Naruto: Newtype Legacy

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Chapter One

Can I Keep Them?

In the Hokage's office, on Naruto's fifth birthday...

Uzumaki Naruto huddled in the Sandaime's lap as the elderly man attempted to comfort the boy. It was fortunate that Hiruzen had been headed to the boy's home to take him out for ramen at the time he did, because he had just been in time to personally stop a mob of angry villagers from breaking into his home to do who-knows-what to the poor child. Now, with thoughts of ramen with his favorite knucklehead out of his mind, the elderly Hokage rocked the young boy back and forth, trying to keep a strong facade despite how sad he really was.

Naruto reached up to the old man's face, and smiled sadly. "You don't have to be strong in front of me, Jii-chan. I can feel that you need to cry, and it's not a bad thing to do sometimes," he said, shedding tears of his own already.

Sarutobi looked down at the young boy in his arms. "I don't have the right to do that, Naruto-kun. Your pain is partly my fault. I just wish I could find somebody trustworthy to adopt you," he said sadly, holding back tears at his failings.

The two strong, pained souls sat with each other, both praying for a solution to their pain...

Meanwhile, many worlds away...

Tiffa Ran awoke from yet another dream about the young boy with blond hair and blue eyes. Ever since she and her husband, Garrod, had discovered that she was incapable of bearing children, she had begun having dreams about a boy, worlds away, who dreamed of having parents to call his own.

Speaking of her husband...

"Garrod? Are you having trouble sleeping again?" she asked, looking over to the man she loved, who was sitting in a seat near the window of their hotel, simply watching the stars and moon as he often did.

The black-haired, green eyed man turned around to look at his lovely wife. "Yeah, sorry about that Tiffa," he said, scratching the back of his head a bit. "I just worry about that kid you keep dreaming about. We may have put the term 'Newtype' behind us, but that doesn't change what you are. And that means that somewhere out there, there's a little kid that's praying for people to love him for who he is," he added, frowning a bit, then jumping up and nearly shouting, "Isn't there any way we can get to him? I don't want him to suffer anymore, and I'm sure you feel the same way! If we could get to where he is, we could adopt him, y'know? Then he'd be a lot happier, and we'd have the kid we've always wanted! It's a win-win situation!"

Tiffa nodded. "I understand, Garrod. Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of power..." she said sadly, looking down at her hands, which were making fists in her lap due to her anxiety.

"I have that power, though, humans," a voice stated within their minds.

Garrod looked around, confused. "Who's there? And what do you mean, 'humans'? Aren't you one, too?" he asked.

"No, Garrod Ran. I am not a human. I am a being of immense power that exists in the world the boy you two worry about is from. The only reason YOU can hear me is because of your bond with the woman you call Tiffa. Otherwise, only she would hear me. The boy's prayers have reached this far through the universe because I willed them to. Now, though, I have a question for you both. Would you care for the boy as if he were your own? Would you give up all connections to this world, its advanced technologies and all, and adopt a new life in the place the boy calls home? Would you risk your lives, despite how powerless you'd likely be in this world, to make sure the boy does not have to suffer alone?" the voice asked.

Tiffa felt out to the voice, feeling that it did not intend to do them harm, and then reached out to take Garrod's hand, searching his feelings for his answer, having already figured out hers. "We aren't afraid, whoever you are. We...we will go to the boy. We will go to this new world, and we will care for him," she said softly, yet strongly, then looked Garrod in the eye and smiled softly, earning a quick hand-squeeze from him.

"Then I will open a path. Many hardships will await you, but I will aid you as much as I am able," the voice said, and true to his word, a wormhole of sorts opened up in front of them.

Quickly writing something down for their friends to remember them by, should they find the note, and leaving money for the hotel room, Garrod and Tiffa walked through the wormhole uncertain, but believing that they will be able to do some good in this new world.

On the note left behind, it said, "We may be gone, but the Moon will always be there.

Garrod and Tiffa."

A moment later, in the Hokage's office...

As Naruto was starting to fall asleep, a rift appeared in the air in the middle of the room, causing Sarutobi to immediately become alert, and several ANBU to come out of hiding.

A few seconds passed, and a pair of young adults came out of the wormhole. Upon seeing the armed men and women surrounding him and his companion, the man, dressed in a red jacket over a white tee-shirt, with jeans torn at the knees, asked, "Did that wormhole drop us off at the wrong place, Tiffa? Somehow, I get the feeling we're not welcome here," he said.

The woman, dressed in a pink blouse with a long pink skirt attached, and a white scarf around her neck, shook her head, causing her long brown hair to wave a bit. She looked at Naruto with her kind blue eyes, and said, "This is where we're supposed to be, Garrod. That boy from my dreams is here. I can also feel that the people here are just alarmed at the way we arrived. If we explain what's going on, I'm sure we can get out of this situation unharmed."

