A/N: This is a three part Inu/Kag short story. I wrote this piece about 5 years ago. I came up with the idea after hearing the song "Breathe on Me" by Britney Spears.

FYI: I've been told a few time now that I originally mixed Kagome's friends up. So correction: Yuka is Kagome's friend with the short hair, Eri is the one with the headband and Ayume has the wavy hair. I also had Ayume's name completly wrong. Thanks for the correction.

Wanting more

No matter how hard Kagome tried to avoid them, awkward situations just seemed to find her. She wondered silently, 'How do I get myself into these things?'

The "thing" this time was a new night club only recently opened in down town, The Demon's Lair. She assumed that the title was supposed to add an air of dark, dangerous appeal teenagers found so enthralling about the Tokyo nightlife. The entrance to the club was simple but intimidating with tinted glass doors that blocked out any light or prying eyes. Inside there were a lot of older kids, but few over the age of twenty. Alcohol was readily available to anyone with a passable ID, which was pretty much everyone. The room stank of beer, perspiration, and hormones. Kagome inched closer to the tight-knit group of her friends. That proved a mistake when her "date", Hojo, took the opportunity to take hold of her hand.

Her palm instantly turned sweaty, which he would probably mistake that to mean she was nervously excited to be near him. Actually she was embarrassed by how much she wanted to be anywhere else but here. Once again this date had been decided without her consent. On one of her rare trips back to the present she'd been standing in the hallway after lunch when Hojo finally pulled together his confidence and asked her out to a dance club. Before she could respond her friends had appeared seemingly from thin air and shoved her towards the boy, accepting his invitation for her. Some how Yuka, Arimi and Eri managed to procure dates of their own to tag along. Now, looking into the writhing sea of bodies, she was glad to have the company. Hojo seemed the protective type in theory, but she seriously doubted that he had the skill.

Yuka was the first to take a brave step towards the dance floor, dragging her reluctant date behind her. "Well, we're here, we might as well have fun!" She shouted above the din of pounding music.

Ayume and Eri shared a worried look. They both turned towards Kagome for instruction, but she was equally clueless.

"Come on, Higurashi," Hojo flashed her one of his sweet but clueless smiles and dragged her along behind him. Her friends slowly followed with their own dates in tow.

A little while later, Kagome was making her way to a chair. Sweaty and exhausted, it took more effort then she cared to exert just to elbow her way through the crowd. She sank into the chair, trying to catch her breath through her dry throat. Hojo followed behind her. "Are you okay? Your sciatica isn't acting up again, is it?" Before she could answer he was angrily shaking his head at himself. "I shouldn't have made you come here while your still sick."

"Um...no, I'm okay. Just a little thirsty, and ti..."

He was up and out of his chair before she could finish her sentence. "I'll get you a drink. A mineral water, it will be good for your health."

He was off again before her mouth could move. She had wanted to use the opportunity to say she was tired an excuse herself to finally go home and get some rest. She hadn't slept well in the feudal age and due to her still boiling rage at a certain half-demon who will remain unnamed, she thought acidly, she hadn't slept well at home either.

They'd had a fight. Again. Which was why she had rushed home over four days ago and abjectly refused to go back until Inuyasha apologized. At least that had been the plan four days ago. Now she would just settle for his customary arrogance and stubbornness, anything, just as long as he came to get her. She didn't want to admit it, but she missed him. Now she was wishing she were back in the feudal era searching for shards just so she could be near him.

Her eyes took on a glassy look as she stared off into space thinking on her adventures and her time with him. Just the look of him, the exotic blend of his animal nature mixed with his human masculinity. The smell of him, like something wild, the musk of the woods and the earth. The feel of him as he held her, always in protection, and even a few times in an affectionate embrace. But those moments were few and fleeting. And the thought of the few intense embraced they had shared were always deflated by the memory of Kikyo's kiss, which was burned into her mind like a brand of poison. It didn't make her angry, because she wasn't that type of person, it just made her heart constrict a little bit more.

