Naruto: Newtype Legacy

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Chapter Four

New Family

Later on, in the Hokage's office

Hiruzen was startled. "You mean to tell me Kyuubi isn't a hate-filled being?" the aged Kage exclaimed.

Tiffa shook her head. "No. It feels the same love for Naruto that I assume his mother felt for him," the Newtype woman explained, then added, "Also, there is another spirit in Naruto's mind, that of a man named Amuro Ray. He's a Newtype like myself, but he apparently hails from a different world than the one Garrod and I come from."

Naruto smiled up at Sarutobi. "Kyuubi says it's sorry about what happened. It also wants to thank you for making sure my mother was looked after, and for trying to take care of me des...despa...even though you have a hard job," the small boy said warmly.

The Sandaime smiled sadly. "I wish I could have told you sooner who your mother was, but both of your parents had terrible enemies, both outside and inside of Konoha. I have to say, though, I'm surprised your Godparents didn't take up their job of looking after you. I'd normally let them get away with some tomfoolery, but the fact is, they should have checked in on you at least once by now. I'm going to be sending some of my summons to bring them back, even if they have to drag them kicking and screaming!" he replied, getting a little upset near the end. Calming down, he continued, "In the meantime, I'm going to set up an appointment for you to have a Mind Walk done, so that Inoichi-san can speak with Kyuubi...We really need to think up a proper name for it. I'm sure it doesn't like being referred to as 'Nine Tails' anymore than I'd like being referred to as 'balding old man'!"

Naruto giggled a little at the joke, then replied, "It says Mama and Mito-sama used to call it Kurama. I guess that makes Kyuubi a boy!"

Hiruzen chuckled at that, clearly remembering seeing the beast's underside when he fought it five years ago. It had no parts that would suggest what its gender was, but he didn't think that was something he should tell Naruto. Turning to Tiffa and Garrod, he smiled. "I've gotten a house set up for you three. Naruto-kun's mother Kushina lived there as a child, so it should suit all of your needs. I've had some furniture moved in, and I've put together some security seals to help keep the angrier villagers from getting near. Your chakra signatures have already been keyed into the seals, so you don't have to worry about any complicated procedures. I'll have one of my ANBU escort you to your new home. We don't need you getting lost, after all!" he chuckled, then waved them off with a smile, patting Naruto on the back as they left.

Shortly after they left the building, something fell from one of Naruto's pockets. He picked it up to see that it was a picture of a woman with long red hair and bright violet eyes. She was smiling very happily, and rubbing her very pregnant belly. Beneath the picture was a caption that said, "Kushina Uzumaki, soon to be mother to Naruto. As the Third Hokage, I pray the father has enough energy to keep up with these two!"

Garrod looked at the picture in confusion. "When did that get there?" he asked.

Naruto simply grinned. "The old man's a ninja, remember? He does stuff like that," he replied simply. Garrod comically started checking his clothes for hidden notes, causing Naruto and Tiffa to laugh happily. Naturally, Garrod found nothing.

So, they headed to their new home.

Later, with Hinata and Izumi (and Hanabi, too)

Izumi smiled at her eldest daughter. The blind newtype was teaching her daughter how to levitate objects. Hinata was having trouble, but then again, she was only five, so not too much should have been expected of her. Sadly, the elders of the clan couldn't see this. They demanded far too much from Hinata. Izumi could only hope Hanabi took more after her father, because Hinata's body type wouldn't allow her to properly utilize the traditional Juuken. Izumi patted her swollen belly. She loved both her daughters dearly, and she prayed neither of them received that abominable Caged Bird Seal.

Hinata looked up at her mother. She could tell the woman was worried, but about what, she wasn't certain. So naturally, she went over to give her a hug. Izumi was startled out of her thoughts, but quickly reached down to pick Hinata up. The small girl snuggled against her mother's chest, and asked, "Why are you so scared, Mama?"

Izumi kissed the top of Hinata's head. "I don't want to lose either of my babies..." she answered, then explained, "The elders will try to seal either you or Hanabi-chan at some point, and it scares me."

Hinata snuggled closer, and smiled softly. "We won't be sealed, Mama. Naruto-kun is too strong to let that happen to us. I can feel it. We just have to believe in him!" she replied happily.

The Hyuuga matriarch wrapped her arms tighter around her daughter. "I hope so, Hinata-chan. I really do," she said softly, thinking to herself, "If need be, I'll eliminate them myself!"

Later, with Naruto, Garrod, and Tiffa

Naruto happily ate lunch with his family in their new home. Tiffa had gone out to get groceries earlier, and made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup when she came home. At first, Naruto had been put off by the fact that they weren't going to Ichiraku's for lunch, but Tiffa said that they'd definitely go there for dinner, seeing as the two parents really wanted to meet Teuchi and Ayame.

"Mmmm, this is tasty! Thanks, Mama!" Naruto said happily, then laughed a bit and smiled softly, saying, "I've always wanted to say that. I'll just have to find something to thank Dad for later!"

