that, Dutchy left the galley feeling slightly uneasy and returned to the Bridge, to continue with his job.


Bird's sickness still hadn't passed. It was around 20:00 when she started cleaning the galley and prepping food for the following day. As the ship's radio crackled into life, the XO's voice bouncing off of the thin walls, she felt like she was going to pass out again. "Shore….leave," was all she got out of "hear this, XO speaking. We will be arriving on the Gold Coast tomorrow night. Shore leave available for those not required on watch."
Bird leant against the wall, hoping that that it would provide her some support whilst she was feeling rotten. She closed her eyes, willing the dizziness away. Little dots danced in the edges of her vision. When she re-opened her eyes, it felt like the galley was spinning round on one of those dizzy rides at the funfair. She tried to stabilize herself against the counter as she took deep breaths, hoping that this spell would subside soon.
It didn't. In fact, if anything, it got worse. Everything blurred, it felt like she was losing her eyesight. She panicked as the galley spun violently once again and then everything darkened. She fell limply onto the floor, smashing her head against the hard floor. She vaguely felt pain explode through her head and then she knew nothing more.

She had collapsed on the ground.

We find out what's wrong with Bird is she seriously sick or could she be pregnant?