Summary: At an award party, Akihiko has a fight over Misaki with Ijuiin Kyo. A lot of upsetting things are said, and now Akihiko is drunk.

Chapter 1

Akihiko Usami rarely got drunk. In fact, according to him, he has never been drunk in his entire life...but sometimes, jealously can make you do stupid things, and tonight was no exception. He had won another award and Aikawa-san and Isaka-san had dragged him to another party. Seeing as Misaki was swamped with studying for his exams, the younger man was unable to come along this time but made sure that the writer did what he was supposed to do.

Akihiko sighed and checked his watch for the hundredth time. Right about now, Misaki would probably be eating dinner. He stared down at his plate of food with distaste; apparently, any food, no matter how delicious or expensive, was crap compared to his lover's wonderful cooking. He sighed and "Hey, you've been sighing all night, cheer up! This is your party, after all!"

Akihiko looked up and hatred filled him when he saw the smirking face of Ijuiin Kyo standing before him. An angry scowl replaced his bored, depressed face. He wanted to tell the mangaka to fuck off but Aikawa thought it would be good for the company's image if two of its most popular authors got along well. He took a sip of his drink, "It's my party, I can sigh if I want to" then he walked away. He was glad when fans and other such people started talking to him; any excuse to not talk to his current big rival was fine by him. Though, when he came back to get a drink at the bar, the popular mangaka was still there.

put a bit of the food into his mouth. "Sooooo...where's that adorable Takahashi-kun?" Ijuiin asked with a smile.

Akihiko was now thankful that Misaki was at home and nowhere near this freak. "He's at home, studying for a big test"

"Oh really that's too bad, I was sooooo looking forward to seeing him again. Tell him good luck for me"

"Yeah, yeah, I'll do that" Akihiko sipped more of his drink.

"Anyway, congratulations on winning your award"

Akihiko glared at him and before anyone could stop him, he sneered "It is only natural. Unlike you, I am a real writer. You merely write picture books"

Ijuiin was obviously insulted by that remark. "These 'picture books' you are referring to have been on the best selling manga list for many years now and my fans are always increasing"

Akihiko scoffed, "That means nothing"

Ijuiin glared for a moment but then smirked, his eyes staring at Akihiko coldly, "Well, they certainly mean something to Takahashi-kun. He seems to adore my manga very much. He can't get enough of it"

"The only reason Misaki likes your shitty books are because they have pictures in them. He doesn't like reading books with too much text in them and that is all there is to it!"

Ijuiin drank some of his own drink and continued, "I don't think that is the case. Pictures or not, he loves my books. He is my biggest fan, he practically worships me. His eyes sparkle and he has this adorable bright smile on his face whenever he sees me..."

"Misaki loves my books as well" Akihiko lied.

"Mmmm...Do you really believe that?" Ijuiin asked skeptically, "Does he even read any of your books?"

"Of course he dose!" Akihiko said, leaving out the part that the boy rips them up then proceeds to yell furiously at him.

Ijuiin laughed softly, "Oh really? Tell me, does he keep multiple copies of them? Does he send you letters, hoping a new volume will be released? Does he eagerly go to signings, parties and such for your books? Does he-"

"It may not be as obvious or fanatical about my books as he is for yours, but Misaki supports me in my work in his own way, and he is proud of me!"

Akihiko cursed himself, seeing what he had just done to himself. Ijuiin smirked, "I see, I knew it. hurts, doesn't it? You are his lover, lovers should support you, rightfully, and you think he would be your biggest fan...yet he's mine. He does not appreciate your books; he does not look up to you like he does for me...Misaki Takahashi likes me more than you. I am his favorites. Just accept it"

"You are his favorite writer, yes...but he is madly in love with me! I am his favorite person; he likes me more than anyone else!" Akihiko growled furiously. Damn it, his anger was slowly slipping out of control. He had another drink. "Misaki is mine! I will never let you take him from me!" Ijuiin laughed coldly, "I don't think I will need to do a thing. He thinks so highly of me...he frequently confesses to me...who knows, one day, he might leave you and choose me! Usami-san, one day soon, he might discover that I am the better man here!"

"NEVER! I WILL NEVER LET YOU HAVE MY MISAKI!" and with that, Akihiko punched Ijuiin in the face.

The whole room went silent and stared. For a few minutes no one did anything. Then Aikawa rushed over, "Usami-sensei!"

The editor groaned, "Play nicely with Ijuiin Kyo, his editor is here too, you know!" then she then smiled at Ijuiin, "Ijuiin-Sensei, are you ok?"

"Yes, thank you. I certainly am, don't worry about me" Ijuiin flashed a smirk towards Akihiko, making the writer even more angry.

"Thank goodness. Come on, there's someone I want you to meet-"


Shortly after, everyone left Akihiko alone. Panting with anger, he just sat there at the bar, alone with his own thoughts. His heart was feeling so many conflicting emotions,
He was furious.
He was jealous
He was sad.
He was terrified.
Everything Ijuiin said tonight pissed him off. The words were too painful to hear, because he knew that there might be a chance that those words had some truth in them. The mangaka's words kept on ringing in Akihiko's ears over and over like a broken record, taunting him. It was all just too hard to take right now. So, without thinking, he started drinking and drinking all night long. It was probably not the best of ideas...but right now, he just wanted to forget those hateful words and the pain in his heart.