Tiffa smiled warmly at her son. "I'm sure Garrod will give you an opportunity to do so soon enough, Narut0-chan," she said gently, then took a bite of her own grilled cheese sandwich. "This is definitely tastier than the grilled cheese where we come from. Then again, it was hard to make such things, because of all the damage done to our society."

Garrod nodded. "I know what you mean, Tiffa. Speaking of which, Naruto, you can't tell people where we're from, all right? That Hokage guy said that it could cause problems if people found out that we aren't your average people from out of town. Just tell them we're travelers that came from far away, and that we decided to settle down finally, and that since Tiffa can't have kids, we decided to adopt you," the black-haired man explained.

Naruto nodded, then asked, "Why can't Mama have babies?"

Tiffa frowned slightly. "When I was small, I was taken from my parents by a group called The Alternative Company. They performed many experiments on me, and some of them hurt me. My body was damaged enough on the inside that I can no longer bear children...That's one of the reasons you're such a miracle to us, Naruto," she explained, smiling at her son at the last part of her speech. She then pulled back one of her sleeves a bit, and showed Naruto a few of her scars. "My injuries are mostly healed, but the doctors in our world couldn't do anything for my reproductive organs other than to make sure they were still there and not carrying any infections. I still have a lot of scars, though, but they're hard to see from a distance," she added.

Naruto toddled over to see, then kissed one of the scars. "Does that help it feel better, Mama?" he asked.

Tiffa smiled. "It does, Naruto-chan, but I think it will take something more to heal my insides. Still, thank you very much," she replied, picking the boy up and giving him a kiss on his forehead. Garrod came over, grinning, and hugged Tiffa with Naruto between them, making a Naruto sandwich. They nuzzled their faces in his hair, making it even messier than it had been, causing the boy to laugh happily. Soon enough, Naruto was put down, and they all went back to their meals.

About an hour later

Naruto had fallen asleep, resting his head in his mother's lap, when there was a knock at the door. Garrod was about to get it, but Tiffa called out, "Let me talk to them. It's somebody dangerous. Stay with Naruto-chan, please." Garrod simply nodded in reply, trusting his wife's judgement.

Tiffa got up, making sure Naruto was comfortable, and went to the door. Activating the intercom, she asked, "Who is it?"

A gruff voice replied. "My name is Danzou Shimura. I am a village elder. May I come in?" it asked.

Tiffa frowned, sensing the thoughts in this man's mind. "I'm sorry, but I have no way of knowing if you're really a village elder, or one of the people in this village seeking to hurt my son. I will not let you in, but you can talk with me through this if you'd like," she answered.

On the other side of the door, Danzou frowned. "Either this woman really thinks I could be one of those morons seeking vengeance against Kyuubi, or she's more in the know than I thought," he thought to himself. "I don't know if you realize this or not, but many of the people who want the boy dead are shinobi. Civilians like you and your husband couldn't possibly defend him from such people. If you were to let me adopt him, I could ensure his survival much better than you," he explained, his voice remaining civil, while signaling the two men with him to break down the door and make Garrod and Tiffa's deaths look like accidents.

A voice from behind him, however, stopped him and his men from attacking, and Tiffa smiled slightly. "Hey, Danzou, you old fart! What brings you to this part of the neighborhood?" a large man with a spiky white mane of hair called out jovially, said man ready to tear the village elder to ribbons if he pulled anything funny. The busty blonde woman next to him would likely help if he needed any. "Sensei wanted to see you for something. You probably should get a move on. With your limp, he'll be waiting a while," the white-haired man said.

Danzou nodded, realizing that he'd lost this round. "Very well. It wouldn't be good to keep that old fool waiting," he commented, turning around and heading away from the house.

The white-haired man frowned as soon as Danzou was in a position where he wouldn't see it, and he turned to the woman next to him. "You ready to meet him, Tsunade-hime?" he asked softly, putting one of his large hands on the woman's shoulder for comfort.

Tsunade nodded. "As ready as I'll ever be, Jiraiya," she replied. And so, the pair headed to the door, getting better reception from Tiffa than Danzou had, and they were soon let in.

A few minutes later

Jiraiya and Tsunade looked at their godson in awe. "I can't believe I left this adorable little boy alone here for five years, just to go gamble and drink booze. What a waste of half a decade," Tsunade muttered in remorse.

Jiraiya nodded. "I know, right? How much do you wanna bet Danzou was behind those ANBU who told us Naruto was dead, and the fake letters we kept getting?" he said mirthlessly.

Tsunade chuckled dryly. "Even I'd be able to win that bet," she replied, then continued, "But that's enough of the gambling for now. We need to be here for this little tyke, since his parents can't properly defend him at this time."

Tiffa nodded. "So, you were deceived into thinking he was dead, and received false letters from Danzou and his men that kept you unaware...It's very sad how this place seems to work," she said softly.