Sarutobi looked at the two intruders curiously. "It doesn't look like you two came here to do any harm, but I'm going to have to have you two checked for weapons, just to be safe," he said, then nodded to an owl-masked ANBU, who made a single hand seal, and after a moment, gave the all-clear signal.

Sarutobi sighed in relief, and the ANBU went back to their hiding spots. "It appears you came here unarmed. That makes things a lot less complicated, thankfully, but now I must ask who you two are, where you came from, and why you're here," he told the young couple.

Garrod grinned. "Glad we don't have to fight. I almost thought we were going to die there! My name's Garrod Ran, and this is my wife, Tiffa. As for where we're from, well, I'd have to say another world, since there's no place on our planet that looks like this. Why we're here...It would probably be easier if my wife explained that one," he said, his attitude reminding Sarutobi of Naruto in a good mood as well as Kushina.

The woman, introduced as Tiffa, bowed slightly. "I'm what's called a 'Newtype', which is sort of like a psychic human. I've been having dreams about that boy, Naruto Uzumaki, and I've been hearing his prayers for a mother and father for several months now. Garrod and I traveled here in the hopes of easing his pain, after a powerful entity, claiming to be of this world, decided to open a path here. Unfortunately, I don't think we can go back, due to what the entity said, so we would like to know if it's all right for us to adopt him, and live out the rest of our lives in this village. We will do our best to contribute to your society, so please consider letting us stay," she said softly in a slightly pleading tone.

The old kage gave a tired sigh. "If what you say is true, I will be grateful beyond words for your help and willingness to look after young Naruto-kun. However, I'm going to have to ask that you submit yourselves to a Mind Walk by one of my village's interrogators. It doesn't hurt or anything, but if he sees that either of you intend to cause harm to our village, you'll have to be arrested, and sentenced as spies," he said.

Garrod looked like he was about to protest, but Tiffa's hand on his shoulder, and her reassuring smile told him that they'd be fine. "We accept your conditions, Lord...?"

"My name is Hiruzen Sarutobi, and I am the third Hokage, or leader of this village. You may address me as Sarutobi-sama or Hokage-sama," he said, then smiled down at Naruto, who had been hiding behind his robes for most of the talk, and said, "I sincerely hope you'll be able to take care of him. He needs people to love him."

Naruto looked up at Tiffa and Garrod, his eyes filled with curiosity, and a little bit of hope. "I...feel the good in you two," he said, smiling slightly.

The young couple smiled back. "If you can feel that, then maybe you're like Tiffa!" Garrod said, grinning widely.

A few moments later, the two young adults were led away by Inoichi Yamanaka. As soon as they were gone, Sarutobi gestured for Owl to come out of his hiding spot. "Did you detect any deceit in them?" he asked.

Owl shook his head. "May I have the honor of getting the adoption papers for you, Hokage-sama?" he asked.

Sarutobi grinned, looking at Naruto for a moment, then back, and said, "You may, Owl."

Things seemed to be looking up...

About an hour later...

Inoichi came back to the Hokage's office with Garrod and Tiffa. "Their story checks out, sir, but you wouldn't believe half of the things that have happened in their lives!" he said, panting slightly from exerting his abilities to do a quick AND efficient job, due to wanting Naruto to have a family as soon as possible.

Sarutobi smiled. "I'll have you fill me in on that later, Inoichi, but now I have to ask you, would they make good parents for Naruto-kun?" he asked.

Inoichi nodded. "They are definitely capable of being good parents for Naruto. I've also transferred some basic shinobi training into their minds, so that they will be able to better protect him from...those people," he said, with a bit of venom at the end. "They would probably need to get training from some of our Jounin in order to function better in our society, but they definitely have the drive to make it far in our way of life. Naruto-kun would be in good hands with them," the mind-walker explained.

Hiruzen was pleased to hear this, and it showed. He turned to the young couple, and said, "You're free to adopt him. All I ask is that you allow him to keep the last name he currently has," he said, then added, "It was his mother's, from what I know."

Tiffa could sense that the man was hiding something, but also felt the guilt he felt at hiding it, so she didn't say anything. "I assume we have to sign something?" she asked.

The monkey summoner nodded, and handed the pair the adoption papers happily. "Please read through them carefully. You will see that he's a very special boy, and needs to be loved accordingly," he said, emphasizing the words 'special' and 'loved'.

