Chapter 6

The next night was the romantic date at a restaurant. Misaki gripped onto his knees tightly as he stared down, blushing, and "So...U-Usagi-san, I am paying more attention than you...are you happy now?"

"Yes, very happy" Akihiko said with a smile. "What about you, Misaki? Are you happy?"

"If Usagi-san's happy...then I...I'm happy too"

"Oh Misaki, I love you so much" Akihiko leaned in for kiss.

A waitress cleared her throat loudly, "Sorry to interrupt but dinner is now served"

Misaki, embarrassed as hell, pulled away from Akihiko as far as he could, force a nervous smile, "AH! T-T-T-Thank you very much, I'm so hungry!" he said, laughing nervously. Akihiko tapped a finger on the table, obviously annoyed at the interruption.

Soon, dinner was on the table; a roast meal with red wine. They started to eat. "Waaah, it looks so delicious! Thank you for the food!" he said, his eyes sparkling, and then he immediately started eating. Akihiko chuckled softly, enjoying Misaki's cuteness and he too started eating.

The atmosphere around them had soon turned very relaxed and Misaki found himself having fun. He talked about his day, about Akihiko's books, about everything that was on his mind. Something in particular popped into his head and he giggled. Akihiko smiled, raising an eyebrow, "What's so funny, Misaki?"

"N-Nothing" Misaki said with a smile, "You were a very cute drunk, Usagi-san"

Akihiko stared at the boy in surprise, "Oh really?"

He suddenly started pouring wine into his glass, right up to the top, "Then, if that is that is the case, I will try to get drunk more often" he downed the wine in one go, then started refilling it.

Misaki stared at him, blinking in surprise. "R-Really? But you hated that hangover, right? If it hurts too much, then you don't really have to if you don't want to!"

Akihiko downed the second glass, and started refilling the glass again. He smirked, "its fine, any pain is fine as long as it's for Misaki. I would do anything for Misaki" he chuckled softly, "Besides; I want Misaki to think I'm cute"

B-But...I don't want him to go through that pain...just for me...

Misaki blushed, his heart racing. "I-I don't think you're cute! I said you're cute when you're drunk! There's a difference, don't let it go to your head, stupid Usagi!"

"Cute is still cute, no matter what way you phrase it-"

"Fine t-then...I'll drink too! Then we can share the pain...we're on a d-date anyway so...let's do things together, Usagi-san!"

"M-Misaki..." Akihiko said, staring at Misaki, taken aback by his words. He smiled and downed his glass of wine then started filling both of their glasses, "As you wish, my love. Let's get drunk together"

Misaki smiled, "O-OK~!"


The plan backfired on them though as Misaki was not a good drinker. It usually takes many, many drinks before Akihiko can get drunk...for Misaki, it takes much less than that. Akihiko chuckled softly, watching Misaki's red face, "Are you ok, love?"

"I'm-hic-fine, Usagi-san!"

Akihiko went to eating his food. He suddenly moaned as he felt Misaki's foot rub against his clothed manhood. Akihiko looked up at Misaki, who was giggling, an innocent smile on his face. "...M-Misaki?"

"W-What is it, Aki-hi-ko~?" Misaki said seductively, still rubbing his foot against his lover's privates. The way Misaki said his name, the way his foot was touching turned Akihiko on and made him so fucking hard.

"S-Shit...!" he suddenly threw his hands across the table, cupping Misaki's face in his hands, and plunged his tongue into Misaki's mouth. Misaki's tongue was eager and quick to cooperate with him, arousing the man even more. When they finally pulled away, Akihiko whispered against Misaki's lips, "I'm not going to let you off so easily tonight"

He quickly paid the bill then helped Misaki out of his chair and led his young lover out of the restaurant. Misaki was clinging to his arm with a big bright grin on his face, like a love-struck schoolgirl, "Where are we-hic-going now, Usagi-saaaan?"

"To a hotel. We are going to have sex" Akihiko answered bluntly.


Misaki had no idea how badly his innocent words were affecting the writer.

O-Oh my god, he's sooooo cute! He's so not going to be able to walk tomorrow!

It took all of Akihiko's willpower not to fuck the boy right there; it was very rare Misaki chose going on a date with him over Ijuiin Kyo, it meant so much to the writer, more than Misaki could ever he wanted this date to be special and fuck the boy somewhere romantic, in a proper hotel- but Misaki was making it very hard for him, it was like torture for the perverted writer.

During the car ride, more delicious torture was given out to Akihiko. He started driving and Misaki was teasing him within minutes. The University student leaned over to Akihiko and breathed hotly in his ear, making Akihiko shiver pleasantly, "When are we gonna get there, Usagi-saaaan?"

"Soon, Misaki, we'll be there soon" Akihiko answered hopefully, gripped tightly onto the wheel.

"Oh? I hope sooooo, I want my smexy Usagi-san to fuck me haard" he licked the man's ear and nibbled at it, while doing this, one of his small innocent hands started touching Akihiko's clothed cock again, palming it up and down.

