A/N: The title of this story is correct, there is nothing wrong with it it is the way I want it to be. So, hopefully this story works out. Enjoy! Spitfire47

"He has what?"

Charlie slammed his hand against the wall making the bulletin board give a few sharp shakes. He tried to contain himself but the news had him so rattled up. He wondered who had put Johnson up to this, this had to be some sort of sick joke. As Charlie continued to listen to the monotone of his boss he was waiting for someone to say kidding, this is a prank call have a nice life! But no such thing came over the phone.

"That can't be possible," Charlie cried, his voice roared into the speaker. "You said that there was only one team that would catch fugitives, mine and now you're telling me more bullshit!"

Ray then entered the room with a file in his hand, he saw how pissed off Charlie was so he decided to wait at the doorway.

"I don't care if he has more experience or his team."

Team? Ray thought. He then saw Charlie's face angry expression being washed away and what looked like a cross between a horrified/ still angry, look took over.

"No," Charlie said firmly. "He has no autho-."

Ray then heard a tiny voice shout something back and then Charlie slammed the phone back onto the receiver before flopping down into his chair.

"Should I begin?" Ray asked. "Or do you want the first words?"

"No," Charlie said then waved his hand for the folder. Ray handed it over and Charlie opened it. While Charlie skimmed over the folder, Ray looked at him with somewhat of a worried expression.

"That the boss?" Ray asked.

"Yeah," Charlie muttered, the fight seemed to have left him since he had slammed down the phone.

"Hmm, never see anyone bite back to the boss before."

Charlie closed the folder and said, "Complete bullshit Ray, you know deputy Johnson right?"

"Beau Johnson? The prick who tipped you off to the commanding field officer?"

"Yeah, well seems to be back to his old tricks."


"He has a team."

"Team? You mean a fugitive team?"

Charlie nodded and then pointed to the phone. "That was why the boss was calling me."

"Another Fugitive Task Force?"

"One with 'more experience' as he put it."

"Why because Johnson is a field officer?"

"Not to mention his team."

"Do I even want to know?"

Charlie was ready to answer when there was a small knock at the door. Ray opened it and Julianne stepped into the office.

"The transpo van is here from Maybelle," she said, then Julianne saw their looks. "Is there something wrong?"

Ray was about to answer when Charlie shook his head. "Nothing Jules, thank you."

"Oh...okay." With that she left without another word and Ray closed the door again.

"Should we tell her?" Ray asked.

"Not yet," Charlie automatically said.

"What about the animals? I mean they will have to know sooner or later."

"We need to find out how to break it to them."

Ray straightened and frowned, "You sound like you are talking like our gig is up Charlie."

"It isn't Ray, don't worry."

"I'm not worried."

Charlie shook his head and said, "I'll be out there in a bit alright?"

Ray nodded and back out, closing the door behind him.

Out in the main room, all three convicts were receiving their 'normal' clothes from Julianne while getting a quick brief on their escapee.

"Blair Preflunt, convicted of murdering six people and stuffing them in the walls of his apartment. Threatened his own brother, Aaron, who recorded every threat on a tape recorder and handed it over to authorities."

"Turned in by his own blood," Shea said shaking his head. "That's cold."

"So emotional stability is high making him more likely to make rash decisions on the outside especially now that he knows that there will be police after him," Lloyd explained in his usual lecture tone. "Also the likely of him suffering from neuroticism is at a high as well."

"Which is why we need to trend carefully around this guy," Ray said. "He has a history of minor vandalism and violence."

They heard a click and all heads swerved to Charlie who walked out of his office with the profile in his hand.

"Okay guys we have some...issues," Charlie said coming right out with it. Ray gave him a look but Charlie ignored him. The cons all looked at each other with worried looks, they all knew that if there was an issue they had to behave.

"What is it?" Julianne asked, she knew that Ray and Charlie were hiding something.

"A new Fugitive Task Force has come up."

"What?" all cons shouted together standing at the same time.

Ray shook his head and all Julianne could do was sit there frozen to her chair looking at Charlie with a pale face.

"Are you sure?" Erica asked.

"Positive," Charlie replied, "I just got off the phone with my boss and he informed me that there was a new task force. He wants us to join up with them."

"Not happening," Shea said.

"Look," Charlie sighed. "I don't want to do it either -."