Tiffa nodded. "Garrod and I are aware of his...condition. We will make sure he grows up loved, as all children should," she said, signing the papers, and handing them to Garrod to sign as well. "I'm guessing we're going to need to become citizens of this village?" she asked.

"That will be taken care of shortly," Hiruzen said, then turned to Inoichi, and asked, "Would you mind implanting cover story 4-51-87 into their minds? That way they can find a home right away, and not have to stay here memorizing it. Needless to say, their origin is to be kept secret. I don't want a repeat of what happened when Kyuubi was destroyed."

Inoichi nodded. "Of course, Hokage-sama," he said, then placed each of his hands on Garrod and Tiffa's heads, quickly transferring the information. "Please be careful of the crowds on the way to the hotel," he said, then explained, "The villagers are more hostile than usual towards Naruto on this day of the year. I will follow you discreetly, in order to make sure you aren't attacked."

Garrod smiled sheepishly. "Good to know you have our backs, Inoichi!" he said, slightly nervous of the fact that they might be attacked by an angry mob, although he's managed to get away from such things before.

It was then that Naruto, who had remained quiet up to this point, decided to speak up. "These two are going to be my mommy and daddy?" he asked hopefully.

Sarutobi smiled happily at the adorable boy. "Yes, Naruto-kun. They will be your mother and father from now on," he said warmly.

Naruto looked to be near tears. "C-Can I keep them, Jii-chan?" he asked, sounding slightly nervous, as many things had been taken from him before by angry villagers, and the concept of his parents being taken scared him.

Tiffa smiled softly at Naruto. "Of course you can keep us, Naruto-kun," she said gently. As soon as the words left her mouth, Naruto rocketed forward on his tiny legs, and hugged his new mother, then the man he'd now call Dad.

Garrod grinned. "Enthusiastic little guy, isn't he?" he chuckled. Naruto simply laughed as he ran around his parents. Soon enough, the group headed out...

Out in the market district, a few minutes later...

Naruto ran around his new parents' legs, happy as can be. And nobody dared bother them, seeing as Inoichi was there to make sure they got to their destination in one piece.

Soon enough, though, Tiffa and Naruto both seemed to stiffen, as if they knew something the others didn't.

"What do you sense, Tiffa?" Garrod asked, used to such occurrences by now.

"There's a...child around here...She's lost, and...she's like Naruto and me, Garrod," Tiffa explained, reaching out with her senses.

Inoichi was startled. "You mean you sense another Newtype?" he asked, slightly confused that there were not just one, but apparently, two Newtypes native to his world.

Before Tiffa could reply, Naruto rushed to where he felt the cries for help coming from. Naturally, Tiffa, Garrod, and Inoichi followed.

A few minutes later, they found a little girl crying, curled up around herself on the ground. Naruto slowly approached the girl, hoping not to scare her. Before he could reach her, though, she seemed to sense him, and turned to look at him, suddenly not crying as much. Her eyes gazed into his for a moment, before she reached out to him, softly grasping his hand.

"You're t-that boy who h-helped me before..." she murmured, then asked, "D-do you r-remember me? You f-fought off some b-bullies that were p-picking on me a w-week ago."

Naruto looked closely at her, causing her to blush slightly, then grinned, and exclaimed, "I remember you now! You're the princess with eyes that look like the moon! I've seen you around the village a few times! You're one of the people who doesn't hate me!"

The girl frowned slightly. "Father said people don't like you a lot. He told me I shouldn't listen to those people, and that I should get to know who you are myself," she murmured, a bit of scorn in her voice, though Naruto could tell it wasn't directed at him. "I wanted to thank you for that day. The elders scolded me very badly, and I just had to get away from them, and then those b-bullies...But you came and helped me...I wish Kou-san hadn't taken me away from you. Y-you had gotten hurt very badly," she stammered.

It was then that the other three who had been with Naruto made their appearance. "You scared us for a second there, Naruto!" Garrod said, then patted the boy on the head and asked, "Who's your friend? Mind introducing us?"

Naruto grinned, and explained, "I don't really know her name, but she's a moon princess I saved a while back! Some bullies were picking on her, so I got them to stop!"

The girl blushed at being called a 'moon princess', but regained her composure a bit after drying her eyes and said, "My name's Hinata Hyuuga. I'm not a...moon princess...but I'm the current heiress to the Hyuuga Clan. W-who are you?"

Garrod grinned. "I'm Garrod Ran, and this is my wife, Tiffa! We just adopted little Naruto here a few minutes ago! He's an awesome little guy, isn't he?" the ex-gundam pilot exclaimed, ruffling Naruto's hair a bit.

Tiffa smiled softly and bowed. "It's nice to meet you, Hinata," she said softly, then added, "I take it you're the one Naruto and I felt calling for help?"

