Molly's POV.

I'd never quite seen a scene quite like the one in which, at ten thirty at night, Tonks came into my house and started ranting on and on about how Remus and her were fighting and fighting over everything and nothing. Her hair was a fiery shade of flaming red, her nose was pointier than it had ever been, she was shaking, and she was yelling her head off.

"Keep your voice down," I said soothingly, seating her in a chair and quickly serving her some tea. "It's all right."

"Molly," she said, looking up at me, face streaked with tears, "we become more like Ron and Hermione every day."

I was taken aback. "Ron and Hermione?"

She nodded, more tears spurting out of her eyes. "We fight over miniscule things, and then we make up, but then we fight again."

"You two," I said sternly, "are adults. Hermione and Ron are teenagers."

Tonks sighed. "I keep telling myself that. But I just..I dunno. We remind me of them."

I smiled and hugged her as a thought came to my mind. "Your relationship like theirs, hm?"

She sniffled and nodded.

I smiled. "You're a lucky girl if that carries on," I whispered.

Tonks looked at me, puzzled. "Why?"

"Well," I reminded her, "we all know that Ron and Hermione are meant for each other."