Naruto simply continued sleeping for the moment. Soon enough, the doorbell rang, and Tiffa nodded to Garrod, silently telling him it was okay to get it. Shortly after he left, he returned with Tsunade's apprentice, Shizune. "Tsunade-sama, I've gotten our things unpacked at the Senjuu residence, as you requested," she stated happily.

Tsunade sighed. "Shizune, come over here and look at this adorable boy. Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" she requested, then asked.

Shizune did as her mistress said, and gasped. "He's...adorable! But he's too small for his age. It looks like he hasn't been getting enough food!" she exclaimed, startled.

Tsunade nodded. "I'll be busy working at the hospital for a while, so I won't always be around to help out, but if you could help him get back into good physical condition, I'm sure we'll all be a lot happier. That's not to say I won't be keeping an eye on him myself. He needs us all," she replied, then turned to Tiffa and Garrod and bowed low, asking, "Please let us help. He's all the family we really have left, and while we might not be perfect godparent material, we'll do our best to be good at it. Please, allow us into your son's life." As Tsunade asked this, she dragged Jiraiya down into a bow with her, and Shizune bowed as well.

Garrod laughed sheepishly. "You don't have to be so formal. Of course you can help Naruto out! Now come on, get up!" he chuckled.

To his surprise, Tiffa bowed as well. "We're very thankful for your help, you three. However, I think it's about time Naruto-chan stopped pretending to be asleep," she replied, then giggled lightly when Naruto opened his eyes.

"Busted!" Garrod laughed, going over and ruffling his son's hair.

Naruto laughed happily at the attention Garrod was giving him. "Daddy, stop that!" he giggled, then, after his father had finally stopped messing with his hair, the boy turned to look at Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Shizune. "So...Jiraiya-jiichan is my godfather, Tsunade-baachan is my godmother...what does that make you, Shizune-neechan?" he asked.

Shizune giggled, and replied, "I guess I'll just be what you called me, your big sister!"

Tsunade groaned upon realizing what Naruto had called her. "Can't you call me Tsunade-neechan instead?" she asked.

Naruto shook his head. "Uh-uh. It'd be weird calling my godmother Neechan," he answered, causing everybody else in the room to have a good laugh, though Garrod didn't really get the joke.

Shortly after this, Tiffa called up Izumi, who had given her her number, and invited her and her family to dinner later on to celebrate getting a new home, and simply because she loved seeing Naruto and Hinata interact. Izumi accepted the invitation, naturally, and plans were made as to what would be had for dinner.

That evening, at the Uzumaki residence

After finishing dinner before their parents, Naruto and Hinata excused themselves from the table. "Come on, Hinata-chan! I'll show you my new room! And if you want, I'll show you my toys, too!" the young jinchuuriki called out excitedly. Hinata giggled, following behind the boy.

Soon enough, they reached Naruto's room. There were some stuffed animals here and there, a ball, a bed, his dresser and closet, and his picture of Kushina, the last of which was hung on the wall in a frame. Curious, Hinata asked, "Who's the woman in that picture, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto smiled sadly. "That's my mama, Hinata-chan...My other mama. The one that carried me in her womb-thingy," he answered softly.

Hinata smiled. "She's very pretty, Naruto-kun. So she's Kushina-san..." she said, smiling at the picture. Suddenly, she got down on her knees, and put her hands together while facing the picture.

Naruto looked at her, confused. "What are you doing, Hinata-chan?" he asked.

Hinata smiled. "I'm praying for your mama, and thanking her for bringing a nice boy like you into the world," she said softly, closing her eyes as she prayed.

Naruto, still smiling, hugged Hinata. "Thanks. I'm really happy to have a friend like you, Hinata-chan," he replied, crying just a little.

Hinata giggled, and asked, "Who was your papa?"

Naruto frowned slightly. "I don't know. Hokage-jiisan said that he was somebody really famous, with many enemies, and that if I wanted to know who he was, I'd have to grow strong enough that I could fight those enemies if they came after me," he explained.

Hinata smiled, getting up from her kneeling position. "Then we'll just have to get stronger together so we can find out!" she said happily, then blushed, poking her index fingers together, and added, "That is, if you don't mind if I train with you...I'd really like it if we became strong together..."

Naruto nodded, grinning. "I'd love that, Hinata-chan! We'll train together and hang out all the time, and we'll get so strong, we'll be able to knock the bad guys' socks off!" he exclaimed, then hugged Hinata again. However, Hinata had been getting tired, and as Naruto held her, she slowly began falling asleep. Soon, Naruto was holding onto a sleeping Hyuuga heiress, wondering what he was supposed to do. Hinata simply smiled as she rested in Naruto's arms, mumbling incoherently every once in a while.

Fortunately, Izumi arrived a few minutes later and picked Hinata up, saying it was time to leave. Waving goodbye at the door, Naruto and his family watched as the Hyuugas walked away. Somehow, Naruto knew in his heart that Hinata would be a big part of his future...

End Chapter Four