Swain stood in the ward room with Bird sitting on the bed, Kate stood in the corner while Mike stood beside Swain, unimpressed with why he was there. Swain rolled up Birds uniform, harsh dark brown bruises were around her wrist and forearm, and finger nail scratchers from where she tried to pull away were seen.

"There's obvious bruising around her wrists, from where someone has held tightly onto her and-.." Swain was explaining to his superiors as he studied the bruises on her wrist, Mike cut him off beginning his own little rant

"Why would you do that to yourself and blame Ryan?" Mike asked, his voice boomed in the room and could be heard outside, just where Dutchy and 2DAD's where standing, waiting on the assessment to be over.

"I-I don't know what you mean?" Bird asked, her voice tiny and soft as tears began to fill up in her eyes

"Why would you blame Ryan for this, you have set him up so that he has to leave the ship. Then what?" Mike asked before he was cut off by Kate coming over

"Sir, I don't think that you should be asking Bird or talking to her like this" Kate said professionally as she looked at the young sailor

"You just want him to help you out with money, then you can continue your relationship" Mike said

"No, I-.." Bird was saying before Mike cut her off, halfway through a sob

"You should be the one off the ship, not Ryan!" Mike yelled out

"And you make these false accusations about him, causing a permanent stain on his record-."Mike was saying before the ward room door slammed open, 2DAD's boomed through

"She is not making accusations, I heard her, I heard everything!" 2DAD'S shouted out "Sir" he added after seeing Mike stand there; anger written all over his face. He stood tall and professional; Kate gently rubbed Birds back as she saw the young sailor cower back at 2DAD's sudden outburst

"2DAD's, I think that you should tell the C.O everything that you heard" Kate said, Bird began to become un-settled, she began to get off the bed

"Bird, you okay?" Swain asked concerned as he helped her off the bed, Bird nodded and looked around the room. All eyes were on her, she looked up at Mike. His eyes penetrating through hers

"I want to withdraw my harassment claim, I must have gotten confused or….Something" Bird said quietly, 2DAD's eyes widened

"Bird, don't feel as though you have to do this" he said concerned at the young female in front of him

"It's fine, it must have been from when I was cooking or from a while ago" Bird lied, Kate looked worried down at her. She could see straight through Bird and knew that she was lying to protect Ryan and for her to not be on Mike's bad side

"Good, it seems as though you've made the right choice Bird. I'll speak to Ryan and see if he still wants to get transferred off the boat" Mike said before he left the room. Swain, Kate and 2DAD's stood in there, all looking down at the younger fragile sailor.

"Bird, are you sure that you want to withdraw it?" Kate asked

Bird nodded, "I…Yes" She looked up at 2DAD's and back at Swain and Kate

"May I start on lunch?" she asked. Kate looked up at Swain for his medical authorisation, Swain nodded and Kate returned her focus back to Bird

She smiled, "Of course..Uh 2DAD's, can you give her a hand?" she asked as she turned to face the seaman

2DAD's nodded and put a cheeky grin on his face, "Bird, you're in charge, tell me where you want me"

Bird was walking by the corridors, a door opened and Ryan walked out. He looked down at Bird, "It was a good decision that you made, withdrawing your claim. But don't think that I'm not transferring, I want to be as far away as possible from you and the baby"

Tears formed in Birds eyes, she thought she couldn't possibly cry anymore, "How can you just turn yourself away from me, how can you just abandon your baby?"

"Easily" Ryan said before he turned and walked away, leaving Bird standing there feeling helpless and alone. She picked up her pace and walked into the Galley, 2DAD's waiting for her there

He saw that look on her face again, "What's happened?" he asked, he wondered what could have possibly happened in the minutes that he was walking to the galley

"Ryan is still getting a transfer, he still wants to get as far away as possible" Bird explained to 2DAD's

2DAD's sighed, "It's alright, were here for you"


Mike farewelled his God Son at the dock, he hugged his younger member of family and waved him off as he entered the taxi, Ryan looked up at Bird, no emotion was on his face, he shut the door and sat in the comfort of the taxi.

Bird stood on the deck, with 2DAD's and Dutchy at her side. It was all too real for her now, Ryan was really gone. He wouldn't be coming back, not anytime soon. A tear escaped from her eye and started making its way down her cheek bone. Both of the men looked down at the young sailor. "Hey, it's okay Bird" Dutchy tried to sooth as he gently rubbed her back in a circular soothing manner

Bird sniffled and wiped the lone tear away from her face "My baby doesn't have a father…I-I don't know how I am going to do this alone"

"You won't be, will be here to help you through it" 2DAD's said trying to comfort the young crew member

Bird shook her head, "You can't, not when you're in the middle of the sea. I don't have a house because I have to leave the navy-"She said starting to become hysterical about the situation it was turning into

Dutchy pulled her in close, "Shh. its okay" he soothed as he rubbed her dark brown hair back. XO came out of the lower decks and made her way over to the three crew members. She saw Bird crying and embraced in Dutchy's arms.

"Bird, what's wrong?" XO asked worriedly as she looked at the young female, Bird looked up at the older woman; she felt comfort when Kate was around. Bird moved out of Dutchy's embrace

"I don't know what to do" She said weakly, Kate looked worried down at the young member of her crew.

"Bird, there still is time to get a termination if you don't feel as though you can take care of the baby" Kate told her

"I-I can't do that" Bird said defensively, she placed her hand to her stomach

XO nodded and smiled proud down at Bird, "I thought so" She returned her focus to the two higher members of the crew

"We have just got a call from NAVCOM we have to steam for home" Kate said before walking off and going below deck again to take control of the ship.