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"There is no way Batman could ever ever be as good as Superman. I mean the guy isn't even a real superhero."

"Yes! He is."

"No he isn't. He's just some fancy rich guy that can afford a lot of gadgets. He doesn't have super abilities, therefore he's unSUPER!"

Sounds of the argument drifted into the kitchen.

"He gets to be SUPER because he's willing to sacrifice himself for the people of Gotham."

"Like police officers? They risk their lives to save people everyday but do they have super abilities? Like the Flash and his super speed or Professor X and his telepathic communication? NO! Which means they're in the same boat as Batman, take away his toys and he's just another guy with decent fight moves!"

"He's still better than Superman."

The sound of something heavy falling followed.

"See now look what you did!"




The yell of his name carried into the kitchen one after the other but Ethan rolled his eyes as he continued drying and putting the dishes away.

It didn't take long for Benny to stomp into the kitchen with an equally irritated Rory trailing at his heels. "Ethan will you once and for all tell this lunatic that there is no way in this universe or the next," he stared pointedly at the blonde beside him, "that Batman is on the same level as Superman. I mean can you even believe the audacity of the comparison?!"

"Guys! Enough, seriously if you can't sit down and be civil then you should go home. It's getting late anyway." The finality in Sarah's voice put an end to the argument for both boys. Boys who didn't want to anger the babysitter even more.

"Fine." Benny left the room the same way he entered it, Rory on the other hand waved a happy goodbye like there was no fight were Benny looked ready to bite the young vampire's head off. Ironic?

"Sorry about them," Ethan leaned into Sarah taking another plate to dry. His only reply was her sharp intake of breath. Loudly he might add ... an all too popular sound of a woman's annoyance. "Are you okay?"


"So, um," the lame attempt of clearing his throat worked its way into the conversation. "How about those Maple Leafs?"

Sports talk? Really? Did Sarah even like hockey?

The flash of her hand tapping the handle down startled Ethan somewhat, she'd never really hit him but you know ... you never know.

"Don't worry Ethan I'm not going to hit you."

Nervously he nodded as he put the last of the dishes away. Ethan was wiping his hands when he heard the agitated groan from Sarah who started pacing on the other side of the room. "Are you sure you're okay?"

His fledgling best friend shook her head. "Would you just shut up and stop - stop doing what you're doing." With each word her voice rose stilling Ethan to his spot. What the heck?

"Sorry that I'm -?" Confused

"You're breathing!"

"So you want me to stop ... breathing. As in die?"

"No! no just," her pacing slowed somewhat but her breathing quickened more as she moved further away from him, "stay there."

He didn't know what was making her freak out but he wasn't going to stay put and act like a good pet when she obviously needed help. Putting the dish towel on the counter he made his way slowly over, Sarah too busy with whatever she had going on didn't notice that he was two steps away when he reached out.

She hissed. Ethan just about wet himself, "What is your problem?"

"Nothing, it's you!"

"Me what did I do?"

Another groan left her lips, a sound Ethan admitted would have been sexy as hell any other time but not so much in this case. "I'm just trying to help you."

"You can't help me. It's one of those situations."

Starring stupidly at her he waited for whatever that meant to sink in, it wasn't until Sarah's eyes glowed and her teeth sharpened to the full length of her fangs that he finally caught on.

"Oh." Ethan could've slapped himself, of all times to have dumb moment.

"Yeah. Look maybe I should go. Jane's already in bed and I'm pretty sure you can take care of yourself until your parents get home."

"You don't have to go."

"You don't get it Ethan." Her voice was back on the verge of being higher than what he was used to. "I am starving and being this close to you breathing… is driving me crazy and if I see that pulse in your neck one more time I'm going to explode!"

Covering his neck quickly Ethan backed into the counters. So that's why she was so irritable she was hungry. "What about the blood substitute Benny's grandmother made you? I thought that was curbing your cravings."

"You mean that slop in a box, no thanks I'd rather starve." A brow lifted ironically on Ethan's face considering she was.

"Well you know maybe I could do something. Make you another alternative so you don't have to go back to feeding on rodents or worse, me." He laughed lightley trying to ease the mood.

It wasn't working.

"No I've already had three versions from Benny's grandmother. They won't help because I'm craving …" Ethan noticed the way she trailed off, her eyes shifting to anywhere but him.

It didn't take him long to comprehend just exactly what she was craving. It was standing right in front of her, "me?"

She looked guilty and he knew he hit the nail in the coffin when her shoulders dropped in defeat. "I'm sorry Ethan, really I'm trying to control myself but I can hear the sound of your heart pumping, the rush of blood in your veins. And the smell." Another groan escaped her lips as she inhaled his aroma in the room. "I have to go."

to be continued ... :)