So this is my first fic. I'm not the greatest writer but I definitely ship Christina/Nick. I think they deserve more fics, and I'm willing to write. I do love Tom but C/N kills with chemistry. So I'm sorry. Anyways all mistakes are mine. I own nothing so don't sue me. Anyways give this a chanceā€¦

Detective Nick Reneta was in bed with Izabelle, his girlfriend of two months; her head was cradled protectively on his chest. Moving on from Christina was hard especially being around her again after her attack. What he did to protect her weighed heavily on his mind, but he knows giving her the ring was the right thing to do. Now she could now feel safe again. Together or not he would always protect her.

Izabelle shifted off his chest and leaned forward to turn off the lamp. As darkness permeated the room she shifted into a spooning position. Nick pulled up the covers over them and slung a hand over her waist. Her kissed her cheek and whispered "dormir bien hermosa." He didn't love her but he was sure love would develop. She was beautiful, talented, smart, and she could hold her own. She was everything any guy would want but to him right now, she wasn't Christina and that was killing him.


It had been about five month since he'd seen Christina. Work had become a constant pain in his ass now that Dupree had labeled him a dirty cop, bad boy of the precinct. He stayed quiet but he was well aware of his enemies. Izabelle was starting to become a more permanent figure in his life. She'd often stay over at his place at least three times a week. She'd cook, clean, and provide comfort. She was really perfect and he was starting to feel a shift in his feelings for her. Everything was going fine for him, until the night of the James River Hospital Charity Ball.

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