She was a silly girl for the private thoughts that she had. She knew she should forget them all and stop tormenting herself. But, sometimes, alone at night in her room on this side of the well she would lie in bed and think of Inuyasha and the few moments of contact they shared. A brush against her chest as he pulled out of harm's way. The feel of his hair on her face and neck when she rode on his back. The way his hands grasped her thighs to keep her from falling off. They way she wanted those hands to go higher. To go anywhere, as long as he was touching her.

She blinked back into reality and had to shake her head to dispel the images that threatened to overcome her mind. These thoughts were occurring more and more often. Her feelings towards Inuyasha started out as a crush, but over time they had grown into something much more. She was starting to have feeling for him that she didn't fully understand and couldn't explain. They were new to her. She had never felt this way towards any boy before and it was a little scary, not to mention graphic. Somehow, she knew they couldn't be wrong. At least, she hoped they weren't.

She looked up to see Hojo walking towards her with two bottles of water in hand. Gratefully accepting one, she gulped down half the bottle before her thirst was eased. Idly she watched the dancers on the floor. They were so bold with their movements, so fluid and at ease with their bodies. They were nothing more than normal teenage kids but when the beat of the music came into them they moved almost gracefully. Kagome blushed, or perhaps it would have been graceful if so many of them weren't virtually locked at the groin, grinding against each other. Guys were dancing with girls. Girls were dancing with girls. And some groups were all dancing together in what appeared as a mere confused tangle of limbs and bodies of every gender. There were younger groups too who were not as confident or intoxicated enough to be so bold. It relieved Kagome that she wasn't alone in her apprehension. She couldn't imagine dancing with Hojo that way.

She finished her water slowly, dragging out the time, hoping her friends would finally tire of the atmosphere. The problem was they looked as if they were having the time of their lives and Hojo's feet were impatiently tapping to the music. She knew it was only a matter of time until she would have to brave the dance floor again. She liked dancing, but it was awkward with Hojo, mentally and physically.

Yuka spotted Kagome's hesitation and came over to their table. She grabbed Hojo by the wrist and thrust him back out on to the floor with a joyful command that he dance with Ayume and Eri as well. Then she turned her knowing eyes on to her friend. Her hard gaze quickly melted into concern.

"It's Him isn't it? The selfish, violent two-timer that dumped you. You're still not over him."

Kagome looked down at her hands unsure how exactly to explain. "No, it's not like that. It's just..." She didn't know what it was, actually. How could she say that Inuyasha really cared for her when he hadn't found the time to come get her after being gone for so long? The reality of it made tears sting her eyes. There was no explanation. He was just what Yuka said, selfish.

"I know what you need," Yuka suggested cheerfully. Before she knew it Kagome was being hauled onto her feet and dragged out on to the floor. "You need to get over him already and have some fun."

Yuka thrust her at Hojo. He had to catch her or else she would have fallen. Once Kagome was on her feet again she was helpless to escape. Her friends, whether on accident or on purpose, surrounded them, effectively blocking her escape. Hojo danced happily getting in to the song. She had no choice but to make a half-hearted attempt to look like she was having a good time. The music was throbbing to a rising cresendo.

Good, she thought, that means the song will be over soon.

But the music seemed to stretch on agonizingly slow. Hojo moved in closer to her. There bodies weren't exactly touching, but they brushed up against each other every few moments. It was starting to make her uncomfortable, but he didn't seem to notice. He looked at her, suddenly nervous. She got the horrible feeling that she knew what was coming as he moistened his lips and leaned in towards her. She watched him moving towards her. His lips were almost on her mouth when she suddenly panicked and turned to flee.

She planned on pushing her way through the crowd but was stopped by what felt like a brick wall. She bounced off and would have fallen if not for a pair of arms grabbing her waist and pulling her up right.

She was confused at first, looking at the chest of a man wearing a red ... T-shirt? Her eyes traveled up to the angular face, over his full lips to his inhuman eyes. No one could every mistake their golden color as naturally human. She noticed that his silver hair had been tamed by a red baseball cap; she recognized the emblem of the mascot from Sota's soccer team. The clothes, the t-shirt complete with jeans and even a pair of sneakers, must have come from her home.

