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Oh snap look who updated…

- this girl did -

His throat hurt. His head hurt. Hell, his everything hurt.

He couldn't remember ever feeling like this. No bouts with vampires or sights of blood – had ever left him feeling like this.

"Ahh." Ethan moaned, rolling on his side.

Get up.

"Ahh." He moaned again. His head pounded. Had a stack of bricks or worse, fallen on his head?

Get up

Propping his hand on the bedside table, Ethan used what little strength he had to push himself up. He closed his eyes tighter, refusing to open them just yet, in hopes that the pain would subside. Standing to his feet, he kept his right hand firmly on the table, using it to steady himself. His balance was offshore. He didn't need a vision to know that if he let go, he'd end up on the floor.

"Hello." His voice cracked barely an octave. He cleared it, trying again but still the same.


"Is anyone there?"

Where exactly, he wasn't sure of. The last thing he remembered was Jesse standing over him. Warning him that the fate of his friends were in serious trouble. That Sarah was in trouble.

Breathing, once twice and a third time he slowly let go. He inched up to his full height as fast as he could before moving. One foot at a time. He didn't know of the layout, but from what he could tell it was a bedroom. Was it his own, no…

His bedroom door was to the left of his bed. To the left of this room lead to what felt like a window. Turning he crept, sliding his socked feet along the hardwood floors. Finally he came to a wall, sliding his hands along in both directions he felt a knob. Turning he pulled the door back.

"Ethan." He heard a voice cry. "Oh my god Ethan, you're awake."


His mind registered. His eyes flew open.

Standing right before him was a face he was afraid he'd never see again.

Sarah, she was standing right here in the flesh.

"I'm so happy you're ok." Ethan halfheartedly laughed on the inside. Sarah could forget her strength sometimes and it seemed like this would be one of those times as she gripped him in a hug.

"Sarah," He choked. Usually he was grateful for these moments and if his head were better, he probably would have suffered through – but his head felt like a volcano about to erupt. "I can't," he grasped her arms trying to retract them from his neck, "breathe."

"Oh my g- Ethan," her arms flew back, "I'm so- so- I'm sorry. I-I…"

"No prob-," he shook his head. Another bad idea, he could feel himself falling before he could stop it.

"So he woke up but you made him … unconscious again?"

"Shut up Benny!" Erica roared to Sarah's, "I didn't."

"Well you did something." That voice, Ethan recognized belonged to Rory. He must have groaned or moved because Rory, Ethan had no doubt poked him in the nose. "Hey look, I think he's waking up."

"Don't do that!"



"That's enough children. How do you expect him to get better with you four hovering around him like that."


"No, now move. You three too – go on." Something cold was placed over his forehead. He winced. Everything thing hurt.


"Shhh," Grandma Weir soothed moving the towels down his cheeks, his neck. "You're starting to run a fever Ethan." She dipped the towel in the cold bowl of water she brought with her into the room. Ethans' eyelids peeled back slowly, opening them as much as he could. "But we're going to break it sweetie. Don't worry."


"Shh – shh, she's right here sweetie. She's ok." She patted the towel to both sides of his head. "Get some rest. She'll be here when you wake up."

Ethan tried to hang on a bit longer but it was no use. The darkness surrounding him taking its' tool as he began to drift.

"Now where were we?" Grandma Weir, after finally getting Ethan settled in, asked. Sending Erica and Rory home and Benny upstairs to bed – left her to finish her conversation with Sarah before all the commotion started.

Sarah couldn't wrap her mind around it. That is, if anything the elder Weir had said were true. Her and Ethan. Ethan and she?

Soul mates?

Meant to be…?

Since when?

"You looked shocked."

"Should I not … be? I mean, when I became a vampire – I didn't expect this. Hel- heck," she corrected. "Until a few months ago I didn't even know the supernatural existed and now you're telling me I have a soul mate?"

Grandma Weir smiled, unable to hide it. While Sarah seemed to be in a panic now, there was no mistaking the sheer joy she witnessed flashing through the young vampire's eyes when she broke the news. Sarah could hide it all she wanted, but in the end – she'd never remember this moment of reservation.

"Don't worry dear. There is no rush on this. All things will unfold in due time."

I know it's not much but I'm tired of this story sitting incomplete. So... I'm going to really REALLY work on completing this before the summer is up. Speaking of summer, I hope everyone is having a fantastic one.

to be continued ...