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Chapter 24: Finish With A Bang

As I am back at court, Tasha's trial was a top priority. Later on, the charges had been obvious. Murders, theft, promoting business with a Strigoi you know, all of that good stuff. The Queen took pity on someone so pathetic and decided it would be best to try to send her in a rehabilitation home; of course it was maximum security.

Mom and Abe finally decided to have their wedding. After all, mom was having mental breakdowns, it was best to get it over with. They decided to have it at a winery, it was very traditional. There wasn't any dogwoods tree, so the grape vines just had to do. She wore the most beautiful dress, while she made us bridesmaid's stick with a plum color. Blah. Dad actually cried. Wait do you need to hear it again? Abe Mazar also known as Zmey, for snake, was crying! I took pictures too, revenge I shall say. It was probably the happiest moment of his life, besides me being born and all.

Christian and Lissa eventually had they're baby, which was a beautiful baby girl. I'm such a proud godmother. She has Christians black hair but had Lissa's eyes. She laughs, and it sounds so adorable. Between mine and Dimitri's salaries, we spoil her rotten. She is just a happy baby. They named her Adriana Rose Ozera, they named her of off Lissa's brother Andre, and me. Lissa and Christian are engaged too. She wants a little homely wedding here at court, which would suit her I guess. Lissa wants to put me in pink, the exact same outfit I wore when I broke off Dimitri's and Tasha's wedding. Again, blah. I am dying for her to put me in blue or something that makes me at least look good.

Destery is doing what Destery does best, stalking hot chicks. No, not really. He actually moved back to Europe. We still stay in touch but it is little these days. Last I heard he picked up some Moroi girl. He's such a little dork. He's probably up to getting more tattoos and piercings, and hitting on girls. Hey, it's what he does best.

Eddie and Mia eventually got together, but they still aren't engaged yet. If my senses are correct, they will be soon. They never seem to have a good date. Last time they went on one, he opened the door and when she got in she hit her head on the car, and he accidentally slammed his fingers in the door. They both agreed they would do things only on court properties now. It was never like the movies for them.

Adrian is usually running around with Jill or Sydney these days. I think he has a thing for Sydney, he even bought her flowers. Of course this is deadly for her being an alchemist and all but still, I find it kind of sweet. He got into painting and paints beautifully. He has such artistic expression; I guess it's something he uses spirit with to understand. He has semi quit smoking, but he still drinks socially, but never gets that much drunk anymore. Good thing Sydney's here.

As for me, I know what you all want to know. Yes, I have officially retired being a Strigoi impersonator. No, I'm just kidding. Dimitri and I still live pretty hectic lives. If we're not kicking butt, then we're watching our god child. We can't have kids, but we might adopt one day. I don't know, or we could just get Lissa to have a lot of kids. Either way, we would definitely have no time on our hands. It's so sweet looking at him as he coddles the baby. He uses that voice and everything. We are getting married soon and everything is perfect! The bridesmaids are wearing blue, which would just look striking on Lissa. See how thoughtful I am? Hmph. The flowers will be white lilies, and as for Dimitri, he throws fits on not being able to wear his duster. He is probably just going to wear a button down black t-shirt and black silk pants. More like his guardian uniform. He's so stubborn sometimes.

All and all everyone is doing wonderful at court. Everyone is in love and it's beautiful. Dimitri is quite the gentlemen and sneaks me away to wonderful dates all the time, and the kisses are well, amazing. We are all one big happy family. These past few months are definitely ending, but we went out with a bang.

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