Akihiko's heart raced, his face red from pleasure, biting his lip so hard it bled. He was so distracted it was a miracle they hadn't crashed yet. "Mi-Misaki, baby, I need you to stop trying to seduce me"

Misaki pulled away, a pout appeared on his pretty lips, "'re so hard for me...why should I stop?"

Akihiko swallowed nervously at the sight of the boy, "I...I-I just need to focus on the road!"

"Whaaaat? I can't even suck your big yummy cock? Not faiiiirrr!" The boy cried, tears threatening to fall.

Fuck, why can't he be this horny when he's sober?

He briefly laid a hand on the boy's cheek, "I promise, as soon as we get to the hotel, you can be as horny as you want"

"R-Really? Well...o-ok" Misaki then stared at the window, smiling as he watched all the scenery passes by- it only lasted 5 minutes. The boy assumed that it would be ok to touch himself; Akihiko didn't say anything against it anyway. "U-Usagi-sann...Usagi-san...Ahhh...Ahhh...!"

Soon, the boy was moaning, repeatedly Akihiko's name over and over as a hand slipped under his shirt, playing with his hard, erect nipple, while his other hand was in pants, pumping him self. Akihiko cursed and turned up the radio as loud as he could, closed his eyes as tight as he could, and continued to drive, gripping onto the wheel tightly. But that did nothing, Misaki's sexy, pleasure filled voice could be heard over the radio. Akihiko couldn't help but think it was the longest car drive he had ever been on and he just wished it would end already.


Finally, they reached the hotel. Akihiko slammed on the brakes and got out of the car. He quickly opened Misaki's door for him and grabbed him, leading him to the hotel. "Give us a room! Any room will do!" he shouted to whoever was working there.

"Fine, let me get the keys for you" the woman said. But it is taking too long to find the right key and the woman is also chatting away.

"Fucking hurry up! I was just handed the most beautiful torture I've ever experienced and I don't think I can hold out much longer, dammniit!"

"Usaaagiii-saaannn, hurry and put your peniiis inside meeee!" Misaki begged, tugging at the man's arm.

Akihiko's self restraint finally broke. He picked up Misaki in his arms and, not caring about anything other than the sexy young man in his arms, he literally kicked the door down of the first room he saw, and any will do, and threw Misaki onto the bed.

He ripped Misaki's clothes off, not caring where they landed. His kisses passionate and lustful, his hands leaving no part of the slender body untouched.

They kissed hungrily, lustfully, until breathless. When their lips finally parted, Akihiko bit Misaki's ear, and rubbed his hard, aching manhood against Misaki's, receiving a loud moan of pleasure. "Ahhh, U-Usagi-san...!"

"Misaki, I love you"

"I...l-love you too" Misaki then innocently started showering the man's face with kisses and his hand reached down and put his hand down Akihiko's pants, pumping him.

Blood rushed to his nether regions as Misaki did this. Akihiko groaned, "Oh Misaki..."

Akihiko's large hand grabbed Misaki's cock too and started pumping the boy. Moans filled the room as they jacked each other off.

"...ahhhh...ahhhhh! More! Touch me more!"

"You like that?" Akihiko murmured.

"G-God yes! It feels sooooo good!"

Akihiko groaned, "Shit, you're sexy, Misaki"

Not too long after, Misaki threw his head back, eyes glistening, hazy with pleasure, as he suddenly screamed Akihiko's name, releasing his hot seed. Akihiko's fingers, still wet with Misaki's cum, dug into Misaki's ass briefly, preparing him; he took pleasure in Misaki's moans and gasps before stopping and said huskily, "Ride me." Misaki clumsily did what he was told, pulling down the man's pants and straddling his lap. Misaki wrapped his arms around the man's neck and, with Akihiko helping him; he carefully lowered himself onto Akihiko's cock and started riding his older lover. Akihiko didn't think he would ever see anything more erotic. He reclaimed Misaki's lips in a hungry kiss and fucked Misaki all night long.


The next morning, Misaki found himself lying naked in a hotel, in the possessive arms of his lover. His head- and body- hurt like hell and he couldn't remember a single thing that took place after agreeing to drink with Akihiko.

"I'm never drinking again for as long as live" he groaned.

Akihiko chuckled softly, "Why not? You're so horny when you're drunk. So sexy." He kissed Misaki's forehead, "Get drunk as many times as you want, I insist"

"LIKE HELL I WILL!" Misaki whimpered and put his hands to his head, the loud sound of his yell hurting his head even more.

Akihiko smiled, "So cute"

"J-Just shut up and get me medicine for this fucking hangover!"

"Yes, my adorable Misaki. I'm a bit hungry so I will get us some breakfast as well..."

Akihiko then sat up and called room service. As he did this, Misaki lay back down on the bed and thought bitterly, I hate alcohol.

From that day on, Misaki vowed to never let a single drop of alcohol pass through either of their lips. It was very doubtful this would go according to plan though as Akihiko liked seeing Misaki drunk. And Akihiko Usami always got his way.