Inuyasha's eyes flashed with anger. He couldn't decide which part infuriated him more, but if he really had to choose, he'd have to settle on the boy he'd been in the process of trying to strangle when Kagome ran into him. It was probably the only thing that kept his hand from wrapping around the boy's throat and choking the life out of him. He'd seen the whole display of the little punk working up his courage trying to kiss Kagome. His blood had boiled when, for a moment it appeared as if she was going to let him. Even above the stink of sweat and alcohol he had sensed her hesitation, her fear. But in the end she turned away before the cretin touched her. That Inuyasha was glad for. But he was still angry at her for being in such a place. The whole building reeked of chemicals, alcohol and sex. What was his Kagome doing in a demoralized place like this? In the Feudal era she purified everything around her, but in her time he had to track her down to a place that seemed to be the apex of human filth and degradation. Little did he know that this club was tame compared to most.

He gave her a rough shake, keeping a firm grip on her waist. "What the hell do you think you're doing here?"

Kagome's momentary relief washed away in a flood of anger. "What does it look like? I'm ..." she looked around at her friends who had all stopped to stare at them. "..dancing." She finished lamely.

"Well now your not, and we're leaving." He grabbed her arm and started to pull her towards the door. Suddenly livid, she yanked her arm out of his grip.

"You do not get to tell me what I can and can't do. I'm staying." She shouted, crossing her arms defensively.

He knew damn well she didn't want to stay, he saw her unease before. She was just being stubborn and it was beginning to irritate him. He growled low in his throat with frustration but it did nothing to intimidate her.

Off to the side Yuka whispered to the other girls, "That must be him."

"Who?" Eri asked, clueless.

"The selfish, violent jerk, of course." They all shook their heads in unison. He was acting just how they had pictured. But he certainly didn't look how any of them had pictured. He appeared to be a little older than them. He must have been from another part of the country because his features were foreign, but certainly alluring. His most striking feature was definitely the long flowing river of silvery hair that ran from under his cap. It was a mystery why he would hide such beautiful hair under the cap a child's soccer team.

The music faded out and was quickly replaced by another song much like the last. The other people on the floor had quickly picked up the beat. The boys that came with them were trying to pull Kagome's friends back into dancing, which they reluctantly did. But each had an eye on their friend and her strange companion.

Hojo stood by, the internal debate to defend Kagome's honor or opt for self-preservation played out openly on his face. Kagome felt a pang of pity for Hojo, far stronger and less-human creatures had run for fear of the Hanyou and here stood one teenage boy with the courage to at least think of standing up to him. Or was it stupidity? She wasn't sure.

Inuyasha pinned the boy with the golden anger of his eyes. "You. Go. Now."

And Hojo went. He is only a teenage boy after all, Kagome thought.

The crowd around them became impatient with their movements. The space between Inuyasha and Kagome seemed to shrink as the throng of people closed in. He stepped forward, taking possessive hold of her, scanning the room for any scent of a threat. He didn't realize he was emitting a slow steady growl.

"You can calm down," Kagome reassured him. "There just kids out to have a good time. No one is going to hurt you."

Inuyasha looked down at her. His eyes were still burning with rage, but it had somewhat abated. The scent of so many bodies in one room, mixed with an uncountable array of perfumes and other chemical agents was making his head dizzy.

A writhing couple got carried away with their movements and bumped into the irate hanyou, pressing him closer against the girl in his arms. The male of the pair glared, as if he were the one that had been slammed into, before shouting over the bass, "This is a dance floor buddy. Either start movin' or get out of the way." His eyes lingered on Kagome, taking special care to trace the curves of her chest. "Or maybe you should just let me take this one. How 'bout it baby?" He gave her a suggestive wink. She had to hold the half-demon back with all her strength while the sleazy man danced back into the crowd with the intoxicated girl he came with.