"Not. Happening."

Ray rose angrily to his feet and shouted, "Unless you want your ass back in Sing Sing you better know that it is happening!"

No one said anything from Ray's outburst they all just stared.

"Same goes for you two," Ray pointed at Lloyd and Erica who remained silent. An eerie silence filled the room and stayed for about two minutes until -

"Who's in charge?" Julianne asked.

"Beau Johnson," Charlie replied bitterly.

"You mean..."

"Yeah, him."

The three cons wanted to know who Beau Johnson was but they decided against the knowledge especially since it involved Charlie.

"Who else is on the team?" Erica asked.

Charlie shrugged. "Beau's suppose to be here in a few minutes."

"The more we know on our fugitive, the higher chance of us knowing more than them," Ray said trying to divert everyone's attention to the case.

"Right," Charlie agreed, "what do we know?"

"Low emotional stability and neuroticism," Lloyd said first, "both making him highly violent and rational."

"If he made threats to his brother than he would probably go back to finish the job," Shea added.

"Not to mention that if he is unstable then his tracks will be more easily to find and follow," Erica explained.

"Good, Lloyd go with Ray and get to Aaron and see if you can get a hold of those tapes. Erica, you come with me to see what trail he might have left and Shea you stay with Julianne and go through Blair's things he owned in prison."

Everyone nodded and got up but before anyone could move the elevator door slide open. Charlie frowned and moved to the front of the group.

"Their early," Ray muttered.

Out stepped a young man in a full black suit, he had a gun on his hip holster and a baton on the other side. His hair was slicked back like the feathers of a duck and the smirk on his face looked permanent.

"This it?" he asked looking at the task force before him, "Fugitive Task Force."

"What do you want Johnson?" Charlie growled.

"Me? Nothing," Johnson said calmly. "I'm just doing what Knox wants. To see the first team myself and then to introduce my own."

He snapped his fingers and four other people came out of the elevator. All were well groomed except for one who had spiky blonde and green hair.

"Ray," Johnson said looking at the former deputy, "You know Keenrawl right?" - he patted the shoulder of another taller man in the same black suit, - " I believe that he helped bring justice to...a certain someone right?"

Ray wanted to punch Johnson in the face but he controlled himself.

"Okay ," Lloyd said who no longer could be quiet, "Guys, this man is displaying a basic scenario of dominance he wants us to feel like he has the upper hand."

Johnson grinned at the genius, "Lloyd Lowery right? The genius who turned problem gambler who allowed his own addiction get ahead of himself. Convicted of misjudgement and manslaughter when a girl under your judgement popped a few back with vodka right? Twenty-five years."

Lloyd wanted to shoot something back but he was lost for words. The last time that happened he was on the prisoners stand awaiting conviction then sentence.

"Erica Reed," Johnson turned to the female, "Father died, you go after the five who killed him and for every man," -he looked down at Erica's arm -, "You mark yourself."

"Enough Johnson," Charlie commanded.

"Oh now see here DuChamp, I'm just trying to get familiar with you're um…group."

"What about yours?" Ray asked, "Bet their just peaches n' cream."

Johnson smirked and said, "Getting smart Zancanelli?"

"Call it how I see it."

Johnson raised his hands in surrender and nodded his head over to the convict on the end.

"Marshall Becrun," Johnson said, "Human behaviourist got his PhD and M.D when he was twenty one and has been with the FBI for a few years before going to prison. Beside him is Trevor Gorig, leader of a young black market and was a dealt with the highest drug kings in both Canada and the States."

"I sold down in five different states," Shea challenged, "What you got son?"

"Fifteen," Trevor replied with a smirk. Shea looked like he was going to pass out.

"And last but definitely not least, Rachelle Welkmill, top analyst and data technician in her class." Julianne looked like she was going to have a panic attack and Ray didn't look to pleased at all either.

"That's only five including yourself," Charlie observed, "Did the last one drop out?"

"You wish," Johnson spat back, "In fact you might even know her."

Johnson nodded for the hiding figure to come out and when they did Charlie felt his insides drop to the first floor. It was a female, tall with a slim build and long dirty blonde hair. She smiled haughtily as she entered the room and stood beside Rachelle.

"Hey guys," Philomena Rotchliffer said, "Miss me?"