Hinata was startled, and her eyes showed it. "You can feel things like Mommy?" she exclaimed, then blushed, and said, "I can feel them too, but not as well as she can..."

Inoichi groaned a bit in exasperation. "So that's how Hiashi-san became so successful. He has a psychic wife who he can ask for advice when things get tough," he thought to himself, then said, "Well, I'm Inoichi Yamanaka. I'm supposed to escort these three to a hotel, but I guess we can take you home first, Hinata-san."

"Neither of those tasks will be necessary, Inoichi-san," a voice said from nearby. The group turned to find Hiashi Hyuuga, head of the Hyuuga Clan, and Hinata's father, standing nearby. "I will take my daughter home myself, and these three are welcome to stay in my compound until they find a home of their own. I owe it to Naruto-san for helping out my little Hinata not once, but twice now," he said, then turned to Garrod and Tiffa and added, "I thank the two of you for taking the boy in, and I hope to get to know you better. We should hurry, though, seeing as tonight's the night the dumber villagers like to torment Naruto the most."

Inoichi nodded, obviously trusting that Hiashi will make sure that his three former charges will be safe. Hinata ran up to her father, who gently picked the girl up and placed her on his back. Tiffa also decided to pick Naruto up, and the boy obviously enjoyed riding in his new mother's arms. The group made haste to the Hyuuga Compound...

About fifteen minutes later, in the common area of the Hyuuga Compound...

Naruto, Garrod, and Tiffa sat at one side of a table, while Hinata sat at the other. Hiashi had gone to find his wife, Izumi, so he could introduce her to them. In the meantime, though, Naruto couldn't keep his eyes off of the fancy furniture and decorations, and Hinata, while looking away shyly every time he noticed, couldn't keep her eyes off of the boy sitting across from her.

Finally, Naruto looked at Hinata, but didn't look away, causing the girl to let out a tiny squeak as soon as she realized it. "Is there something wrong with my face, Hinata-chan?" Naruto asked, slightly confused at why the girl was looking at him so much.

Hinata began stammering. "N-no, it's n-not t-that, N-Naruto-kun," she stuttered, then looked away shyly and said, "I was t-trying to figure you got so s-strong..."

Tiffa smiled softly at the young girl. She reminded her of herself when she first met Garrod. "Naruto is strong because he wants to protect what's precious to him, Hinata," the young adult explained, then added, "He also becomes stronger when people love him and believe in him. It keeps him from giving up, and because he doesn't give up, he becomes able to do things he normally wouldn't be able to do."

Garrod chuckled. "I guess that means I should bet on him if he ever enters a competition!" he laughed heartily.

Tiffa swatted Garrod's arm lightly upon hearing him say that. "Gambling isn't something you should bring up in front of children," she scolded.

A little less than a moment later, Hiashi and a woman with eyes that seemed to have not been opened in decades and a belly that was beginning to swell with pregnancy came into the room. The woman stopped slightly upon entering the room, and rubbed her belly. "Hiashi-kun, little Hanabi-chan is awake again. I think she senses all the people in the room," she said happily, then without opening her eyes turned to where Hinata was sitting and said, "Come here, my little drop of sunlight! I was worried about you, but it seems you've found who you were looking for after all!"

Hinata ran over to her mother, hugging the woman's leg, and Hiashi gestured towards her. "Garrod-san, Tiffa-san, Naruto-san, this is my wife, Izumi-chan. She's blind, as you can probably tell, but she has her ways of recognizing people and other life around her, so don't be surprised if you find it difficult to sneak up on her," he explained, saying the last part mirthfully and from experience.

Izumi smiled, and added, "You would know that, wouldn't you, Hiashi-kun?"

Hiashi nodded with a smile. "I would. Now, Naruto-san, I don't mean to offend, but this conversation is going to be for adults only for a little bit, so I'm going to have to ask you to go with Izumi and Hinata for a bit. I will call you three back when the grown-up talk is over, all right?" he said.

Naruto was a bit hesitant, and Garrod seemed about to protest, but Tiffa broke them both to the punch. "Be a good boy for our hosts, Naruto. Your father and I will see you in a few minutes," she said softly, gesturing for him to go with Izumi and Hinata.

Naruto, upon getting some reassurance from Tiffa, headed off with Hinata and Izumi, leaving Garrod and Tiffa alone with Hiashi. A few minutes after they left, Hiashi cleared his throat. "I must ask you two. Who are you, really, where are you from, and what do you intend to do with our village's unsung hero? If your answer is not satisfactory, I apologize, but I'll have to make you leave the village and Naruto behind," the man said, activating his Byakugan. "Start talking."

End Chapter One