The only thing that stopped Inuyaha's second possible homicide of the night was Kagome threatening to say the s-word, even in front of all these people.

"Come on," Inuyasha gave another tug on her arm. "Let's go."

"Wait." She glanced at the people around her, all thoroughly entranced by their partner, or in some cases partners. Everyone was having a good time, except Hojo who seemed to have disappeared. Her friends were still on the floor but a ways off, sending her concerned glances every now and then.

The song was one she heard on the radio before but this version was a remix of elongated club beats. The lyric hadn't even started yet. She shyly glanced up at her hanyou protector. "Have you ever danced before, Inuyasha?"

He had been scanning the crowd for an avenue of escape but now he was caught looking down at her in surprise. Dance? Him? Was she suggesting he dance with her? A blush colored his cheeks before he could stop it. Observing the way humans of her time danced, their movements seemed better fit for a bedroom than in full public view. But Kagome hadn't been dancing like that with the human boy. She had kept her distance; the rest of these humans seemed incapable of separating for more then a moment or two.

Before he could answer her, she took his hands and lightly placed them on her hips. "Here," she told him. "Just try and copy me." It took a moment for her to find the beat. It was slower then the other songs played that night but still had a relatively techno beat to it. The female singer's vocals whispered against the backbeat. Her throaty voice filled the air. Inuyasha could feel his temperature rise as his innocent Kagome started swaying her hips in time with the music. Her movements beneath his hands were sensual to say the least. But she wasn't bold enough to look him in the face. She simply moved.

There was something coming over him; Crawling up his arms into his body. The scents around him seemed to be washed away by her and only her. He used his hands to pull her closer. He was moving without realizing it. He was doing this "dancing", but it was unlike any dancing he had seen at any village festival. This was more fluid, more flowing. Once he started he found it easy to keep going. Kagome's hips brushed against him and he moved even closer, wanting to touch her.

Kagome felt him drawing her in until she was pressed against his chest and hips. He was moving against her and she pressed back in time with the music. She skin was becoming flushed but any reason that told her to care was slipping away. All she wanted was to be touching him.

His hands slid around to her back, just above the curve of her buttocks. His fingers brushed the bare strip of skin between her shirt and skirt. She was wearing a tank top of burgundy and her skirt was black with glitter. She sparkled in the dim lights that moved about restlessly over the crowd.

Her hands came to rest on his biceps. Little shocks of electricity prickle over every caress of their bare skin. His hips ground into her with and animalistic power. A heat was beginning to rise in her, starting where her body was pressed against his. They were lost now, unaware of the crowd around them as she rocked against him in time with his movements and no longer worried about keeping with the music. Her face was close enough to his neck to see the throbbing pulse of his throat, and he could sense the warmth of her mouth so close to his skin. Her breath was becoming erratic, she was almost panting. She tried to get more air but his hands were running up and down her back under her shirt. She didn't look at him, didn't ask, she never wanted to break this spell that seemed to have come over them. Her small hands ran up over his shoulders and back down his arms, making him shiver, she noticed. She repeated the motion and was rewarded with his fingers lightly traveling down her back, barely brushing the fabric that covered her back side.

Inuyasha, having a better view of the crowd, saw other men dancing with their mates, for that is what he assumed they must be, in ways different from the position he and Kagome were in. Then he saw one he liked in particular.

He never took his hands from her body, merely repositioned himself so that he was now standing behind her. She smiled and shook her head, she should have known. His claws dug into her hips lightly pressing her rear against his ... a livid blush instantly spread across her whole face. But, she noticed, she wasn't inclined to move away. At least this was some proof that she was affecting the half-demon just a little. Then again, she thought as she brushed against him again, little was not the right word. Her blush deepened.

He rubbed his cheek against the exposed side of her neck. From this view he could see down the front of her shirt. He quickly looked away, ashamed of invading Kagome's privacy like this. Even so, he couldn't keep his eyes away for long. He could feel her writhing against him, running her hands over his forearms that encircled her waist. He could see the pulse beating against the side of her neck. The life vein that thudded as fast as his heart beat. His eyes trailed over the creamy completion of her throat to the place where her shoulder and neck met. He could also feel the painful ache of his undisguisable arousal. He knew Kagome had felt it and not pushed him away in disgust. Was it the music and these lights? The musty scent of pheromones and human need that permeated this place? Or did she truly accept him, and was as mindless with the pleasure of just being together like this as he was?

