Chocolate Scones

"Meda, I love chocolate scones."

"That's nice, Siri."

"Meda, stop reading. You read too much."

"I do not, Sirius."

"What are you reading?"

"Something. You're too little to understand."

"Am not. I'm almost seven."

"Oh well that changes things."

"I know."


"Why d'ya say sigh?"

"I just do."

"Well what are you reading?"

"A book."

"I know that, Meda. What book?"

"The Return of the King."

"Oh. Is it a seven year old book?"


"Oh. What age is it for?"

"It's for seventy five thousand and a half year olds, Sirius, OKAY?"

"Not okay, Meda. You're not seventy five thousand and a half. You're eleven, and just barely."

"All right, Sirius. Whatever you say."

"Do you have any chocolate scones, Andromeda?"


"Oh..can you bake me some, do you think?"

"Why would you deserve some, Sirius Black?"

"Because I went and played with the Muggle kids around the corner like you told me to."

"Oh, did you? That's good, Sirius! What did your mum say?"

"She hexed me."

"She's awful."

" I 'serve scones now?"

"Let! Me! Read!"

"Aw, Meda, I wanted to give some to the little Muggle kids. You make the bestest scones ever."

Sirius had scones for lunch, and so did the little Muggle children around the corner.