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Then slowly sounds, colour and images were next, mixing and blending he could hear voices call his name repeatedly but couldn't make out who was speaking. Someone tapped his face lightly then a harder one followed only to have the noises increase in volume. The images before him cleared and brightened and Lloyd instinctively squinted his eyes and raised his hand up as a shield against the harsh light.

"He's awake," Erica whispered she turned and repeated it only a bit louder. A door opened and Lloyd could hear footsteps.

"Move!" a voice commanded and every separated. Charlie came into view and he knelt down.

"Lloyd," he said then repeated it louder.

"Ah!" Lloyd bolted upward and almost knocked heads with Charlie if it weren't for Julianne who moved him back in time. Lloyd could feel sweat form on his forehead and he quickly wiped it off before looking at Charlie.

"You got hit with a taser- twice," Charlie explained.

"You alright?" Julianne asked.

Lloyd nodded and asked, "What about Blair?"

"Ran," Shea replied then spread his thumb and forefinger apart a centimetre. "I was this close to catching him."

"But you didn't," Trevor said mildly.

Shea was about to reply when Erica cut him off with a headshake.

"Doesn't matter, we got another hit on Blair and we're going after him. Johnson take your team back to headquarters and tell Knox what's going on."

"Preferably stay there," Ray muttered but loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Your team might need back up," Johnson said ignoring Ray. "I've heard that they've needed it in the past."

Charlie controlled his breathing and he motioned Johnson to leave. Johnson smirked yet obliged and left with his team behind him.

"I'm serious about my remark," Ray said.

"Let's just concentrate on getting Blair. Julianne stay here with Lloyd and keep us updated on any movements."

Julianne nodded and Lloyd watched the team leave.

"You need anything?" Lloyd looked up to see Julianne looking down at him.

"Uh...no…no thanks."

Julianne nodded and then headed towards the coffee nook.

It took him no time at all to notice that he was in the spare room. There was a medical kit in the corner and a few extra blankets and a pillow in the corner. As soon as Julianne left Lloyd got up and then looked out the window. It was night with a clear sky, a full moon and billions of stars. He absorbed the image into his memory knowing that an image like this isn't seen in prison.

He turned back to the door and then immediately thought about Julianne, how she has become less nervous yet more guarded when she talked to him. How the rest of the team is fighting to control Johnson's own team who is also having no problem in retaliating with a challenge of their own. Lloyd then thought about Marshall the twenty-one year old who seemed to be bored with every matter that they have come across. He spoke when he needed too and he seemed to be the only one who defended Lloyd in some matters when things become push-and-shove.

Lloyd knew that there had to be a reason behind Johnson's actions, whether he can change them or not meant nothing but the reason itself was what Lloyd was trying to figure out. Obviously he picked the rest of the team because they had similar jobs or experiences with original Taskforce. It had to be just more than wanting to piss Charlie off. As Lloyd sat back down on the cot his phone rang, he walked over to the table it was sitting on and then turned it on.


"Is this Dr. Lloyd Lowery?" Lloyd knew whose voice that belonged to.

"Blair how are you doing?"

He could hear the man take in a shaky breath.

"Look I'm going to tell you something that you are going to have to believe no matter how crazy it's sounds."

"You're going to tell me your innocent."

Blair sighed. "Not only that but my brother, Aaron…he's the real murderer."

Lloyd pressed the phone harder against his ear. "I'm listening."

"When we started up the apartment, Aaron developed this…problem. I'm not really sure what it was or why he started it but-."

"What are the symptoms?" Lloyd immediately asked.

"Aaron would leave for days on end, he stopped eating for a total of two weeks except for the occasional bite and he had this blank look on his face almost all the time."

Lloyd frowned.

"Anyway please don't say anything until I'm finished. Aaron has been murdering people who have been coming to stay at our apartment for about five months now. I confronted him about it and he admitted that he was, I had caught everything on tape but when he found out that I had recorded it. He started to kill some of the tenant's pets, fish, dogs, and cats you name it. I was ready to take the tape to the police station when…" Lloyd could hear a few inhaled breaths been taken. "He killed my girlfriend, he sliced her throat and then pushed her in front of a moving truck to make it look like the driver of the car hit her. That was when he used my trick against me. I knew that Aaron had killed her and I…yes I was about to kill him but instead of hesitating like a coward as I was. He went directly to the police and blamed that I was having some psychological issues. Aaron started to slow down the killings to make it look like I was the actual murderer but once the police closed the case he started up again." From his long explanation Blair took a few breathers and then asked, "Why do you think that the apartment smells like shit? The blood that came onto the tv that's no supernatural shit man it's real. The bodies have decomposed so much that they have been able to literally been able to seep into the cables. For years Aaron did his own maintenance, why because he didn't want anyone to find out. The cables are pieces of shit that's why the decomposed bodies have been able to set into the cables. I'm sorry…I have to go."

"Wait!" Lloyd said quickly. "Why did you taser me?"

"Because I needed to get your cell number."

With that Blair hung up and Lloyd listened the rhythmic beeping.