Which ever it was, his heart was beating so fast. Too fast. He could feel his pulse and hers in his very being. The slow, sensuous rocking of her hips across his lower body was like a sweet agony that would kill him if it kept going on like this. He was sweating. His temperature was rising to a burn. The only other time he had felt like this was when his true demon nature came to the surface. But the reassuring weight of his Tessaiga, stealthily hidden down the inside of his baggy jeans assured him that he was not about to transform. Still the demon blood inside him was screaming for something. It overrode his good sense, kicking in his instincts. He couldn't seem to drag his eyes away from the pulse in her neck. From the sweet singing of his own blood in his ears. He pressed her more firmly against him, almost stopping her from moving at all, except for the slightest swaying of her body. She seemed to be lost inside her self as well. Her eyes were glassy and unfocused, her breathing irregular. She couldn't stop moving against him. Couldn't stop wanting him to touch her more.

His head dipped down to her neck, taking in a deep inhale of her scent. It was the last straw that drove him over the edge. He tried to stop himself. Tired to keep the demon at bay, but the demon would not be stilled. He opened his mouth and closed his fangs on the flesh of Kagome's shoulder. He bit down until he tasted blood, until the warm copper liquid washed over his tongue. To his surprise he didn't hear a scream of horror, but rather a moan that was filled with nothing but pleasure.

Kagome's world exploded around her. Her mouth opened and emitted a noise but she didn't hear, she was lost, too far gone for sound. All she knew was the wake of a shuttering explosion that seemed to begin and end between her thighs. Her legs came dangerously close to giving way. She didn't realize she was bleeding until she felt a warm trickle of liquid between her breasts. Absently her fingers tried to wipe away the liquid. She stared at her hand as if it belonged to someone else. There was blood on her fingers. Her blood. How did it get there? The world came back to her a little. She felt Inuyasha's wet, hot mouth sucking at the wound he had made, stopping the blood flow.

Some part of him knew without truly "knowing" that his mark would heal and scar over always marking her skin, proclaiming her as his. Like a man possessed he turned her in his arms, quietly lapping away the excess blood on her shoulder and chest. She held up her hand to him, almost in a trace, and he sucked each finger until it was clean. She didn't care whether there were or not, she was momentarily blinded by the sensation of his tongue caressing her skin. They both stared at each other, knowing something had changed. Inuyasha's senses were over taken by the tender musk of her arousal. His mating mark alone had pushed her over the pinnacle of pleasure. It was a sign that she wanted to be his mate, just as he had already proclaimed her as his.

The music faded out and was replaced by a much faster song. It seemed obscene and loud after the sweet strains of their dance. She looked into his eyes and knew it was time to leave, though part of her was a little sad. He held his hand out to her. She took it and let him gently lead her through the crowd. She never heard her friends call after her. Never saw Hojo's heartbroken face.

Outside the building, they walked a little away from the crowd of people still waiting to get in. She was embarrassed to see Inuyasha unceremoniously reach his hand down his pants, but she realized she should have known when he retrieved Tessaiga from its hiding place. Of course he couldn't have gone walking through downtown brandishing a sword, but neither could he part with his fang for fear of another transformation. Kagome shuddered to think of a mad demon loose in Tokyo.

A light spring breeze was blowing, and he mistook the cause for her shiver. He stooped down and she understood to climb onto his back. They traveled back to her home in a comfortable silence that was nonetheless wrought with questions

Author's note: In case you were curious: Sciatica is a real injury also sometimes called a herniated disc. Don't ask how I thought of it or why. I just needed an illness of some sort.

Part 2 equals lemon! Part 3 equals aftermath. Part 2 is already written, so it will be up soon.